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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 13- She Hates Me Cos I Keep F*****ing Up

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to fall asleep" Dolores said when she opened her eyes. "It's ok Dolores. There's no change" Molly said. It was almost seven in the morning and Molly had spent the rest of the night waiting to be allowed see Junior. "You should try and get some sleep too Molly" Elma said. “I couldn’t if I wanted to” Molly sighed.

“Molly try not to worry. I just know everything is going to be ok” Dolores said and Molly shut her eyes. “Maé let’s go see if we can find something to eat” Elma said knowing the last thing Molly wanted to hear was people’s hopes. “Why don’t you come with us Molly?” Dolores asked. “I’m ok here Dolores” Molly said. “Molly” Dolores said. “Maé we’ll bring her back something. Come on let’s get some food and then we can go home for a proper rest” Elma said knowing Molly probably wanted some alone time. “We won’t be long” Dolores told Molly. “Take your time. It’s not like anything is going to change anytime soon” Molly replied.

Dolores and Elma headed to the door and Molly sank back against the couch when the door shut behind them. The entire night she had stayed awake thinking about what the doctor had said. That Junior could have brain damage. Every possible worst case scenario kept swirling around her head. Everyone’s positive talk. Everyone telling her that he would be ok and that Junior would be out of the hospital soon. But Molly had being hearing those words since the night Junior was brought to the hospital and she didn’t think she could cope with listening to anymore.

She heard the door open and looked up and frowned. “Oh hey” Cristiano said as he stepped further into the room. “You sound so surprised that I’m here. I haven’t taken a page out of your book and gone off and ignored everyone” she snapped. “I thought you were gone with Maé. I must have taken Nuno up wrong” he said. “Well I’m here” she said.

“Molly” he said. “Don’t” she warned and he sighed. “I….” he paused. “You what? You’re sorry? You think I should get some sleep? You think I should eat? You think Junior will be alright soon? You know what Ronaldo, I don’t give a crap what you think or do” she snapped. “Molly” he said.

“I’ve being sat in this room for days. I don’t even know how many now cos every day is blending into another. But last night I sat and tried to forget seeing him…..struggling…” she stammered as she fought back tears. “Molly” he said inching closer to her. “Stay where you are” she said.

“They kept coming and going from his room all night. I lost track how many times I asked if they had any news” he said taking a seat in a spot far away from her. “You were at his room?” she asked. “Ya Hugo and I stayed outside his room. Where did you think I was?” he asked. “I thought….I didn’t really care where you were” she said. “Maé knew I was there. Jezz Molly I wouldn’t leave him. I just…I thought you needed space” he said. “I did. I do” she sighed.

“Molly” he said. “Don’t. If you want to stay here then fine just don’t talk. I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to discuss how I’m feeling or anything else people think I need to talk about ok” she snapped. “Ok then” he said and they lapped into silence.

"Ah there you both are" Dr. Luiz said after he opened the door to the waiting room. "What's going on? Is Junior ok?" Cristiano asked standing. “We are still waiting for the results of his scans” Dr. Luiz said. “You’ve had all night. Please just tell us something” Molly begged. "He's making a slow progress but I was considering our other options if he doesn't improve in the next few days how I would like" the doctor said. "What other options?" Molly asked. "I was speaking to one of my colleagues and he suggested a blood transfusion for Junior" the doctor said.

"Blood transfusion" Molly said. "New blood could fight the infection faster" Dr. Luiz said. "Then do it" Cristiano said. "Wait" Molly said. "If it will help him Molly. We aren't talking about a huge operation here" Cristiano said. "It's still something major" Molly said. "It's just an option that we maybe not need to use. I just wanted to prepare you both. I know this is taking time" he said. "What about the ventilator?" Molly asked.

"I'm afraid we need to leave him on it for a bit longer. He isn't quite strong enough to breathe on his own yet. He's been well looked after. I'll go run a sample on Junior's blood so the blood bank knows what kind we need if we do need it" Dr. Luiz said. "He's o negative" Molly said. "We still have to run the test but thank you" he said leaving the room. "How did you know his blood type?" Cristiano asked. "It's the same as mine" Molly said.

“I know you don’t want to talk” he said. “So naturally you start bugging me to talk” she snapped as he sat back down. “I am really sorry that I wasn’t here when you needed me yesterday” he said. “Junior needed you not me” she replied. “I don’t know what happened. I know I switched my phone to the loudest I could possible” he said. “It doesn’t matter” she said. “It does Molly. God if anything…..” he paused.

“Please talk about something else” she begged. “I thought you didn’t want to talk” he said and she rolled her eyes at him. “How have….” He stopped. “How have what?” she asked looking at him. “Luke” he said. “What about him?” she asked. “I was just wondering how you were. Him telling the papers. God that bastard I knew he couldn’t be trusted” he said.

