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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 17- Say It

"Thank you for getting better" Molly said to Junior. She couldn't believe that her worse fear wasn't going to come true. "Maybe he is like me after all" Cristiano joked. "Cos he did what he was told and got better" she smiled at Cristiano and then laughed. "That sound is music to my ears" he grinned kissing her forehead.

"What sound?" she asked. "You laughing. And Junior squealing in delight. I don't know any other sound that could be better right now" he said. "Do you want to hold him?" Molly asked. "You hold him for a bit longer. I think our son wants a cuddle from his mama" Cristiano smiled. "Cristiano" she said as his words swirled around her head. Our son. His mama. She had never head those words. Never heard him say those words.

"Molly just hold you son and stop thinking" he smiled as his arm rested on the back of her neck. "I'll be outside if you need me" Eva mumbled and Cristiano nodded as Molly continued to smile down at the little boy in her arms. "I didn't think I would get to do this again" Molly whispered. "But you did. I can't wait to put this week behind us" Cristiano sighed as readjusted one of the wires attached to Junior.

"Papa was right for once Junior. He said that you would get better" Molly said smiling at Cristiano. "Thanks kiddo. I think your mama just admitted I was right about something for the first time" Cristiano joked. "You should hold him" Molly said. "He looks comfortable where he is" Cristiano said. "He's not going to beak Cristiano. You've waited as long as I have to hold him in your arms" she said. "I feel like I'm going to be holding him for the first ever time" Cristiano said nervously.

"I know it felt like that for me too. Now take your son" she said. "Stand up with him for a second" he said. "What?" she asked confused. "Just stand slowing please" he said. "Oh oh you're saying please again" she joked. "Molly" he said rolling his eyes at her. "Ok ok" she said and he helped her stand with Junior in her arms. "Ok take him" she said as he took her seat in the chair. "Sit" he said holding his hand out to her. "Seriously?" she asked. "Please" he grinned and she laughed.

"You papa is actually silly again Junior" she smiled down at the little boy before she carefully moved to sit on Cristiano's lap. "Now I think your son wants a cuddle" she said moving Junior into Cristiano's arm. Junior's head rested in the crook of his father's arm as Cristiano's other arm came around Molly's waist. "Now we all get a cuddle" Cristiano smiled.

"This all feels like a dream. I’m just waiting to wake up" Molly said as she rested her head on Cristiano's shoulder. "It's not a dream Molly. It's all real. Our son is happy, alive and with us" Cristiano said kissing her cheek. "Cristiano" she said lifting her head.

"Say it Molly" he said. "Say what?" she asked. "Say my son is happy. Say it Molly" he said. "Cristiano" she said. She knew if she said those words that it would kill her if she couldn't say them again. "Junior you want mama to say it. Don't you" Cristiano said looking down at his son. "Cristiano. Don't do that. Don't use him to get me to say it" she pleaded. "Why won't you say it?" he asked. "Because...." she said looking down at Junior.

"It's the truth Molly. It's always being the truth. And it shouldn't have taken this fucking horrible week of hell to make…..see that" he said. "Cristiano" she said. "Stop thinking and just say it. Fuck what happens next. Just focus on the here and now" he said kissing her cheek. "Just say it Mols" he mumbled as he kissed her neck.

"My son is happy" she said quickly. "Jezz it took you long enough. Please don't take after your mama when it comes to stubbornness Junior or you'll both drive me insane" Cristiano joked. "You're already insane" Molly told him as she took Junior's hand in hers. "Isn't he Junior? Yes he is. See he even nodded in agreement with me" Molly smirked at Cristiano. "It takes one insane person to know another" he smirked back.

"I can't believe this is real. You are never allowed to worry us like that again" she said kissing Junior's head. "You better listen to your mama son" Cristiano said. "He always listens to me. Because he is the best boy in the world" she said nuzzling her nose against the baby's stomach as Cristiano laughed. "I'll start to be more like him then. It's probably always the smart thing to do" he said. "Now when do you ever do the smart thing?" she asked him sitting up straight in his lap. "I don't always. But I can think of a couple examples where I did the smart thing" he smiled at her. "Maybe" she said. "No maybe about it Mols" he said moving his hand to the side of her face.

