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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 11- Needed You

“Where is he?” Molly cried as Jorge tried to calm her down. “Damn it. It just keeps ringing” Nuno said looking at Jorge. “This can’t be happening” Molly cried. “I’ll go get him. Everything will be ok Molly” Nuno said giving her arm a squeeze before glancing at the door they had being waiting to open. “Go find him now” Jorge said and Nuno ran off. The door opened and Eva the nurse who had being with Junior since he first arrived at the hospital.

“What’s happening?” Molly asked. “The doctors are with him” she said in a reassuring voice. “He was struggling with the tube and machines…” Molly cried. “You should take her to the waiting room” Eva said to Jorge. “I’m not leaving him” Molly snapped. “Molly” he said. “No” she yelled. “Molly we have to take him for tests and scans” Eva said. “Scans” Molly gasped. “Why are you doing scans?” Molly asked. “Molly please go wait. The doctor will be able to tell you more” Eva said. “Tell me” Molly snapped. “We need to check that the tube didn’t do any internal damage when he struggled” she said. “Oh God” Molly gasped.

“Answer you bastard” Nuno muttered as he waited for the elevator doors to open onto Cristiano’s floor. Nuno got to the door and pulled out the spare key card. “Ronaldo” Nuno yelled as he opened the door. Nuno stormed into the room and stopped when he saw Cristiano asleep on the bed. With a half naked Irina snuggled up to him. Nuno picked up a towel that Cristiano had disguarded onto the floor. “Ronaldo” Nuno yelled wacking Cristiano with the towel.

"What the hell?" Cristiano yelled as he opened his eyes. "What the hell? The hell is what Molly just witnessed while you were here asleep" Nuno roared. "Molly? Witnessed? What?" Cristiano stammered sitting up in the bed as his eyes adjusted to the room. "If you answered your phone, then you would know that you are needed at the hospital" Nuno said. "What happened? Shit how did I miss these calls" Cristiano muttered as he saw all the missed calls on his phone. "Babe you need sleep" Irina mumbled beside him.

"What he needs is to get his ass back to the hospital before it’s too late" Nuno snapped at the model. "Too late?" Cristiano asked a sicken feeling appearing in his stomach. "I don't know. The machines just went off. Or something. Molly wasn't in the right mind to tell me" Nuno said.

"Oh my God" Cristiano said as he pulled on his clothes in a hurry. "Babe" Irina said. "Follow or don't follow but I'm not waiting" Cristiano said as he stuffed his feet into a pair of shoes and headed to the door of the hotel room. "Shit. How did I miss the calls? I knew I shouldn't have left. Fuck it" Cristiano cursed as the elevator took Nuno and him down to the hotel lobby. "Well I hope you couple of minutes in heaven with your Russian was worth it" Nuno snapped as the elevator doors opened. "What? I fell asleep" Cristiano said following Nuno into the lobby. "I doubt it makes a difference" Nuno said.

"Where is Junior?" I ask Jorge who was waiting just inside the doors of the hospital. "The doctors told us to wait in the waiting room" the agent replied and took off in towards the room with Cristiano following him.

"What the hell happened?" Cristiano asked. "One minute we were talking and the next Molly was screaming his name and Junior was moving all around the bed and the machines were going off" Jorge said. "Is going to be ok isn't he?" Cristiano asked stopping. "The doctors told us to wait" Jorge replied. Cristiano rushed past Jorge and ran towards the waiting room.

"Molly" he called out as he came bursting through the doors. "Where the hell were you?" Dolores yelled at her son as his eyes landed on Molly. Molly sat with her head in her hands as Hugo wrapped his arms around her. "He fell asleep" Nuno said as he entered the room. "You fell asleep. You fell asleep while Molly can barely function because she's so scared for her son" Dolores yelled at her son.

"I don't know how...I was coming back...I just sat down...." Cristiano stuttered. "This isn't helping anyone. Let's just sit and wait" Jorge said. Cristiano looked at Molly who had still to even react to him being in the room.

Twenty minutes passed and everyone was sitting quietly in the room. Molly gripped her hands together as she stared at the model. She glanced at Cristiano and his heart sank. It wasn't just a look of fear that was on her face. But a look of detest. And he knew it wasn't just her detest of Irina that was responsible for that look. "Urgh the press are so annoying" Irina moaned. "Some of us have more important things to think about then the press" Katia snapped. "You could have waited for me babe" Irina said nudging Nuno out of the way to sit close to her boyfriend. "His son is sick" Dolores said.

