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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 26- I Didn't Give Him Up

"Ronaldo" Jorge said opening the door. "Not now Jorge" Cristiano yelled which made Molly jump a little. "Ronaldo" he said. "I said not now Jorge" Cristiano yelled once more and the door shut. "That wasn't very nice" Molly said.

"I don't care. I just want to be alone with you. To talk to you alone. But everyone always wants to but in. Always thinks I'm going to hurt you" he snapped. "Cristiano" she said softly. "Who am I kidding? Their right anyway. I do nothing but hurt you" he said. "Firstly take a deep breath and count to five. You're too tense" she said and he laughed. "I'm the one who's making you worried and you're taking care of me" he said shaking his head.

"I just want you finally tell me why you dragged me here so I can get back to my son" she said. "Ok" he said relaxing his shoulders. "And I didn't drag you here" he muttered and she rolled her eyes at him. He rested his palms flat on his knees and looked at her.

"Ana told me you talked to her" he said quickly. "What did she say? She told me she would leave it alone" Molly said moving to standing. "Molly please sit. Molly please. She didn't...she didn't say anything bad to me" he said still not understanding why Molly had asked Ana not to hate him. "Molly why didn't you talk to me?" he asked. "I don't know what you mean" she said and he sighed.

"Ana told me what you told her" he said. "She already knew the truth. Something you kept from me. How could you not tell me that she knew about Junior?" she asked. "What good would it have done?" he asked. "I would have..." she stuttered. “You would have what? Started to panic that she knew our secret. Feel guilty for lying to her. Left Madrid. Tell me how me telling you that she knew would have made things better for you?" he asked. She opened her mouth to speak but then closed it again.

"Exactly. It wouldn't have. It would have made you feel worst. I couldn't....I couldn't risk her telling you that she knew. I didn't know how you would react ok. It wasn't long after Tony appeared and scared you out of your mind again. I was just thinking about you Mols" he sighed.

"Really? You weren't a tiny bit afraid that everyone would find out that the woman you had being telling everyone was you son's nanny actual gave birth to him" Molly snapped. "Yes ok I was. There I said it. I was afraid. But mostly about you being able to cope" he said truthfully. "Why do you think I'm going to break?" she asked. "Because anyone else would after everything you've being through" he said.

"Cristiano I want to be with Junior not sitting here rehashing things that we've already discussed before" she said. "But we haven't. Have we? Come on Mols ok we've talked about a lot but never told never told me that you hated yourself" he said and Molly’s eyes went to the ground. "I don’t know what you are talking about" she said not looking at him.

"You never left him. You never abandoned him Molly" he said. "Stop" she said. "You aren't a horrible person Molly" he said. "Stop it Ronaldo" she yelled. "Not until you actually get what I'm saying through your thick skull" he yelled back. "I gave him away" she yelled and tried and failed to hold back a sob.

"I agreed to hand over my baby for money. What kind of person does that?" she cried. "Someone who shouldn't have being put in that position in the first place" he said. "I made my choice Cristiano. You didn't force me into anything so you can stop feeling guilty" she said wiping her face with her sleeve. "When do you stop feeling guilty?" he asked. "When I take my last ever breathe" she whispered and he gripped his legs at her words.

"Ana reckons that we both need to stop feeling guilty and move on" Cristiano said. "So they way she'll talk to you is if it's behind my back apparently" Molly said. "She has every right to be angry at me Molly for what I’ve put you through" Cristiano said. "I made the choice Ronaldo. I did. I'm the one who agreed" she said. "You agreed because you are the most stubborn pain in the ass that I've met" he said.

"You clearly need to look at yourself in the mirror more. If that's possible. If you think that" she said back. "You didn't back out when you could have after you were nearly raped" he said. "Don't" she warned. "You were nearly raped Molly and you have barely spoken about it" he said. "Because it happened to me not to you. I don't want to think about it not to mind talk about it. And we've already spoken about this" she snapped.

"You don't want to be like your parents. I get it. You made me a promise and didn't want to break it like them. But Molly you didn't leave him" he said. "I handed him to you Cristiano. If you hadn't come to my hotel that night, then I wouldn't be here right now" she said. "You really think that? Cos I don't" he said and she looked up at him in shock.

"What do you mean?" she asked. "I think...I think you would have...I think you would have come back" he said. "No I wouldn't have" she said. "Because you're stubborn and it wouldn't have being part of the plan. Isn't that the reason?" he asked and she looked to the ground. "I keep telling myself that you would have come back because that stops me from thinking about what could have happened if you hadn't. It stops me from thinking that you wouldn't have being able to cope and that you would have endangered your life. And please don't argue with me. We both know you weren't in the right frame of mind back then" he said.

