We Could Be Something

94: If That’s What You Want

Sparing a small yawn into his hand, Iker carefully stepped into Luca’s nursery, his ears doused by the little boy’s whimpers. It was early, earlier than Iker was used to stirring since Luca’s sleeping pattern had settled down slightly, but he knew that he couldn’t ignore the little boy’s cries, even if it was likely that he had simply kicked his blanket off of himself, Iker wanted to ensure that he was alright.

Sparing another yawn into his hand, he carefully pushed the door to before he padded over towards the crib, smiling a little at the sight of Luca who stared up at him, his big blue eyes wide and tearful.

Admiring the infant for a couple of seconds, he quirked a small smile before he carefully ducked down, wrapping the little boy in his arms before he carefully padded towards the chair which stood beside the crib, gently sitting down.

“You’re supposed to be asleep, little one” he mumbled softly, his fingertips smoothing out the tufts of dark hair which sat on the infant’s head. Luca made a small noise before he allowed a yawn to fall out of his mouth, his little head nestling closer to Iker’s chest.

Iker watched him for a couple of seconds, a soft smile on his face, before the door ahead of him creaked open slightly, causing him to peek up towards Adriana who had stepped into the room, a sleepy expression on her face. “What are you doing up?” he posed softly.

Adriana, who’d moved to close the door behind her, startled a little at the sound of Iker’s voice before she shook her head, a small yawn falling out of her mouth. “I could hear you over the monitor” she mumbled softly “And I thought I would come and check on my two favourites guys. How is he doing?” she posed, her blue eyes peeking towards Luca who rested against Iker’s chest, his blue eyes blinking sleepily.

Iker offered her a look, not missing the sleepy tone of her voice, before he shook his head, his dark eyes peeking down towards Luca who let out another soft yawn. “I think he was just missing having someone around” he mused softly “But he will be asleep again in a second, meaning that you can head back to bed. I should be back in a minute or two” he added, a soft smile on his face.

Adriana spared him a soft look before she shook her head. “I’ll go back when you go back” she mused softly.

Iker offered her a soft look, wordlessly encouraging her to go back without him, before he shook his head, something which made Adriana grin a little as she moved towards him, settling on the floor beside the crib.

Pushing a hand back through her hair, she admired Iker and Luca for a couple of seconds before she tilted her head back, resting it against the crib. “You know, I’ve been thinking” she mumbled, breaking the comfortable silence which had settled around them.

Iker, who’d been cooing softly to Luca, jumped a little at the sound of Adriana’s voice before he lifted his head, his eyebrow lifted slightly. “Should I be worried?” he posed, his tone caught between teasing and apprehensive. It had been a little while, after they’d arrived in France, a little over a month had passed, and whilst Adriana appeared to have settled in well, part of Iker was a little nervous about the idea of her changing her mind, even if she did seem happy, he was a little concerned that she would change her mind.

Adriana rolled her eyes a little before she shook her head. “It’s nothing bad” she noted softly.

Iker offered her a look, wordlessly asking her if she was sure, before he nodded his head. “OK” he mused softly “What have you been thinking about then?” he added before he carefully pushed himself to his feet, moving to settle Luca down in his crib.

Adriana watched him for a couple of seconds before she shook her head. “Our wedding” she noted gently, her teeth nibbling on her lip shyly.

Iker blinked a couple of times, caught off guard by her words, before he turned to look at her, his eyebrow cocked. “Our wedding?” he posed softly.

Adriana’s cheeks warmed a little before she nodded her head. “I know that we said that we would put off planning for a little while” she mused softly “But, things have settled down quicker than I thought that they would and I thought…I thought maybe we could start to look at making plans” she babbled, her fingers pulling at the bottom of her pajama top. She knew that it was soon, before their move, she and Iker had agreed to put off wedding planning for a little while, but part of her wanted to get a start on it, even if they did only make tentative plans, she wanted to start thinking about the next step in their relationship.

Iker admired the hint of pink which played on her cheeks for a couple of seconds before he leant towards her, his hand gently resting against her cheek. “You want to start planning?” he posed, his nose gently brushing against hers.

“I do” Adriana quipped softly “I mean, we can still take our time about it, but I would like to make a start soon. But if you still want wait…”

“I’d love to start thinking about our wedding, Addie” Iker interjected softly, his other hand gently taking a hold of hers.

“You would?” Adriana squeaked.

Iker spared a small laugh before he nodded his head. “Of course I would, Addie” he mused softly “If it wasn’t for the fact that your papa would kill me, I’d marry you tomorrow if that was what you wanted, but if you want to start planning, then I am behind you” he enthused softly.

Adriana offered him a small look, wordlessly enquiring if he was sure, before she quirked a small smile, something which caused Iker to duck down, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. “Now, can we go back to bed?” he mumbled, pulling back from her a little.

Adriana rolled her eyes a little before she nodded her head, moving to lead him back towards their bedroom. She knew that it was a little quick, after their move, Iker had been keen to ensure that things settled down before they started to think about planning their wedding, but Adriana wanted to move things forwards, even if it was a little fast, she wanted to take the next step forwards in their relationship sooner rather than later.
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