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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 1- How Didn't We See It?

“And I’m Junior’s mother” Molly screamed at Irina’s face. The model’s eyes went wide as the room full of people gasped in shock. Cristiano closed his eyes tightly as one by one Pepe, Nagore, Anderia, Sergio, Iker, Fabio and Xabi’s eyes went wide at the words Molly had just screamed. But Molly was already out of the room before anyone could attempt to form any words. The fear for her son outweighing the ramifications of her words.

“Molly is…Junior’s…mother” Sergio stammered in disbelief as he looked towards Cristiano. “Is it true?” Fabio asked as Cristiano stood frozen to the spot. His son was gravely ill and everybody knew the truth. “Answer him” Irina yelled storming to her boyfriend. “You heard what Molly said” Ana said and Cristiano opened his eyes to find all eyes on him.

“You brought that slut in here” Irina said smacking her hands at Cristiano’s chest. “You bastard. You said his mother wouldn’t be part of his life and instead you move her in with you” Irina yelled as her fists continued to rain down on Cristiano’s chest. “Stop it Irina” Jorge said pulling her away from his friend. “We haven’t got time for this. Cristiano needs to get to the hospital” Jorge said. “I need to go to my son” Cristiano eventually spoke. “Well he apparently has his mother with him” Irina shouted in angry and embarrassment that she hadn’t known the truth.

“How didn’t we see it?” Sergio asked shaking his head. “The way she is with him” Anderia said still in shock. “Why didn’t she tell us?” Nagore asked. “It wasn’t part of the plan. Was it Ronado?” Ana snapped as she came back into the room with her heels in her hands. “We need to go to the hospital” Jorge said. “Pepe go get the car” Ana said. “I need to tell Maé” Cristiano said as imagines of his son in his arms moments ago run through his head.

“I tell them all when we get to the hospital Cris” Jorge said placing his hand on his friend’s shoulder knowing how scared he had to be. “Junior will be ok Cris” Pepe said in an attempt to comfort his friend while also now realizing what he was missing all along. What was about complicated according to his girlfriend.

“Pepe” Ana said. “I’ll get the car and drive you” Pepe said. “Are you ok to drive?” Jorge asked knowing they had been drinking. “He’s ok to drive me to Molly. She’s the one who needs out support. You can take him” Ana snapped. “Ana” Pepe said. “The car now” she said and he moved to walk to the door. “I told you it would all end badly. I just hope for Molly’s sake it isn’t what everyone is picturing right now” Ana snapped as she stormed out in front of Pepe.

Cristiano didn’t need to ask what everyone was picturing in their minds right now. He knew what they were picturing. It was the same thing he was picturing since the moment he saw Molly cradling in son in her arms on the stairs. The badly being Junior dying. “Oh God” Cristiano said suddenly feeling weak. “Cris it’s going to be ok. Junior is gone to the best possible place” Jorge said holding his friend up. “Jorge is right Cris. Junior is where he needs to be right now” Fabio said. “What if?........” Cristiano whispered.

“Cristiano you need to stay strong right now. People are going to need you to be the strong one” Iker said. “Iker is right. Take a deep breath and then let’s get to the car. You need to be strong to deal with whatever lies ahead” Jorge said knowing that the night could end like everyone feared. They all witnessed it with their own eyes how sick Junior was. Molly had yet to realise that she told her secret to everyone. She was going to need support.

“We need to go” Cristiano said needing to be with his son. “We need to talk” Irina said angrily. “Not now Irina” Cristiano said. “Cristiano” she snapped. “I’m going to the hospital to be with my son. You can either support me when I need you like my girlfriend should or you can stay here. Either way I’m going” Cristiano snapped and grabbed his phone and rushed to his front door. Irina moved her neck from side to side and stood straighter. “I’m sorry to end our evening so abruptly but if you’ll excuse us” she smiled and followed Jorge after Cristiano.

“Wow” Xabi said as the others turned the attention away from hallway and back to each other. "Did that all just happen?" Nagore asked as she tried to get her head around what Molly had said. "And Junior. Oh my God he has to be ok" Anderia cried. "I'm sure he will be sweetie" Fabio said moving to hold his wife. "He looked so ill" she said. "It was hard for me to see it and I'm not his mother. I can't imagine what Molly felt like" Nagore said as Sergio moved towards the kitchen table.

"What are you doing?" Iker asked as Sergio picked up a bottle of wine. "I doubt I'm the only one who needs a drink after that" he said taking a swig out of the bottle. He rehashed certain things in his head from the past year. How Molly moved away from Madrid for a while. The way Cristiano had acted at times. Tiny little things that put together he couldn't see how he missed it. How they all hadn't seen that Molly was the mother of Cristiano's son.

