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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 28- Do You Think We Made A Mistake?

“I swear he listens to you better than anyone at times” Jorge said as the door shut behind him. "Who?" Molly asked. "Cris. He told me that you told him to go home and get some rest" Jorge said pulling up a chair. "He does need the rest. And let's hope he listens when I suggest he goes back to training" Molly said.

"Ya that might prove a little more difficult" Jorge said. "I'm up to the task" she smirked at him and he laughed. "You sure are. It's nice to see you with a smile on your face" he said. "It's nice to have a reason to smile" Molly said and looked at him to find he had a huge smile on his face. "What?" she asked. "I'm just glad that...that everything worked out" he replied. "Even though it wasn't what he planned in the first place?" Molly asked. "Even that" he smiled.

"Do you think....." she paused. "Think what?" he asked. "Do you think we are making a mistake?" she asked. "Do you?" he asked. "I asked you first" she said and he laughed. "Cris may have a point about you being annoying" he said. "He's one to talk" she scoffed. "Do I think you both are making a mistake? The answer is no. But it's not my opinion that matters. If my opinion mattered then none of this would have ever happened in the first place" Jorge said.

"We can't change any of it though" she shrugged. "What about you?" he asked. "Huh" she said. "Do you think it's a mistake? You and Cris being his parents" he asked. She looked down at Junior. "I think we are going to give it a good go" she replied. "I think you might just surprise yourselves. This week may be a blessing in the long run" he said. "I wouldn't go quite that far Jorge" Molly said. "You've always being his mother. Even Cris knew that deep down" Jorge said.

"I just want him out of here but I don't know what awaits. The press, work, who cares for Junior when. There's too much still to be worked out" Molly said. "And you can work them all out when the times comes. For now just enjoy time with your son" he said. "Thanks Jorge" she said. "For what?" he asked. "For always being there. For not just thinking about Cristiano especially considering he's your client and more or less family" she said. "Well you're family too" he said and she smiled at him. "Plus you’re easy to work with. Even if you are bossy" he smirked. "Hey" she said and he laughed.

"That bossy attitude comes in handy" he said. "Well let's hope Cristiano listens when I tell him to go back to work" she said.

"Cris" Dolores said softly as she gentle shook her son's shoulder. "Cris" she said again and he jumped awake. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But you said you only want a couple of hours sleep and then to get back to the hospital" she said. "Ok ok" he said laying back down on the bed. "Thanks" he said. "How are you?" she asked. "Tired. Angry. Annoyed" he said.

"Angry?" she asked. "Angry that this week happened. That I hired that nanny when Molly should have being the one with him. Angry that it took my son nearly dying for.....well for things to...- "Be right" Dolores finished and he nodded.

"The World knowing who Molly really is makes things right" she said. "I guess" he shrugged. "Go take a shower. I'll get you something to eat and then we will go see my grandbaby" she told him patting his cheek. "Ok" he sighed. "Everything is going to be alright Cristiano" Dolores told him. "You sound so sure" he mumbled. "I've seen you with Molly and Junior" she told him. "Everything is ok with Junior. That's why we are good" he told her. "I wasn't just referring to after Junior was given the all clear son" she said patting his cheek.

Cristiano was walking out of the bathroom after his shower when Irina came storming into the room and flung her shopping bags onto the bed. "Everything ok?" he asked as he strolled to the dresser to find a pair of boxer shorts. "It would be if those damn paps could keep their mouths shut. I swear they did nothing but ask me how is Junior Irina? Did you know about his mama? Honestly" she groaned. "I'm sorry. I know this hasn't been easy for you" Cristiano said.

"Hasn't being easy? Are you joking me? Not alone did my boyfriend wait until days before his kid dropped out to tell me he was going to have a kid. But then he brings his baby mama to live with him and doesn't tell me" Irina yelled and Cristiano sighed. "I know that I have made a mess of everything Irina and I'm sorry. I've had the worst week of my life and I just want my son home" Cristiano said. "She only wants the kid you know that right" Irina said. "Sorry?" he asked confused. "The precious Molly. It's Junior she wants" the model said. "She's his mother. And she's going to part of his life Irina" Cristiano said. "Part of his. Not yours" she said.

“There’s nothing going between Molly and I" Cristiano said. "You lied to me and made look like a fool" she said. He walked towards her and placed his arms around her waist. "I'll make it up to you" he said. "Oh yes you will" she pouted. "I should get dressed and head by to the hospital" he said. "I'll come with you" she said. "There's no need babe" he said. "I want to. Your my boyfriend. You need me more than anyone" she smiled. "Thanks" he smiled. He placed a kiss on her cheek and moved to find some clothes to wear. "I'll just tell Tatiana that I'm going with you" Irina said heading to the door.

"Hey Katia was just wondering if Cris was nearly ready" Tatiana said when she met Irina on the stairs. "He's getting dressed. We're going to the hospital" Irina said. "You're going back there?" Tatiana asked surprised. "That hussy isn't getting her hands on my man" Irina said. "She's Junior's mother" Tatiana said. "And Cris's girlfriend and he needs to remember that. Everyone thinks she so amazing but are forgetting that cow slept with my boyfriend" Irina said.

"When you two weren't together. You hadn't met him then" Tatiana said. "Well now the brat is better, she will be busy with him and I'll make sure Cris is busy with me" Irina said. "They will be in each other’s lives Irina" Tatiana said. "And I'll be right there beside Cris. I'll make sure he doesn't look twice at her ever again" Irina said.

