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Scared of Love


Tilly sat in her room, her text book open as she tried to cram as much information in as possible before class started. It wasn’t that she hadn’t read the text before but nothing seemed to be sticking and she didn’t want to fail any of the questions the lecturer may ask her. She was so engrossed in her reading that she didn’t hear her door open nor did she hear when Max called out her name. It wasn’t until he knocked on her bedroom door that she snapped out of it.

“Max, hi, sorry was just cramming.” her words were hurried as she jumped to her feet chucking her shoes on her feet. Grabbing her back she threw her text book in there and walked over to the male. He was smiling widely at her his light eyes watching as she hurried around the room.

“Why?” he asked as the two walked out of the room together and out of the small apartment she lived in. Tilly could tell the male had been at work due to the strong scent of coffee that still lingered on his skin and in his hair.

“Because nothing seems to be sticking.”

“Maybe you just need a bit of a break? You have been studying like a crazy person.”

“Well I am sorry I am don’t have a photographic memory like yourself.” the female teased which in turn caused the male to groan and roll his eyes but he couldn’t help but smile. It was true he had been blessed with a photographic memory so remembering things for class was easier for him than others.

The two walked toward his class a silence falling between them, it was a comfortable silence but Tilly ached to say something about the kiss. She wanted to break the silence and tell Max everything but she was scared that if she did that everything would become unbearable so instead she chose to keep it to herself instead stepping into his car quietly. As soon as Max was in the car she began to speak again.

“So how was work?”

“The usual. Nothing exciting happened. Still severing people coffees and trying to smile and seem happy. It is exhausting.”

“Grumpy guts much.”

“Yep, when I am older I am going to start saying Bah Humbug at Christmas and putting coal in everyone’s stocking.” Tilly laughed knowing full well that Max would never do that he was too sweet. However she knew how much his job was weighing on him especially since his boss was a bitch who nit-picked on everything he did. From washing dishes to making designs in the coffees.

“Why don’t you just leave, I am sure you can get support money wise.”

“Yeah I know but I like my weekly income and there are people there that I do look forward to seeing evey day. Like little Maureen.”

“The old lady who is constantly off with the faeries?”

“That’t the one, she is such a great person. Everyone says she isn’t there but I think there is more to her. I always think that the reason she is in a fantasy world is so that she can get away from the dreariness that is the real world.”

“Wow, you should write a book with that idea.”

“Oh shut up,” he chuckled turning his head slightly to look at the female next to her. The scent of her perfume was swirling around his car causing him to feel a little drunk and her smile was infectious. He noted that she was dressed in a pair of dark denim cut off shorts that exposed most of her caramel coloured thighs and his shirt was loose fitting falling over her shoulder exposing the black strap of her bra.

She was so beautiful. He could say sexy but that didn’t have the same effect. She was more than that. Even underneath the make up she wore she was still beautiful, sure she had her blemishes but every girl did and Max was fine with that because he sure as hell wasn't flawless so why should she be.

“You look really pretty today,” he instantly wanted to face palm himself at the words that came out his mouth, he didn’t mean to say that out loud. He swore somedays he didn’t have a filter, like the things he was thinking simply fell out of his lips.

“Thank you Max,” she giggled noticing the way he winced at his words.

“And you smell amazing!”

“Wow, uh… thanks?” laughter ripped from the woman’s lips at the way he was startled by her compliment. Tilly knew he would have no idea how to take it. “Is it because I smell like coffee?”

“Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner.”

“You’re a dag Tilly, come on we had better get to class. Don’t want to be late now do we?”

“No, we won’t get our seats. Bastards are always trying to steal them!”

“I know! It’s terrible,” he faked his frustration and the dark haired female knew straight away.

“You don’t care do you?”

“Not at all.”

“Of course you don’t.” with that the two stepped out of the car walking around to each other. Tilly felt Max’s arms around her shoulders, slowly she wrapped her own around his waist looking up and seeing the smile that spread across his face and she knew they were both okay. Even though she knew she would have to talk to him about it sometime but not today.
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