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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 19- I'm A Horrible Person

"Knock knock" Sergio said as he knocked on the door to the waiting room at the hospital. "In the mood for some celebrating?" Pepe asked following the Spaniard into the room. "Hey guys" Cristiano smiled standing to great them. "Ana told us the good news last night on our way back from the match. You must be so thrilled" Pepe said. "Just so happy this shit week is over" Cristiano smiled. "We brought some goodies" Marcelo said holding up a bag. "Thanks guys" Cristiano said. "Ana and Anderia went down to see Junior" Pepe said.

"Molly and Maé are with him. I think Molly is afraid Maé won't give him back to her" Cristiano joked. "At least he's getting better and off the ventilator" Pepe said. "And Molly is starting to be Molly again. So everything is getting back to normal" Cristiano smiled as the men took a seat. "Well then that news deserves chocolate" Marcelo smirked pulling a bar from the bag.

"So how did the match go?" Cristiano asked as he broke a piece off the bar. "Well we won so great. Didn't even miss you Ronnie" Sergio smirked. "Aww Sergio at least pretend you did so he's ego doesn't get deflated much" Molly joked as she and Ana and Anderia came into the room.

"Hey" Cristiano said. "Although it would probably take a while to deflate his big ego" she joked as gave Sergio a hug. "I don't have a big ego" Cristiano pouted and they all laughed. "Whatever you say" Molly said tapping his cheek before she took the chocolate from his hand.

"Hey that's mine" Cristiano said as she took a seat next to him. "And you'll be playing football again soon so you better watch what you eat" she smirked. "Ronnie" Marcelo said and Cristiano caught the bar he threw. "My mates are the best" Cristiano smirked at her. "I'm pretty sure I could make them like me more than you" Molly said. "I'm pretty sure they already do" he said and she laughed when Sergio and Marcelo nodded in agreement.

"It's really good to see that smile on your face Mols" Sergio said. "Well my son is going to make a full recovery. If that isn't a reason to smile then I don't know what is" she grinned. "Plus she's got chocolate" Anderia joked and everyone laughed. "Well since they are all here, they can help me" Cristiano said. "Help you with what? What is going on Ronaldo?" Molly asked annoyed.

"Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on before I kick someone’s ass" Molly snapped. "Easy. I think you should leave the hospital for a bit today" he said quickly. "No" she said. "Molly" he said. "I'm not leaving him" she said. "Mols it will only be for a break" Ana said. "Ya just go have a shower, get fresh clothes and just be somewhere other than this place. Junior is fine Molly" Cristiano said. "No" she said. "Molly we won't be long. Just a few hours. And Cristiano will stay with him" Ana said. "I won't leave his side I promise" Cristiano said looking at her. "I don't know" she said.

He stood from the couch and held his hand out to her. "Just come with me for five minutes please" he asked. "Molly" he said and she let out a huff and put her hand in his and stood. He smiled at her and ushered her towards the door. "She'll be with you in a few minutes" he told Ana. "Where are we going?" Molly asked when he came out into the hallway. "Come on" he said grabbing her hand and gently pulled her with him. "I don't want to leave. You go" she said as they walked. "You need to go first. You haven't left this place since you got here" he said. "Cristiano" she said as the came to a stop outside Junior's hospital room.

"See he's fine" he said jestering for her to look through the window. She peaked in and saw Dolores smiling at her grandson in her arms. "I know you don't want to leave because you're afraid something will happen to him if you leave. But Molly you have to leave him by himself at some point. Otherwise you'll be sleeping in his bed on his wedding night" he joked and she laughed.

"See stop worrying and keep laughing. I promise I will stay with him. And if..and its a huge if. But if something happens I will ring you and Ana. I promise" he said. "You asked Ana to come to take me?" she asked. "She was coming anyway but I thought she might be a good person to help me get you out of here" he smiled.

"You'll ring me if there is any change?" she asked. "I promise. So does that mean you'll get away from here for a few hours?" he asked. "Ok. But if I want to come back straight after my shower then Ana can't stop me ok" she said. "Ok" he smiled. "I guess I shouldn't keep her waiting" she sighed. "The sooner you go, the sooner you are back" he mumbled. She took one last look at Dolores and Junior before turning to face him. "Fine let's go before I change my mind" she said.

