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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 10- This Is The Hardest Thing

“There you are” Irina said standing when Cristiano re-entered the waiting room. “I don’t think I should go” he said. “Nonsense you need a shower, something to eat and a break from this horrible place” Irina said. “You’ll be five minutes away Cris” Katia said. She knew her brother needed a break though she wasn’t as pushy about taking one as Irina was.

“Here’s the key. It’s on the third floor. The sooner you go the sooner you’ll be back” Nuno said handing him the key. “I’ll be back in twenty minutes” he told them all. “Babe let’s go” Irina said opening the door. “Phone me not matter what it is. Ok” he told Nuno who nodded. “I will” Nuno replied. “I…I just” Cristiano stammered. “I’ll make sure she’s ok until you get back” Nuno said knowing he knew it was Molly he was referring to.

“I really don’t think I should go” Cristiano said. “Come on” Irina said tugging at her boyfriend’s arm. “I really don’t think I should go Irina” Cristiano said as the two of them neared the hospital front door. “Junior doesn’t even know you are even there. He won’t notice” she said as she reapplied her lipstick. “Why are we going out the front?” he asked. “Oh just ignore the paps. This way is quicker babe” she said. The cameras started to flash as the two step out into the open.

“Ronaldo, how is your son? Ronaldo when will you play football again? Ronaldo where’s your baby mama” the paps shouted as Cristiano and Irina made their way through the throng of people surrounded by a bodyguard. “Ronaldo why lie about his mother? Irina did you know the truth? Irina are you angry with Ronaldo” the paps kept shouting. “Stupid bastards” Cristiano snapped when they got into the lobby of the hotel. “Just ignore them” Irina said. “Let’s find this bloody room and get back to the hospital” he said as he went in search of the elevators.

They got to the room and Cristiano found a suitcase of his clothes on the bed. He pulled his shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. “Shout for me if this rings” he said holding up the phone in his hand before placing it on the bed. “I won’t be long in the shower” he said. “Babe relax” Irina said walking towards him.

“I just want to get back to Junior” he sighed. “And you will” she smiled wrapping her arms around his neck. “You’re so tense. You need to relax” she said placing a kiss on his cheek. “I need to have a shower” he said moving her arms off his neck. “Why don’t I help you relax?” she smirked moving her hands up and down his chest and down to his belt. “Irina, my son is in hospital. Sex is the last thing on my mind” he snapped before storming off to the bathroom.

Irina left out a huff before she noticed the phone on the bed. She took it in her hand and gripped it hard once she noticed the picture which Cristiano had as his lock screen. A picture of Junior as the background. Junior with Molly beside him making faces. She pressed a button as her nostrils seethed with anger and she turned the phone to silent and dropped the phone on the bed. “You were quick” Irina said ten minutes later as Cristiano appeared from the bathroom with just a towel around his waist.

“Did my phone ring?” he asked. “No. Now I packed a few different choices for you” she said standing one of the couches in the room. “It doesn’t matter what you packed” he said as he took a pair of briefs from the case. He began to cough as he pulled a pair of jeans on. “I’ll get you a drink” Irina said moving. “I’m fine” he said. “Just sit down for five minutes please” she said. “Fine” he sighed rubbing his eyes. He moved to lay on the bed as Irina filled a glass with a nearby bottle of water. “I just want this nightmare to be over” Cristiano muttered as he rested his arm over his eyes. “It will be soon” Irina replied as she took a tablet capsule out of her pocket.

Looking towards Cristiano she saw he had his arm still over his head. She opened the capsule and poured the contents into the water and swirled it around. “Here drink this” she said walking over to Cristiano. “Thank you” he said taking the glass from her. “Your welcome babe. Just relax. I’m here to look after you” she smiled as he drank the water in one go.

“Any change?” Molly asked Eva as she took a seat next on the opposite side to where Jorge sat. “No. But I’m sure there’ll will be soon. Try not to worry. I’ll be back to check in, in a little while” Eva said making a note in the chart before leaving the room. Molly took one of Junior’s hand in hers and gently stroked his hand with her thumb. “He looks so small” Jorge whispered. Molly looked away from Junior and towards the agent. It was his first time seeing the little boy and it had come as a shock to see him in such a state.