"Why are we rehashing all of this?" she asked. He stood and walked to where she sat. "Because you are not a horrible person" he said sitting beside her. He placed both of his hands at either side of her face and made her look at him. "You have being there every moment of his life. You were the one he cried for to comfort him. You were the one he always wanted. If you were such a horrible person then he wouldn't have being like that" he said.

"Cristiano" she said pulling away but he held her face tighter. "Listen to me for once Molly. You never abandoned him. I can't even describe how sorry I am for all of this. For making you feel….You didn’t abandon him Mols. I need you to move past it please. I need you to cos I” he paused staring into her hazel eyes. “I can’t cope with you feeling like that. I know it’s selfish of me but I can’t. And I know you hate that it’s always about me even when I’m apologising and I’m sorry but I just want to be honest with you. I don’t care if the entire World hates me but you can’t hate yourself. Please don’t ever hate yourself” he begged as tears ran down her face.

“Ssh don’t cry” he said wiping her face before he pulled her into his lap as ran his hand up and down her back. “What do I tell him?” she mumbled. “Tell who?” he asked. “What do I tell Junior when he asks about being born? When he wants to know how we both met? How can I look him in the eye and lie to him that I didn’t abandon him?” she asked.

“One, those questions are far in the future since the boy can’t even talk yet. Though if he takes after you he could start talking soon and then I’ll have two of you who won’t shut up” he joked but she didn’t smile like he hoped she would. “And two, you didn’t abandon him. You have being his mother from the beginning. Hate me not yourself” he begged. “I don’t hate you” she whispered. “You should” he said lifting her chin so she was looking at him.

“This is all my fault. The way you feel” he said. “I’ll try” she said. “Try what?” he asked. “I’ll try not to feel like that if that’s what you would like” she said. “Don’t do it for me Mols. Please do it because it’s the truth. You didn’t abandon him. You’re not a horrible person. You’re my sweet, funny, gobby, smart, gorgeous Molly” he said placing a kiss on her forehead. His lips lingered and he could hear her heart beating fast. He pulled back and placed his hand on the back of her neck.

A knock came at the door startling them both. Jorge entered the room closing the door behind him. “I know you told me to leave but I need to speak to you both” he said. “I’m really talked out for the day Jorge” Molly sighed resting her head on Cristiano’s shoulder. “If I had known I would have needed it then I would have brought it with me as proof but you’ll both just have to take my word” Jorge said.

“You’re word about what?” Cristiano asked curious. “Molly I know that you feel that you abandoned Junior” Jorge said. “Seriously do you lot do anything but discuss me?” she asked lifting her head off Cristiano’s shoulder annoyed. “I just heard about that bit. It’s probably something I should have dealt with at the time but well a lot of things changed since the day Junior was born” Jorge said.

“Just get to the point Jorge” Molly said. “When this whole plan began you signed certain papers both of you” Jorge said. “I sign a lot of papers Jorge” Cristiano said. “Ronaldo” Jorge said. “He knows which papers you are referring to Jorge and can you try and be less of a dick for just two minutes for him to talk cos I just want to see my son” Molly said looking at Cristiano. “Sorry” the footballer mumbled.

“Well after Junior was born, there was meant to be another set of forms that had to be signed” Jorge said. “And?” Molly asked. “Oh” Cristiano said understanding what Jorge was talking about. “Oh what?” Molly asked looking between the footballer and his agent. “He’s just after remembering that he never signed those papers” Jorge said. “Huh” Molly said. “And neither did you Molly” Jorge said and her head snapped up to look at him.

“She didn’t sign them either?” Cristiano asked. “Neither of you signed the forms which would legally make Cris Junior’s sole guardian which means that-

“Molly has always legally being his mother” Cristiano said as the words started to sink in. “But how? I….I thought I did..I…” Molly stuttered confused. “Neither of you did” Jorge said. “You didn’t” Molly and Cristiano said in unison looking at each other. “I was waiting until you had some rest at the hotel Molly before I went to get you to sign the forms but then the plan changed and you ended up staying so…” Jorge shrugged. “I can’t really grasp all of this” Molly said.

“I think the main thing that you have to get from everything that Jorge just said is that you didn’t sign the papers” Cristiano said. “That part I understand Cristiano” she said rolling her eyes at him. “And she says I’m the stupid one” Cristiano said to Jorge. “You are” Molly and Jorge replied making Cristiano laugh.

“You didn’t sign the papers which mean you didn’t give Junior up Molly. Thinks about it” Cristiano told her. “But I….” she paused. “You didn’t abandon him. You didn’t give him up” Cristiano whispered. “I didn’t give him up” she whispered smiling at him.
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