“Well congratulations you were right about him” she said. “Molly” he said. “What? You were right about him. He was just using me. Because why else would he or anyone want to be with me? As long as I’m useful to someone then I’m wanted but as soon I’m filled my purpose then who gives a shit about me” she yelled as the door opened.

“What’s happening? What have you done now?” Dolores glared at her son. “I…” he stammered. “He did what he always does and opened his mouth” Molly said standing. “Molly wait” Dolores and Cristiano both said. “Just leave me alone” she snapped. “Molly stop I’m sorry. Stay. I’ll leave” Cristiano said. “Yes Molly stay he can go” Dolores said. “Stay or go Ronaldo. I really couldn’t care less” Molly said as she left the room. “What the hell did you say to her?” Dolores asked her son angrily as she moved to follow Molly. “Maé leave her. She wants some space” he said. “From you. Only you” Dolores snapped.

“Do you want me to leave? If it will make everyone happy I will leave the hospital” he said. “No you won’t. You won’t leave your son” she sighed. “I don’t think she can cope any longer” he said. “I don’t know how she has coped up to today as it is” Dolores said. “He will be ok Maé? Won’t he? Please tell me that I’m not going to lose him. I can’t lose him. I can’t watch her if….” he stammered rubbing his hand over his eyes.

“You need to stay strong son. Junior needs you to be strong. And so does Molly” Dolores said. “She doesn’t need me” he said as she took a seat beside him. “I think the lack of sleep is making you stupider” Dolores said and he turned his head to look at her.
“Sorry?” he asked. “Molly needs-

“Hey” Hugo said opening the door before Dolores could finish speaking. “Elma said you snuck back in here” Hugo said. “I came to try and get Molly to come with us” Dolores said as Hugo looked around the empty room. “I fucked up again” Cristiano said. “Oh right” Hugo said. “I should go find Elma” Dolores said. “Maé you should go home for a proper rest. Katia will be here soon” Hugo said. “I’ll start with getting something to eat first. I’ll bring you back something” she said placing a kiss on Cristiano’s cheek.

“Maé is spending too much time around Molly. She's getting as stubborn as her" Hugo sighed taking a seat next to his brother. "I wouldn't let either of them hear you call them stubborn. Although a different Averio being on their wrong side would be a change from me I guess" Cristiano muttered. "She's not able to hate you" Hugo said. "Molly?" Cristiano asked. "No Maé. You her son. She's kind of made to love and not hate you. Molly on the other hand" Hugo shrugged. "I asked her about Luke. I'm so stupid. I shouldn't have brought him up. She think everyone just uses her" Cristiano said.

"I can see why she thinks that. She must feel that Luke just wanted to be with her to find information on you. And well you can't really forget how she ended up here in the first place. It's not like she was our friend before Junior" Hugo said. "I never used her...ok maybe I did" Cristiano said when Hugo eyed him. "But I didn't mean to. And I....Can you go see that she's ok please? I'd go but well I'm pretty sure we would end up in a boxing match in the middle of the hospital and Jorge wouldn't be happy if that ended up in the papers" Cristiano said. "I guess you’re in them enough as it is" Hugo said. "How bad is it? I haven't read anything" Cristiano said.

"They are wondering why you kept it a secret. If Irina knew? If you cheated?" Hugo said. "I don't care about me. What about Molly? What are they saying about her? She has enough to deal with without people who she doesn't know writing shit about her" Cristiano said. "Just why she didn't admit that she was who she is. Honestly, they have just been writing about Junior's health really. Although your girlfriend is certainly getting her fill" Hugo said. "What has Irina done?" Cristiano asked. "Oh man that's a really long list if you think about it" Hugo joked. ""She thinks she's helping" Cristiano said. "She accused Molly of overreacting last night Cris" Hugo said. "I know" Cristiano sighed knowing that Irina wasn't helping situations with his family and Molly.

"Anyway what I meant is that she's enjoying the paps. You'd think she was on a run way the way she comes into the hospital" Hugo said. "Can you go check on Molly please?" Cristiano asked not wanting to talk about Irina or papers anymore. "You going to be ok on your own?" Hugo asked. "I need a bit of time to think" Cristiano said. "It will all work out Cris" Hugo said patting his brother's back before heading out of the room.

Cristiano had just shut his eyes when he heard the door opening. "Babe, there you are" Irina said as she stepped into the room with her sister following behind. "You're here early" Cristiano said as Irina kissed his cheek. "We had an early yoga session" Irina replied. "How is Junior?" Tatiana asked taking a seat and Cristiano looked at his girlfriend and then back at Tatiana as he realized that Irina never actually asked him how is son was. Ever. "Still no change" Cristiano replied as he stretched a little. "Babe you are so tense and tired looking" Irina said.

