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83: From Three To Four

Sparing a small yawn into his hand, Iker pushed the apartment door closed, a relieved sigh falling out of his mouth. It had been a long day, after he and Adriana had arrived back from the hospital with the baby, they’d been surrounded by cooing relatives and friends, and whilst Iker was pleased to see that everyone was so excited by the new arrival, he was a little glad that they’d left for the night, even if he knew that they’d be back the next day, part of him was excited about the prospect of having his little family to himself.

Ensuring that the door was closed, he spared another yawn into his hand before he padded back into the living room, smiling a little at the sight of Adriana who sat on the couch, the baby in one arm whilst Olivia sat on her lap, blinking sleepily. It had been a surprise, when Olivia had been introduced to her little brother, she had taken it better than Iker and Adriana had been expecting, and Iker had to admit that he was pleased. The last thing he had wanted was for the little girl to be upset by the new arrival.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare?”

Iker, who’d been admiring the three of them, jumped a little at the sound of Adriana’s voice before he quirked a small smile, shaking his head. “The 3 of you do look pretty adorable together” he quipped “I’d hate to disturb you” he added, offering a small smile towards Olivia who’d fallen asleep, her head resting against Adriana’s shoulder.

Adriana spared a small look towards the little girl before she shook her head. “Do you think you could get her ready for bed?” she posed softly “I think this little one might need a feed before I settle him down for a little while” she added, offering him a soft look.

Iker offered a glance down towards the baby before he nodded his head, carefully moving to lift Olivia into his arms. “I shouldn’t be gone for too long” he mused softly “Perhaps when I get back, we can start thinking about a name for him?” he added, offering her a soft smile.

Adriana admired the smile on his face for a couple of seconds before she nodded her head. “I think that that sounds like a plan” she mused softly.

“How is he doing?”

Adriana, who’d been mumbling to the baby, jumped a little at the sound of Iker’s voice before she lifted her head, offering a small look towards where he stood in the door way. “He’s asleep” she noted softly “But he’s still pretty amazing” she added, offering him a small smile.

Iker, who’d moved to step a little further into the bedroom, shook his head a little. “He looks like his very beautiful madre” he fussed softly, sitting down beside her.

Adriana’s cheeks warmed a little before she shook her head, something which made Iker smile a little before the baby let out a small sound, pulling his parents’ attention back towards him. Iker watched the baby for a couple of seconds before he leant over, pressing a soft kiss against Adriana’s cheek. “We still need to come up with something other than ‘bump’ to call him” he mumbled quietly.

Adriana nodded her head a little before she tilted her head, peeking up at him gently. “Do you have any ideas?” she posed softly.

Iker offered her a soft look before he shrugged. “I’ve not found a name that I love yet” he mused softly “What about you?” he added softly.

Adriana thought for a couple of seconds before she shook her head. “I’ve liked a few” she admitted softly.

“Can I hear them?” Iker posed.

Adriana offered him a shy look before she flicked her attention back towards the baby. “I liked Noah, Luca or Henri” she mused, her fingertips gently smoothing out the fine layer of dark hair which sat on top of the little boy’s head.

Iker watched the movement of her hand for a couple seconds, mulling over the three names she had suggested, before he quirked a small smile. “Luca” he breathed softly.

Adriana tilted her head. “What?” she posed softly.

“The name, Luca” Iker repeated softly “I like it” he added.

“You do?” Adriana posed softly

Iker quirked a soft smile before he nodded his head. “I mean, we can read through the baby name book again and see if there is one we like better, but I like Luca” he enthused warmly.

Adriana offered him a look, wordlessly enquiring if he was sure, before she shook her head, a warm smile on her face. “You’re sure?” she posed, her tone soft and teasing.

Iker rolled his eyes playfully before he nodded his head, his hand gently moving to squeeze hers. “I am sure, Addie” he mused softly.

Adriana mulled his words over for a couple of seconds before she flicked her attention down towards the baby, a warm smile appearing at the corner of her mouth. “Luca Casillas” she breathed softly “I kind of like the sound of that” she added, sparing an impish look towards Iker.

Iker chuckled a little before he ducked down, carefully moving to lift Luca into his arms before he started to mumble to him softly, something which made Adriana smile a little.

She knew that it was going to take some getting used to, the idea that their little family had grown from 3 to 4, but Adriana was confident that they could handle it. She knew that they still had some things to figure out, with Luca having arrived, it was only a matter of time before the topic of the move that they were due to make arose again, but part of her wanted to put it off for a little while, even if she knew that they had a lot to talk about, she wanted to enjoy a little time with Iker, Olivia and Luca before they started to think ahead.
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