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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 18- I'm Not Going To Change My Mind

"Bom Diá" Nuno smiled opening the door to the waiting room. "Sssh" Cristiano groaned as his eyes adjusted to the bright light in the room. "Oops sorry" Nuno whispered. "It's ok. What time is it?" Cristiano whispered. "Just after seven. You both slept?" he asked. Cristiano tilted his head down to where Molly was resting her head on a cushion which was on his lap. "Ya she drifted off as soon as we left you and came up here last night" he said gently running his finger along the top of her head.

"Her worry is over. Now she can sleep" Nuno said taking a seat opposite Cristiano. "Thanks for staying with him last night. She wouldn't have come back here for sleep if she trust you to be with him" Cristiano said. "No problem. Your mother and sisters needed a break anyway. Plus you were better off here with her than with Junior anyway. He didn't stir all night. In fact I don't mind the chair in his room. I actually slept" Nuno said. "It was hard enough to get her to leave him for the night last night. I don't how I'm going to convince her to go back home and sleep while he's still in here" Cristiano said. "There's plenty of us to help you" Nuno said as Cristiano yawned.

"I can't wait to get back to normal" Cristiano said. "I'm surprised you remember what normal is Cris" Nuno said. "Good point. It will be nice not to worry anymore" Cristiano said peaking down at Molly. "She doesn't have to worry anymore. Does she?" Nuno asked. "Junior is going to be ok. The doctors said he should be home next week" Cristiano said. "That's great to hear but I meant Molly" Nuno said. "Molly what?" Cristiano asked confused. "You are aware of what you said yesterday Cris. You called her Junior's mama. You said our son. She called him her son. Do you see how huge that is after everything?" Nuno asked.

"I know I said those words" Cristiano said. "Ya but you just gave Molly hope that she's his mother. She went through all of these 18 months convincing herself that she's not his mother. If you change your mind...." Nuno paused. "I'm not going to change my mind" Cristiano said. "You can't be so sure Cris. You did when it came to bringing her back to mind Junior" Nuno said. "I'm not going to change my mind" Cristiano snapped loudly and Molly shifted on the couch.

"Careful you'll wake her" Nuno said as Molly turned on her side facing towards Nuno. "I'm his father. And Molly is Junior's mother. She always has being. I just could never admit it" Cristiano sighed. "Maybe Junior's sudden illness will be a blessing in disguise" Nuno said. "It should never have happened. I should never have let her move out. I shouldn't have let so many things happen" Cristiano sighed. "There's no point in thinking about the past now Cris. This is a fresh start for you" Nuno said. "Ya it is" Cristiano said.

"What exactly is the new start though?" Nuno asked. "What do you mean?" Cristiano asked. "The entire world knows Molly is the mother of your son. You called her his mama. She called him her son" Nuno said. "Do you know how long it took for me to get her to say it? To get her to say my son. I don't know why it took her so long to say last night" Cristiano said. "She never thought she would call him that I guess. Only Molly knows what was going around her brain for all these months. Why she really choose your option? How she came to terms with having a baby and then giving it up?" Nuno said.

"How she handed him to me. Said goodbye and then I went and pulled her back in. Then pushed her out again. How is she even this close to me after all the shit I've put her through?" Cristiano asked. "You'd have to ask her the real reason. But what happens now? How are you and her going to do this whole parent thing? What about the press? What about Irina? Have you even thought about what all of this means Cristiano?" Nuno asked.

"I thought my son was going to die Nuno. Do you know how hard it is to think that? But not being able to tell how you feel because you couldn't....." he said looking down at a sleeping Molly. "Right now I'm taking each day at a time. I don't know what all of this means. The only thing I know is that Junior is going to be ok. And he will have two parents who love him. And I won't let anything happen to change that. I'm his father and Molly is his mother" Cristiano said. "Ok" Nuno said. "Ok" Cristiano said.

"I'm sorry I just think you should think about this stuff. I won't be the only one asking. In fact I'll be the easiest person you will have answer questions from. Dolores and your sisters. Irina. Jorge. And he won't go easy on you. And then there's Molly" Nuno said. "I'll deal with them all when I have to. None of this has being easy on any of you. I do know that" Cristiano said.

"We just don't want Molly or you getting hurt Cris. That's all" Nuno said. "I won't hurt her. Not anymore. I nearly lost my son. We nearly lost our son" Cristiano said not believing how close they came to loosing Junior for good.

