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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 12- Wants To Be Far Away From Me

"Molly" Katia called out as she entered the women’s bathroom. Only one of the cubicles was occupied and Katia moved closer towards it. "Molly" Katia knocked. She could hear crying from the other side. "Molly it's me" Katia said but got no reply. "Molly please open the door" Katia asked. The toilet flushed and Katia stood back as the door opened and Katia's heart broke a little at the sight of Molly. Her face was white except for the red around her eyes. Her body was shaking and her eyes looked so lost.

"I know there's nothing I can say that will make you feel better" Katia said as Molly moved to the sink. "I just wish it was over" Molly said as the water run. "It will be soon" Katia said. "I just want it over. If I'm going to lose him...I just want it to happen now....I can't take much more of this" Molly cried. "Molly you're not going to lose him" Katia said rubbing Molly's back.

"Let's get back" Katia said and Molly shook her head. "No" she said. "Mols" Katia said. "I can't...I can't be in the same room him..." Molly said bitterly. "Ok. Let's go to the cafeteria then" Katia suggested. "No. I can't look at food right now" Molly said. "Then let's go for a stroll along the corridors. If there's news they'll find us" Katia said and Molly nodded.

"They should be back by now" Cristiano muttered looking at his watch. It had been twenty minutes since his sister and Molly had left the room. "Katia is with her" Nuno said. The door opened and Anna stepped in followed by Pepe and Sergio. "Hey I came as soon as I got your text. What happened? Where is Molly?" Ana asked Cristiano. "You texted her" Irina said. He knew when Ana found out what happened that she would be another person who hated his guts but Molly needed her friend whether Cristiano liked it or not. "Junior had a seizure. He could have brain damage" Cristiano said. "Oh my God" Ana gasped. "Oh mate" Pepe said. "Could have. We are praying he won't have" Dolores said.

"Where is Molly?" Ana asked. "She ran out of here twenty minutes ago" Nuno said. "Katia is with her" Cristiano said. "I'll go find her. I'm sure everything will be ok Cris" Ana said. "You ok Ronnie? I know this is rough but you look like shit" Sergio said as the Spaniard took a seat next to Nuno. "I don't know" Cristiano said rubbing his eyes to make him more alert. "You should be more awake after your sleep" Dolores said. "Maé" Hugo said. "I'm going to follow Ana" the older woman said leaving the room.

"I take it we missed something?" Sergio asked Nuno. "You weren't the only one who missed something" Jorge mumbled. "Will you all leave him alone. You all heard Molly tell him to go to the hotel" Irina said. "Hotel?" Sergio asked. "Irina just stop" Cristiano said. "Me stop. They are the ones who are making you the bad guy. Molly has no right to speak to you. To speak to me like that" the model said as her phone began to ring. "You can't have that on in here" Jorge said. "It's my agent" she replied. "Well take it outside" Jorge said as she stood and left the room without another word.

"I'm telling you now, if you don't get her to shut up Ronnie, I won't be stopping Molly when she eventually goes for her. I'll be helping" Nuno said shaking his head and the model's behavior. "What the hell has she said now?" Sergio asked. "Said Molly was over reacting for one" Nuno said. "I should have been here" Cristiano mumbled. "Cris" Pepe said. "I went for a shower. I....I don't know what happened but I fell asleep. I was asleep while Molly was witnessing Junior...." he mumbled on the verge of tears. "It doesn't matter" Pepe said. "Yes it does" Cristiano replied.

"What are the two of you doing here?" Ana asked when she eventually found Molly and Katia walking through the hospital corridors. "We were taking a break" Katia said. "Cristiano texted me to come. I'm sorry Molly. This isn't fair" Ana said hugging Molly. "Now he knows how to work his phone" Molly snapped. "Huh?" Ana asked confused. "It doesn't matter" Katia said.

"Just like me. And apparently his son" Molly said bitterly. "Molly my brother is the biggest asshole at times but Junior matters to him. You matter to him" Katia said. "What had he done now?" Ana asked. "Ignored phone calls. Fell asleep while his son was having a seizure right in front of my eyes" Molly snapped.

"Ana really it's better not to discuss it right now" Katia said. "Ok. Well let's go back to the waiting room. You've had another shock. You should drink something" Ana suggested. "I'm going nowhere" Molly said. "She'd prefer to stay here for a while" Katia said. "I'm going nowhere near them" Molly said as she took a seat on a nearby chair. "Your brother really knows how to fuck things up even more than they already are" Ana said to Katia as she took a seat on the other side of Molly.

