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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 20-Confession Time

“Molly it’s ok. It’s ok. Just take a deep breathe in and let it out. It’s all going to be ok” Ana said as she rubbed Molly’s arms. Molly hadn’t stopped crying and Ana was beginning to get really worried. “Molly please there’s no need to cry. I don’t hate you. I promise I don’t hate you” Ana said.

“You don’t know the truth” Molly mumbled between sobs. “Then tell me. But I promise I won’t hate you” Ana said. “You don’t know that” Molly said. “Well then tell me and then I’ll be able to decide” Ana said. “I don’t know where to start. I don’t….” Molly stammered. “Well then don’t start. You don’t need tell me right now. If at all” Ana said.

“I’m a horrible person” Molly mumbled. “Hey hey look at me. You are not a horrible person. Do you want me to phone Cris?” Ana asked. “From the way you’ve being acting towards him, I would have thought he would be the last person you would want” Molly said.

“I hate him from taking advantage of you. For putting you through all of this. He’s made you miserable these last few months and he’s barely noticed” Ana said. “That’s not true” Molly said. “Yes it is” Ana said. “It’s not. He has noticed. And he had always apologised. Even when I don’t want to hear it from him. We’ve fought so many times. I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of a lot of things” Molly said.

“But not of Junior” Ana said. “Of course not” Molly said. “So you’re not a horrible person then” Ana said. “If only it was that simple” Molly sighed. “Was it meant to be simple? From the start?” Ana asked. “It was meant to. Really it was just plain ridiculous. Then again it was Cristiano’s idea so it would only seem right that it would be ridiculous” Molly said.

“I knew it. I knew he was the one who made you give up Junior” Ana said. “Ana stop. He didn’t. He didn’t. He was only following the plan” Molly snapped. “What plan? Look Molly I know this is hard for you. And since you’ve had to keep this all such a secret then you’ve obvious not ever spoken about it. So if you want to then my ears are open” Ana said. “I’m not good at talking” Molly said.

“Ronaldo would probably say you do nothing but talk” Ana joked trying to lighten the mood. “Yet when I won’t talk to him he hates it too” Molly sighed. “I wouldn’t really blame you not talking to him” Ana said. “You might find it surprising but I actually end up talking to him about things I would never ever ever talk to anyone else about” Molly said. “Really?” Ana asked.

“I guess he bugs me or pisses me off enough to make me snap and talk to him maybe” Molly shrugged. “Or maybe it’s easier to talk to the person who has being the cause of all this mess in the first place” Ana said. “Ana stop please” Molly said. “I just can’t believe after he made you lie about who are that you can even be around him” Ana said. “Ana” Molly said.

“And even if you had really only just being Junior’s nanny. The way he has treated you since he was born. Letting Irina interfere. I just don’t know why or how you actually be around him” Ana said.

“He’s made mistakes. We all have” Molly said. “I just don’t the way he used you” Ana said. “We’ve had many screaming matches about that point” Molly said. “Good. I glad. Jezz no wonder you’ve always being so miserable after fights with him. You’ve had so much to deal with” Ana said.

“If I tell you the entire truth then you have to promise me something” Molly said. “I won’t tell anyone Molly. And you don’t have to tell me” Ana said. “When I tell you everything you can’t…as much as you probably will since you already do…” Molly stammered. “I won’t hate you” Ana said.

“It’s not that. You have to promise me that you won’t….you won’t hate Cristiano” Molly said. “Molly” Ana said surprised. “Please promise me” she begged. “I can only promise to try not to Mols. Is that good enough?” Ana asked. “I guess. It’s probably a lot of me to ask given how you feel about him at the moment. God how didn’t I see that you knew? Why didn’t he tell me?” she asked.

“Because he didn’t want to worry you. Because as much as a selfish bastard he is, he worries about you. He always has. I saw it the day that guy your parents knew approached you” Ana said. “That bastard. If it wasn’t for him none of this wouldn’t have happened” Molly said.

“What do you mean?” Ana asked. “I guess I should start with Cristiano’s great plan first” Molly sighed. “I’m listening” Ana said. “I used to work in this pub. Which is funny given my parents were alcoholics but the pay was good and it was a good place to work. Anyway one night I was working and there were a bunch of guys there. A few of them asked me to join them. I pretended I didn’t know who they were” Molly said. “Who were they?” Ana asked. “A few Man United players” Molly said. “Oh so Cris was with them. Did he invite you over?” Ana asked and Molly laughed. “Nope. Our introduction was not that easy” Molly said.

