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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 2- The Only One I Want Is

“Why haven’t they come in here yet?” Cristiano groaned checking his watch for the ten time in the past two minutes. “I’m sure the doctor will be in soon mate” Pepe said. “We’ve been here for nearly two hours” Cristiano said as he eyed the closed door. Two hours they had all been sitting in the same room. Two hours of waiting. Two hours of not knowing if his son was alive or……..Cristiano rubbed his eyes with his hand as he tapped his foot against the floor.

“Will you stop” Irina snapped placing her hand on his leg to stop it from moving. “What?” he asked looking at her. “Stop tapping your foot. It’s giving me a headache” she said rubbing the temple of her head. “Well then it’s lucky that you are where you are then. Maybe you can find someone to give you something for it. Or maybe they can help find you a new brain” Ana smirked from across the room. “I think your man is the one who needs a new brain since he’s with you” Irina snapped back.

“Ha then what the hell does Ronaldo need if he’s dumb enough to date you” Ana retorted. “Are you just going to let her speak to me like that?” Irina asked Cristiano. “This isn’t the time for snapping at each other ladies” Pepe said. “She started it” Irina said pointing her finger at Ana. “Hey don’t you point your finger at me” Ana snapped.

“Stop it” Molly yelled. She lifted her head from where it had been resting in her hands as she rested her hands in her lap. “Stop with the stupid bickering” Molly snapped pushing her hair out of her face. “Junior is……could be…..just stop” she said fighting back tears. “It’s ok Molly” Luke said pulling her closer to his side. Cristiano glared at the English man as he comforted Molly. Luke had arrived just over an hour after they had all arrived at the hospital. Cristiano had looked towards the door when it had open in hope that it was the doctor when Luke stepped through the door. Cristiano was about to yell at him for been there when Ana stood from the couch and told Molly that he was here.

Apparently if Cristiano had Irina here to support him then it was only right that Molly’s boyfriend was here to support her. And so Cristiano had to sit across from the English man as he held Molly who hadn’t spoken until just now. “Do you want something to drink?” Luke asked Molly. “Ya Molly some water or coffee” Ana said. “I’m fine” Molly mumbled as she played with her fingers. “You should go find someone. They shouldn’t have you waiting like this. Do they not know who you are?” Irina said leaning back in her seat. “How famous your boyfriend is, won’t help his son get better any quicker” Ana snapped.

“How about you go get some coffees with Luke Ana” Pepe said. “I’m staying with Molly. You go” she replied. And leave her alone with Cris and Irina. He wasn’t totally stupid Pepe thought to himself. “I’ll go” Luke said and Molly sat up straight. “Do you want to come with me? Get out of this room” he asked her. “I’m not leaving” she replied. “Maybe when she knows more about Junior” Ana said as the door opened and Molly and Cristiano looked at the door before sighing in disappointment when Jorge came through it.

“Still no news?” Jorge asked placing his phone back into his pocket. “No” Cristiano said. “I’m sure we’ll be told something soon” Pepe said. “Well I hope so. We have been here for ages” Irina said. “Do you think before you open your mouth at all?” Ana asked her. “Stop it Ana. Just everyone stop talking” Molly snapped. “Tell her that” Irina said. “Irina stop” Cristiano said.

“I spoke to Dolores. She’ll be here by dawn” Jorge said. “Thanks for telling her” Cristiano said. “Katia and Elma are coming with her. Nuno’s phone is off but I left him a message” Jorge said. “Hopefully we’ll have good news for them when they do all get here” Pepe said. “I can’t sit here any longer” Cristiano said. “Me neither” Molly said and they both stood at the same time.

Before anyone could stop them, the door to the family room opened. “Senor Ronaldo” a man in green scrubs asked as he closed the door behind him. “That’s me. Is my son ok? Can we see Junior now please?” Cristiano asked as Molly walked to where the doctor stood. “What’s wrong with him? Is he ok?” Molly asked. “If you both would like to take a seat” he said. “Just tell us already” Cristiano snapped. “Cris” Jorge said. “I’m sorry. We’ve just been waiting forever” Cristiano said. “It’s ok. I’m sorry that you have had to wait. Junior is quite sick I’m afraid. We are running tests to come to some definite conclusion of what is causing his illness” the doctor said.

“What sort of tests? Can we see him?” Molly asked. “Not yet I’m sorry. Please take a seat” the doctor said. “I don’t want to sit, I just want to know what is going on” Molly snapped. “Mols” Cristiano said moving his hand to her shoulder. “Can you just tell us please doctor” Molly said as she shrugged Cristiano’s hand off. “As you are aware Junior was struggling to breathe before he arrived so the medics intubated him” the doctor said. “Yes we were there” Cristiano said feeling sick at the memory. “Well the good news is that we have taken the tube out and he is breathing on his own” the doctor said.

“Oh thank God” Molly exclaimed. “What’s the bad news?” Cristiano asked and Molly flicked her head to look at him. “There has to be bad news if he started with the good first” Cristiano said and Molly turned to face the doctor knowing that Cristiano was right. “We are monitoring his organs and brain activity. We are running rests for various potential causes of this” the doctor said. “But?” Cristiano asked. “There is no but. Until we what we are dealing with, I’m afraid I can’t tell you anymore. I’m sorry” the doctor said.

“So what now? Can we see him?” Cristiano asked. “I’m afraid that’s not possible right now, but you will be able to see him soon. We need to finish running the tests and then wait for the result to come back which could take some time. Until then we will continue to monitor him. I’m sorry that I can’t tell you anymore” the doctor said. “Have you seen anything like this happen before? Like he was fine” Molly said. “How has Junior being in the last seven days?” the doctor asked. “He’s being fine” Cristiano said.