"Irina, I know you were lied to and I totally understand why you are furious but please promise me you won't do anything stupid. I know you don't like that Molly is going to be around Cris but she's his son's mother. If you make him choose between you both" Tatiana paused. "I'm not going to make him choose. He'd pick me anyway I would make sure of that. I just want my boyfriend" Irina said. "Things will get easier when Junior is out of the hospital. And you have work commitments coming up" Tatiana said. "I know..." Irina trailed off when she heard Cristiano coming down the stairs.

"You ready babe?" she asked. "Ya. Hey Tatiana" he replied. "Katia has food ready for you" Tatiana said. "Oh good. Then we can go. I hope she packed some from Molly" he said moving pass the two women on the stairs. "She's being through a lot this week. He's just worried about her like any good friend" Tatiana told Irina. "Just as long as he remember which brunette is his girlfriend then we will be fine.. Otherwise I will make sure that slut won't want anything to do with him" Irina said and followed Cristiano down the stairs leaving her sister shaking her head.

“I thought we were going to see Junior?” Dolores asked as she followed her son through the hospital. “Molly sent a text telling us to go to the waiting room” he replied. “I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about son” Dolores said. “Of course there isn’t babe” Irina said taking his hand into hers. “You’re not missing work things while your staying in Madrid?” he asked her. “Nothing is more important the being here with you babe” she smiled. “Thank you but I don’t want you missing out of things. Junior will be out of here soon. I know you were only meant to stay a few days and it’s been way more than a couple. I totally understand if you have to leave” he said as they walked.

“I’m not going to just leave you babe” she smiled. “It would probably mean things were getting back to normal if you did go through which would be good. I don’t want your career to suffer” he said. “I’ll think about it” she smiled even though she had no intention of leaving if it meant Cristiano was going to be around Molly. The sooner that woman was back living in her own place and maybe even England the better the model thought.

“What are you doing?” Cristiano asked when he opened the door to the waiting room and found Molly and Jorge kneeling at one of the coffee tables. “Making a plan” Jorge said. “He means a schedule not plan” Molly said sitting back on her heels. “Ya not a plan” Jorge said. “Still none the wiser here Mols” Cristiano said. “Well we all know you’re not wise Cristiano” she smirked. “Ha ha ha. Explain” he said jesting to the papers on the table.

“Forget about them. How is my grandbaby?” Dolores asked. “He’s fine Dolores” Jorge said. “Except that the nurses kicked us out cos apparently he needs a break from visitors. Like hello he’s a baby. He just wants cuddles” Molly said. “I’m sure it won’t be long” Cristiano reassured her. “Just an hour but still” she said and he laughed. “So come on explain” he said taking a seat. “Well” she said picking herself off the floor to sit on the couch. “Hi. Did you get some sleep?” Molly asked. “Yes I did. Now stop avoiding my question” he said. “I’m not avoiding jezz. Hey Irina” Molly said to the model who was standing watching them. “Hi” she muttered.

“Molly” Cristiano said. “Ok well Jorge and I were thinking. Well I was thinking but Jorge was thinking the same thing but didn’t want to say cos even though everyone thinks he this big shot he’s actually quite a softy” Molly blabbed and Cristiano took a deep breath and looked at his mother and agent. “Molly” he sighed wishing she would get to the point. “Well like since Junior is getting better and we can actually see him and know that the worry is nearly gone and- she was cut off by Cristiano’s hand covering her mouth.

“For the love of God woman will you just get to the point already” he said lifting his hand away from her mouth. “Ok ok. Oh and do that again and I’ll be biting those fingers Ronaldo” she warned. “Molly will you just tell him” Jorge said. “It’s a schedule for who will stay with Junior for the week” Molly finally said. “That’s it” Irina said. “Yup” Molly said looking at her. “All of the rambling for just that” the model said. “She was rambling because there’s something else. Spill” Cristiano told Molly. “Well” Molly said and Cristiano glared at her.

“Jezz honestly ok. I’m going to take the mornings and you will take late afternoons and we’ll figure out the nights” she said. “Why am I in the afternoons?” he asked. “Cos you have training in the mornings. No listen” she said when he went to speak. “You have to go back to work at some point. Junior will be getting out of here soon. Seriously Cris if you’re training and doing football stuff then things are getting back to normal. Please don’t argue. Jorge thinks it’s a good idea” Molly said. “She’s right Cris” Dolores said. “She might be” Cristiano mumbled.

“Come on you can’t stay away for too long or they’ll realise they can manage better without you and wonder why the hell they are paying you enormous wages” she smirked. “Better without me please” he scoffed. “This week was extremely tough on everybody. It’s time to get things back to normal” Jorge said. “Exactly. I’ll spend the mornings with him. Visiting times are going to be restricted so we can’t be with him anyway. I’ll go home and then you spend the afternoons with him and we’ll figure the rest out” Molly said.

“One of the family will stay at night” Dolores said. “Nuno did say that he quite liked the chair in the room” Cristiano smirked. “We’ll see” Molly said. “At least this way everyone will know when everyone is. We might be ships in the night at times but it’s just until Junior gets out of here” Jorge said. “And look at like this. If I’m doing mornings then you won’t have me annoying you in the afternoons” Molly smirked. “Wow peace sounds nice” Cristiano joked and she tapped his shoulder.

“It makes sense Cris. You have to get back playing your football” Irina said happy that Cristiano wouldn’t be near Molly if he followed the schedule. “Ya can’t have people forgetting you exist now can you” Molly joked. “Ok ok. Let’s have a look at this so” Cristiano said and Molly smiled at Jorge. “Next time I tell him. You take way too long” Jorge said to her and she shrugged.

“Back to normal tomorrow then” Cristiano said to Molly. “Ya normal. Whatever that is” she shrugged as she picked up the pen from the coffee table.
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