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Scared of Love


Tilly was woken to the sound of a door closing. Her eyes snapped open and instantly she sat up, the blanket that had been tucked around her fell down exposing her bare arms. A sliver of sunlight was the only source of light in the room. That was until the lounge room light was switched on causing her to squint at the suddenness of it. As she sat on the couch she heard whistling and a male humming, in her peripheral vision she saw a figure enter the room. Slowly she turned her head and saw a blonde haired male making his way through the room oblivious to the brunette as he swiftly pulled his black polo shirt over his head and began to unbuckle the belt on his jeans.

“Ehm.” Tilly coughed averting her eyes as she felt a blush burn her cheeks.

“Oh shit!” quickly his hands dropped from the buckle and he looked at her. His eyes were a bottle green and blonde scruff covered the bottom half of his face. “Hi… I’m Jason,” he introduced himself his neck burning a light pink.

“Tilly,” she nodded her head and pulled the blanket up around her chest and arms that were covered with goosebumps.

“Oh you’re Max’s friend… yeah he shot me a message that you were spending the night… but well… I didn’t think you would be staying on the couch… clearly.” he cleared his throat awkwardly reaching up to scratch the back of his neck. Tilly eyed the intricate tattoo on his tricep.

“Yeah I am… he has told you about me?”

“Yeah… always mentioning how beautiful you are and how much fun you are to have around.” he shoots her a kind smile. Tilly’s heart sped up at the kind words Max has said about her, he thought she was beautiful. She couldn’t fight the smile that spread across her face.

“Funny he hasn’t mentioned you before.”

“Ah, well I will be talking to him about that,” Tilly laughed. She pated the spot next to her.

“Well let’s talk, I’m awake now. Don’t think I will be going back to sleep anytime soon.” Jason seemed hesitant but in the end gave out and sat down next to her, the dark skinned female crossed her legs underneath her and began to speak.

“So you’re a night worker from the looks of it, what do you do?”

“I’m a bouncer actually. So I spend most nights breaking up fights that break out or trying to keep underage kids out of the night clubs,”

“Sounds riveting.”

“It’s not too bad, not a bad pay check at the end of the week so even though there is a heap of shit with the job the money is good. Can’t complain too much.” Tilly nodded her head understanding what the male was saying. At the moment she was jobless, the place she had worked at closed down so she had been trying to find a new place but so far she hasn’t had any luck.

“True. I would love a job but no one has got back to me.”

“Have you ever considered modelling?” Tilly was caught off guard at how fast the question came out of the males lips.

“Are you flirting with me?”

Jason laughed kind heartedly before shaking his head strands of his blonde hair falling in front of his cerulean eyes. “No, no I am just saying, you are really pretty and I have a friend that I could hook you up with. Get you started… Don’t look at me like that it isn’t some sleazy studio found in a basement. She is a qualified photographer and has her own studio, and links so… you should definitely give it a go. I know someone that would love the photos.”

“Are you flapping your gums again Jason?” Tilly snapped her head around to see her friend standing in the doorway of the lounge room. He wore a pair of dark plaid pyjama pants and a dark grey t-shirt with Marvel printed across the front in bold red lettering.

“No, he is helping me find a job. Aren’t you Jason?”

“Ah, what job would that be?”

“Modelling actually… think I would be good at it?”

“Yes…” the male spluttered. “Did I say that a little too quickly?”

“Not at all buddy,” Jason laughed before getting to his feet, “It was nice to finally meet you Tilly, and if you want more info about the job you know where to find me.” the male got to his feet before walking out of the room leaving the two friends in the room.

“So do you want breakfast?”

“If you’re making it. I would love some.”

“Of course what was I thinking asking,” he laughed. “Come on then, come keep me company in the kitchen. I don’t want to be Nigel No Friends,” the dark haired female sighed before getting to her feet throwing her blanket off her and following Max into the kitchen.
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