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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 15- I'd Change Alot If I Could

"Oh Nuno's isn't here yet" Cristiano said as they stepped into the empty waiting room. "I'm sure he'll be here soon. Or I can go look for him if you want to be alone?" he asked as she placed his jacket on a couch and stood in the middle of the room. "If I said I wanted to be on my own would you let me?" she asked with her back to him. "Yes. Sort of. Well I might just wait outside. I don't think you should be on your own right now" he said truthfully.

"I can't do this for much longer" she said rubbing her arms with her hands. "Molly put the jacket around you" he said. "Being cold is the least of my worries Ronaldo" she said. He shut the door and looked at her. "I wait for hours to see him. Just waiting and waiting to see him. And the when I do. I wish I don't" she cried. "Molly" he said walking to her.

"I wish I don't get to see him because I take it. I can't take seeing him like that. I'm such a horrible person. Every time I close my eyes I see him. I see him when I found him all those nights ago. But I don't have to close my eyes to see a nightmare when I see it every time I walk into that room and see him hooked up to that machine" she cried.

"Ssh. Sssssh" he said pulling her into a hug. "You're not a horrible person for feeling like that. I feel the same way. You go for excitement at being able to see him to horror when you realize what it is you will be seeing. I understand Molly, Sssh. Ssh. I'm here" he whispered holding her tightly. "Oh sorry" Nuno said and Cristiano peeked over his shoulder to see Nuno standing at the door. "I can go" Nuno said. "It's fine" Molly said pushing away from Cristiano's grip and wiped her face.

"I'd probably only piss her off soon if it was just the two of us" Cristiano joked trying to get some reaction out of Molly but sighed as she just took a seat on when of the couches. "I brought some pasta with me" Nuno said holding up the bag in his hand. "This hospital food is nothing to my cooking" he smiled. "Thanks Nuno" Cristiano said.

"Dolores will be in later. So will the others. I told them that I would keep you two company" Nuno said. "Or play referee if I'm right in guessing what Maé is thinking" Cristiano sighed taking a seat on a different couch to the one Molly was seated on.

"Not exactly" Nuno said placing the tub of pasta onto the coffee table. "We don't need a referee" Molly said and both Nuno and Cristiano were surprised at her words, given the fact that she hadn't want to be in the same room as Cristiano not so long ago. "I always thought that I would make a good football ref" Nuno smiled at her before handing her a fork. "Ya a ref who would give all the pretty girls a better advantage" Cristiano said. "You calling yourself pretty Cris?" Nuno smirked and Cristiano rolled his eyes at his cousin.

"Something wrong with my pasta Molly?" Nuno asked when he noticed she wasn't eating. "I not really hungry" she replied rubbing her arms. "You should eat Mols. Especially since you gave blood" Nuno said jestering to the plaster on her right arm. Molly looked at her arm and a tear fell down her cheek when she remembered why she had to give blood in the first place. "Nuno could you go find Molly's sweatshirt please. She's cold even if she's too stubborn to admit it" Cristiano said.

"Ahm I will. But why don't we eat first" Nuno said not thinking it was a good idea to leave the two alone. "Nuno" Cristiano said jeserting to towards the door. Nuno raised an eyebrow at his cousin. "Which room were you in Molly?" Cristiano asked her. "I think it was the third door after the nurses office down the hall" she muttered.

"Ok I'll go find it then. You eat" Nuno told Molly. "She will. Won't you Molly" Cristiano said. "I will" she replied. "I'll be back in a bit then" Nuno said. "Thanks Nuno" Cristiano said as his cousin past him as he made his way to the door. "Don't......Don't" Nuno stammered. "I won't" Cristiano said before Nuno left the room.

"You're going to go insane if you keep thinking the worst" Cristiano said once they were alone. "I can't help it" she mumbled. "Molly I know you hate this" he said standing and he took a seat next to her. He hesitated for a moment before placing his arm around her. "Just don't keep it all to yourself. Talk to us please. You're not on your own. Talk to me. Talk to Maé or Katia. Anyone. Just please talk. Please tell us how you are feeling because it's not good for you or Junior if you are keeping it all inside" he said and she moved to rest her head on his shoulder.

"If I could snap my fingers and make all of this go away then I would. Finding Junior the way you did.....Seeing him in his cot....Watching him have his seizure the other night.....If he had....."he paused shutting his eyes. "If he had....and I wasn't here with you...I....." he stammered.

"He could have had the seizure anytime Cristiano" she said. "I should have been here" he said. "You weren't to know it was going to happen. Plus would you were here it would have happened anyway. What difference if you had been sitting here" she said. "I don't know how I fell asleep" he said.

"Stop. Just stop. It happened ok. What's important is why he had the seizure not that you weren't here. We all told you to go. You can't change it so why blame yourself. Seriously whether you were here that time isn't important" she said.

"I'd change alot if I could" he whispered. "Shame we can't" she whispered. "I'm still sorry I wasn't here to be with you after it happened" he said and she sighed. "It feels much longer than almost a week that we have being waiting" she said.

