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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 27-Most Important

“So you accept that now?” Cristiano asked. “I didn’t give him up” Molly grinned at him. “So no more hating yourself” he said. She smiled and kissed his cheek before standing from his lap. “Excuse me gentlemen but now I really do want to see my son” Molly said. “Go ahead” Cristiano said. “You coming?” she asked. “He’ll follow you down Mols” Jorge said. “Ok” Molly smiled as she walked towards the door.

“You know Jorge you surprised me” she said pausing at the door. “Did I?” the agent asked. “Ya. I thought you were super-agent. Seriously how could you forget to get us to sign those papers? You’d want to be careful or Cristiano will want to renegotiate your fee” Molly joked. “Funny. Go see your son” Jorge told her and she left the room. “So are you planning on renegotiating your fee?” Jorge asked as the door reopened. “Oh Cristiano” Molly said. “Ya” the footballer said. “Call me gobby again and my fist will find its way into you big mouth. K?” she smirked before leaving the room once more.

“She seems back to herself” Jorge said. “The weight has being lifted off her shoulders. She’s accepted that she didn’t abandon Junior. Maybe she will stop feeling so guilty about everything now” Cristiano said. “She’s being through a lot” Jorge said. “I know. And I know it’s my fault Jorge. I promise I’m trying to fix things” Cristiano said standing.

“I know why she didn’t sign the papers” Jorge said. “Huh” Cristiano said. “Molly. I know why she didn’t sign them. She never got them to sign them in the first place. Like I said I was waiting until she had some rest. But then” Jorge said. “Then what?” Cristiano asked.

“Are you going to tell her that you told me not to get her to sign them?” Jorge asked. “I asked you to wait a while. I never said not at all” Cristiano said. “You wanted to wait until after the World Cup but we never discussed it again” Jorge said. “You never reminded me” Cristiano said. “Oh yes silly me. But I guess we won’t be needing those papers anymore” Jorge said. “I guess not” Cristiano said. “We were waiting until Molly was well enough to sign those papers Cris” Jorge said. “And” Cristiano said as he reached the door.

“That’s the reason she didn’t get the opportunity to sign them when she left the hospital that day” Jorge said. “I know all of this Jorge. We did discuss it” Cristiano said. “But why didn’t you?” Jorge asked. “Sorry?” Cristiano asked. “I left you copy to sign. I also left you it when you came back to Madrid after the summer” Jorge said. “I’m going to see my son” Cristiano said ignoring his agent and friend.

“How did you do it?” Ana asked Cristiano as he stepped into Junior’s hospital room. “Huh?” Cristiano asked confused. “That” Ana said pointing at a laughing Molly who was sat in the chair holding Junior whilst Pepe chatted. “What did you say to her? To make her well be like that” Ana said. “I told her the truth. That she didn’t abandon him. Can we just leave it now? She’s tired of everyone being worried about her and thinking she’s going to break” Cristiano said.

“Are you ok?” Ana asked. “Just tired” he sighed. He didn’t know how to feel or what to think anymore. He hated that Molly had felt the way she had. And then everything with the forms they were meant to sign. “Right Ana I think we should get home” Pepe said jutting Cristiano out of his thoughts. “You’re the one who’s going gaga over a baby” Ana joked. “Well you can hardly blame him Ana. Like Junior such an adorable baby. How couldn’t you not help going gaga over him?” Molly smiled. “Well he’s your son so he has to be adorable” Ana smiled at her. “We’ll leave you too it Mols” Pepe said giving her cheek a kiss. “Thanks Pepe. And thank you Ana for dragging me away from here” Molly said.

“Trust me if I had dragged you then you would have known Mols” Ana smirked. “We sure as hell would have. This one would have screamed the place down” Pepe joked nodding to Molly. “You’re so funny Pepe” she said rolling her eyes. “He’s something alright” Ana said. “Right talk to you later” Pepe said to Cristiano. “Huh” Cristiano said taking his focus away from the wall he had being staring at to Pepe. “Ana and I are off home” Pepe said. “Oh right ya thanks” Cristiano said.

“Pepe” Molly said and the defender turned to look at her. “Yup” he asked. “Take him with you” she said nodding to Cristiano. “No” Cristiano said. “Hey you said I needed the rest. So do you. Go on we’ll be fine” Molly insisted. “I’m fine Mols” Cristiano said. “A couple of hours” she said. “She’s right mate. You got her to, so you can’t not go rest yourself” Pepe said. “I’m fine” Cristiano said.

“Please” Molly said titling her head to the left. “I’ll go later” he said. “Please” she said and he sighed. “Molly” he said. “You can come back in with Dolores. Please go take a break” she said. “Fine” he said. "Good" she smiled at winning. "I'll have my phone with me. Actually I'll give it to Nuno since you trust him. Phone me if there's any problems" he told her as he walked over to where she sat. He bent down beside her.

"We'll be fine. Seriously go and get some sleep. You're starting to get bags under your eyes" she said. "I am not" he scoffed. "Yup you are. But I guess it's alright since we all know what the real money maker is" she said. "Oh really? And what would that be?" he asked stroking Junior's cheek. "Your abs obviously" she smirked. "I knew you always thought my abs were hot" he winked. "You're more bearable when there on show" she smirked.