"Cristiano leave it. I will tell Dolores" Jorge said as he drove while Cristiano fiddled with the phone in his hands. "They need to know" he said. "And they will. Just not right now. We'll be there soon" Jorge said as he moved the car pass a slower car.

"I thought you were the opinion that some boys didn't need their mother" Irina said remembering some of what Cristiano had told her when he had eventually informed her that he was going to be a father. "I know you are angry with me" he said not turning around to the back seat from the front. "I'm not angry. I'm furious" she yelled. "This isn't the time to have this conversation" Jorge said. "I can't believe I sat across the table from her and didn't know the truth. She was two doors away from you. You said his mother was not going to be a part of his life. Of yours" Irina snapped. "Irina" Jorge said. "But that slut couldn't have being any more part of your life" she shouted. "My son is sick Irina" Cristiano yelled. "And-

"We are here" Jorge said cutting the model of from speaking as he pulled outside the front doors of the hospital. "Go find them" Jorge said as Cristiano opened the car door. He didn't even bother to wait for Irina. He just slammed the car door shut and ran towards the doors. The reception was quite but he didn't notice that as he ran up to the front desk.

"My son...He....An ambulance..." he stammered. The nurse behind the desk looked up at him. "Ok Sir take a deep breath and then try saying that again" she said. "His son was brought in an ambulance here a few moments ago. He's six months old" Cristiano heard someone say and turned to find Ana and Pepe walking towards him. "I'll just see what I can find out" the nurse replied. "I need to see my son" Cristiano said. "You will mate. You will. Just let her find where he is first" Pepe said placing his hand on Cristiano's shoulder.

"How did I get here before you?" Cristiano asked Pepe needing a distraction while he waited for the nurse. "A stupid driver delayed us" Ana said with her arms crossed. "Some guy wouldn't get out of my way" Pepe said. "I wasn't referring to that driver" Ana said wanting to see Molly. Pepe had just drove to the hospital and hadn't asked his girlfriend about what had happened. He knew it wasn't right time. But he would find out everything that she knew soon.

"Senor Ronaldo" a nurse said to the right of them. "Yes" Cristiano replied. "If you would follow me please" she smiled. "Where is my son? Is he ok? Can I see him?" he asked as the three of them followed the nurse through a door. "He's being well looked after right now. I promise as soon as the doctor is able he will speak to you" she said. "Please can I see him" Cristiano begged. "The doctor will be with you as soon as he can. For now I'm afraid that you will have to wait" the nurse said. "But my son" Cristiano said.

"Cris you heard her. The doctor is with Junior" Pepe said. "As soon as he can he will come find you" the nurse said as they walked. "Have you seen the woman that came with him in the ambulance?" Ana asked. "Oh my God where is Molly? Is she on her own?" Cristiano asked suddenly worried if she was ok. He had seen fear in her eyes at the house. "I have and she's just right this way" the nurse said pushing open some doors.

"Molly" Ana said rushing to where Molly was pacing up and down in the hallway. Molly turned towards them with her arms wrapped around her body trying in vain to stop shaking. "Have they said anything?" Molly asked to know one in particular. "Like I was saying, as soon as the doctor is free he will be in to speak to you. I'm sorry but right now you have to wait and I know that's hard. The family room is through here" the nurse said moving to open a door to their right. "Come on Molly let's go sit down. You're still shock" Ana said. "Thank you for your help" Pepe said to the nurse. "As soon as we have news someone will come find you" she said and Cristiano nodded as he watched Ana take Molly into the family room.

"Come on mate, you should take a seat too" Pepe said gently pulling his friend towards the room. They entered the quite room and found Ana sitting beside Molly on one of the four couches in the room. Ana had her hand on Molly's back as she rested her elbows on her knees with her head in her hands mumbling something Cristiano couldn't understand.

"Let's sit" Pepe said to Cristiano nodding to the couch opposite Molly and Ana. Cristiano slowly took a seat and looked across the room. He saw how Molly's legs were bouncing. How her arms were shaking. He moved to stand when Pepe's arm came out in front of him.

"Don't. Not right now Cris" he whispered. Cristiano looked at him and nodded. He looked back to Molly and saw Ana reassuring her. He saw Molly wipe her eyes and then she looked straight at him. He saw worry and sadness in her eyes. And he knew that she was seeing the same in his. They just had to wait for news.

They just had to hope that it was the news they both wanted.
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