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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 29- I Don't Care About Anything Else

“Hey babe” Irina smiled into phone screen. “Hey I was just on my way to the hospital” Cristiano replied. “But you are going to talk to me for a little bit since you haven’t spoken to your girlfriend in day” she said. “I’m sorry. Things are crazy here. I’m trying to get back into the groove of training and being with Junior. They moved him into the children’s ward yesterday” he said. “That’s nice” Irina said.

“It’s brilliant it means he’s really improving if they don’t have him in a separate room” Cristiano said. “I guess. How is Molly?” Irina asked and Cristiano choked on the water he had been drinking from. “Ahm she’s good. I haven’t seen much of her this week. We keep missing each other” he said. “Well she is there to see her son not you babe” Irina smiled. “Exactly” he replied and she proceeded to talk about her day ahead.

Cristiano started to think about how much he really hadn’t seen Molly in the last few days. Like he had told Irina, they kept missing each other. She spent the mornings with Junior and then he spent the afternoons with their son. They didn't even get to see each other as one took over from the other. His entire family were taking it turns to be around the hospital also. In fact Nuno had volunteered to do the night shift which he did after a lot of persuading to stop Molly from doing it. But that was until the nurses decided that it was best if no one stayed with Junior at night. The following day they moved him into the children’s ward.

“CRIS” Irina yelled and he jumped. “I’m listening” he said. “What did I just say then?” the model asked annoyed. “Oh crap there’s paps heading towards the car. I better head into the hospital. I’ll call you later” he said. “If you find that you have time for me” she said. “I do babe. I’m sorry. Everything will be much easier when Junior isn’t in hospital which will hopefully be soon” he said. “Well I’ll be back in Madrid hopefully by the time he comes home so I’ll be there to help you” she smiled. “You don’t have to rush back. I know that you are busy” he said. “Never too busy for you babe. Bye” she winked as the phone went blank.

He let out a groan will he really did see a pap heading towards his car and Cristiano pocketed his phone and quickly hopped out of the car and towards the hospital. “Óle Cris” Elma said when he was outside the children’s ward. “Hey sis. Is Molly gone?” he asked even though he knew she was. “No she’s just gone to the bathroom” Elma replied. “Really” he said surprised and Elma laughed.

“She’ll be back in a minute. I guess she hasn’t being around you enough this week to annoy you” she smiled. “We’ve being busy. Anyway seeing Junior is more important than the two of us talking. “Ya sure” Elma said not missing the huge smile that appeared on her brother’s face when Molly came into his view.

“Hey Mols” Cristiano beamed walking towards her. “Hi” she mumbled. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Why do you think somethings wrong?” she asked moving around him but he caught her by the elbow. “Cos I know you and you’ve being crying. What’s the matter? Is Junior ok?” he asked worried. “He’s fine. He’s being smiling all morning” she replied. “Then why the tears?” he asked stroking his thumb under her left eye.

“One of the other babies…..She went for a kidney operation but didn’t make it” she said. “Oh. That’s awful” he said. “She was only a little bigger than Junior” Molly said. “Come here” he said pulling her into a hug. “It’s awful and I know that you feel guilt that part of you is glad that it isn’t you child that has died but that reaction is perfectly normal Mols” he said as rested her head against his chest. “Why are you so could at reading my thoughts at times?” she mumbled.

“Part of my charm I guess” he said and she laughed a little. “Are you ok other than being upset about that little girl?” he asked. “Ya I guess. How are you? Glad to be back at training?” she asked pulling away from his grip. “Ya I guess it’s good to be back. Will be better when Junior is home. Who knows we might actually get to speak” he smiled. “Anyone would think you’ve missed me Averio” she smirked.

“Ah ya. Do you know how long it is since I’ve had one of your chocolate brownies” he grinned and she tapped his chest. “Funny. I might have to stop relying to your texts if you’re not careful” she joked. “Don’t do that” he said. “I won’t. How else will I know if Junior is alright after I leave here? Since I’ve been banned from coming back in the evenings” she said.

