Stuck In A Box With You


"No Tyson! Please I'm sorry!" Ada begged backing away from him. Tyson (Adora's fiancée) had a horrible temper this wasn't the first time he'd turned it on her. Today had been going well until that plate had slipped from her hand she just couldn't catch it before it shattered at her feet. That was all it took to set him off he spun on her unfortunately for Ada he had a ratchet in his hand this time.. She heard a sickening crack seconds before everything went black...

**3 months later**
"Mona?" Ada said groggily. "Where am I? What happened? Why am I here?"

"Sweetie, you're in the hospital. You.." Mona chocked back a sob "you did twice.. You nearly stayed dead! Tyson hit you with a ratchet.. there was so.. much blood.. and he just stood over you with blood all over both of you and said it was accident. I didn't think there police would be able to stop your dad from killing him.. I almost wish they hadn't.. if we hadn't been coming over for dinner you probably wouldn't be alive now.. I... " she wiped her eyes "I can't believe you're awake." She gently hugged me. "Tyson won't hurt you again he got life in prison."

**2 weeks later**
Ada's doctor walked into her room "How are you today?" He asked looking over her chart.

"I don't know. I'm ok I guess. I don't understand why I can't see my mom. My head hurts a little bit. Also people I don't know keep visiting me.. I.. I don't know what is going on." I tell him.

"Adora, I think I understand what's going on.. I'm going to bring your dad in, then we'll finish discussing this." he stepped out and came back with her dad. "Ada, I think you've lost your memory.. " he nodded to her dad.

"Ada, honey, your mom died five years ago."

**1 year later**
"Ada, I know it's alot to ask but honestly I think this guy would be perfect for you and it would save my job. just think about it?"

"Mona.. if you think I should.." she took a deep breath thinking of all she'd lost the last time she dated but steeled herself against the fear"I'll do it"
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It's different...