"What happened? He hit on you and wouldn't take no as an answer?" Ana asked. "He actually stopped my drunk father from hassling me in a dark alleyway" Molly said. "Oh" Ana said. "He was actually really nice and concerned if I was ok that night. Even offered to take me home" Molly said. "I bet he did" Ana said.

"Then he called me back my name" Molly said remembering back to that night. "How did he know your name? Did he ask one of the staff?" Ana asked. "I never thought he could have done that actually. I wasn't really thinking about him at the time. But no he knew my name for an entirely different reason. Turned out the kids I had being babysitting were his nephew and niece" Molly said. "Ok but how did all of this end up with you having his kid?" Ana asked.

"I'm getting to it. I'm trying to tell you enough so you won't have any unanswered questions" Molly said. "Trust me there will be a lot of questions needed to be answered" Ana said. "Anyway imagine my face when I almost trip and two arms come around me and I hear a familiar voice and the turn around to see Cristiano smirking. Oh he knew I was shocked too. The little git" Molly said. "Mols" Ana said. "Sorry. Anyway after I left I went to my parents and it turned out the owed some guy a lot of money. £100,000 to be precise. I couldn't believe they had being so stupid" Molly said.

"It must have being a lot to deal with?" Ana asked. "Then I get back to my apartment and someone grabs me in the dark" Molly said. "What? Were you ok? Who was it?" Ana asked. "I was fine. Let's just say Zé knows to stay away from my legs now" Molly said. "Zé. Zé broke into your apartment?" Ana asked. "Oh no he didn't. Apparently it's not breaking in if you use a key. And he wasn't on his own" Molly said thinking back to how frightened she had been that night.

"Ronaldo" Ana said. "Yup. I so angry and all he would say was that he wanted to talk to me" Molly said. "What the hell was he thinking?" Ana asked. "He wasn't clearly. Then when I asked for the millionth time what he wanted he told me that he wanted me to have his baby" Molly said. Ana started to laugh but stopped when she saw Molly wasn't laughing.

"Are you serious?" Ana asked. "Oh yes I am. And I had the same reaction as you did. I thought he was joking then too" Molly said. "But he was dead serious?" Ana asked. "Very much so" Molly said. "But how? Why? What the hell is wrong with that man?" Ana asked amazed that Cristiano had asked Molly that. "He wanted a kid. I told him that there were hundreds of women who would have one without thinking. I told him to get out. I told him no" Molly said. "But?" Ana asked.

"There was no but. Then" Molly sighed. "He said if I had his baby he would pay my parents debt. I didn't even know how much they owed but he did. I told him no and he left" Molly said. "He just left and then what?" Ana asked. "I couldn't do it. It was ridiculous idea. I could never have done it. I kept telling myself that. Then that Tony guy showed up at work and I knew he wasn't going to leave my parents alone. Then my dad got beaten up" Molly said. "Was he ok?" Ana asked. "As well as he could be. I found Zé outside the hospital that day" Molly said.

"Ronaldo put your dad in hospital?" Ana asked. "I thought so at the time. Yelled at him down Zé's phone then smashed the phone on the floor" Molly said. "Nice" Ana said. "It felt good until I got home and found the door open. I thought it was Cristiano coming to yell at me" Molly said. "But it wasn't" Ana said. "It was Tony and a few of his men. Short version goes that the guy made my skin crawl. Told me there was another way to be off the debt. Me" Molly said. "Oh God the bastard. God Molly you must have being so scared" Ana said. "I phoned Cristiano" Molly said.

"You were certainly scared then" Ana said. "He picked me up and we drove to somewhere quiet. I don't know why I phoned him. I guess he was the only one who knew what was happening. It was stupid. I barely knew the guy. He had the nerve to ask me to give him my child. And I ended up phoning him of all people" Molly said.

"What did he say?" Ana asked. "Asked me what happened? We ended up bicking back and forth. Then he dropped me at my parents house. I told him no again and got out of the car" Molly said. "But it clearly wasn't the end" Ana said. "Tony had his men follow me. I was terrified for myself and my parents. Then I found a vase full of roses at my apartment from Tony. I knew he wasn't going to go away. The man had this look in his eyes" Molly said shivering a little at the memory.

"So I phoned Cristiano. And I told him yes. See Ana I am a horrible person. I agreed to hand over my own child" Molly said as the tears came fast and hard. Ana held Molly as she cried. The tears kept coming and coming and Ana was beginning to get really worried about her friend.
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