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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 24- If Only It Was So Simple

"Nuno is on his way" Ana said hanging up her phone. "Good. I hate being away from Junior" Molly said before letting out a yawn. "You needed the rest. You still do. And he is fine" Ana said taking a seat next to Molly on the couch. "I just feel that something goes wrong when either Cristiano or I aren't near him lately" Molly sighed.

"That's understandable under the circumstances" Ana mused before they lapped into silence. Ana glanced at Molly before looking at her phone. "What?" Molly asked and Ana looked at her friend. "Huh?" Ana asked. "What's on your mind?" Molly asked. "How after everything can you even be in the same room as Cristiano not to mind be near him?" Ana asked and Molly sighed.

"Ana I didn't tell you everything so you can continue with your Cristiano bashing" Molly said standing. "I'm sorry. I know it was hard for you to tell me everything. It was more than hard for you to make your decision about Junior. I just don't know what Ronaldo was thinking. How could he think his plan was every going to work not to mind something that made sense in the first place?" Ana asked as Molly moved to the kitchen. "He wanted a child. I guess he never expected to meet Irina and have one with someone. Now he's met her he can have as many as he likes" Molly muttered.

"If he has a child with her than Jorge needs to take him to a psychiatry hospital" Ana said and Molly laughed. "Ah she laughs" Ana smiled. "I know I shouldn't" Molly said before taking a snip from her water. "Yes you should. You have being way to nice to Irina and Ronaldo. She treated you like the help and he let her" Ana said. "I kind of was the help though" Molly said. "Being the nanny to your own baby is just messed up Molly. Like I'm really glad he did ask you to stay be. He did ya?" Ana asked. "Yes he did. He hadn't really thought things true fully" Molly said. "There's a surprise" Ana said rolling her eyes.

"I hadn't the easiest labour. There was...I gave everyone a fright after he was born. My heart rate...I don't really know what happened. Anyway I really had to get out away" Molly said. "You thought it was best to leave before you got too attached to Junior" Ana said. "I already was attached" Molly said remembering the first time she heard him cry.

"Anyway I begged my doctor to let me leave and I was going to go but I had to wait for Katia or the nurse to come in and watch Junior" Molly said. "But Cris came in" Ana said and Molly nodded. "He was annoyed that was going without saying anything to him" she said. "And he asked you to stay?" Ana asked. "No" Molly sighed. "I placed Junior in his arms and...." Molly paused. "You don't have to finish. You went to your hotel" Ana said and Molly took a deep breath to fend off any tears that what building. "Yes I did. I had to wait a day before I go fly back to Manchester" Molly said.

"I can't imagine how you were feeling" Ana said sadly. "As bad as I felt this past week. Well maybe not as bad but its close. I remember staring at myself in the bathroom mirror. Even now I still see that awful girl who gave her baby away" Molly whispered. "Mols" Ana said. "I'm fine. Short story is that Cristiano came banging on my door. The next thing I know he's muttering on about Dolores being over pressured with babies and no nanny and then he asked me to mind his son. And I said yes" Molly said.

"That must have made you feel happy?" Ana asked. "I'd love to say yes but I can't really remember. There was so much going on around me and in my mind" Molly said. "Then you were beside him always. "It was really strange when Cristiano got back from the World Cup. It had just being Dolores, Junior and I and then he was back. And..." Molly stammered. "And then his father was back and you were no longer the only person Junior needed. Well so you thought at the time" Ana said. "The only time I felt he didn't need me anymore was when he didn't need my breast milk anymore" Molly sighed. "What? Oh my God you breastfed him" Ana said. "Ana" Molly said.

"How the hell did Ronaldo expect you to breastfeed that baby and not get attached to him. I swear the more I hear the worst things get" Ana said. "Ana stop ok. It's all a mess. Yes I know that. Cristiano knows that. But look it happened" Molly said. "I just don't know how you did it. How you watched your son grow then whole time thinking you didn't have long more with him" Ana said.

"When I was pregnant I used to stop myself from thinking about the birth. Handing him over. Then I had to stop myself from thinking about the day I had to leave him again. When I moved out of Cristiano's house the other week......Everyone thought it was best if I stayed in Madrid but they weren't the one who knew that the person you cared for, for six months was only a drive away and you couldn't go near him" Molly said. "Now I get why you were in such a hurry to leave Madrid" Ana said.

"I just can't help feel that Junior getting ill is God trying to punish me" Molly sobbed. "Oh Mols" Ana said rushing to her. "It was not a punishment. Molly you really need to stop giving yourself such a hard time" Ana said. "But I gave him away" Molly said. "Did you really? Come on Molly you hadn't spent a night out of the same building as him until Ronaldo acted like a dick and made you move out" Ana said.

"How did you know that?" Molly asked. "He told me when he asked me to go to you that night you moved out. As much as I want to kill him, that man does do things that can be- sweet" Molly interrupted. "that can be right and not selfish" Ana said. "I thought Nuno would be here already" Molly sighed. "He won't be long. You know you've being through at lot. Are you ready for the next bit of drama that's going to come?" Ana asked. "The press will find another story" Molly said.

"I meant Irina" Ana said. "Her boyfriend did lie to her Ana. As much as a bitch she is, even you would have to feel for her having the man you care about lie to you" Molly said. "Well she wasn't the only one he lied to. And she isn't exactly being nice. I swear I nearly hit her so many times at the hospital. Even though I really want to punch Ronaldo even I can know I have to store away my feelings since his son was so ill" Ana said.

