Why Don't I Like Girls Anymore?

This story is about Simon, a normal guy living in Cornwall, England.

Never giving the option of homosexuality much thought, Simon feels like his world might rip apart when his best friend Julian rapidly makes him find out that it is more than an option - he has chosen it if he likes the idea or not.

I would love feedback from readers ^-^ as this is my first attempt on mibba.
  1. 1
    I don't see why seeing her wearing only a purple lacy bra wouldn't get me excited, right?
  2. 2
    'Maybe you're gay.'
  3. 3
    He pressed his lips against mine...
  4. 4
    My first kiss was with a boy.
  5. 5
    I fought my way through homophobic stares…
  6. 6
    Just for our friendship...
  7. 7
    Friends? Friends don't kiss.
  8. 8
    I didn't just think of Julian in a wedding dress and laugh.
  9. 9
    What is it with girls wanting to be friends with gay guys?
  10. 10
    Only when I felt someone wrap their arms around me and whisper my name…
  11. 11
    I won't let us part again.
  12. 12
    Did I forget to mention that he was completely shirtless?
  13. 13
    Vulnerable and helpless.
  14. 14
    …possibly the most beautiful person I’ve seen in my life.
  15. 15
    I felt like an intruder.
  16. 16
    It was that guy from the train, I was sure of it.
  17. 17
    “Keep away from my life and my friends or I'll have to do something about it”
  18. 18
    Torn between being attracted to me and hating me for it.
  19. 19
    Part of me... didn't want him to stop.
  20. 20
    Selfish, selfish, selfish bastard!
  21. 21
    The tables turned and I saw him in just a towel.
  22. 22
    I don't know who was more shocked - me or Jay.
  23. 23
    I'm a monster in human skin.
  24. 24
    'We need to talk.'
  25. 25
    So what, now that I'm gay I've gained fashion knowledge?
  26. 26
    On the plus side, at least the food was nice...
  27. 27
    His arrogant beauty full on, unwanted yet wanted too much.
  28. 28
    Together. The perfect word.
  29. 29
    Jay is coming back into my life.
  30. 30
    I'm just going to have to face this.
  31. 31
    It was the longest night of my life, listening to him breathe into the surrounding darkness...
  32. 32
    Only an idiot or a fool in love would be that determined.
  33. 33
    The stink of alcohol, something strong; gut wrenchingly strong.
  34. 34
    "I should be getting away from you, Simon. I should be protecting myself from you."
  35. 35
    It just won't be the same anymore whichever decision I make, that much I know.
  36. 36
    I felt Julian's arms around my stomach and Jay's around my waist.
  37. 37
    He wouldn't have done anything to me... right?
  38. 38
    I began to shake. So it wasn't just my paranoia.
  39. 39
    Then I sat on his bed and sighed. Then it hit me...
  40. 40
    "Why are you still being so good to me?"
  41. 41
    His eyes looked deep, intense and ominous.
  42. 42
    'Don't you realise she's flirting with you?'
  43. 43
    'I can't help it, okay! I love you so much...'
  44. 44
    Did I really deserve him after everything I had done to him?
  45. 45 - Epilogue