“She's ready when you are Ana" Cristiano said once they arrived back to the waiting room. "Molly you'll be back before you know" Ana smiled at her. "Jezz you'd think she was going to the dentist" Sergio joked. "I just don't...." she stuttered. "He'll be fine" Cristiano said pulling her into a hug. "You'll ring if anything changes" she said. "I promise. Now go" he smiled. Molly groaned. "The paps" she said. "Just ignore them if they are there. Just get into the car" she told Molly. "We'll go with you" Sergio said. "Rocco is outside. Just let him get you to the car" Pepe told Ana and Molly glared at Cristiano.

"Rocco" she said. "Ammm" he said. "We'll discuss it later" she said. "He'll be fine" he told her. "I know" she said before giving him a hug and walking with the other out of the room. "She won't be in front of the paps for long Cris" Pepe said who had decided to stay with his friend. "I know. I just...she doesn't need them hassling her" he sighed taking a seat on the couch. "Molly it will be fine" Ana said as they walked closer to the front door of the hospital.

"Just walk quickly and don't listen to them" Marcelo said. "Sergio is pulling up in his car now Mols" Ana said. "We'll see you later" Anderia said hugging her. "Thanks for coming" Molly told her. The moment they stepped through the doors, it was all blur to Molly. She heard people shouting her name and the flashes of their cameras going off in her face but she focused on getting into the car. A tall man ushered her towards the car and she assumed it was the bodyguard Rocco. Before she knew it she was the door of the car was closing behind her and she was sitting in the back seat of Sergio's car before he sped off.

"You ok?" Ana asked from beside her. "Ya I think so. I didn't expect so many people" Molly said. "They’re just being noisy" Sergio said as he drove. "Well I guess they've got a good story out of all of this mess. Glad someone is happy" Molly sighed. "Who cares about them? Let's just get you back to yours" Ana said. "And then back to my son" Molly said as she gazed out of the window. "Yes. Then back to your son" Ana smiled as they leapt into silence.

"Want me to walk you both upstairs?" Sergio asked as he parked the car in front of Molly's apartment building. "We'll be fine thanks Sergio" Ana smiled at him. "You can come in if you like Sergio" Molly said as she unbuckled her seatbelt. "Thanks but I'll leave you two lovely ladies to some girly time" he smiled.

"Wait I don't have my key" Molly said suddenly remembering Nuno had it. "Don't worry. Cris told me Nuno had so I picked it up before we came to the hospital. Nuno said he'll take us back to the hospital so we will go back when you are ready" Ana told Molly. "Ok then" Molly said. "I'll see you two later. I'm glad Junior is going to get better Mols" Sergio said. "Thank you Sergio. You've being great" Molly said squeezing his shoulder.

"You ok?" Ana asked as they entered Molly's apartment. "Feels like a lifetime ago that I was here" she replied. "Why don't you go have a shower and then maybe take a nap" Ana said. "Shower and then back to the hospital" Molly said. "Cris won't be happy if I have you back to quickly Mols" Ana. "Since when do you care if he's happy or not?" Molly asked. "He's looking out for you" Ana said. "I'll out in a few minutes" Molly sighed heading to her bedroom. "Take your time" Ana called after her.

Two hours later and Molly rushed into the living room. "Why did you let me sleep?" Molly asked in a panic. "Molly calm down. Everything is fine. In fact I just got off the phone with Cris" Ana said turning the volume down on the TV. "Is Junior ok?" Molly asked. "Yes he's fine. That's why Cris was phoning. He wanted to tell you that everything was ok. And that you were resting. I told him you were asleep" Ana smiled at her.

"I came out of the shower and found this when I was looking for a change of clothes" Molly said holding up the white blanket in her right hand. "I must have dozed off" Molly sighed as she moved to take a seat on her couch. "You've hardly slept all week. I'm surprised you haven't collapsed with exhaustion yet" Ana said. "He's really fine?" Molly asked. "Yes Molly. Cris said that your son is absolutely fine and enjoying a cuddle from Pepe" Ana said and Molly laughed.

