Sequel: Born a Slave
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Ichor and Ambrosia

“Acacius,” she breathed. “Innocence.”

Rain pattered down on the stone hut, with a small cast of crows who watched the dying woman with tears in her eyes. Myrrhine took the child from his mother's arms and marked him with the numeral I, for he was the first of his mother's children, and the last as she breathed her dying breath.


Acacius was named for the innocence his mother hoped he would retain. He lived his life as dutifully as he could, always doing as he was told and never acting out of line. Life on Sifnos was small, peaceful, and unexciting, until Acacius is accused of a crime he didn't commit and he is exiled from his homeland. This is where he finds himself in the care of Baltsaros, a merchant lord whose empire stretches as far as the eye can see; under the lord's care, Acacius learns soldiering, manners, and worship.

When Acacius comes of age, he leaves on a pilgrimage to the gods, pledging himself to purge the world of filth, evil, and danger, and to protect the people of Greece as much as he can.