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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 16- Mama Is Here

The three sat together in the waiting room for the rest afternoon. Talking here and there or helping Molly with the crossword book that Jorge had given her. The three of them were huddle on the couch debating a word when the door opened and Katia came in with an unhappy look on her face.

"Hey sis" Cristiano smiled before frowning when he saw her face. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I need to learn Russian so I can tell your girlfriend to- Babe" Irina said loudly as she came behind Katia. "Hi" he said as his sister looked like she wanted to yell. "Any news?" Katia asked. "Nope" Molly said placing the book onto the coffee table.

"I thought you were with Junior" Irina said sitting next to the footballer. She wasn't happy to find Molly sitting so close to her boyfriend. "I was but they are running tests" Molly said standing. "Where are you going?" Cristiano asked Molly. "I just need to stand for a minute" she said walking around to where Katia stood. "Babe why don't we go for a walk?" Irina asked tugging at his arm until he looked away from Molly and at her. "Maybe later" he replied.

A knock came to the door and Ana stepped into the room. "Hi. I went to Junior's room but you weren't there" she told Molly slightly surprised to find her in the same room as Cristiano. "They are doing tests" Katia said as Ana gave Molly a hug. "They said they would come get us when we can go back into him. We've just being sitting here all afternoon" Molly sighed. "All of you?" Ana asked. "Irina and I just arrived before you" Katia told Ana.

"The team send the wishes. Some of them might come here early tomorrow" Ana said. "Did they win their match?" Molly asked. "Yup" Ana said. "I'm sure they missed you a little Cristiano" Molly smirked. "Or not at all" Nuno smirked before he started to laugh. "What are we missing?" Irina asked. "Nothing" Nuno said. "Oh Molly Rodrigo and Alicia drew you a picture" Katia said opening her handbag. "That's sweet of them" Ana smiled. "If you can understand what it is" Katia joked handing Molly the picture.

"It's a picture of them with Junior, Cristiano and I" Molly said as a tear slid down her cheek. "You can see the seven on Cristiano" she said sadly. "Molly" Cristiano said. "I'm just tired" she said wiping her face with her sleeve. "Oh I got you a muffin Molly. I would have got you one babe but you have to think about football" she said pulling a paper bag out of her handbag. "Thanks Irina" Molly said as the model's phone began to ring.

"I have to get this. It's blueberry. It's more healthier. I guess the upside of all of this is that you'll lose weight with all the no eating" Irina said as she headed to the door. "Does she hear what she says?" Ana asked. "Just when I thought she was starting to be a nice person, she keeps talking" Katia said.

"She didn't have to get me a muffin but she did so..." Molly said as Cristiano shook his head at his girlfriend's words. "I'd think twice before you eat though. She could have poisoned it" Ana said. "Ana" Cristiano said. "I wouldn't put it past her" Ana said. "I'll have it later" Nuno said quickly reaching for the bag before anyone else did and he saw everyone look at him.

"Come on we all know if it aint it chocolate then Molly won't eat it" he joked. "Ya mention it's healthy and it looses all appeal to her. At least it's not carrot sticks" Cristiano smirked. "What did I tell you about me and that knife Ronaldo" Molly said trying to be stern but failing. The door opened but no one looked thinking it was just Irina. Molly jumped when she heard Dr. Luiz's voice.

"Is there any change?" Molly asked quickly. "Why doesn't everyone take a seat?" Dr. Luiz said. "Oh God" Molly gasped. "Just tell us" Cristiano said standing and walking around the coffee table so he was standing directly in front of the doctor. Cristiano's right hand reached out automatically towards Molly and stepped forward and grabbed his hand.

"It's good news" Dr. Luiz smiled and a sense of relief rushed around the room. Cristiano pulled Molly into his side as they waited for Dr. Luiz to talk. "We've taken Junior off the ventilator" he said. Molly let out a sob as the doctor's words hit her brain. "Oh thank God" Katia said as smiles appeared on everyone's faces. "That's great. Like that means he's better. Right?" Cristiano asked as he wrapped dropped his hand from Molly's and wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her closer to him.

Molly kept her focus on the doctor waiting for him to speak. "It's brilliant news. The scans relived that the seizure had no long term affects and he's breathing normally. He's still receiving treatment for the virus but the medication is working so it's just going to take more time. But yes he is getting better" Dr. Luiz smiled.

"He's ok" Molly muttered in shock. "He will be. It won't be too long until you can take him home" Dr. Luiz smiled at her. "We're not going to lose him" she whispered as tears fell from her eyes. Cristiano's hand left her waist and moved to the back of her neck as he pulled her into a hug. Molly laid her head against his chest as she cried with joy and relief. Cristiano gripped her neck gently as he smiled placing kisses on the top of her head. "He's ok" he muttered.

"It's all going to be ok Molly" he said lifting her head up. He wiped her cheeks as she stared up at him. "Junior is going to be fine" he grinned down at her. "He's going to be fine" she smiled not believing this was happening. "He still needs more time in hospital but he's made amazing progress. And I think he would like some visitors" Dr. Luiz said. "Yes yes yes. Can we see him now?" Molly asked. "I'll get a nurse to come get you shortly. Until then just celebrate" Dr. Luiz said.