"I spent the night outside Junior's room and my son is sick so of course I'm going to be tired looking" he snapped. "Don't take your tiredness out on me" she pouted. "I'm sorry" he said. "Where is everyone?" Tatiana asked. "Who cares? A bit of alone time is nice" Irina said snuggling up her boyfriend. Cristiano sat forward. "Their around here somewhere. Molly is with Junior I think" he sighed. "I'm sure she is" Tatina said. "He's fine without her anyway. Jezz why is everyone so focused on her when she's not the sick one" Irina said and Cristiano shook his head as his girlfriend's words. "She could be the sick one if she doesn't look after herself. I'm sure last night wasn't easy for her" Tatiana said to Cristiano.

"It's not easy on Cris either. And then everyone has a go at him because he was taking a little break which everyone want him to have" Irina said. "I shouldn't have been gone as long" Cristiano said. "Well it happened. It doesn't matter now" Irina said. "Can I get you anything to eat Cristiano?" Tatiana asked. "I'm fine thank you" he replied. "Oh babe you have to hear what my agent has planned for me" Irina said as she began to talk completely unaware that her boyfriend wasn't even listening. Even her own sister couldn't believe Irina was acting the way she was right now.

"You should go to work" Cristiano said. "Sorry?" Irina asked surprised and annoyed that he had interrupted her. "You must be missing out on work. You weren't even meant to be here this week. Right?" he said. "No I was meant to be in Paris but I'm here with you" she smiled. "But we don't know how long we are going to be here" he said trying to think of a way to suggest that it would be best if she wasn't here. "It doesn't matter. I'm your girlfriend. I'm staying with you" she smiled. The door opened and Cristiano breathed in relief that someone was coming.

"Oh hello" Hugo said when he noticed the two women in the women. "Good morning" Tatiana smiled at Hugo. "Did you find her?" Cristiano asked. "Ya. She was talking to Jorge so I left them too it. But she's outside Junior's room" Hugo replied. "Great" Cristiano muttered knowing he was probably going to get an earful from Jorge about pissing of Molly again. Cristiano stood from the couch. "Where are you going? I'll come with you" Irina said not wanting him to go to Molly.

"I'm going to the bathroom, then going to the cafeteria to find my mother and sister. So I can convince them to go home" Cristiano snapped. He just needed a few minutes peace. "I was just asking. All of this is hard on me too you know. I'm the one who everyone thinks is a fool that her boyfriend kept his slut living with him" Irina yelled. "Don't call her that" Cristiano warned. "Why do you always do that? Always defend her. I'm your girlfriend remember. I'm the one who is here supporting you. Molly can't even look at you yet you let her away with everything" Irina said.

"She hates me because I keep fucking up ok" he yelled back. "Ok none of this is easy for anyone" Hugo said. "I know that you are my girlfriend Irina. And it's really sweet that you want to be here with me" Cristiano said placing his hands on her shoulders. "But if you are going to be here then just stay away from Molly" he said. "I haven't done anything to her" she said. "You told her she was overreacting about Junior when you knew how upset she was" Cristiano said.

"You said that to her? Irina how could?" Tatiana said. "I wasn't thinking. I was upset that everyone was making Cris feel bad" Irina said sniffling a little. "Hey don't cry. I'm just trying to making things easier babe" Cristiano said. "I'll go apologise to her now" Irina said. "No" Cristiano and Hugo both said. "She wants some space" Cristiano said. "So you're not going to Junior's room then?" Irina asked. "No I'm going to find Mae. I'm the last person Molly wants to see" Cristiano said. "You should get something to eat too. You need to look after yourself" Irina said. "I will. I'll be back soon. But really we are just waiting around for news. I know hospitals aren't your thing if you want to wait at mine" he said. "I'll see" Irina smiled at him.

"You coming? We might both be able to persuade Maé to go home for a bit" Cristiano said to Hugo. "Doubt it but it's worth a shot" Hugo said and the two men left the room. Irina smiled as she grabbed her handbag. "Why are you smiling?" Tatiana asked. "We can get out of this place" she said. "I thought you wanted to be around Cris" her sister said. "Well he's just going to be doing more waiting. Plus you heard what he said. Molly doesn't want to talk to him not to mind be in the same room as him" Irina said.

"They have a son together Irina" Tatiana said. "Don't say that" Irina said. "It's the truth" Tatiana said. "Well she can keep busy with the brat and Cris will have more time for me" Irina smiled and her sister didn't know what to say. "Let's go shopping" Irina said heading to the door.
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Cristiano should really learn to keep his mouth shut. Shouldn't he? Bringing up Luke. Was Molly right to leave the room? Is Cristiano getting closer to showing Irina the door?

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