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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 21-I'll Never Forgive Myself

“Molly” Ana said and a teary eyed Molly looked at her friend. “You are not a horrible person” Ana said. “Yes I am” Molly sobbed.

“Molly what is horrible is that you were ever put in that position where you had to make a choice like that. It wasn’t your responsibility to help your parents. They are adults. And Ronaldo should never have asked you to give up your child. What kind of bastard is he?” Ana asked completely in shock about what Molly had just told her.

“But I did agree Ana. How could I have done that? I took his money in exchange for giving him my child. How could I do that?” Molly asked.

“It sounds like you hadn’t much of a choice Molly. But you’ve got Junior now” Ana said. “Just about. He nearly died. I thought handing him over to Cristiano at the hospital the day I left was the hardest thing I had to do but watching that little boy fighting for his life….that was..” Molly sobbed.

“I know Molly. I know” Ana said hugging her. “But he’s better now. You’ve held him and seen him yourself. It’s ok Molly” Ana said. “Is it really ok? After everything that has happened can it really all be ok?” Molly asked. “It will be. Your Junior’s mama. You heard Ronaldo say that himself. And by the sounds of what you have told me, that wasn’t something that was meant to happen” Ana said.

“No that was certainly not meant to happen. I was just to have the baby and walk away” Molly sighed. “I still don’t know how none of us copped it. Like how did we not see you were pregnant” Ana said. “I left before I was beginning to show. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide it. And I knew it was going to be hard to lie to everyone. And I knew that I wasn’t going to see you all again so I had to leave” Molly said.

“So it was your decision to go to Lisbon?” Ana asked. “I told you it was” Molly said. “Can’t blame me for thinking Cristiano made you leave back then. Get his little secret out of the way so he could lead his perfect life” Ana said. “He didn’t want me to go. He was stupid enough to think I could see everyone all the time and no one would realize I had a huge baby bump” Molly said.

“He his stupid. He is stupid for ever thinking his plan was a good idea. And Jorge knew. His entire family knew about it and didn’t stop it. They are just as bad as Ronaldo” Ana said. “It’s not their fault” Molly said. “No we know who’s fault it is” Ana said. “If you’re just going to talk shit about Cristiano then there’s no point in us continuing this discussion” Molly said moving to stand.

“Wait Mols” Ana said pulling her back down to sit. “I’m sorry. I.. I just hate that he came up with the plan in the first place. I’m sorry I know none of this is easy for you to talk about” Ana said. “I went along with Ana. I’m just as bad as he is. Except he wasn’t the one who handed over his own flesh and blood” Molly said.

“Let me disagree with that point later. Why don’t you explain to me what happened after you agreed to the whole baby plan?” Ana suggested. Molly looked at Ana and sighed knowing her friend wouldn’t be happy with Cristiano when she was told the truth about Dr. Frenz.

“Go on I’m listening” Ana encouraged. “I don’t know how to say it” Molly sighed. “Well I know how babies are made so you can skip that part. I bet he only thought of the plan so he could get a girl into his bed” Ana said. “You and I both know he wouldn’t need a plan to get a girl into his bed. They would do that for free. And me in his bed was never part of the plan” Molly said. “I’m confused” Ana said. “I went for in virto” Molly said. “Oh” Ana said nodding.

“Oh you didn’t sleep with him. Oh thank God. I thought you did” Ana said but Molly’s avoidance at looking at her gave Ana the impression she was missing something.

“Molly” Ana said. “Ok what I’m about to tell you happened to me Ana ok. Not you. And as much as you are going to be angry at Cristiano” Molly said. “Oh God what the hell did he do?” Ana asked. “No no nothing like that Ana. He would never force me like that” Molly insisted when she realized what Ana had being thinking. “Ok so go on” Ana said. “Just remember that it happened to me and that I’ve move on ok. I’ve dealt with it” Molly said.

“Molly will you just tell me” Ana said. “We were going through the in vitro route. I was taking my shots. Which I hated. When the day came…I was in the room….waiting for the doctor to implant you know…” Molly stuttered and Ana nodded. “I had an IV in my arm. Cristiano was in the room. He wasn’t meant to but his sister was sick and he knew I hated needles so he held my hand went the IV was been put in and I told him to get out afterwards” Molly said quickly and Ana noticed she was shaking.

“Molly are you ok? You don’t have to continue” Ana said. “I started to feel sleepily. And the doctor….he started talking about how pretty I was…and….he….” Molly struggled. “It’s ok Molly. You don’t have to continue. He did something to you?” Ana asked. “No” Molly said and looked at Ana. “Cristiano came into the room before he could do anything” Molly said.

"Ok" Ana said. "Ok? That's it? I was excepting more" Molly said. "Oh well I want to throw the father of your son out of a window for putting you in that situation in the first place but well I'm controlling my anger for you. Plus he did save you I guess" Ana shrugged. "He didn't make me agree to the plan Ana. I was in that room because I agreed" Molly said.

"He should never have asked you in the first place Molly and you had no choice but to agree" Ana. "Maybe I shouldn't have" Molly sighed. "Then you and I wouldn't be friends. Then you wouldn't be here with all of us. Then you wouldn't have Junior" Ana said.

"Ya he has a mother who left him Molly said. "How long were you away from him? After you gave him to Cris" Ana asked. "Four, five hours I guess" Molly said. "Doesn't sound like you really left him to me" Ana said. "I would have had no choice if Cristiano hadn't come to the hotel" Molly said. Ana looked at her and wanted to ask why Cristiano had come to get her but Molly was confused and sad as it was Ana thought.

"You can't keep thinking that you are a horrible person Molly. You love that child. That's being clear since he was born" Ana said. "I tried so hard not to think about giving him up. Tried not to think about how he would grow up. That day when I left the hospital and went to the hotel. I wanted to sleep and never wake up again" Molly cried.

"Molly you have being through so much in such a short time. How have you kept all of this in?" Ana asked. Molly wiped her eyes. "I haven't really. Although Cristiano would say I keep things blocked up. Even though I do actually talk to him about all of this stuff. It's just..." Molly paused. "Hard to talk to him about Junior. About how you felt?" Ana asked.

"I'll never forgive myself" Molly said. "You didn't give him up Molly. And you need to realise that soon before it eats you up and you miss out on the future you are going to have with your son" Ana said hugging Molly. "I never thought I'd have a future with him" Molly sighed. "But you will" Ana said.

"Cristiano says I will but..." Molly paused. "But what Molly? As much as I hate him right now, I know one thing about Ronaldo and that is that he knows you are going to be Junior's mother. He wants you to be. Molly" Ana said making Molly look at her.

"When I confronted him about the truth he was so adamant that he was Junior's father and that he was his only parent. But seeing him call you Junior's mama. Watching the way he is with you. Molly even if you wanted to, he won't ever let you leave" Ana said. "I'm never going to leave them" Molly whispered.
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Will Ana remain calm the next time she sees Cristiano now she know the truth? Molly has clearly being in pain due to her choices but will she listen to Ana and stop seeing herself as a horrible person.

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