Ana coughed and the both looked up at her. "You coming Ronaldo?" she asked. "I'll send Jorge in to keep you company" Cristiano told Molly. "You mean keep an eye on me. And I'm fine. We are fine. Aren't we Junior?" she smiled down at the smiling baby in her arms. "Be back soon" he said placing a kiss on her forehead. "Jezz Ronnie come on will you. And he thought you were stubborn to leave here" Pepe told Molly. "He's going Pepe. Go" she told Cristiano. "Let's go then" Cristiano said heading to the door.

"You ok?" Ana asked Molly when the two men left the room. "Ya" Molly said. "Molly" Ana said. "I'm ok Ana really. I think.....I think it's time to move on" Molly said. "Move on from Madrid?" Ana asked. "No of course not. Move on from...well everything...from...plans, guilty...worry" Molly stammered. "Ana" Pepe said opening the door. "I'm coming. I'll talk to you later Molly" Ana said. "Ana" Molly called out. "Yes" Ana said.

"Thanks" Molly said. "For what?" Ana asked. "For listening" Molly said. "I would have listened earlier Molly. And I'm always here to listen. I might be well angry and not at you by the way. But at the whole plan in the first plan. But well I find it hard to remember why when I see you and him together" she said nodding to Junior. "Bye Ana" Molly said. "See you later" Ana said giving a small wave before exciting the room.

"Looks like it's just the two of us then Junior" Molly smiled leaning back into the chair. "I promise we'll make this work. Your papa and I. It's the one thing we've always agreed on. You're most important person too us" Molly said as Junior snuggled closer to her chest.

"Tió Cris" Rodrigo and Alicia shouted as they rushed towards him as he came into his living room. "Hey kiddos" Cristiano lifting each of them from the ground. "Hey Cris I wasn't expecting you back" Katia said standing from the couch. "Neither was I" he sighed. "Oh Cris you're here. How's Junior? Is Molly ok?" Dolores asked as she entered the room.

"Junior is fine. Molly is with him. She went back to her place to rest for a dew hours. Then she came back and told me to go home too" he pouted. "And you listened to her. Someone call the press, my little brother is finally listening to Molly" Katia joked. "Ha ha. And don't mention the press" he said. "Are you hungry?" Dolores asked. "No thanks Mae. I just want some sleep, a shower and then get back to Junior" he said. "Everything will be fine Cris. The doctor's told you he was better.

"What happened the last time won't happen again" Katia said. "You can't be certain about that Katia" he said. "Nonsense. Now off you go to bed" Dolores said and the kids laughed. "Mama tells me that too but I'm a kid" Rodrigo laughed. "Well your Tió Cris acts like a kid most of the time Rodrigo" Katia smirked at her brother. "Here's my phone" he said handing it over to Katia. "If Molly or Jorge ring come get me and don't let it out of your sight" Cristiano said. "I promise Cris. Now go get some rest" Katia smiled at him.

He climbed the stairs slowly. All he wanted was to close his eyes. He got to the top of the stairs and moved to walk towards his bedroom when he paused and looked at the door to Junior's nursery. He walked to the door and pushed open the door. He found the cot exactly where it had been. Everything looked the same as it had the last time he had seen it. Expect everything wasn't the same he thought leaning against the door frame.

He closed his eyes and remembered back to that night. Only one week ago. He thought of that scream. The way Molly had screamed Junior's name. He thought of how he rushed up the stairs and was met with the sight of a frighten Molly holding their son in her arms. He could have died. He could have died in his mother's arms not ever knowing that she was his mother.

"Cris" a loud voice called out and he opened his eyes. "Babe why didn't you tell me that you were back?" Irina asked as she came towards him. "I just got back" he told her as she kissed him. "Well it's about time you left that place. You know I was beginning to think you had forgotten about me" she smiled. "I just came back for a nap" he told her.

"How is Junior?" Tatiana asked. "Oh hi Tatiana I didn't see you there" Cristiano said looking over his girlfriend's shoulder. "We were just going shopping. But know that you're back you and I can spend some time together" Irina said wrapping her arms around his neck. "I just came back for a quick nap and then I'm going back to the hospital. You go shopping" Cristiano said lifting her arms off his neck. "Why the hell are you going back there?" Irina asked. "To see my son. Who by the way is doing much better Tatiana. Thank you for asking. Molly was trying to stop smothering him in cuddles when I left" Cristiano said.

"Oh brilliant Molly" Irina pouted. "Go have fun" he said before kissing Irina's cheek and heading to his bedroom. He shut the door and closed the curtains before laying flat on the bed. He let out a sigh before shutting his eyes.

He thought back to the moment the doctor handed Junior to Molly after she had given birth. He though back to the moment the nurse had placed Junior into Molly's arms two nights ago. The smile on her face. He thought back to their pool fight. When he had asked her if she had slept with Luke. When he told her to leave. He thought back to when she sat in his gym crying after he had told her that no one would miss her if she disappeared. He thought back to the suffering on her face when she was telling him what a horrible person she was only hours ago.

"How the fuck did I let all of this happen?" he mumbled to himself as he rolled onto his side and a tear fell onto his pillow.
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