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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 25- Because Nothing Every Goes Right For Me

“Good afternoon” Jorge grinned as he came towards Ana and Cristiano as the stood outside Junior’s hospital room. “Hi” Ana said. “What’s wrong?” Jorge asked noticing the tension. “What’s not wrong?” Cristiano mumbled. “Just make her see Cris” Ana said. “Make who see what? Will someone tell me what is going on?” Jorge asked.

“Molly” Cristiano sighed. “What about her? Is she ok? She did go rest. Did something happen while she was gone?” Jorge asked. “Junior is fine” Ana said. “Then what is the matter?” the agent asked. “Molly feels…..feels like she abandoned Junior. That she gave him up. That she’s a horrible person” Cristiano said. “What?” Jorge asked confused. “She’s carrying so much guilt on her shoulders. When she just made a choice that she thought was best at the time” Ana said. “And I have to try and live with the fact that I made her feel that way. That I ruined her life” Cristiano said shaking his head before pushing away from the wall and walking towards the door.

“Cris” Jorge called out but the footballer ignored him and went back into the Junior’s room. “What have I missed?” Jorge asked. “Your brain I would think. Ronaldo being stupid enough to make a baby plan is one thing but how the hell could you let him go through with it Jorge. How you let him use Molly like that? You’re meant to be smart” Ana said.

“I did try and talk him out of it but I knew there’s was no point. I tried to control it all as best I could. Molly getting hurt is the last thing I have ever wanted. It was meant to be so much different. But then she and Cris got closer and closer. I messed up too I know” Jorge said. “You know what’s messed up? Well something else that’s messed up. I actually feel for Cris a little” Ana said. “You do?” Jorge asked surprised.

“I want to throw him off a bridge but watching him just now. Watching this past week. He really hates himself for causing Molly so much pain” Ana said. “He does care about her Ana. I know he was done some really stupid things with the new nanny and not standing up for her but he does care about her” Jorge insisted. “Exactly how much he cares about her could end up being a problem though” Ana mused and Jorge nodded. “We should go back in” Ana said.

“Ana, I’m assuming Molly told you everything” Jorge said. “Yes she did. I think it might have helped a little. And don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. But I’m doing that for Molly and her son. Jezz I hope Cristiano thinks all of this fucked up plan was worth it in twenty years time” Ana said.

"How's my favourite godson?" Jorge grinned as he entered the room. "Enjoying being in the arms of his favourite Portuguese player" Pepe joked as Molly readjusted the wires that were still attached to Junior. "I think his papa might be number one there Pepe" Molly smiled looking up at Cristiano. She frowned when she saw his face. She didn't know what it was but she knew something was bothering him. "Pepe give him over. I haven't held him in ages" Jorge said as Molly looked between Ana and Cristiano. "You know I think Molly would like to hold her son at some point gentlemen" Ana said. "Oh ya sorry Mols you just got back" Jorge said. "You can-

"Molly" Cristiano said loudly interrupting her. "Yes" she said. "Ammm" he said shaking his head not able to form words. Instead of saying anything, he moved towards her, took her by the hand and pulled her towards the door. "Ronaldo" she yelled. "Cris" Pepe and Jorge said but Ana stop them following the pair out of the door.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Molly asked annoyed once they were out in the corridor. She pulled her hand out of his and he turned to face her. "I...." he stammered. "You what? You lost your mind in the last few minutes and thought it was smart to drag me away from my son" she snapped. "I'm sorry. I...." he stuttered. "You what? Cristiano what is wrong?" she asked.

"Just come with me" he asked taking a few steps in front of her. "I've just come back" Molly said. "Please" he asked and held her hand out to him. She looked at the door and then back to him and sighed. "It isn't bad. Is it?" she asked. "No Mols it isn't. Please I just need....just come with me please" he asked still holding his hand out.

"Three pleases in two sentences doesn't make me any less worried you know" she said taking a step towards him and linking their fingers. "I guess I really have to say please more than" he half joked as he walked her to the waiting room. "Cristiano what are we doing here?" she asked as he shut the door closed behind them. He walked her over to a couch furthest away from the door and placed his hands on her shoulders and made her sit down.

"Ronaldo" she said once more but he ignored her and walked across the room to the couch furthest away from her and took a seat. He needed to talk to her and sitting beside her would only…he needed to make her see he thought.

"Are you planning on telling what the hell is going on anytime soon?" she asked. "I'm trying to find the words" he sighed. "The doctors didn't say anything while I was gone. Did they? It's not Junior?" Molly asked. If he was struggling to talk then it had to be something bad.

"No Mols no they didn't. I promise he is fine" Cristiano said. "Oh thank God" she breathed a sigh of relief. "Then what's going on? Cristiano you're making me worried here" she said. "I don't mean to. I'm sorry" he sighed. "Then talk to me" she said. "I...I guess I sort of lied. It is about Junior" he said and Molly's eyes went wide.

"You can' can't..I won't let can't take him from me...I'm not abandoning him again" she half cried, half snapped at him. "Wow Mols. I would never..I...Molly I meant what I said. You are his mother. Nothing is going to change that. How could you think I would take that back?" he asked.

"Because nothing ever goes right for me. Because every time I think I'm happy something ruins it" she mumbled as the door opened.
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Will Cristiano be able to make Molly feel less guilty? Will he make things worst? Will whoever is at the door be welcomed or not?

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