“Wait he went to the doctor during the week” Molly said eyeing Cristiano. “Oh yes he did but the doctor said that he was fine” Cristiano said. “What made you take him to the doctor?” the doctor asked. “He felt warm. I don’t know I thought maybe I was just imagining it but thought I should get it checked. My nanny took him” Cristiano said. “Ok I’m going to need the name of that doctor and I would like to hear from your nanny. Just how Junior was acting the past few days” the doctor said. “She’s on her way” Jorge said. “He was tired last night. He wasn’t the bouncy baby that he normally is but I just thought that he was tired. He didn’t stir after I put him down for the night” Cristiano said.

“Because he was sick and on his own while you were too busy downstairs” Molly snapped. “Mols” Cristiano said. “Don’t” she said. “Junior’s throat and face would suggest that he had been crying for quite a while” the doctor said. “What? He didn’t cry. Well he cried once before everyone came but Irina went up to him” Cristiano said. “You sent her” Molly said in disbelief. “He just kicked his blanket off. Isn’t that right Irina?” Cristiano asked and everyone turned to the model who was looking at her phone.

“Irina” Cristiano. “Ya” she said. “Junior’s blanket came off. That’s why is was crying when the doorbell rang tonight” Cristiano said. “The blanket?” Irina asked. “Will you answer the damn question? Was the blanket off when you went to see Junior and was he ok when you left him?” Molly snapped. “He was fine. I fixed the blanket and he stopped crying” she said. “And how was his breathing? Did he feel cold? Was there any rash on his body?” Molly asked. “I don’t know. He just stopped crying” Irina said. “Oh for heaven sake” Molly said. “When I have more information I will let you know. I’m afraid you will have to wait. I’m sorry I know this is hard” the doctor said. “Just find out what is causing my son to be ill and fix it please” Cristiano said and the doctor nodded.

“Thank you doctor…” Jorge said. “Oh I’m sorry I never said my name. Doctor Luiz. Junior is in the best possible place for him right now” Dr. Luiz said as he opened the door and left the room. “Well that was informative. Not” Molly said crossing her arms. “At least he’s breathing on his own Mols” Cristiano said placing his hand on her shoulder. “But they still don’t know what’s causing all of this” Molly snapped stepping away from Cristiano and his hand fell from her shoulder.

“How did the doctor miss that something was wrong with him in the first place?” Ana asked. “Maybe it wasn’t possible to tell” Molly said walking back to where Ana and Luke sat. “You’ll get to see him soon Molly” Ana said as Molly sat. “He’s in there with a bunch of strangers. Getting prodded at with needles and god knows what else” Molly said. “They have to run tests Molly” Luke said. “I just can’t take all this waiting” she said. “We’ll forget about all this waiting when Junior’s better” Cristiano said. “How did this happen? He was fine when I last saw him. The doctor said he was fine. Did he fall or hit his head?” Molly asked. “Molly he was fine. He was just tired. I even put him down early” Cristiano said.

“Did you not notice the rash when you gave him his bath?” Molly asked. “I didn’t give him one. Olga had given him one that morning” he replied. “And she said nothing?” she asked. “No” Cristiano said as there was a knock on the door.

Jorge opened it and let Olga into the room. “Finally” Molly said standing. “Olga did you notice a rash on Junior today?” Cristiano asked. “What did the doctor say when you took Junior the other day?” Molly asked. “I…..” Olga stammered. “Forget about the rash. Olga what did the doctor say?” Molly asked again and the blonde looked at Irina and then back to Cristiano.

“Please tell me that you took Junior to the doctor?” Molly asked suddenly nervous about the answer. “I…..” she stammered again. “You what? Answer the bloody question” Molly yelled. “Molly calm down and let her speak” Cristiano said. “Let her speak. Open your eyes Ronaldo. She didn’t take him. Did you?” Molly asked Olga who shook her head. “What?” Cristiano yelled. “He was fine” Olga said. “Oh ya he was fine. So fine that he has ended up in hospital” Molly snapped. “I asked you to take him. Why didn’t you take him?” Cristiano asked as Molly turned her back to them. “He was just a little warm. You were just…..” she stammered. “Just being careful considering he has history of getting a high temperature. I asked you to do one thing” Cristiano yelled. “I’m sorry” Olga cried. “Get out” Cristiano yelled. “Cris calm down” Irina said.

“Shut up” Molly snapped. “Don’t tell me to shut up” Irina said. “If it wasn’t for you, she” Molly said pointing at Olga “wouldn’t have been around Junior so shut the fuck up and you get out” Molly snapped at Olga who rushed out of the room in tears. “Molly” Cristiano said. “You let her mind Junior. Someone who didn’t take notice of any of your concerns. You replaced me with that stupid cow” Molly snapped at him. “She is a professional” Irina said. “And look where it got us. Look where we are. We are sitting in a hospital waiting room, while Junior is being prodded and poked at because the so called professional didn’t do her job” Molly snapped.

“Molly” Cristiano. “I swear Ronaldo if you say my name in that tone once more, you’ll be needing a hospital bed of your own” Molly snapped. “At least Olga knew her place and what an employer/employee relationship is” Irina said and Molly took a long deep breathe as rage engulfed her body. “You mean you weren’t worried that she was going to hop into bed with your boyfriend” Molly snapped. “Ok I think we all need to take a seat” Jorge said. “She isn’t a slut like you” Irina said. “Irina stop” Cristiano warned.

“One I was never with your boyfriend while you too were together and two you have nothing to worry about. I have nor never will want your boyfriend. The only Ronaldo I want anything to do with is the one that is currently laying in a hospital bed” Molly yelled at Irina before she turned and went to sit back on the couch.

Cristiano’s eyes followed her before he turned his head to the wall and sighed not thinking about the words Molly had just spoken.
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