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Scared of Love


Tilly was curled up on her couch reading a book when her mobile began to ring, looking up from the pages she saw that it was Max calling her. A smile spread her face and she answered the call quickly.

“Hello you,” she greeted her tone light and full of happiness to hear hear his voice.

“Hey you,” Max answered back causing her to giggle. She was still reeling at the kiss the two had shared yesterday. All she wanted to do was be wrapped in his arms again and she wanted to kiss him, so badly, so, so badly. “Are you home at the moment?”

“Yeah why?” she questioned but before the male answered there was a knock at door of her apartment flat. “Hang on,” getting to her feet she walked over to the door unlocking it and pulling it open. There standing in front of her was none other than Max. He was still in his work uniform but in his hands he held one of the biggest flower bouquets she had ever seen.

“Sorry about yesterday,” he apologised his eyes flicking down to the flowers in his hands before back up to hers. “My mum can be a little… stern,” for lack of a better word that was what he went with. Tilly smiled reaching out and grabbing the bouquet.

“It’s fine, I am sure it is a little shocking to see your baby boy in bed with a woman.” A chuckle left Max’s lips as he stepped inside quickly he pressed a kiss to her cheek before walking forward into her lounge room where he current read lay open. Tilly walked back into the kitchen finding a vase and putting the flowers into it before walking back out to where Max now sat on the couch. The males leg was jumping up and down and he had began to bite his nails.

“Max are you alright?” she asked taking a seat beside him. The dark haired male looked a little unsettled and the female instantly began to feel slightly worried. Max sighed before turning to look at her his blue eyes staring deeply into her dark ones. “Max?” she pressed when he grabbed her hands.

“Tilly… We are a couple now aren’t we?”

“Yes?” it came out as a question more than an answer, the brunette wasn’t sure she wanted to know where the male was going. “Only if you want to…”

“Of course I do Tilly… God I love you… but…” he hesitated as he thought over what he was going to say next. “My mum… she…” he heaved a sighed and decided the only way he was going to get this out was if he treated it like a bandaid, the quicker it is there less pain there would be.

“She doesn’t like what we have… she doesn’t like the fact that we are dating…” the two fell into a silence, Tilly tried to digest what the male was saying, what did this mean for them? Did it mean that he was going to call it off? Was it over? A sudden wave of fear tears formed in her eyes but she tired to swallow them back. “Oh god Tilly,” Max quickly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

“What does that mean for us though?” she asked even though her tone wavered with emotion she tried to swallow it back moving away she looked at Max. “Are you going to keep your mum happy and leave me or?”

Max was caught between a rock and hard place because he loved Tilly so much but he also knew that if he stayed with her his mother would make his life a living hell. The silence was enough for Tilly. She moved away and got to her feet .

“I knew it! I knew it was a bad idea… God I never should allowed myself to give into these feelings, I knew I would just be hurt!” she didn’t want to shout but the urge was rising in her throat she took deep breaths to try and calm herself down but it wasn’t working.

“I still love you! You gotta realise though that my mother is all I have. You can’t expect me to simply…”

“I am not asking you to do anything! But tell me this, why doesn’t your mother like me, she doesn’t even know me.”

Tilly watched Max as he fell quiet his eyes dropping from hers. “There are so many reasons and each of them are shallow…”

“Name one.”

“You’re not rich. You’re not studying. Yes before you say anything my mother is that shallow and petty.”

“Why?” her voice was quite as she thought over what Max had just told her. The male shrugged his shoulders.

“Because she wants what she never had, she never had a good life, one full of wealth and fame… she wants me to get married, something she never did… God Tilly I love you but I have no idea what to do.”

“Max I can’t help you with that, you need to figure that out for yourself.” Tilly stated as she turned to look at him. He sat on her couch his eyes looking down at his hands that were beginning to shake. Slowly she walked back over to him and sat down beside him. She took hold of one of his hands and even though she didn’t know what was going to happen between the two of them she wanted to comfort him in his time of need. She could see he was at a crossroad and her outburst only made it worse. “I’m sorry.”

He looked up at her and even though he didn’t say anything she saw that he understood why she had done what she had done. “I am going to sort this out. I am going to see my mother…” with that he pressed a kiss to her lips before getting to his feet and walking out of the apartment leaving Tilly sitting on the couch her stomach tied in nervous knots.

“Everything is going to be alright,” she assured herself. “It’s going to be fine.”