"I know that. I've been here long enough to know" Irina groaned. "No one is asking you to be here" Molly snapped. "Excuse me?" Irina asked. "You heard me. If you so bothered and tired about been at this hospital then leave. No one is asking you to be here. Take your boyfriend while you're at it" Molly yelled.

"Molly" Cristiano said. "Don't. Don't fucking Molly me " she screamed shrugging off Hugo's arm to stand. "I was the one who had to watch that little boy struggle. I was the one who was here. While you were too busy in bed with that bitch" Molly yelled. "You told him to go" Irina said. "And I'm telling him again" Molly roared as Cristiano stood. "No. Don't come near me. Don't touch me" she yelled holding her hand out as a barrier between them.

"Molly I'm sorry you had to see him like that" Cristiano said. "You didn't answer the phone" she cried as her body shook. "I bet you are just over reacting to make him fell bad" Irina said. "Shut the fuck up Irina" Cristiano snapped as his eyes focused on Molly. "She's just looking for attention" Irina said. "He said to shut up or I'll make you" Katia warned as Cristiano inched his way to Molly.

"You didn't answer your phone" she mumbled. "I'm so sorry" he said. "He needed you" she cried held her arms around her body. "I needed you" he whispered as he took her in his arms before her legs gave away. "I'm here. I'm here" he whispered as she cried in his arms.

There was a knock on the door and Doctor Luiz stepped into the room. Molly pulled away from Cristiano and wiped her eyes with her sleeve. "Please tell me he's alive" she begged and Cristiano's eyes went wide at the thought that she had being thinking that. "Please take a seat" Doctor Luiz said indicating to the couch. "No" she cried as Cristiano held her. "He's alive. He's alive. I'm sorry I didn't mean to.." Doctor Luiz said as Cristiano tried to calm Molly.

"Can I see him?" Molly asked. "Junior suffered a seizure. The cause we are still trying to determine so we have to run more tests" the doctor replied. "More" she cried. "Is he ok? Did the seizure have any effects?" Katia asked and the doctor sighed. "Just tell us please" Cristiano said. "We won't know for some time if the seizure had any life time effects" he replied. "Like what? What effects?" Cristiano asked.

"There may and it is a maybe chance that Junior might have some brain damage" he said. "Oh Lord" Dolores gasped as Molly dropped the hand Cristiano had been holding. "When I know more I will tell you" Doctor Luiz said nodding a goodbye as he left the room. "He said may have. That doesn't mean he will Molly" Katia said moving towards the woman. "Katia's right. He's just covering all his bases" Jorge said.

"Molly" Cristiano said and she stood staring into space. "Molly dear" Dolores said. "I....." Molly stumbled. "Mols" Katia said. "I.....he could be....I....I think I'm going to be sick" Molly said rushing towards the door. "Molly" Cristiano called out taking a step forward before Katia dragged him back. "I'll go after her" Katia said. "I will" he said. "The news about Junior isn't the only thing making her sick Ronaldo" Katia snapped letting her brother's arm go.

"It wouldn't have made a difference if he had been here or not" Irina said once Katia had left. "But I would have been there. Molly wouldn't...." Cristiano paused sitting next to his brother. Molly still had her head in her arms and Cristiano couldn't stop thinking that this could be it. This could be...He shook his head as he sat back in the couch. The door opened and everyone looked towards it and all sighed in frustration that it was Irina who walked into the room.

"How could you have fallen asleep?" Dolores asked. "I don't know. I just remember coming out of the shower and sitting down. The next thing I know Nuno is shaking me" Cristiano said rubbing his eyes. "You haven't had any sleep in day. You were very tired" Irina said. Nuno eyed the model. He had seen woken his cousin many times during the years. But he had never looked so dazed as he had earlier. "We tried phoning you" Jorge said. "My phone was on silent" Cristiano mumbled. "Oh for heaven sake" Dolores said. "I must have hit the wrong button. I was rushing to shower and get back here" Cristiano said. He shook his head. He could have sworn he had hit the right button on his phone.
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So Cristiano is getting more blame and hate from everyone but will the truth come out before the damage can't be fixed? Molly is getting snappier with Irina and she's not the only one but will the model be put in her place? Cristiano wasn't there when Molly needed her today,will events pull them further apart?

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