The door opened and Jorge stepped in. "Hello" Jorge said. "Molly is asleep" Nuno said. "That's good. She needed her rest. Especially now her son will be needing her" Jorge said and Cristiano sighed. "Can we have this discussion when she isn't in the room please?" Cristiano asked. "If you are even thinking about taking back anything that you said last night then you and I are through Ronaldo" Jorge warned. "Jorge easy. He doesn't want to talk about in case she wakes up" Nuno said. "And I'm not going to take back what I said last night. I meant what I said. Molly is Junior's mama. It's the truth. There's no point in denying it. It's always being the truth" Cristiano said.

"Oh right well. That's good then" Jorge said and took a seat next to Nuno. "Can I see Junior yet?" Jorge asked. "They were going giving him a bath when I left. The nurse said he'd be ready for visitors later" Nuno said. "You might just get in before Maé and the others come and make the queue longer" Cristiano said. "She looked so happy last night. You both did" Jorge said smiling down at her.

"Hearing him squeal. Molly laughing. Watching him in her arms. It was was worth all the suffering the past week" Cristiano said. "Everyone is so happy" Jorge said. "Almost everyone" Nuno muttered. "What do you mean almost?" Cristiano. "Nothing. He means nothing" Jorge said. "Nuno" Cristiano said. "Irina isn't that happy" Nuno said ignoring the glare Jorge was giving him. "She's not happy my son is better?" Cristiano asked horrified. "She is. At least I would assume. I just got the impression that she isn't happy with this" Nuno said.

"What this?" Cristiano asked. "You and Molly, Cristiano. She doesn't look happy about Molly being around you" Jorge said. "That's ridiculous" Cristiano said. "I would say it's the lack of sleep that is making that stupid but given his history I don't think that excuse would work" Nuno said to Jorge. "Hey" Cristiano said. "That's something Molly would say" Jorge laughed at Nuno.

"But he's right Cris. She's not happy you lied to her in the first place. Now Molly is supposedly going to be part of Junior's life" Jorge said. "It's not supposedly. It's going to happen. No matter who has a problem with it" Cristiano said. "Well that's fine then" Jorge said. "Good" Cristiano said wondering how he was going to talk about this whole situation with Irina. "Just the press to deal with then" Jorge said and Cristiano groaned.

"I'll release a statement saying Junior's health has improved. But they will want more from Molly. We need to be careful with her. We don't need the paps hounding her" Jorge said. "Then do something about it. They won't bother Molly until they start pissing her off. And that's only going to happen if the get in Junior's way" Cristiano said.

"If you think she's not going to be affected by the things that are being written and said about her then think again Cris" Jorge said. "I know those things are going to affect her. But she'll talk about. I'll make her talk about it ok" Cristiano said.

"You'll make her talk about it? Jezz I just want a day where there's no drama. Do you think we can all manage that sometime soon please?" Jorge groaned. "You'd be miserable if you hadn't anything to complain about" Cristiano joked. "A chance to find out would be nice though" Jorge said. "Well at least the truth is out in the open now. No more hiding who Molly really is. There shouldn't be any more drama. Life will be way easier now" Nuno said.

"Or it's just got a whole lot more difficult" Jorge said. "No it won't" Cristiano mumbled as his fingers ran through Molly's hair. "It will kill her" Jorge said. "What?" Cristiano asked confused as he looked at his agent and friend. "If you change your mind. After everything she's being through, that is the one thing that would finish her off Ronaldo" Jorge said.

"For the last time, I'm not going to change my mind Jorge" he said. "It won't be just you anymore Cris. If she's going to be his mother then that means Molly will be involved in everything to do with Junior" Jorge said. "Jorge, Molly is involved. Even I'm not too blind to see that. She always has been. Look I don't know what is going to happen next. None of us do. But she's being more involved with him than anyone. She's his mother. I know that. I was the one who had to practically force her to say it last night" Cristiano said.

"Because she was never meant to be. She probably spent months telling herself that she wasn't anything to that little boy. Now she's being told by you that she is someone. And not just anyone but the most important figure in his life" Jorge said. "I know these last months have being extremely hard on everyone. And I know it's being down to me. But" he sighed. "But what?" Nuno asked. "Can’t the important thing for now just be that Molly is Junior's mother" Cristiano said.

"It feels right to when you say it doesn't it?" Jorge asked. "Yes" Cristiano said looking down at Molly. "It's not even weird" Cristiano said. "The main thing is that Junior is going to make a full recovery" Jorge said. "If he had..." Cristiano said. "But he didn't so stop thinking about the what ifs" Nuno said. "You know while some moments this week haven't being your finest" Jorge said.

"I don't know how I fell asleep Jorge" Cristiano said. "I was referring to you doing whatever you said or did to make Molly not want to even be in the same room as you" Jorge said. "Well she thinks this is all my fault which it is so it shouldn't have being a surprise to me that she wouldn't want to be around me" Cristiano muttered.

