Stuck In A Box With You

Chapter Two

Cameron is the first to wake up, he groggily looks around and realizes they are in some kind of wooden box. It wasn't large enough to stand in barely long enough for his 6 foot 5 frame to lay stretched out. However it was wide enough that there was about 3 feet between him and... He suddenly noticed the girl still sleeping though she seemed to be slowly waking up. The first thing he noticed was how tiny she was, she couldn't have topped 5foot.. His eyes took her in slowly she had a nice shape maybe a little chubby to some but he liked a few curves. He stopped on her neck for a moment taking in a long thin scar that ran down her neck and disappeared in the collar of her shirt. He finally continued to her face and he gasped, unintentionally waking her. Her eyes flew open and she jumped backwards in terror not immediately realizing where she is.

"It's ok, don't be scared. I won't hurt you. I'm Cameron." He said softly trying to coax her back out of the corner. "I'm the other participant in the game.." He said a silent prayer that she would remember and not be scared.. he was after all a very large man perhaps too big and scary for a tiny little thing like her.

"oh.. y.. yeah... I remember. I'm so sorry. shall we start again?" She said sheepishly relaxing slowly but still a little stiff.

Cameron smiled. "Sounds great. My name is Cameron. I'm 27 years old." He said softly holding out his hand.

"I'm Ada... Adora I mean but everyone calls me Ada. I'm 26.." she said cautiously shaking his hand, amazed by the shock that suddenly ran through her hand up her arm and straight to her heart, but she ignored it. "So... any idea what we are supposed to do here?"

"I don't know.. I think the goal is to get to know each other and see if we're compatible.. romantically but I'm not sure if we're supposed to break out or not..." he says looking around some, and suddenly spotted a bit of paper and two boxes. "Maybe we should see what this says." He grabbed the boxes and read the paper on the first. "Cameron and Adora, welcome to The Soulmate Experience," he read N"you have before you two boxes. Box one is a romantic set including a dinner for two, candles, and a get to know you game. Box two has tools to break out of the box."

"Well I.. uh.. I guess we should go with box one and try to see if we're a good fit?" Ada suggested shyly.