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Chasing Stars.


Tyler Seguin was someone she never wanted to see again in her life. She didn’t even care if he dropped dead. As long as she never saw his face again, she wouldn’t care. A year ago, it wasn’t like this. A year ago, she was engaged and having his baby. But then the miscarriage happened and things weren’t the same since then. A few weeks later the late nights started happening and sometimes Tyler wouldn’t come home at all.

As the months went on, she was following into a depression. Her fiancee was cheating on her and she had no one. But one day, she finally had enough. She wasn’t going to wallow anymore. She was going to get her shit together and finally leave the man that she thought she would’ve spent the rest of her life with.

She didn’t bother to tell him what she was doing. She just left a note and grabbed the keys to the grey beamer that was parked out front and made sure she had the rest of her things before speeding out of the driveway. She wasn’t sure where she was going to go but she would figure it out.
Tyler didn’t expect her to leave him so when he came home to find out that his beamer was gone and her things had been gone, he didnt know what to think. Had she known what he was doing? He tried to call her a few times only to get voicemail each time.

“Damn it, Victoria.” He muttered to himself. He went into the bedroom to find her engagement ring on the nightstand along with a note beside it.

Dear Tyler,

I’m sorry I had to do it this way. I didn’t want to see you and hear the excuses that were going to come out of your mouth. Nothing you say would have made me stay. I know that you’ve been having an affair ever since I lost the baby. I don’t know how you didn’t think that I wouldn’t have found out. I’m not stupid. But I hope she was worth it. Anyways, don’t bother trying to find me or getting in touch with me. I have nothing to say to you.


That day was the day that Victoria changed. She promised herself that she would never let a guy mistreat her ever again. From now on she was going to be a cold hearted bitch. No one would ever treat her like Tyler did. Tyler would regret losing her and that was for sure.
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Victoria's Car

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