1989 Secret Session: Los Angeles

Taylor's breath caught in her throat at the sight of her fans starting the walk down her driveway. In minutes, the first of many secret sessions was about to start and there were too many emotions whirling around in her head to concentrate. She was ready, that much she knew, but she had been ready since she had started recording the album.

Riley wasn't here, and she didn't know if she'd even show when Taylor made her way to New York. Of course, that was her fault, and she knew as much. But Riley wasn't one to break promises, as far as she knew. But as she learned, Riley was different when it came to Taylor.

The doors opening caught her attention, and she waited until she heard the door shut again, a chorus of voices now filling the room. Tree, her mother and father were in the other room with her fans, and she was still hiding in the kitchen. When her brother came in the room, he gave her a smile and grabbed a tray of cookies, taking the lead.

Taylor followed suit with a tray of her own, the smile on her face widening when she caught sight of the people in front of her.

She knew each of them by name, and she was pretty good at recognizing the faces surrounding her. As creepy as some found it, for the better part of the last year, she had made it her job to get to know each fan that was attending these sessions.

"Hey, guys! So I'm Taylor," she announced, pausing to offer cookies to those who wanted one. "And I asked you here today to share some pretty cool stuff."

Tree gave her a look before she said anything else, and Taylor made her way to one of the chairs sitting in the living room before plugging her phone up to the small stereo.

"I don't know if you guys have been following, but I've got this album coming out soon and I wanted you guys to be the first to hear it. This one's called Welcome to New York, and it's one of the first ones I wrote for this album."
♠ ♠ ♠
Things to Know:

This story doesn't go in chronological order completely, and this is intentional. The songs are set up in order to tell a story and the secret sessions serve in helping that.

The secret sessions are set when 1989 is about to be released, so the timeline is going to be a little different. Most of the .5 chapters are going to be regarding certain points in Taylor and Riley's relationship and where she got the inspiration behind the song.

This story will contain adult themes (cheating, mentions of alcohol, language, etc) and sexual content.

I'll eventually get around to linking the songs to chapters, but for now, I'm keeping the lyrics up to let y'all know which chapter goes with what song.

I'm not painting Taylor or Riley as angels because they're human. Because of that, enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions I'm gonna put y'all through.

That's about it, but I hope you guys enjoy 1989.