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Scared of Love


Max and Tilly sat around the table which had been decorated with so much food that neither one of them knew how they were going to eat it all. There was a plate piled with chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausages, cooked tomatoes, hash browns plus a jug of orange juice a coffee pot and a tea pot.

“Well I may have over done it.”

“You think?” Tilly giggled as she eyed the table. Quickly she raced over to the table grabbed a sit and sat down. She did’t know where to begin she attacked the bacon grabbing several pieces before piling the rest of the savoury items onto her plate. “Come on Max you are going to miss out.”

“I noticed that,” he chuckled walking over to the table and taking a seat opposite the female as she dug into her breakfast. She watched as the male took two of the pancakes and smeared cream and ice-cream over the top of them. “This is a breakfast good enough for a king.”

“Yes it is, and it tastes delicious, thank you very much Max,”

Max smiled as he began to eat his breakfast there was no sound except for the clanging of knives and forks and the occasional tap of a glass being placed back onto the table. Once she had finished she threw her knife and fork on the table and groaned sitting back.

“I have a food baby.” she laughed rubbing her now bloated stomach. Max laughed at her as she reclined on the chair groaning at the discomfort of being overfull. “I think I am going to pop Max, why did you do this.”

“Me what did I do?” he laughed as collected the dirty plates and got to his feet.

“You cooked all this amazing food. So I blame you for me being so glutinous”

“Right… yeah I am the bad guy in this situation.”

“You sure are, don’t try to deny it.” Max shook his head and began to clean up the table. Even though the female felt like she couldn’t move she pushed herself to get up and help the male wash the dishes and pack away the condiments.

“So…” Max began as his hands moved around the in soapy water, “Are you going to take up that modelling offer?”

“I don’t know, maybe. It would be something to add to the resumé I suppose. Plus I think it would be fun. You could always be in the photos with me… we could model together.” she stated a smile spreading across her face at the thought of the two of them modelling together.

“Uh… that would be a negative my dear.”

“Aww why Maxie you would make a cute model.” there was a lightness in her tone as she reached out and ruffled his hair, “You and your cute dimples. It would make all the girls go crazy.” Max splashed her with the soapy water causing a squeal to leave her lips before she whipped him with the tea towel. In a matter of moments it had become a full blown war with the female hitting him with the tea towel as he cupped handfuls of water throwing it onto the woman.

By the end of it the sink was empty and the water was either on the floor or all over Tilly’s clothes, the tea towel had since been dropped on the floor while she tried resorted to flinging water at the male. Laughter rang from their lips as she dropped down to the ground her cheeks hurting from smiling so much and her stomach muscles aching from the constant laughing.

“That was fun,” Max stated as he looked down at her droplets of water dropping from his fridge onto the tip of his nose. Tilly looked up at him and nodded her head, “Only problem is, now this all has to be cleaned up.”

“Well where is your mop and I will get started.”

“Til, you don’t have to it’s fine I’m just wingeing for the hell of it.”

“No I helped make the mess I will help clean up. Now where is it?”

“In the laundry,” the dark haired male went to go get it but the female stopped him in his tracks grabbing his arm and pulling herself to her feet. Without a word she left the kitchen and headed toward the laundry where the mop and bucket was waiting for her. Entering the kitchen she got to work cleaning up the liquid while the male finished off the dishes.

“Right I think I need to find you some clothes,” Max stated as his light eyes trailed over the females wet attire. “come on,” he smiled grabbing her hand and leading her down to his room. Kicking the door open he walked over to his dresser and started pulling out items. Tilly looked around the room taking in the dark blue walls that were decorated with a few photographs of his family. As she looked around she spied a photo of the two of them on his bedside table as well as a copy of Markus Zusaks The Book Thief, a recommendation she had made. “Here you go,” the dark skinned female quickly held out her arms and grabbed the items of clothing.

“Thanks Max, I’ll just…” she pointed to his door he nodded understanding and she left heading toward the bathroom where she would get changed.


Once she was out of her wet clothes she draped them over the bathtub to dry, closing the door she hoped Jason wouldn’t walk in and be freaked out by her bright pink bra hanging over the tub. Shrugging her shoulder she walked back to her friends room. His door was ajar, peeking through the crack she saw that he lay on his bed, a pair of dark sweatpants on and nothing else. He was engrossed in his novel and she couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face or the way her eyes trailed down his chest and defined abdominal. Shaking herself she pushed the door open.

“Surprise! Do I look like a model for Vogue?” she asked dramatically framing her face with her hands and giving the male a serious look. He lowered his book and looked at her chuckling as he nodded his head.

“I think you could pull it off even though it is clear that my clothes don’t fit you at all.”

“Isn’t that the fashion at the moment, loose fitting shirts and sweatpants.”

“No, that has never been a fashion trend.”

“Well I am going to make it one. I will call it comfy-chic.” she stated posing again this time extending her arms over her head and smiling as she popped her left leg up.

“Come here you dag,” he laughed patting the spot beside him, Tilly giggled running over and jumping onto his bed, the springs groaning. “Careful you!” he cried out.

“Oh I am not going to break your bed, unless this is poorly made, in which case, you need your money back.”

“Do I just,” he asked turning his head to look at her, closing his book he rolled over onto his side so he was looking at her.

“Yes you do,” she concluded. The two lay in silence just looking at each other, both were tracing the lines of their faces as if they hadn’t looked at each other properly before and both of them realised they never really had. Max had never noticed the dark freckles that dusted Tilly’s nose and cheek or the fact that one eye was slightly bigger than the other. Tilly had never noticed the two scars on Max’s face, one running through his top lip while the other ran across the bridge of his nose, nor had she noticed how many shades of blue were in the males eyes.

“Can I kiss you?” the question fell from Max’s mouth breaking the silence, there was a beat of silence before Tilly slowly moved her head in a nod. She was nervous as was he, the last time the two had kissed it had been purely an accident and now here they were about to kiss on purpose. Max rolled himself so he was almost laying over the female as he bent his neck and pressed his lips against hers. Tilly’s heart thudded against her chest and butterflies burst through her stomach, without thinking she reached up her hands and ran her fingers through the males hair. The kiss deepened further and she felt his body press onto hers warmth radiating from him as his hand rested on her hip.

When he pulled away from her she breathed in and smiled. She was giddy. There was still the nervousness lurking in the back of her mind and she knew in no time it would weasel it’s way to the front and make her doubt everything but at this moment she wanted to enjoy the feeling. The feeling of his lips on hers, the way his body felt pressed against hers and the way his hand on her hip sent bursts of warmth through her whole body.

“Wow,” Max looked down at her his eyes were now a darker shade of blue. He had wanted to do that for a while now and he was on a high, everything about it felt right, the way her body fit well underneath his, the warmth of his skin and when she ran her fingers through his hair he had to fight back the urge to do more with her. “That was…”

“Wow,” she finished for him smiling dreamily.
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