"Ana you hid your feelings of anger towards Cristiano as good as I did" Molly said rolling her eyes. "Well what did he expect from you? The whole was his mess. Anyway it's nice to see you finally standing some ground with the Russian" Ana said.

"Jezz you'd swear I never said a bad thing towards her. I have snapped at her before" Molly said. "Not enough and please continue when she acts like a bitch. Although it should be Ronaldo" Ana said. "I only care about Junior. What goes on between Cristiano and Irina is none of my business" Molly said. "Whatever you say. So" Ana said smiling at Molly. "What?" the English woman asked.

"You told me about your traumatic experience with the in virto route" Ana said. "And?" Molly asked not knowing where Ana was going. "Well you did end up pregnant and I'm assuming you didn't want to go down the in virtue route again" Ana smirked. "You're correct" Molly mumbled.

"So you and Cris" Ana smirked and Molly blushed and Ana laughed. "Aww Mols" Ana said. "I'm not talking about this" Molly said embarrassed. "It couldn't have being that bad" Ana joked. "I wasn't exactly experienced so and he was always swe..." Molly paused biting her lip. "Ok ya not talking about it. were.." Ana said suddenly understanding that Molly had being a virgin.

"Can we change the subject please?" Molly asked moving back to the couch. "Ya sure. How about I bitch about Cris some more?" Ana joked and Molly groaned. "I'm kidding Mols. That entire business is between you and him" Ana said. "Thank you" Molly said. "Though" Ana said. "Though what?" Molly asked.

"When I confronted him about sleeping with you, he said it what you and he had wasn't as cheap as I made it sound" Ana said. "He said that?" Molly asked. "Ya he did" Ana nodded as she watched Molly jump from the couch when the doorbell rang.

"Molly will you slow down" Ana said as she tried in vain to keep up with Molly as they walked through the hospital. "I want to see my son" Molly said as she walked. "I really like hearing you say that. My son. It's about time you said it" Ana said. "Well he is my son. I may have gave him away but I'm going to make up for it for the rest of my life" Molly said and Ana frowned at her words. Molly pushed the door open to Junior's room and she heard laughing as Cristiano turned to look at the door.

"Hey you're back" Cristiano smiled moving towards her. "How was he?" Molly asked as she welcomed Cristiano hug. "Happy out" Cristiano smiled hugging her tightly. "Of course he is happy. His uncle Pepe has him" Pepe said and Molly laughed moving to where Pepe sat with her son in his arms. "You'd want to be careful Ana, I think Pepe might have got the baby bug, he'll be nagging you for one soon" Cristiano joked as he smiled at Molly who was making faces at Junior.

"He better start thinking about his plan then. Isn't that not what you men do? Make stupid plans" Ana muttered low enough so Molly couldn't hear but loud enough so that Cristiano could. Cristiano looked at Ana as she glared at him. "I'm glad she talked to you" he whispered slightly revealed that Molly had finally talked to someone about what she went through. "She told me everything from you breaking into her place to your plan almost getting her raped" Ana snapped at him in a angry whisper.

"Ana not here please" Cristiano said nodding to a smiling Molly and Pepe. "Before she told me she made me promise her something. I thought it was not to hate her. But she asked me not to hate you" Ana whispered still amazed Molly had asked her that. "What?" Cristiano said loudly flicking his head from Molly to Ana.

"Ana" Molly said worried. "I was just telling him how annoying the paps were. You know he's feelings towards them" Ana smiled at her and Molly's shoulders rested slightly. "I'm sorry they were hassling you" Cristiano said. "It doesn't matter" Molly said looking back at Junior. "I'm going to get something to drink. I think Nuno was looking for you Cris" Ana told him jestering to the door. "Ya I wanted to talk to him. I'll be back shortly Mols" Cristiano said. "Ok" Molly smiled at him and he couldn't help smiling back at her even though he was standing next to the ticking time bomb that was Ana.

"I could yell at you. I could scream at you but I've already done that when I found out the truth about who Molly really was. I have no idea what possessed you to ask her to have you baby. How you could take advantage of her like that? But there's more important things than that. You need to really talk to her Cris. I think getting it all off her chest finally helped her but my God do you know the guilt she is carrying around?" Ana asked.

"Why does she feel guilty? I've told her Junior getting sick isn't her fault" Cristiano said. "She thinks she's a horrible person and that Junior getting sick was God's way of punishing her" Ana said. "For what?" Cristiano asked shocked. "For giving up her child" Ana said. "But she didn't. Not really. That's..." Cristiano said shaking his head at what Ana was saying. "Cris, I don't think either one of us knows what Molly went through these last months. She feels terrible because she left him" Ana said. "But she didn't" Cristiano said.

"Look as much you are the reason she is even in that place where she feels like that, I think you're the only one who can make her see that she's not that horrible person she sees looking back at herself every time she looks into a mirror" Ana said. Cristiano braced his back against the wall as he stared at the door where his son and Molly stood behind. "How could I have done this to her?" Cristiano asked as Ana's words played around his mind.

"I think you both need to talk to each other. You both feel guilty. As much as you should be the one who does feel guilty and responsible for all of this, you probably need to move on from it like her" Ana said and Cristiano looked at her. "For Junior's sake. For both you and Molly's sake. For whatever you want this whole thing to be” Ana said.

If only it was so simple Cristiano thought.
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Is Junior being sick a punishment for Molly's choices? Will Ana knowing Molly was a virgin make her even more mad towards Cristiano? What did you think of Ana telling Molly about what Cristiano said they had wasn't cheap? Will Cristiano be able to make Molly feel less guilty? Will life ever be simple?

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