"It's all going to be ok" he said as his thumb stroked her cheek. Junior squirmed in his arms. "He's getting tired" Molly said. "He likes his sleep" he said moving his hand to her back once more. "Just like his mama" he said looking at his son who was beginning to close his eyes. Molly smiled at the sight before her eyes and leaned forward and placed a kiss on Cristiano's cheek.

"What was that for?" he asked surprised. "For being right" she smiled before resting her head on his shoulder as they both stared at their son. "We're going to put all of this behind us Mols. A fresh start for the three of us" Cristiano whispered.

The door opened a while later and Cristiano broke his attention away from his son to look up. "Everything ok in here?" Eva asked. "Perfect. Everything is perfect" Molly said. "I need to check a couple of things. I know you don't want to but while I'm doing those things maybe you could go tell your waiting room full of visitors how Junior is" Eva said.

"Do we have to?" Molly asked. "You can come back Molly. Really I just have to take some notes. He's fine. He looks pretty content asleep right now. And I think there are a couple of more people that could do with some sleep also" Eva smiled. "I'll sleep later" Molly said.

"We'll come back later and spend some time with him. Then we will get some sleep" Cristiano said. "But" Molly said. "You said you would sleep when he was better. He's off the ventilator and you've held him in your arms. I think it's time you actually closed your eyes and not thought the worse Molly" Cristiano said.

"I guess we should go and tell Dolores how her grandson is" Molly said. "I'm sure she bursting to rush down here. Katia has her hands full in the waiting room trying to stop her I bet" Cristiano said and Molly looked at him. "Like she's not going to be there. Katia probably has the entire world told by now" Cristiano joked.

"I'll take him then while you both celebrate with your family" Eva said. "We'll be back soon Junior" Cristiano told his son. "We'll just tell everyone how gorgeous and happy you are and then mama and papa will be back" Molly said placing a kiss on Junior's head before Eva took him from Cristiano's arm. They watched as the nurse placed Junior back into the cot.

"Go on you two" Eva smiled. "Sooner we go the sooner we are back I guess" Cristiano shrugged at Molly. "You don't want to go either" she said to him looking back and forth between Cristiano and Junior. "No I don't. But then I can't actually move since some tiny brunette is in my lap" he smirked.

"Hey don't call me tiny" she said playfully slapping his chest. "I could just carry you I guess" he smirked. "You wouldn't?" she asked. "You sure about that?" he asked. "Ok ok I'm going. The last thing we need is for you to carry me through the hospital" she said standing and Eva laughed. "He'd do it too Eva. Just to annoy me" Molly said.

"It would also make you laugh Mols" he said. "Oh I know it would and then Jorge or Dolores would give us a telling off for acting like kids. Come on sooner we go the sooner we are back" she said holding out her hand to pull him off the chair. "He'll be right here asleep. There's no need to worry" Eva said. "Thank you Eva. For everything" Molly said.

"Ok let's go. Save those tears that are threatening until you see Maé" Cristiano said as they headed for the door. "Cristiano" Molly said as he placed their aprons into the nearby bin. "If you start to worry about him taking a turn for the worst now Molly you won't be able to stop every other time you leave him. And that will be even more tiring then the wait for him to get better" Cristiano said. "Like how the hell did you know that? That I was thinking that" she asked. "I know you better than you think" he smiled.

"Mmm maybe. Ok let's go" she said linking his arm with hers. "I think this is the first time I've walked to the waiting room with a smile on my face" he said. "I know. My cheeks are hurting from all the smiling. There not used to me smiling but I can't help it" she said as they walked. "Well they better get used to you smiling. I mean it Molly. No more crying just smiling. I only ever want to see a smile on this face. No more being sad. No more of me making you sad and miserable" he said.

"Cristiano" she said. "I mean it Molly. I never want to be the reason for you being miserable again. And as much as you hate me saying sorry to you, you have to get used to it. Because when I do something I shouldn't then I will say sorry. Like it's me so I'm obviously not going to do everything right. But it would be worse if I never said sorry so look at that as a good point" he said.