"Here drink this" Nuno said holding out a bottle of water to Cristiano. "Thanks" he replied. "You do look rough Cris. Maybe you should get the doctor to have look at you" Pepe suggested. "He's fine" Jorge said as the door opened and Cristiano couldn't hide his disappointment that it wasn't Molly entering the room. "Urgh my agent is so annoying" Irina moaned coming into the room. "Maybe you should go speak to him. Away from here" Nuno suggested.

"My boyfriend needs me" Irina said as Katia came behind the model. "Where's Molly?" Cristiano asked. "Maé and Ana are with her" Katia said. "Babe let's go for a walk" Irina said. "He doesn’t want to go anywhere" Hugo said. "Babe" Irina said ignoring her boyfriend’s brother. "Why don't you go speak to your agent Irina" Cristiano said.

"Sorry?" Irina asked slightly irked. "Your sister is still in Madrid. Go spend time with her" Cristiano said. "But I want to be here with you" she said. "I'm just going to be sitting here waiting for news. Go spend time with you sister. Family is important" Cristiano said. "Ya family is the most important thing" Katia said. "If you're sure?" Irina asked. "I am" he replied. "I'll be back later" she said walking over to place a kiss on his cheek. "Don't rush back on our accord" Nuno muttered under his breath.

"That was a bit more polite then I would have done it but at least it had the same outcome. You got rid of her" Katia said. "Enough about Irina. Where is Molly?" Cristiano asked standing. "She's ok. Well as ok as she can be" Katia said. "Seeing Junior like that was hard on me. I can't imagine how she is feeling right now" Jorge said.

"She should be in here" Cristiano said. "She's fine where she is" Katia replied. "That's ridiculous. She should be waiting in here with the rest of us" Nuno said. "She says she wants to stay where she is" Katia said. "You mean she wants to stay as far away from me as she can" Cristiano said. "That might be part of the reason" Katia said and Cristiano threw the water bottle across the room. "Easy" Pepe said.

"Can you honestly blame her Cris?" Katia asked. "I can't just sit here anymore" Cristiano said a couple of hours later. "There's nothing else you can do" Jorge said. "Maé" Hugo called out as Dolores entered the room. "What happened?" Cristiano asked. "Nothing" Hugo said. "The doctors don't know what they are doing" Dolores said. "What?" Cristiano asked.

"The doctor told Molly she could see Junior then changed his mind by the time she got there. I was coming to tell you" Dolores said. "Why did he change his mind?" Cristiano asked. "I don't know" Hugo said. "Is she down there now? At Junior's room" Cristiano asked. "Yes. Cris no. There's no point. They won't let you see him" Hugo said. "So" Cristiano said standing.

"Ronaldo" Dolores called after her son as he left the room. "Shouldn't someone go after him?" Sergio asked. "He just wants to be near his son" Hugo said. "But Molly doesn't want to be near him" Katia reminded them. "And I doubt she's the only one. I'll go after him" Pepe said remembering that Ana was with Molly. "I'll go with you" Sergio said standing.

"This whole thing is a mess" Dolores sighed taking a seat next to her daughter. "How the hell did he fall asleep? I wouldn’t never have suggested he go if he was going to be that stupid" Katia said. "I don't think it's all his fault" Nuno mumbled. "Of course it is" Jorge said. "Have you seen how he has been since he came back here? That's not just someone who is tired Jorge" Nuno said.

"What are you suggesting?" Hugo asked. "I don't know. But Cris hasn't be able to sleep with the worry over Junior. And Molly. There's no way he could have just fallen asleep like that" Nuno said. "Nuno is right" Katia said. "Well he did. So it doesn't matter now" Jorge said. "It does if he misses seeing his son one last time" Nuno said. "Nuno" Dolores gasped. "I'm just saying the worst case scenario Dolores" Nuno said.

"Cris wait up" Sergio said as he and Pepe caught up with the Portuguese man. "You don't have to be here" Cristiano said. "Maybe you should go back to the waiting room. Hugo said the doctor won't let you see him" Sergio said. "I don't care" Cristiano snapped as he nearer where Junior was. "Cristiano" Pepe said pulling his friend back. "What?" Cristiano snapped. "This isn't the right time" Pepe said. "Right time for what?" Cristiano asked. "She's angry and upset mate. Just give her the space she wants" Pepe said as the men's eyes landed on Molly and Ana who were seated on the floor across from Junior's room. Cristiano sighed.

