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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 3- We Are Not Going To Lose Him

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. The clock in the waiting room ticked along as time moved on. Eventually Cristiano had heard enough and stood and walked to where the clock was erected on the wall and pulled out the batteries.

“I was about to throw it across the room” a voice mumbled and he jumped at the voice. He turned to find Molly sitting up in the couch. “I thought you were asleep” he whispered. “I couldn’t. I was just resting my eyes while I was thinking” she whispered rubbing her eyes. She looked to either side of her to see that Ana and Luke were both sound asleep. Jorge, Pepe and Irina were also in the land of nod.

“It’s five in the morning. The doctor hasn’t been here since what like midnight. What is keeping them so long?” he asked. “I keep waiting for that door to open but I don’t know if I really want to hear what the doctor has to say” Molly said. “Molly you will drive yourself insane if you keep thinking the worst” Cristiano said taking a seat on another free couch. “So you aren’t thinking the same thoughts that I have been since the moment you saw Junior tonight. Or last night or oh whatever” she said. “Like you said it’s hard to sleep so there’s nothing to do but think” he mumbled.

“And the nurses didn’t say anything when you went to check?” she asked and he raise an eyebrow. “I told you I wasn’t asleep. I heard you leave a couple of hours ago” she shrugged. “I thought maybe they might have had some news but they didn’t. I spoke to Nuno. He told me to tell you that everything will be alright and he will come here with Maé” Cristiano said. “I wish I could be as sure as Nuno” Molly mumbled. “I wish we could just fast forward to next year and have all this mess behind us” Cristiano said.

“Or go back in time and change things” she said. “Go back to Thursday and take Junior to the doctor ya but I wouldn’t want to change everything” Cristiano said. “The last year and half will be pointless if Junior…” she pauses. “Nothing is pointless and the doctors will find out what is making Junior ill and will make him better” Cristiano said.

“I can’t believe she didn’t take him to the doctor” Molly said. “I can’t believe she looked me straight in the face and told me she did” Cristiano said. “Well the person who hired her is pretty good at that so I wouldn’t be so shocked at that Ronaldo” Molly snapped. “This isn’t- “You think about saying what I think you are about to say Ronaldo and you won’t be needing that hospital bed. They’ll be looking for space in the morgue” Molly snapped. “Kick Zé, kill me. Does that mean Nuno gets the kiss?” he half joked. “Right now I’d kill you just for the doctor to come through the door” she said.

And the door opened and the both stood. “Oh sweetie” Dolores cried coming through the door as she held her arms out to Molly. Tears began to trickle down Molly’s face as she fell into Dolores’s hug. “We got here sooner than we thought” Katia told Cristiano has she pulled him into a hug. “Have you heard anything?” she asked him. “No” Molly mumbled. “Oh Molly, he’ll be ok. He’s strong” Dolores said wiping tears from Molly’s face. “They don’t know what’s making him ill” Molly said. “I’m sure they will find out soon” she said.

“They’ve had hours” Molly said. “They have test to run apparently” Cristiano said. “What happened? Jorge said that you found him limp in his cot” Katia asked looking at her brother. “Molly did” Cristiano said. “Oh Molly. My poor girl. Has someone looked at you?” Dolores asked. “There’s nothing wrong with me Dolores” Molly said. “But you could be in shock. Finding your….oh sweetie just thinking about it is sending my heart racing” Dolores said. “I’m trying not to think about it Dolores. And neither should you. You should sit down. It’s been a long night for you too” Molly said. “Don’t worry about me sweet heart” Dolores said.

“Did either of you manage to get any bit of sleep. The day is going to be long” Katia said as Jorge let out a yawn. “Oh I’m sorry. I must have dozed off” he said sitting up on the couch. “It’s ok. You hadn’t much sleep before last night anyway Jorge” Molly said. “You all got here ok anyway” he said to Dolores and Katia. “Yes we did. Elma will be here tomorrow. Zé sends his best. We didn’t want to bring the kids until…well until we know more” Katia said. “It’s ok Katia. I’m just glad that you and Maé are here” Cristiano said pulling his sister to his side.

One by one Katia, Irina, Luke and Pepe awoke. “What time is it?” Irina asked groggily. “Where is the clock?” Pepe asked looking at the empty space on the wall which used to have the clock on it. “Ronaldo took the batteries out” Molly said taking her seat once more. “I saved it from Molly breaking it so it should be thankful” Cristiano grumbled as he took a seat also. “Óle Dolores, please take a seat. You’ve had a shock too” Ana said standing. “Not as much as Molly though” Dolores said as she took Ana’s spot on the couch. “It’s been an eventful few hours” Ana said. “I just wish it was over” Molly said. “It will be soon Molly” Luke said rubbing her back. “And you know this how? Are you a doctor?” Cristiano snapped. “Cris” Dolores said.

“Ignore his rudeness Luke. My son is just worried” Dolores said to Luke. “It’s ok. It’s understandable” Luke smiled at Dolores. The door opened again and Nuno entered the room. “Hey” he said walking towards Molly. “Are you ok? Have they told you anymore?” he asked as he hugged her. “Nothing” Molly said. “I would have come sooner but I thought there was enough people here already” he said. “It’s ok” Molly told him. “There’s even more in here now” Irina said. “You know where the door is” Ana said. “I have more of a right to be here than you do” Irina said. “If you two don’t stop it, they will kick all of us out” Pepe groaned tired of the bickering between his girlfriend and the model.

