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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 14- You Think That Will Ever Be Us?

"Molly will you please lay down for a couple of hours" Jorge asked Molly as he walked towards her. "I'm fine" Molly said lifting her head out of her hands in her lap. "Elma said in her text that you were in the waiting room. I thought Cris was here" Jorge said taking a seat on the floor next to her. "Oh I'm too old for sitting on the floor" he groaned. "All those private jets have made you soft" she said. "But they don't give me a pain in the ass" he joked trying to make her laugh. "Nah that's Ronaldo's job" she muttered.

"What has he done now?" Jorge asked not knowing if he really wanted to know. "Nothing" Molly muttered. "Here" he said placing a book in her lap. "What's this?" she asked. "A book of crosswords and puzzles. I thought it would be something for you to do to stop you thinking bad thoughts" he said. "It's hard not to think those things Jorge. But thanks" she said. “I wish I could snap my fingers and make everything ok” Jorge said. “Life would be much simpler if that was possible” she said. “You know the waiting room is much more comfy than this floor” he said. “I’d rather be here” she said.

“I can make it so that you are on your own if you would prefer” he said. “We’re not exactly good at avoiding each other” she said. “Cris would probably say you are good at avoiding him at times” he said. “Then he should get the hint” she said. “Molly” she heard someone say and she looked to her left to see Eva coming towards her. “Dr. Luiz mentioned the blood transfusion to you earlier” she said. “Ya he did. I told him I have the same blood type as Junior” Molly said standing.

“We still have to test it so if you like we can do that now?” Eva asked. “Ok” Molly nodded not looking forward to it. “I’ll come with you” Jorge said. “I’ll be fine Jorge. Have the said when we can see him yet?” Molly asked Eva. “Not yet. I’ll make this blood thing quick” Eva said. “See you later Jorge” Molly said as she walked beside Eva.

Cristiano and Jorge were quietly sitting in the waiting room when Katia came in. “Hey” she said. “Hey. Did Maé get home ok?” Cristiano asked. “Elma was annoying her to go take a nap when I left. Nuno will be in with some lunch soon” she said. “Good. Maybe Molly will eat something he has made” Cristiano said. “Well the nurses have her drinking lots of water after she gave blood so at least she’s getting that” Katia said. “Blood?” Cristiano asked.

“Amm ya. I went to Junior’s room on my way here. Molly had just given blood. She said something about the doctors wanting blood incase they decided to give Junior a blood transfusion” Katia said. “The nurse took her to test the blood before I came up here” Jorge said. “You knew she was getting tested and you didn’t tell me” Cristiano snapped standing from the couch. “Cris she’s fine” Katia said. “She shouldn’t have being on her own. She hates hospitals. She hates needles” Cristiano said. “Where are you going?” Katia asked as Cristiano moved towards the door. “Well maybe needles aren’t so scary when your child is sick” Katia said as Cristiano left the room.

It had been hours since Molly had stormed out of the waiting room and he cursed himself for not going after her sooner. She hated needles. He paused from walking when he found her staring through the small window on Junior’s door. She rubbed her left arm and turned to her left. Their eyes clocked and he didn’t miss the frown which appeared on her face. He began to walk closer. “I know I’m the last person you want to see” he said as he reached her. “Yet you’re still here” Molly muttered. “You gave blood” he sighed. “Ya. When the sample matched the decided to take more blood in case they decided to go ahead with the transfusion” she said.

“Are you ok? The needle and everything. You should have come got me” he said and she glared at him. “Or someone. Anyone just so you weren’t on your own” he said. “Eva took the blood so it wasn’t that bad. And I didn’t…I didn’t have any..” she stuttered. “I know what you mean” he said knowing she was talking about having flashbacks or bad memories. “Maé went home” he said after a few minutes. “I know. She came by to tell me she was leaving” Molly said.

“Molly” he said. “Yes” she snapped. “Are you warm enough?” he asked noticing she was rubbing her arms as she just wore a tank top. “I’m fine” she said. “Where’s your sweatshirt?” he asked. “I must have left it in the room when I gave blood” she shrugged. He shrugged off his jacket and placed it on her shoulders. “Don’t argue please. Just take it” he said and she pulled it tighter around her. “It feels like ages since we’ve seen him” Cristiano said.

