Kübler-Ross Model

FEB. 10, PATIENT #321

“February 10th 2016, Patient #321 –

Demetrius Warner. Eighteen, born October 9th 1997, raised by his mother alone. There’s belief that he was abused by his deceased father.”

[ soft click ]

“…Suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, has an alternate named Elena. On January 18th, Demetrius set fire to his high school at 1:48PM from the inside. There are currently six people in critical condition, and ten others suffered third and second degree burns.”

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“He...he doesn’t know. He suffers from blackouts and often projects his alter. He honestly believes both Elena is real and that she set the fire as a means of…revenge for bullying. He’s scared and agitated, and keeps asking when he can go home. The alter is verbally abusive and remorseless.”

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“It’s going to take a long time.”