"You finished?" she asked. "Yes" he nodded. "Let's just get over the fact that our son's health has and is improving first" she said. "Ok" he sighed. "And for the record" she said as they reached the door to the waiting room. "You make me smile more than you make me miserable" she said and he grinned. "Most of the time anyway" she smirked over her shoulder as she pushed over the door.

"Molly" Dolores said as she came into the room. "How is my lovely grandson? Oh it's such great news" Dolores said hugging Molly tightly. "Maé give her a chance to breathe a bit" Cristiano joked. "Oh sorry" Dolores said letting go of Molly. "You've been gone for ages" Irina groaned standing next to Cristiano. "It's ok Dolores. And to answer your question, your grandson is doing wonderful" Molly beamed. "Praise the lord" the elder woman sang.

"You must be so reveled to see him?" Ana said. "It was just....." Molly smiled. "Bloody hell someone alert the press, I think Molly has being rendered speechless" Nuno joked. "Shut up Nuno" Molly and Cristiano both said before laughing.

"I'm so happy he's ok" Dolores said hugging her son. "Me too" he said. "He's not totally out of the woods yet. They are still treating his virus but he's off the ventilator and so alert. And smiling and squealing" Molly grinned.

"He's happy just like his mama is" Cristiano smiled at her. One by one, they all looked at Cristiano. Dolores on the verge of tears, Katia and Elma with smiles on the faces, Nuno with a smug it's about time look on his face, Jorge with a you better not mess this up look on his face, Ana with knowly nod and Irina with a glare on her face as the word Cristiano had spoken hit their brains.

"Well then he must be a very happy baby right now" Jorge said walking over to hug Molly. "Of course he is. He got a cuddle from his mama" Dolores beamed. "Well he's asleep now. They just have a couple of things to check and then we can go back to see him" Cristiano said. "Oh of course. We can see him tomorrow after he has rested" Dolores said. "At least the press might leave now that he is better" Nuno said. "Fuck the press" Cristiano snapped. "Ronaldo" Dolores said giving the back of his a tap which made everyone laugh.

"Mae" he wined. "No cursing" she said. "You owe him another two or three of them Dolores. He even cursed in front of you grandbaby a few minutes ago" Molly smirked at Cristiano. "I should have carried you" he said annoyed as she laughed.

"Babe now that Junior is much better, why don't you come home and get some sleep" Irina said tugging her boyfriends attention back onto her. "I'm not going home yet. Not tonight anyway" he told her. "But he's better. Why wait anymore?" she asked. "He wants to be with his son" Katia said.

"So we just keep waiting until we can see him again?" the model asked. "Yes" Cristiano said. "At least we know this waiting ends great. Now what are the chances of getting a pizza sent here? I'm starving" Molly said taking a seat next to Ana on the couch. "I'm sure that can be arranged" Jorge smiled at her. "Oh and can we get chips too?" she asked making Nuno laugh. "And ice cream" Cristiano said. "Oh ya and ice cream" she smiled. "And not just one kind" Cristiano said walking towards her.

"I think Jorge knows me well enough to know to get more than one flavour of ice cream Cristiano" she smirked up at Jorge. "He knows now anyway" Jorge muttered. "What kind of pizza would everyone like?" Nuno asked. "Cheese" Katia said taking a seat. "Pepperoni" Elma said. "And pineapple" Molly said. And Cristiano smiled at her.

"Extra pineapple" he told Nuno. "No. No extra pineapple. Hello you haven't trained in a week. By right you should only get one slice and no ice cream" she smirked at him. "Oh really?" he asked. "Oh ya she's right" Elma smiled.

"But your going to give me more than one slice?" he asked Molly. "Mmm. Maybe" she smiled. He smiled back at her and they both couldn't stop smiling. "I think mama and papa are going to be more childish then Junior" Nuno joked. Cristiano and Molly both stuck their tongues out at him and everyone laughed. Everyone except Irina who was glaring at Molly and at how close Cristiano was to her.

"Everyone knows Junior is a smart kid Nuno" Katia said. "Of course he is" Cristiano. "Ya he's my son" Molly smirked at Cristiano who pulled her into his side as she laughed at his attempt to tickle her.
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