“You aren’t banned. We are just following the schedule. Your schedule if I remember correctly” he smirked at her. “Oh shut up” she said rolling her eyes. “Amm if you too are done, there’s someone here would like to talk to you both” Elma said and Cristiano and Molly turned to find Dr. Luiz standing next to her.

“Is Junior ok?” Molly asked rushing to the doctor who laughed. “He’s good. In fact he’s so good, we are going to discharge him on Sunday” Dr. Luiz said. “Sunday” Cristiano said. “As in two days from now?” Molly asked. “Yes as in two days from now. He will need regular check-ups and still will have to be given certain medicines for a couple of more weeks but I’m am very happy to allow him home” Dr. Luiz said.

“Ahm did you two hear what he just said? Junior is going to be leaving here soon” Elma said surprised by the lack of reaction coming from Molly and Cristiano. “No ya we heard. We just weren’t expecting it. Thank you. Thank you so much” Cristiano said shaking the doctor’s hand. “Junior did the real work. We’ll discuss him leaving in more detail at another time. Until then just spend time with you son” he said. “We will. Thank you” Molly said and the doctor walked off.

“He’s coming home” Cristiano grinned at Molly. “He did actually say that. Right? I didn’t just imagine him saying those words?” Molly asked. “Nope I heard him say those words loud and clear. He’s coming home. Thank you Jesus he’s coming home” Cristiano said before his arms went around Molly’s waist and he lifted her off the ground sending her into a fit of giggles. “Cris will you put her down” Elma said laughing.

“He’s coming home” Cristiano said placing Molly’s two feet back on the ground before twirling her around. “Let’s go see him” Cristiano said. “Ahm we have stuff to discuss like the fact that you have a match on Sunday” Molly said. “Talk later. Now going see our son. Come on” he said taking her hand and leading her towards Junior’s new room.

“Hey kiddo” Cristiano said picking Junior out from his cot. “Don’t make him too giddy” Molly said. “He gets his giddiness from you. Have you had a nice morning with Mama?” Cristiano asked taking a seat in a nearby chair. “Of course he did” Molly smiled. “That’s cos he gets all of your cuddles. Mama gives good cuddles doesn’t she Junior?” Cristiano smiled at his son.

“Do you think that he’s ready to get out of here?” Molly asked. “Mols they wouldn’t say he could leave if he wasn’t” Cristiano said looking up at her. “Ya I guess. Can I have one last cuddle before I leave please?” Molly asked. “Now I think your son would feel a little left out if I got a cuddle and he didn’t Mols” Cristiano said and she rolled her eyes at him. “You know what I meant” she said.

“I did and there’s no rush to leave. Is there?” he asked. “I guess not. I’d like to talk to the doctor a bit more about Junior leaving here I guess” Molly said. “Well until then, how about the three of us just sit here for a while” he said. She pulled up a nearby chair and took a seat.

“Do you ever ask yourself what God is playing at when you see all of these kids so sick?” Molly asked. “I guess it’s part of his greater plan” Cristiano shrugged. “To make kids suffer and their entire families. I just don’t get it” she said. “I guess we aren’t meant to understand it. But we have to be thankful that our son is going to be getting out of here in a couple of days” Cristiano said.

“Do you think we are ready for it?” she asked. “I’m not sure how to answer that” he replied. “A simple yes or no would be a good place to start” she said. “It’s not really a yes or no answer Mols. Look he has another two nights in this place. Let’s get through that and deal what lies await for us after he’s out of here when the times comes. “He’s being through so much in his short life” Molly sighed. “And he has both his mama and papa with him. It shouldn’t have taken all of this hell to happen for that to be how it is but it did” Cristiano said.

“If you’re about to apologise can you not please. I think it might be time to draw a line under that plan. If that’s what you want?” she asked nervously. “Molly how many times do I have to say it? I am not going to change my mind. How many times do I have to say your son, our son, call you his mama before you finally understand? We are his parents” he said.

“I think we will be great parents too” she smiled. “Since when am I not good at something” he smirked. “I hope your son doesn’t get your ego or I won’t know what to do” Molly smiled. “Please you can manage both of us. Plus he’ll probably be a mama’s boy since you’ve always being his favourite” Cristiano said.

