At first, it starts as merely a coincidental meeting in a music store.

Then, her sister's band finally gets their big break, which leads to Cameron - ever the mother hen - following them on tour to make sure that her little sister is looked after, and doesn't do anything too crazy.

Turns out, however, she's not prepared for this kind of life at all.
  1. Chapter One
    In which the Smashing Pumpkins begin something unexpected...
  2. Chapter Two
    In which Cam is always late and Starbucks is drunk (for the first time)
  3. Chapter Three
    In which the band actually plays music
  4. Chapter Four
    In which there's makeup and gurneys and awkward meetings again
  5. Chapter Five
    In which the band attracts the eye of 336 Records
  6. Chapter Six
    In which... there's a tour?
  7. Chapter Seven
    In which Cam has no clue what she's getting herself into...
  8. Chapter Eight
    In which there are grand tours of tiny buses and brain-shaped vegetables
  9. Chapter Nine
    In which bubblegum becomes a deadly weapon
  10. Chapter Ten
    In which Liza is very good at reading people
  11. Chapter Eleven
    In which Gerard is the worst knight in shining armour ever
  12. Chapter Twelve
    In which the macarena is learned and a war is declared
  13. Chapter Thirteen
    In which the war escalates
  14. Chapter Fourteen
    In which Finley has fans and Skype is a little shit
  15. Chapter Fifteen
    In which Alicia Way is angry
  16. Chapter Sixteen
    In which Frank gives Gerard a really nice pair of socks
  17. Chapter Seventeen
    In which new people appear and birthday cupcakes are eaten
  18. Chapter Eighteen
    In which there are KITTENS!
  19. Chapter Nineteen
    In which Uno is played and [SPOILERS]
  20. Chapter Twenty
    In which... ah *** it, the kitten is the most important part
  21. Chapter Twenty-One
    In which there is a lot of drunken singing and a surprise visit!
  22. Chapter Twenty-Two
    In which bridges are mended
  23. Chapter Twenty-Three
    In which the Ieros are little shits
  24. Chapter Twenty-Four
    In which it all goes wrong
  25. Chapter Twenty-Five
    In which Alex is an irresponsible little shit
  26. Chapter Twenty-Six