His finger stroked her bare arm. "I know" he said. "You've missed so much football. The club" she said. "They understand. And even if they didn't they could go fuck themselves. Junior is more important then football. Being here right now is more important" he said softly.

"Dolores wouldn't be happy with that cursing" she said. "She's not happy with me as it is. I'm sure something else to add to the list won't make a difference" he said. "Why is she unhappy with you?" Molly asked lifting her head from his shoulder.

"Nothing. Come on, I thought you said you would eat" he said picking a fork up with his left hand. "Just eat some of it please" he asked holding the fork to her mouth. She took the fork in her mouth before he moved it to get more as she placed her head back on his shoulder.

"Nuno said you and the guys went to the children's ward" she said before taking another bite of the pasta which he held out to her. "I needed to do something useful. I think the kids liked the visit. The only thing I got right all week" he said shaking his head a little as he held another fork of pasta near her mouth.

"That's not true" she spoke with a mouthful. "Huh?" he asked as he waited for he to swallow her food. "The bears. I saw Kermit and Elmo in Junior's cot. It was you who put them there right?" she asked. "I got Nuno to collect Elmo when he was at yours. They had to wash them and disinfect them or something. They must have just put them in today cos I hadn't seen them before" he said.

"Why?" she asked. "Why what?" he asked leaning forward a little to reach for more pasta. "Why did you bring them here?" she asked before taking the fork he held out into her mouth. "I thought...I thought...It's silly" he said. "Why?" she asked. "I thought that when we weren't in the room with him, that by having Kermit and Elmo with him, that we were still with him. That he knew we were there for him" he said.

"Do you think he knows we are there?" she asked. "Yes" he said. "Why do you sound so sure?" she asked. "Because I see a difference in him when you are in the room with him. I always have" he said smiling as he remembered all the times he had watched Junior's face light up when Molly was with him. "I just want to hold him. To feel him in my arms" she said.

"To feel him alert in your arms rather than limp like the last time you held him" he said and he thought he had upset her when she pulled away a little. She sat up straight and looked at him. "Yes exactly. I just need to hold him close to me" she said. "I understand Molly" he said moving a lock of her hair behind her ear.

"How are you?" she asked and he looked at her confused. "You are always asking how I am, and I don't think I've asked you once. And this is as hard on you as it is on me" she said. "It's ok" he said. "It's not. You are his father and I guess I haven't done anything but well argue with you lately even though I know that you are feeling exactly how I am. That you are worried about Junior as I am" she said. "If arguing with me stops you for thinking the worst when it comes to Junior they do it. If you need a good fight I'm here" he said and she rolled her eyes at him.

"You're being silly" she said. "I'm trying to stay strong on the outside while screaming in the inside" he said. She moved closer to him and placed her head on his shoulder once more. "Thank you" she mumbled. "What the hell are you thanking me for? I swear hardly any food is making you odder" he joked.

"Thank you for staying strong. One of us needs to" she said. "You are strong Molly. You're stronger than anybody I know. But I'm here. I know I wasn't there when you needed me the other night but I am here. If you need to talk, then please talk" he said.

"I probably should eat first though. Before Nuno comes back and thinks I dislike his food" she said. "His cooking is the only reason we all put up with him" Cristiano joked earning a slap on his leg from Molly. "I'm kidding" he said picking up the fork. "I know" she sighed snuggling closer to him.

"You know I can feed myself" she said. "But I feed you so well" he laughed. "Tell me again" she said after she had swallowed another bite of the pasta. "He will be ok" he said pulling her tighter to him before placing a kiss on the top of her head. "He will be ok" he whispered.

"Well it's just as well I ate before I came here" Nuno said when he arrived back to the waiting room. He found all the pasta eaten and Molly laying her next against Cristiano as they two sat side by side on the couch. "You said to eat" Molly said. "Good to see you are getting your appetite back" Nuno said.

"She'll be back to normal once Junior is out of here" Cristiano said as his fingers stroked Molly's arm. "Did you get lost Nuno? You've been gone ages" Molly said. "Good to see you miss me when I'm not here" he smirked at her.

"She missed you cos she was waiting for her sweatshirt" Cristiano smirked back at him. "She looks fine where she is though" Nuno smiled. "I wouldn't say no to that thing in your hand though" Molly said and Nuno threw the red sweatshirt towards her. "Thank Nuno" she said lifting her head away from Cristiano. "I take it there's been no news" Nuno said. "Nope" Cristiano said. "Soon I guess" Nuno said and Molly groaned. "We are avoiding that word Nuno" Cristiano said.

"Ok. I'll keep that in mind. So that's soon and plan that we might not be using for a while then" Nuno said. "And he was worried that you would annoy me" Molly said to Cristiano laughed. "The day isn't over yet. There's still time" he winked at her and she shoved him a little. "You men can be so annoying at times" she said. "But you'd miss us if we weren't here" Nuno said.

"Well" she said tilting her head at him. "Ignore her Nuno. She's just too stubborn to admit she would miss us if we weren't here. Everyone knows she'd miss us" Cristiano said. "I think you two would miss me more" she said. "I can think she has you there Cris" Nuno said. "Ya she does" Cristiano smiled at her.
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