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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 23- I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

"She suggested we move ahead with the plan. But when I suggested finding another doctor she flat out refused. She couldn't bare the idea of going near a doctor. She was never a fan of that profession before. She still isn't" Cristiano said. "So" Pepe said. "I reminded her that the only other way for her to fall pregnant was for the two of us know" Cristiano said. "Have sex" Pepe said bluntly. "Yes that. We both thought it would only be the once. We were so silly" Cristiano said.

"So you slept with her many times?" Pepe asked. "She was young back then. I mean younger than what she is now. After everything that happened with the doctor, she took her a while to feel comfortable around me" Cristiano said. "Ya I guess. It doesn't really matter since well he's here you both manged to. Look that’s between the two of you" Pepe said feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Ya it is" Cristiano said. "So how come she's here if she wasn't never meant to be?" Pepe asked. "She eventually got pregnant. No thanks to Maé. Molly thought it was her fault or that the doctor did something to her" Cristiano said shaking his head at the thought.

"Anyway she fell pregnant. She told me when I came back from Italy. Where I met Irina" Cristiano said. "Ya I doubt a girlfriend in the picture helped things" Pepe said. "I thought everything was fine. Until Molly informed me that she was moving to Lisbon. She was probably right but I didn't want her to go" Cristiano said.

"You had gotten so used to her been around" Pepe said. "I wanted to be around my baby. Be part of everything. But then I didn't talk to her much. Skipped scans. Rowed with her. You lot knew more about what was going on with her then I did. And she was having my baby" Cristiano said. "You did shove her off to keep your secret hidden Cris" Pepe said.

"She decided to go not me. Anyway I knew I had to make things up with her so I went to see her. I realised how much I had missed. Then when I was saying goodbye and I told her I would see her soon it hit me that I wouldn't. That that would be the last time I would see her" Cristiano said. "But it wasn't" Pepe said. "Junior arrived early. I wasn't meant to be at the birth. I wasn't meant to be there when she...when she gave him over" Cristiano said remembering the call he had received letting him know that Molly was in labour.

"So she did leave?" Pepe asked. "I thought she was going to die" Cristiano said. "What?" Pepe asked in shock. "After she gave birth to him. Her heart rate was really high. The machines went off. She was out cold for hours. I held him in my arms praying she wouldn't die" Cristiano said running his hand threw his hair.

"Wow it really all wasn't simple" Pepe said. "Then it came for her to leave. She was going to leave without saying anything to me. She wasn't in any fit state to leave but she was so determined to get out of there" Cristiano said. "She was probably scared she would change her mind" Pepe said. "I get that but after everything she was just going to leave without saying goodbye. She wouldn't tell me what her plans were or anything" Cristiano said.

"But you were never going to see her again. Why did he matter?" Pepe asked. "It didn't. I just wanted to make sure she would be ok. She hadn't much to do with her parents since she agreed to go through with my plan" Cristiano shrugged. "Ok" Pepe not quite believing his friend. "So how did she end up back at your house?" Pepe asked. "Maé was worried. Molly wasn't answering anyone's calls. She had just given birth. I wanted to put everyone's mind at rest. So I eventually found her hotel and room" Cristiano said. "And?" Pepe asked.

"I knocked on her door but she didn't answer. I kept knocking and knocking and she wouldn't answer the bloody door" Cristiano groaned. "But she did" Pepe said. "Eventually yes. I was so mad. I thought something had happened to her. But she was just in the bath. Urgh she just had to answer her phone" Cristiano said. "Cris, how did she end up back at yours?" Pepe asked. "You should have seen her Pepe. She looked so weak. I don't even know how she had the energy to produce milk for Junior" Cristiano said.

"Hold up. She breastfed him?" Pepe asked. "He had a reaction to formula. She had to or he wouldn't have gotten anything to eat" Cristiano said. "Ok" Pepe said. "Anyway, she looked so weak. And I hadn't really thought about after the birth part of the plan. And all the pressure it would put on Maé" Cristiano stammered. "And?" Pepe asked.

"And I asked her to help mind him. Just until he got a little bigger" Cristiano said. "So not only did you come with the craziest plan ever but then you changed it. You really are mad" Pepe said. "It felt like the right thing at the time" Cristiano said. "Does it still?" Pepe asked. "Of course. Molly is his mother. It just my son nearly dying for me to see that" Cristiano sighed.

"Wow" Pepe said trying to comprehend everything he had just being told. "So now you know what a horrible person I am" Cristiano said. "I can't sit here and not act like the whole plan wasn't a stupid thing to think of. Not to mind asking Molly to have your child. But you're not a horrible person Cris. You've just fucked up a few times" Pepe said. "If Molly heard you curse in front of her son she'd smack the back of your head" Cristiano smiled.

"Well she's not hear and Junior isn't going to tell her. Isn't that right Junior?" Pepe smiled at the little boy. "I've made a mess of eveything. Molly was the nanny to her own son. How fucked up was that? All of our fights. Olga. Irina" Cristiano said. "Luke" Pepe said. "I can't believe he used her to get a story" Cristiano said. "But he did. At least now I get how you and Molly used to fight alot. There was alot going on" Pepe said. "I made her miserable" Cristiano said.

"But you always fixed it. Ok the two of you fought but you both hating fighting each other. I've said that so many times. You knew you have to make things right with her. Cris have you really thought about why you asked her?" Pepe asked. "Asked her what?" Cristiano asked. "Asked her to stay and mind Junior. Why you hated upsetting her? Why you hated her moving out? Why you hated her with Luke?" Pepe asked. "She's too good for that asshole" Cristiano snapped.

"Agreed but you still haven't answered my question. Why did you go get her to come back?" Pepe asked. "I told you. I hadn't organized a nanny. I couldn't have Maé doing everything" Cristiano said. "You say that you're the one who should have suffered not Molly or Junior. You clearly feel guilty about everything. Maybe you need to think about why that is" Pepe said.

"Of course I feel guilty. Even though Molly says it wasn't my fault she was nearly raped I still can't help feel terrible for putting her in that room. And even though she's forgiving me for being an absolute bastard to her. I still can't help feel bad" Cristiano said. "Why do you think she always forgave you so easily?" Pepe asked. "She's Molly. She didn't want to have any fights or bad feelings" Cristiano sighed. Pepe laughed and shook his head.

"What's so funny?" Cristiano asked. "You and Molly are just so..." Pepe paused. He wanted to say blind but he stopped himself. "So what?" Cristiano asked. "So in need of a drama free few years" Pepe smiled. "That would be nice" Cristiano said. "I think there's a lot for you to sort out before that can happen though mate. You might want to start with deciding how much you want Molly in your life" Pepe said.

"She's Junior's mother" Cristiano said. "Ya I think it might be a while before there's no drama" Pepe muttered knowing it was going to be a long time before Cristiano worked out where Molly stood in his life.
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