"What I'm trying to say Cris, is that you did Junior very proud this week" Jorge. "Huh?" Cristiano asked. "You stayed strong. And not just for him. But for her too. Even with everyone picking at you. Even when Molly pushed you away. You stayed strong when you could have fallen apart. You acted like a father this week. Junior is lucky to have you" Jorge said.

"I'm the lucky one" Cristiano said as Molly twisted on the couch. "I don't know what the future holds but Junior will always be our top priority. He'll always have me and Molly. I won't let anything happen to change that" Cristiano said looking at Jorge.

Molly began to move her arms and she groaned as she opened her eyes. "Mana" Nuno smirked at her. Molly turned on the couch and her head turned to face Cristiano. "No morning" she mumbled shutting her eyes once more as she snuggled up to Cristiano's chest making him laugh. "I'm afraid it is the morning Mols" he laughed.

"Urgh" she moaned pulling the hood of her sweatshirt over her head. "Who fancies some breakfast?" Jorge asked. "What kind?" Molly mumbled twisting to face Jorge and the men laughed. "What?" she asked. "Good to see you are starting to get back to normal" Cristiano smiled before placing a kiss on her forehead. "Urgh I forgot what it was like to sleep" she said sitting up so she was now next to Cristiano on the couch.

"Hmm I forgot how cranky you can be in the mornings" Nuno joked and a cushion hit his face. "Maybe I need to remind you" Molly smirked as Cristiano laughed. "I'll pass thanks" Nuno said holding the cushion that had once been in Cristiano's lap. "What time is it?" Molly asked through a yawn. "Sometime after seven. Did you sleep ok?" Jorge asked. "Yes. It's amazing what no worry can do" she smiled. "Well all of that is behind you now so you'll be able to sleep from now on" Cristiano smiled at her.

"Have you seen Junior yet?" she asked him. "I only just came back from his room Mols. He slept the entire night. The nurses were giving him a bath. You can go see him in a little while" Nuno said. "Oh ok. Well that's good that he slept. Hopefully he'll be sleeping away from here soon" Molly said.

"He will be. But we still have a few more days of been here so we need to rest up" Cristiano told her. "Ok" she yawned. "I'll go get some food" Jorge smiled standing. "I'll come with you" Nuno said. "And you can close your eyes again until they back" Cristiano said to Molly. She stood from the couch and he frowned.

"Molly" he said and he watched her grab a cushion from the other couch before she came back to the couch where he was. She placed the cushion in his lap and the laid her head on it. "I'm sleep deprived so don't get used to me doing as you want" she muttered. "Well you wouldn't be you now if you did" he joked.

"Muppet" she said as both of them were oblivious to the fact that Jorge and Nuno had left the room. "What?" she asked. "Huh?" he asked confused. "You’re staring" she muttered. "Your eyes are closed. You cannot know that" he said. "You didn't deny it" she smirked and he rolled his eyes.

"What ever you are thinking about just please think long and hard before you say it cos I'm really happy at this moment and I don't have the energy to fight with you" she said. "I don't want to fight with you either. And I wasn't planning on saying anything. I was just thinking" he said as his fingers moved up and down through her hair.

"Thinking about what?" she asked with her eyes closed. "How adorable you are sometimes" he smiled and she opened her left eye. "You just figuring that out now Cristiano" she smirked before shutting her eye and he laughed. "For the first time in ages I actually feel like things are going to be ok" she said as his left hand took her fingers into his and rested on her stomach. "Me too. I know we have a lot to talk about but" he paused.

"We have a son who needs to leave this place first" she said twisting her head to look at him. "You know the pair of us might just do ok with this whole parenting thing" he smiled. "You sure that's what you want?" she asked not looking at him.

His hand left her hair and he placed his fingers under her chin so she would look at him. "I'm not going to change my mind Molly. I couldn't even if I wanted to" he said and she frowned. "Oh no you don't" he said when she attempted to sit up knowing what she was thinking.

"I couldn't even if I wanted to because it wouldn't feel right. Not because of other people's reactions. But because not only does Junior need a mother. He needs you to be his mama. He needs you to just be how you've always being with him. Just to be the mother you've being from day one" he said before wiping a tear from her face.

"Ok" she whispered not trusting her voice. "I guess it's not just Molly knows best anymore. It's mama knows best" he smiled and she smiled back at him. "Mama knows best sounds better" she whispered as she moved her head to his chest and he pulled her into his lap.

"Ya it does" he said placing a kiss on her nose as she began to doze off to sleep.
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So Cristiano is so adamant that he's not going to change his mind about Molly being Junior's mama. Will he change his mind though? Will he be all so easy? What did you think of his chat with Jorge and Nuno? And what he told Molly?

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