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Scared of Love


The first few rays of sunlight filtered through Max’s bedroom window, stirring the dark skinned woman from her sleep, she blinked her hazel eyes ridding her blurry vision before slowly rolling over making sure not to disturb the male that lay next to her. She was surprised she was awake before the male considering he was the early bird.

Tilly wasn’t going to complain about the role-reversal it gave her a chance to look at the male. As unsettling and creepy as it seemed she didn’t care, she had always enjoyed studying people. Especially people that meant a lot to her. Her eyes traced over the curves and lines of his face seeing how at peace he was while he slept, no worry lines creasing his brow, nothing that could distort his perfect features.

“Stop that!” Max spoke groggily causing Tilly’s heart to flutter, she always had a weakness for sleepy voices. She wrapped her arm around the male and pulled herself closer to his chest, smiling when he returned the gesture and pulled her tightly against him. The two lay in silence for a little longer before the door to Max’s bedroom burst open. Both adults shot up.

“Maxwell Edward, who is this?” Tilly’s eyes shot to the male watching as he ran his fingers through his tangled hair.

“Uhh…” he stammered.

“And why is she wearing your clothes?” Tilly’s hazel eyes returned the woman that stood in the doorway she was dressed in a nicely pressed pant suit, her greying brown hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail that fell down her neck. She shared several features with Max, the same eyes, lips, hair colour and even the shape of her nose was identical.

“Mum, this is Tilly, Tilly this is my mum Karen Gilbert.”

“Nice to meet you Missus Gilbert.” the woman gave her a curt nod and a hard smile before her eyes returned to her son who squirmed uncomfortably under her harsh gaze.

“Karen, hey, your tea is ready.” Jason appeared behind the woman. She spun her head and looked him nodding her head.

“Thank you Jason. Maxwell I want you down in the kitchen in ten minutes,” with that she spun on the balls of her feet and clicked down the hallway to the kitchen.

“Sorry man, I tried to hold her off but there was only so much I could do.”

“It’s okay Jason.” Max turned his attention to the woman next to him, her curly hair a mess around her head as she arched her brow at him. “So that was my mum.”

“Is she always so…”

“Abrupt? Yes.”

“Right… should I go?”

Max went to say something but Jason cut in before he could say anything further, “I think with the mood she is in it would be best if you leave… I can give you a lift.”

“Uh, that sounds good, yeah thanks Jason,” with that Tilly pushed herself out of the bed. “I’ll just go get my clothes.”

“Don’t worry about Tilly, I will drop them around tonight,” with that the brunette nodded her head, quickly pressing her lips to his before getting to her feet and walking out of the room. Jason followed behind her as the two walked toward the front door.

“Goodbye Missus Gilbert.”

“Goodbye Tammy,” Tilly pressed her lips together as not to correct the woman. Instead she walked out the door toward Jason’s Ford Falcon. Jumping in the car she wrapped the belt around her and waited to leave.

“Well that was interesting,” Jason pointed out as he started the engine and revved off. Tilly nodded her head but kept her lips closed. The rest of the car ride was silent while the two headed back to her house, Tilly simply speaking to give him directions.

As she stepped out of the car Jason grabbed her arm, turning back she looked at the male his blonde hair falling in front of his green eyes his gaze locking with hers.

“Don’t be upset, Karen is always like that. Believe me you’re not the only one who gets her sharp tongue. I have been on the receiving end of it many times. I just take it like water to a ducks back.” the female nodded her head thanking the male quietly before walking into her apartment listening as he sped off. Entering the building she pulled the jumper off her head, shedding the clothing as she walked to her room and changed into some of her own clothes.

Why was Max’s mum so harsh? And why did she looked shocked to see him in bed with her, surely she wasn’t the first girl he had been caught in bed with. It wasn’t like they were naked either. Shaking her head she tried to rid herself of her thoughts and put her mind to good use and get started on her assignment.