“I was his food and I guess he’ll be like his papa in that case if he ends up being a mama’s boy” Molly smirked. “I’m not a mama’s boy” Cristiano pouted. “Yes you are. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact it only helps to show what a good heart you have” she smiled. “Sometimes I think you’re the only person who sees that” he said. “Guess you show me it more easily than to others” she said and he smiled.

A couple of hours later and both Cristiano and Molly were headed to the caffertia after a discussion with the doctor about Junior’s discharge. “There you are” Jorge said as the pair came into view. “Hey Jorge” Molly smiled. “Hi Molly” he replied. “What’s wrong?” Cristiano asked. “Nothing I just wanted to hi. Why did you think there was something wrong?” Jorge asked. “Cos there usually is” Molly replied.

“Well everything is great at my end. You’re back training. Molly is back smiling and Junior is back to close to full health” Jorge smiled. “And he’s coming home on Sunday” Cristiano said. “Really? Oh that’s great news” Jorge smiled. “It is. Expect there’s so much to until then. And Cristiano has a match on Sunday” Molly said. “Molly relax. The match is on early so we can bring him home late evening. Don’t worry about anything. Just learn what the doctor said about his medicine and I’ll take care of everything else ok” Cristiano said. “He’s right Molly. Don’t worry. This is great news” Jorge said. “I know. I know” Molly said.

“Ok Jorge you take her to get a snack while I go phone Nuno” Cristiano said. “Phone your mother first or she’ll be annoyed she wasn’t told first” Molly said. “I’ll tell Nuno not to tell her until I say it to her. I need him to help me organise things. Actually I need to see who can stay with Junior tomorrow first” Cristiano mumbled. “Am hello I’ll be with Junior” Molly reminded him. “Not all of the time. You need to go help Nuno pack your stuff. You’re hardly going to miss out on the opportunity to boss him about what to lift and move now are you” he smirked at her.

“First of all I don’t boss people and it’s actually more fun if it’s you by the way and secondly what do you mean pack?” Molly asked confused. “Ya Cris what are you talking about?” Jorge asked equally confused as Molly was. “Junior is coming out of hospital” Cristiano said. “We know that” Molly said. “So he’s coming home and so are you” Cristiano said like he was the only one making sense. “What?” both Molly and Jorge asked.

“What is the what about? Junior is coming home and so is Molly” Cristiano said pulling his phone out of his pocket. “Wait Cris” Jorge said. “You take her and I’ll go phone Nuno. Junior is coming home. He still will need minding until he’s fully better. Why shouldn’t it be Molly who cares for her son?” Cristiano asked. “But moving back in Cris. I just moved out in case you’ve forgotten” Molly said. “I haven’t forgotten. I just thought it makes more sense. I was just thinking about Junior” he said. “I guess it does make sense” Molly mumbled.

“That’s sorted then” Cristiano smiled. “Molly” a voice called out and they looked behind them to see one of the nurses coming towards them. “I’ve got time to show you Junior medicine plan now if you would like?” she asked. “Oh ya perfect. Grab me something light to eat please. I’ll meet you back at Junior” Molly told Cristiano before she walked away with the nurse.

“Cris she can’t just move back to yours” Jorge said as they watched Molly walk. “Why not?” Cristiano asked. “It’s not that simple Cris” Jorge said. “Who better to care for my son then his mama?” Cristiano asked. “It’s not that. In fact it would properly be easier for Molly if she was with him after he leaves this place” Jorge said. “Then what’s the problem?” Cristiano asked.

“The list is pretty damn long Ronaldo” Jorge said. “Junior is coming home Jorge. I don’t care about anything else ok. Anyone who has a problem can get lost. Molly is coming home. End of story” Cristiano said before he left his agent standing alone in the corridor.
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Cristiano and Molly moments. Cute or what? Junior is coming home but apparently so is Molly. Who saw that coming? Does Cristiano know what he is doing? Does Molly?

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