"Thank you. Thank you so much" Molly said pulling out of Cristiano's grip and throwing her arms around Dr. Luiz. "Thank you for saving him" she said as she hugged. " wasn't all me...but your welcome" Dr. Luiz stuttered surprised by her reaction. "Thank you" Cristiano said shaking his hand once Molly had stopped hugging him. "Well I don't think I've ever heard such great news" Katia grinned. "He's going to be ok" Molly said to looking at Cristiano.

He grinned at her before wrapping his arms around her waist and lifting her off the ground. "Fuck yes he is" Cristiano said as Molly let out a laugh as he swing her around. "Oh wait until MaƩ hears" Katia grinned as she laughed as her brother placed Molly back on the ground. "This nightmare is over" Cristiano said placing a kiss on Molly's forehead.

"It's about bloody time" she smiled wrapping her arms around his waist. "It's such good news mate" Nuno smiled. "I'm so happy for you Molly" Ana said moving next to Cristiano. "Thank you for being here" Molly said as she moved from Cristiano to hug Ana. The door opened and Irina stepped inside. "What's going on?" she asked frowning at Cristiano's closeness to Molly. "Junior is off the ventilator. He's going to ok" Cristiano grinned at her. "That's great news babe" she said walking to him.

"It's the best thing I've ever heard" he grinned as he placed one arm around her in a half a hug whilst his other hand gripped onto one of Molly's hand as she hugged and celebrated with Ana and Katia. "And if he's off the ventilator, then that means we can hold him" Cristiano said pulling Molly to stand in front of him with her back to him.

"Do you think?" she asked. "Yes" he grinned as his two arms wrapped around her waist and he pressed a kiss to her neck. "Keep her feet on the ground this time mate" Nuno laughed. "I'd lift you if you want. Oh I can't believe this is happening" Cristiano smiled as Molly turned in his arms.

"You can stop crying now Mols" he smiled. "Happy tears are different" she said as he brushed away the tears from her cheek. "Babe you need to celebrate. You'll be taking him home soon" Irina said tugging at Cristiano's arm but his attention stayed smiling at Molly. A knock came at the door and Eva entered the room. "Would anyone like to see Junior now?" she smiled.

"What do you think?" Cristiano grinned at her. "I think he wants a hug" Eva said as Cristiano took Molly's hand in his and they walked to the door. "Oh finally" Molly said happily as they followed the nurse out of the room. Irina began to move towards the door, when Ana quickly stood in front of her. "Where are you going?" Ana asked. "To see Junior of course" the model said. "I think it's best if they have some family alone time" Ana said. "Yes. Molly and Cristiano need to be with their son" Katia said and the model gave the a quick smile.

"Now I know you are aware that Junior is no longer on the ventilator but he still has some wires attached to him so don't worry about them ok" Eva said as the three of them neared Junior's hospital room. "Can we hold him?" Molly asked. "I think that little boy would be very annoyed if you didn't" Eva joked and Molly grinned up at Cristiano who squeezed her hand. "You just have to wear the aprons for a little longer and remember to use the soap" Eva said pushing open the brown door Molly had watched for so long. "Cristiano" Molly said. "Yes" he grinned at her. "Can I have my hand back please?" she smiled. He nodded reluctant letting go of her hand.

Once they were both ready he took her hand once more and the walked into the room. Molly paused when she heard a squeal and looked at Cristiano. "I think someone wants to see us" he grinned tugging at her hand to walk. "So who is first? To hold him" Eva asked as she moved to take Junior in her arms.

"Molly" Cristiano said and she looked at him. "Well go on and hold him before he gets annoyed" Cristiano said. "Take a seat here so Molly" Eva said pointing to a nearby chair. "Are you- Sit down Molly" Cristiano said ushering her forward. Molly took a seat in the chair not quite believing that she was about to hold Junior after all the pain and suffering of the past few days.

"Now just mind out for the wires but other than that just hold him normally" Eva said as she placed Junior in Molly's awaiting arms. "Hello" Molly whispered as she stared down at Junior. The little boy looked at her and let out a sequel. "He's...he's... so.." Molly smiled up at Cristiano.

"He's so alert" he said crouching down beside the chair. "Hello little man" Cristiano smiled stroking his son's cheek. "He's actually ok" Molly cried. "Yes he is" Cristiano said leaning forward to place a kiss on her cheek. Molly moved her head and his lips brushed against the side of her lips.

He moved back and smiled wiping a tear from under her eye. Junior squealed bringing their attention back onto him. "Hello" Molly smiled at him kissing the top of his head as she held his little hand. "I think he is very happy" Eva smiled beside them. "Of course he is. He has his mama with him" Cristiano said and Molly snapped her head up and caught Cristiano looking at her.

"He's going to be a happy boy when his mama is holding him. Aren't you Junior?" Cristiano smiled looking at his son as Molly kept her focus on Cristiano and his words replayed in her head. "He's mama is with him" Cristiano said looking at her. "But..." she mumbled in shock. Junior squealed and Cristiano laughed. "He knows it too" Cristiano said. "But" she said. "Your mama is here Junior. Isn't that right Mols?" Cristiano asked smiling at her.

She looked down at Junior and smiled.

"Mama is here sweetie. Your mama is here" she said placing a kiss on her son.
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