“I just want to see him” she said. “They’ll make him better Molly” he said and she looked at him with tears in her eyes. “Wish they could do it faster” she said. The door opened and they both stood back as Eva appeared. “How is he?” Molly asked. “We are moving him just for a little while” Eva said. “Why? Where?” Molly asked. “It’s just for a little while” Eva said.

“Can we see him?” Cristiano asked. “The doctors will tell you when you can” Eva said. “Please. We need to see him. She needs to see him” Cristiano said. “Five minutes” Eva said. “Thank you” Molly said as Cristiano grabbed an apron. “Five minutes. I mean it” Eva said.

Molly paused in front of Junior's cot. She should be used to seeing him the way he was but she couldn't. She had waited so long to see him and now she didn't think she could see him. See him with the ventilator and tubes. She jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder. "Sorry" Cristiano mumbled dropping his hands. She turned to look at him and he gave her a smile before he walked over to Junior's cot.

"Hello buddy. Have you missed us? We've missed you" he said stroking his son's cheek. He looked at his son and cursed himself for not being their when he had his seizure. "Can you get better now please? We really want you out of here. Don't we Molly?" he asked looking up to find her still standing in the exact spot he had left her.

"Molly" he said worried. "It gets harder" she mumbled before her eyes landed on the two teddy bears in the cot. "I know. I know seeing him like this is tough. But it won't be for much longer. Why don't you come closer and say hello" he said. He watched as she took a long deep breath and then took a step forward. Instead of walking around to the other side of the cot like he had expected, she surprised him by walking to where Cristiano was standing. "See Junior, we both have missed you" Cristiano said as Molly stood inches away from him while stroking Junior's tiny hand.

"We aren't the best at being patient Junior, so if you could be ok really soon, we would really like that" Cristiano said. "Really soon" Molly whispered and Cristiano placed his arm on her back. He expected her to shrug it away but when she didn't he gently stroked her back. "I'm sorry but your five minutes are up" Eva said and Cristiano looked towards the door where the nurse stood. "Ok" he nodded. "Molly" he said. "I don't want to leave him" she said. "Neither do I but we have to. Come on. Let's leave them make him better" he said nudging her to move.

Molly gave one last glance at Junior before she quickly moved towards the door. Cristiano sighed and followed her. He watched as Molly pulled the apron off her angrily. "Thank you" he said to Eva. "I know it's hard. The doctors should have more to tell you soon" she said. "Soon" Molly snapped. "Molly" he said. "I'm sick to death of hearing that word. Soon. They'll tell us soon but they never do. They haven't even told us the results of his scans to see if he had brain damage or not" she said. "They will when they know more Molly. Come on let's go to the waiting room" Cristiano said. "

I'm staying here" she replied. "Molly we are moving him for a while in a few minutes so there's no point in waiting here. Why don't you go get something to eat?" Eva asked. "I'm not hungry" Molly said. "You gave blood not so long ago. You need to rebuild your strength" Eva said. "She's right Molly. Come one Nuno is bringing lunch. Let's go wait for him" Cristiano said.

"Yes that sounds like a great idea. Nurse's orders Molly" Eva smiled at her. "She's not one for taking orders. Now giving them. Well that's a different story" Cristiano joked. "I don't take your orders" she said tapping him in the stomach playfully. "Please get the doctors to tell us something" Molly asked Eva who nodded. "Come on" Cristiano said grabbing his jacket which he had left outside and placed it on her shoulders.

They left ICU and were walking down the corridor close to the waiting room which had become their home the past six days when the sound of laughter made them both look to their right. A man and woman were walking down the corridor hand in hand whilst the man held the hand of a little girl. Cristiano recognized the man as being the English man who it had spoken to during the week.

He had being waiting for test results for his daughter. And judging by the smiles on all three people's faces, the results must have been good news. The woman kissed the man as the little girl giggled. "You think that will ever be us?" Molly asked and Cristiano turned his attention away from the man and woman and back to Molly. "Yes I do. Junior is going to be ok Molly" he said.

"I can't take much more of this. Every time I get my hopes up that it’s all going to be ok, something happens" she said. "We'll be getting the good news soon Molly. I can just feel it" he said wiping the tears which had escaped her eyes with his thumb. "Come on let's get some food in you" he said placing a kiss on the top of her head before wrapping his arm around her shoulder and beginning to walk.
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Molly is little by little warming to Cristiano but will it get better between them?

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