“Why don’t I get some coffee and something to eat?” Luke said. “I’ll go with you” Nuno said. “Molly why don’t you come with us? There’s a coffee shop down the road. Some fresh air would be good for you” Luke said. “No” Jorge, Cristiano and Nuno both said in unison. “I’m not leaving this room until I know Junior is ok” she said to Luke before turning her head to the three men. “Why can’t I leave?” she asked. “Like you just said” Nuno said. “Jorge” Molly said. “There’s press outside Molly” Cristiano said. “They just know that Cristiano is here because Junior is sick” Jorge said. “So there’s a circus outside as well as inside then” Molly mumbled.

“I don’t understand what happened though. Junior was fine when we left for Portugal” Dolores said. “Well apparently professionals aren’t able to follow a simple request” Molly snapped glaring at Irina. “I beg your pardon” Dolores said. “Olga didn’t take Junior to the doctor like she said she did” Ana told Dolores. “So your grandson could have being saved what he is currently going through if some people hired people who could fucking do their job” Molly yelled.

“This isn’t my fault” Irina said. “It’s clear as day whose fault all this is” Ana said glaring at Cristiano. The door opened and Dr. Luiz entered the room. Cristiano stood as he followed Molly who rushed towards the doctor. “How is my son?” Cristiano asked. “Can we see him now please?” Molly asked. “Why don’t you both take a seat” he said motioning to one of the couches. “Just tell us” Molly yelled. “Please just tell us. We’ve been waiting all night” Cristiano said placing both of his hands on Molly’s shoulders before she shook them off.

“I’m afraid that Junior’s condition has taken a turn for the worst” Dr. Luiz said. “No” Molly gasped holding her hand to her mouth. “What do you mean?” Cristiano asked. “We’ve had to put him on a ventilator” Dr. Luiz said. “A ventilator” Ana gasped. “Junior was experiencing problems breathing and we took the best course of action” Dr. Luiz said. “What is causing it?” Cristiano asked as Molly stared emotionless at the doctor. “Our tests are in showing that Junior may be suffering from meningitis” Dr. Luiz. “Meningitis” Jorge said knowing that it can be very serious especially in babies.

“It would appear that he is also suffering from another virus which may be in relation to viral meningitis or could be different” Dr. Luiz said. “So you don’t know. After all the tests you are just guessing” Cristiano said. “We are treating him for viral Meningitis. This is good Senor Ronaldo” Dr. Luiz said. “How is that good?” Cristiano snapped. “It’s not the most serious type he could have” Ana said. “That’s true. But” Dr. Luiz paused. “But what?” Cristiano asked. “The other virus along with the Meningitis is making it difficult” he said. “What are you saying Dr. Luiz?” Jorge asked.

“The next twenty four hours are critically for Junior” the doctor said and Molly’s shut as she heard the doctor’s words. “You mean that he could…..” Cristiano said not able to finish his sentence. “It’s possible I’m sorry” Dr. Luiz said. “Oh God no” Dolores said tears forming in her eyes. “But that’s the worst case scenario. Right now Junior is being given excellent care and we are doing everything we can for him” Dr. Luiz said. “Can we see him please?” Cristiano asked. “In a couple of more hours. We are transferring out of paediatrics. Once he’s settled a nurse will come get you I promise. He’s in safe hands” Dr. Luiz said giving Molly’s shoulder a squeeze. Molly flinched at the doctor’s touch and Cristiano moved around her to shake the doctor’s hand, while mentally kicking himself for not remembering Molly’s thoughts on hospitals and doctors.

“Molly, you heard the doctor. Junior is in the best possible place” Katia said as Molly’s hand shook as she ran a hand through her hair. “This can’t be happening” Molly whispered. “Molly” Cristiano said. “This can’t be happening” she repeated. “Molly” Cristiano repeated as everyone watched as she wrapped her arms around her body.

“This is my fault. This is all my fault” she sobbed. “This isn’t your fault Molly” Dolores said. “This can’t be happening. I shouldn’t have left him. This is all my fault” Molly said as her body shook. “I shouldn’t have left him” she mumbled. “Molly, it’s not your fault” Cristiano said placing both hands on her shoulders. “No” she snapped slapping his hands away. She squirreled along to face him.

“It’s yours” she yelled and her right hand moved from her side and in one quick motion came straight across his face. “It’s yours” she screamed slamming her fists against his chest. “You should have being there” she yelled slapping him. “I should have being there” she cried. “Molly” Ana and Dolores called out. “I should never have listened to you. I should never have…” she cried still slamming her fists against Cristiano’s chest.

“Molly” he said grabbing her wrists. “I should never have left him” she cried as she fought against his grip. “Let her go” Luke demanded making an attempt to move towards then before Ana put her hand out to stop him. “I can’t lose him. I can’t lose him” Molly cried as Cristiano pulled her closer to him.

“Sssh” he whispered holding her tightly against him. “I can’t lose him” she cried as his arms came around her waist and slid them both to the floor. “I can’t lose him. I can’t” she cried as Cristiano pulled her into him. “Ssh it’s ok” he whispered against her hair. She rested her head under his chin as he ran his fingers through her hair as he rocked them.

“You’re not going to lose him” Cristiano mumbled placing a kiss on the top of her head as her tears continued to flow. “We’re not going to lose him” Cristiano whispered as he laid his forehead against the top of her head as he held her tightly as she cried all under the eyes of the room full of people.

“We’re not going to lose him” Cristiano whispered as she cried.
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