"Those were his exact words by the way" Ana laughed. "I just hate being away from him" Molly said holding the blanket close to her chin. "Is that his? The blanket?" Ana asked and Molly nodded. "It's the one they wrapped him in when he was born" Molly sighed. "You kept it?" Ana asked. "I guess I wanted something to remember him. Even though I told myself for months before hand that I just had to forget" Molly said. "But you didn't get the chance to forget" Ana said and Molly looked across the room to where Ana sat.

"You knew. Didn't you?" Molly asked. "Sorry?" Ana asked. "You knew the truth about me and Junior. You were the only one not to react when everyone found out the truth. How long have you known?" Molly asked. "Since that party at Anderia's house" Ana said. "But that was weeks ago" Molly said. "It doesn't really matter" Ana said. "How did you find out? What did I do to make you think it? Wait Cris knew that you knew. Didn't he? You've being less than friendly towards him and about him since then. Why didn't you say anything?" Molly asked.

"Molly calm down ok. Firstly you did nothing to make me think it. I guess the signs were just there if you looked close enough" Ana said. "But why not tell me?" Molly asked. "Rodrigo said something about your tummy being big when you lived in Lisbon with them. I didn't think anything of it until something clicked when I saw you with Junior. You have them same eyes" Ana said. "Eyes. You figured it out by his eyes" Molly said. “Something just clicked that day” Ana said. “I can’t believe you knew. Why didn’t you say anything to me? Why didn’t you confront me for lying to you for all these months?” Molly asked. “I was in shock. I said something about how Junior had beautiful eyes just like his mother to Cris and-

“So he did know that you knew. Why didn’t you tell me?” Molly asked. “Molly just take a breath. Cris caught up with me after and tried to deny it” Ana said shaking her head at the memory. “And?” Molly asked. “And I slapped him. Twice as it happens. It was quite nice” Ana smiled. “Ana” Molly said. “I had to force it out of him. I couldn’t believe he had done that. That he just couldn’t have left you alone. That he couldn’t have found someone else to have a quick fumble with” Ana said. “What did he say?” Molly asked.

“We went back and forth about if it wasn’t cheap then why hide the fact that you were pregnant. And
then it clicked” Ana said. “Why we hid it?” Molly asked and Ana nodded. “That you weren’t meant to be his mother. That Cris was always going to raise him on his own” Ana said. “Ya. That sounds like the reason” Molly said. “But I couldn’t understand why. I couldn’t understand how he had forced you to give up your child” Ana said.

“He didn’t force me” Molly whispered. “But there was something. I knew there had to be something that made you do that” Ana said. “What did he tell you?” Molly asked. “Nothing. And I can’t believe I actually let him away with telling me nothing. He kept begging and pleading with me not to tell anyone” Ana said.

“What made you? What made you not tell anyone?” Molly asked. “He did. Well it was you actually” Ana said. “Me?” Molly asked. “He begged me not to say anything for you. He didn’t think you could cope if everyone knew. But I guess he was just saving his own ass. Then you came into the room” Ana said. “I remember” Molly said. “I saw how worried he was. And it wasn’t just about people finding out what he had done. That he had taken your son from you. But he was worried for you” Ana said.

“He didn’t take my son from me” Molly said. “Then why weren’t you with him from the start?” Ana asked. “I was. And I never was meant to. It was never part of the plan” Molly mumbled as she wiped a tear from her cheek. “What plan? Cris said something about a plan too” Ana asked. “It’s a really long story” Molly sighed. “I’ve got time to hear it Molly. You’ve kept so many things to yourself for so long. You might feel better if you talked about them” Ana said.

“You’ll hate me” Molly cried and Ana crossed the room and took a seat beside Molly on the couch. “How could I ever hate you?” Ana asked comforting her friend. “I would if I was you. I lied to you. I lied to everyone for so long. And I did something so awful” Molly cried. “Molly it’s ok it’s ok. I’m sure it’s not awful” Ana said.

“It’s the worst thing I could ever do. And I hate myself. I’m a horrible person” she cried. “Oh Molly. You’re not a horrible person” Ana said. “I gave up my son Ana. I gave up the little boy I had carried for nine months. I gave him away” Molly cried and Ana held her tightly.
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