“I love to say that it only gives you a fright seeing him like this for the first time but it doesn’t. Every time I walk into this room and see him…with the tubes and machines..” she stammered trying to cry. “He’ll be ok Molly” Jorge said. “Don’t Jorge. Please don’t say that. You don’t know. I don’t know. The doctors don’t even know if that’s true” she said.

“The doctors know what they are doing Molly” Jorge said. “Well I’m glad someone does” she sighed. She sat back in her chair and watched Junior. “We are all here Molly. Not just for Junior but for you too” he said. “I’m fine” she replied. “Apart from the sick baby in front of you how exactly can you be fine? You just found out your boyfriend is a lying jerk. Ronaldo is too blind-

“Jorge stop it” Molly snapped. “The only thing that matters is Junior. I will be more than fine when he is better. Worry about him not me” she said looking at him. “But I do worry about you Mols. Always have, always will. We make a good team” he said. “Ya we do. And I appreciate that you care enough to worry about me. But Junior is what matters” she said.

“I understand. I just….. if you ever want to talk to someone then I’m here. Dolores is here. Even Cris” he said and she scowled at his suggestion. “Ok not him but I can arrange a therapist if it would make it easier” he said. “I think the time for the therapist Jorge was when I agreed to your clients plan” she said rolling her eyes.

“He’s as worried about you as he is about Junior Mols” he said. “He doesn’t have to be” she replied. “I think he finds it hard not to” he said. “Well he should concentrate about worrying about his son. And his mother. And Irina” she said. “He didn’t want it to be like this Molly” Jorge said. “I’m pretty sure the world finding out the truth about who I am is the last thing planned Jorge” she said. “Molly” he said. “Heck sure me being here is the last thing he wanted” she said.

“Nothing about the plan went as planned Molly, except Junior being born” Jorge said. “Bad planner” she said and he smiled. “Obviously clear that you weren’t involved in the planning part or everything would have gone smoother” Jorge smiled. “Always with the flattery” she said. “Need to keep my top woman sweet” he smiled and she sighed.

“This is the hardest thing” she said. “Sorry” he said. “Choosing Cristiano’s option, dealing with Tony and his goons, Dr. Luiz…” she shuddered. “Handing Junior over to Cristiano at the hospital and walking out the door after saying goodbye” she said as a tear fell down her cheek. “I thought those were hard but this….seeing him like this…..knowing that I might have to say goodbye again forever” she sobbed. Jorge stood from his chair and knelt beside Molly.

“That’s not going to happen Molly. Junior is strong and a fighter. Just like you” he said. “That’s what Cristiano said” she muttered. “For once he is right then” Jorge said stroking her back. “Junior shouldn’t be here. I should have been there. I should have known that he was sick” she said.

“Molly this is not your fault. This isn’t Cris’s fault” he said. “Ha” she said. “Ok he’s not entirely blameless but he’s blaming himself enough without anyone else blaming him. Fighting with him won’t make any of this easier” he said. “But it will make me feel better” she said. “We both know that you hate fighting with Cris as much as he hates fighting with you” Jorge said standing. He took his seat once more and they sat in silence for a while longer. “He’ll be back soon” Jorge said when he noticed Molly glancing at the door for the sixth time in as many minutes.

“There’s no rush. He needs a break” she shrugged. “So do you” he said. “I’m fine” she replied. “Do you think things can ever go back to normal?” she asked and the machines started to beep. “What is that?” Jorge asked. “Junior” Molly cried out standing to be closer to his bed as she watched the little boy struggle on the bed. “Junior” Molly cried out again as the beeping got louder and nurses and doctors filed into the room in a rush. “We need you both to leave” a nurse told them.

“What is happening?” Molly cried as Jorge moved to take her from the room. “Molly” he said. “Junior” she cried out as Jorge ushered her into the hall. “No, no, no” she screamed as the doors closed after them. “He was getting better. They said he was getting better” she cried as Jorge ripped the apron, mask and gloves off her.

“What happened?” Nuno asked rushing towards them. He had come to get one of them a break when he heard Molly shout. “Junior is…” she cried as her entire body shook. “Jorge?” Nuno asked in a panic. “The machines started to beep. I don’t know. Molly the doctors are with him” Jorge said pulling her into his side.

“Cristiano” she whispered. “I’ll phone him” Nuno said desperately searching his pockets for his phone. “He’ll be here soon” Molly” Jorge said. “He needs to be here….” She mumbled shaking. “Junior needs him….I need him” Molly cried as images of Junior struggling moments ago filled her head.
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