"When we first dropped our bags on apartment floors, took our broken hearts and put them in a jar. Everybody here was someone else before."

Out of everything that Taylor had done, this was by far the craziest thing yet.

Up until now, she had never made a rash decision when it came to a move. For the better part of two weeks, she tried convincing everyone that she had wanted to move to New York a long time ago, but she knew that wasn't the whole truth.

Riley lived here, and as nice as it was to visit occasionally, she wasn't sure she was ready to give up the convenience of seeing her everyday if she wanted. So, she was here.

She had just finished unpacking the last box, and she was ready to pull her hair out. Meredith was still completely scarred from the move, and she wasn't sure when she'd forgive her. Or even if she would.

"Sometimes, you're a bitch," Taylor huffed as she went to scratch behind Olivia's ears, only to have the cat hiss and swat at her. "Yep. Still mad."

She let out a sigh as she stood, deciding to shoot Riley a text. She knew the girl was probably still at work, but what did she have to lose, really?

Within seconds, she got a text back saying that she'd be on her way shortly and with food.

Taylor couldn't help the smile that erupted onto her face at that, and even though she tried to convince herself that she was just excited to see her best friend, she knew it was more than that.

Ever since their road trip to Big Sur, Taylor hadn't been able to shake the feeling she got whenever she was around Riley. It would have been easier if Riley wasn't a girl, but she was, and that was what made all of this even more confusing to her. Taylor wasn't gay, right? She had never liked girls before. Or at least, she hadn't noticed if she had.

But there was something about Riley that was so different to her. Anytime she was happy, Taylor was happy, and she found herself wishing that she would be the sole cause of it. And before Riley, she couldn't remember ever being so jealous of someone's significant other. It was a little silly, honestly, but Taylor couldn't even remember why she hated Justin so much.

She had seen Riley cry over him too many times to count during their trip, and Taylor cited that as the reason. Or at least she would, if the question ever arose. But she really hoped it wouldn't.


"I feel like every time I'm at your house, we're either baking or getting super wasted," Riley told the taller girl with a grin, taking another sip of wine before setting her glass down.

Taylor snorted, leaning against the younger girl lazily. She knew that if she tried to stand on her own, she'd probably fall over, and neither of the two were in any state to be helping each other off the ground. "Doesn't look like you're complaining much, Riley."

She only stuck her tongue out at Taylor in response, practically jumping up from the stool when the oven beeped. Taylor let out a groan, covering her eyes. She tried to convince herself that if she didn't see Riley fall, then it didn't happen, and Taylor wouldn't be responsible for picking her friend off of the floor.

"Fuck, that's hot," Riley yelled, nearly dropping the pan of cookies on the floor. She cursed as she held her finger, blowing on it to try to alleviate the pain. She caught Taylor's smirk out of the corner of her eye and whined, motioning toward the cookies.

"I didn't see you trying to help, Tay."

"Oh no, you're the expert here," Taylor teased.

"Can you just come help me?"

"Such a child."

The blonde girl moved from her spot on the stool, steadying herself before reaching for the first aid kit. She looked over at her friend again before bursting into a fit of giggles, gathering the burn cream and a band-aid. She started fixing the burn for her, shaking her head as she did so. "You know, I honestly think you're a little clumsier than I am. That's a little sad."

Riley only flipped the taller girl off with her bandaged finger, moving to steal one of the cookies from the pan before Taylor had a chance to. Before Taylor could tell her anything, the cookie was gone, and Riley was smirking at her. Taylor pouted, moving to grab a spatula to start putting the last batch into bowls. "You weren't supposed to eat those."

"Taylor, I'm sure we're not going to miss one cookie."

Taylor pointed the spatula at her, swatting at her hand as she went to reach for another. "No! You already stole one! Cookie thief."

"Child," Riley shot back with a laugh, bending to scoop Meredith off the floor and holding her at arms'
length. "Your Momma just took you and uprooted you, huh? How do you feel about that, girl?"

Meredith gave an unenthusiastic meow before leaping out of her arms and trotting out of the room, earning a laugh from both girls. "She's obviously upset."

"You, of all people, would manage to get the world's weirdest cat. I don't think I've ever seen her try to be affectionate and I don't think she's ever purred before."

"She just needs, like, a sister or something. That's all."

"Because getting another cat would help. Great idea, Taylor," Riley told her with an eye roll, moving back to her spot on the couch, downing the rest of the wine that was in her glass. As soon as Taylor was finished with the cookies, she set them aside on the counter and settled in beside Riley, resting her head on her shoulder.

It wasn't that uncommon of Taylor to be affectionate because she was just an affectionate person, but something about this felt different to her. Then, since the road trip, a lot felt different. And maybe that was because a lot was.

Every touch was something each girl measured differently, and the subtle glances weren't so subtle anymore. Neither of the two would admit it, really, but there was something going on.

Riley wrapped her arms around the blonde before resting her chin on top of Taylor's head, a silence falling over them. Her phone vibrated in her pocket and she made no move to check it, since she knew it was Justin. She'd been gone for two days now, in between staying at her sister's and late nights at the gym or writing.

Now was the first time he'd checked in with her since before she left their apartment, and she wasn't sure how she felt.

She wasn't necessarily angry or even hurt, just a little annoyed that he was too busy to send a text until now. Taylor must have sensed the change in her mood because she looked up at her, furrowing her eyebrows.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, just.. I guess I'm a little tired. Just ready to be away from the city."

She let out another breath before glancing at the time. 11:30.

"Is it okay if--?"

She couldn't see Taylor roll her eyes, she felt it. Taylor pulled the shorter girl flush against her in a swift movement, resting her head against the arm of the couch. Riley made a noise of complaint before moving closer to Taylor, resting her head against her chest. Most of the time, they'd either sleep in Taylor's bed, but they hadn't slept in separate beds since the beginning of their friendship. Sleeping together was almost second nature to them now, and it worried Riley how comfortable they were with it.

She knew Justin would have something to say about it if he knew, and her sister even teased that
they seemed more like a couple than she and Justin did.

But they were just friends.

At least, that's what she kept telling herself before she drifted off to sleep.