"Can you?" he asked looking at Sergio. "Can you go see if she's ok please?" he asked the Spaniard. "Uhm ya sure" Sergio said and left the two men. Cristiano watched as Ana noticed Sergio first and saw her nudge Molly. Molly gave Sergio a sad smile before she looked straight at Cristiano and then back to the door. "I've fucked up" Cristiano told Pepe as Sergio took a seat on the floor next to Molly and Ana stood.

"Ana don't. He doesn't need any of your words to make him feel bad" Pepe warned when his girlfriend stood beside them. "Tough" Ana snapped. "Ana" Pepe said. "Leave her. I deserve it" Cristiano said. "Aww poor Ronaldo is feeling sorry for himself. Why don't you try and think before you bloody act for once" Ana said. "Why did they change their minds about leaving her see him?" Cristiano asked. "I don't know. But she can't take much more of this" Ana said.

"How are you holding up?" Sergio asked Molly. "Just when I think everything is going to be alright, something happens" she said. "I'm sorry Mols" Sergio said. "It's not your fault" she replied. "It's no one’s fault" Sergio said. "I wish I could think that" she said glancing up at Cristiano. "He wants to know if you are ok" Sergio said.

"Well tell him if he wants me to be ok then he should stay the fuck away from me" she snapped. "Ok" Sergio said. "I'm sorry Sergio. I'm just..." she sighed. "It's ok. I understand. I'll be here for a while yet if you want someone other than Ana to keep you company. You must be getting tired of all this Portuguese company" Sergio joked. "Thanks Sergio" Molly said. "I'll leave you both alone then" he said standing as Ana returned. "Thanks Sergio" Ana smiled at him as he nodded.

"Why don't we go get something to eat?" Sergio suggested when he returned to where Cristiano and Pepe were standing. "I'm not hungry. What did she say?" Cristiano asked. "She's just worried mate" Sergio said. "What did she say Ramos?" Cristiano asked. "That if you want her to be ok then you should stay away from her. Well that was the jest of it anyway" Sergio said and Cristiano's shoulder slumped at the Spaniards words. "Come on mate. Let's go back to the waiting room" Pepe said.

"I can't go back there" Cristiano said. "There's nothing else to do but wait mate" Pepe said. "How about we go visit the children’s ward?" Cristiano asked. "Really?" Sergio asked. "Ya. My son isn't the only child who is sick. And if seeing us puts a smile on some kids face then great. I could really use seeing that right now" Cristiano said. "That's not a bad idea" Pepe said. "I suppose we could ask one of the nurses if it would be alright for us to go" Sergio said.

"Let's go find out then" Pepe said. "Cris" Sergio said when the footballer didn't budge. "I'm coming" he sighed giving one last glance at Molly.

Molly's head jumped up when something landed in her lap. "I thought you could use this. Don't want you getting cold" Nuno said as Molly noticed the sweatshirt on her lap. "Thanks" she replied. It had been hours since she had first sat here and there was still no news. "I was just told to collect at yours" he shrugged.

"Who told?....Ronaldo" she paused with the sleeves on her arms. "Yes he did. Now stop being stubborn and out it on before you end up getting sick and the doctors won't let you into Junior" Nuno said. "They aren't letting me see him" she said. "Just put it on Molly" he said and she moved to put on the red sweatshirt.

"Happy?" she asked. "Super" he replied. "Where is he anyway? Having a romantic dinner with the Russian?" she asked. "He's visiting the children’s ward with Pepe and Sergio" Nuno replied. "Oh" she said. "He thought if he couldn’t make his own son feel better then maybe seeing a few footballers would make someone else’s child feel happy" Nuno said. "That was a nice suggestion" she said. "He can be a nice guy at times" Nuno said. "If you say so" she said.

"You know I'm right Mols. Come on why don't you come back to the waiting room" he said. "I'm fine here" she replied. "I know you are. But I think Dolores would like to be with you. And she's a bit too old to be sitting on the floor" Nuno said. "I wouldn't let her here you calling her old Nuno" Molly said and he smiled. "Come on" he said. "Nuno" she said.

"He's not there. Come on. Let him sit here instead" he said. "Fine" she said and he held a hand out to her. "But he better not be there" she said taking his hand and he pulled her up off the floor. "The Russian is gone too by the way. Cris suggested she go to her sister" Nuno said. "Suggested and telling are two different things Nuno" Molly said and he sighed as she strolled ahead of him.
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