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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 30- Let's Get You Two Back Home

Molly stared at the ceiling of her bedroom. The sun was starting to creep in through the curtains indicating it was morning time. She sighed rolling onto her side. The sound of her phone ringing made her jump and she quickly turned onto her other side to reach for her phone. Her panic lowered once she saw the caller ID.

“Hello” she said into the phone. “Good morning Molly” Cristiano said. “It’s a bit early for phone calls Cristiano” she told him. “Why? You were awake anyway” he told her. “There’s no point in denying so” she said laying onto her back. “It’s finally time” he said. “I know” she sighed. “Mols you heard the doctor yesterday. Junior is more than fine to come home. He’ll be home in a few hours” he said. “I wish it was sooner” she said. “You know I could- Do not dare” she warned interrupting him. “Not dare what?” he asked.

“Skip the match. It’s your first one back since all of this Cristiano. Really as sweet as it is that you would, there’s no need. A couple of more hours waiting to bring him home isn’t too bad” she said. “It was just an option. Or you could bring him home during the match” he said. “Might as well wait for you sure” she said and he laughed. “Thanks Mols” he said. “How come you’re awake so early?” she asked. “Thinking” he replied. “Oh ya that’s a first” she joked. “Very funny” he said. “What are you thinking about?” she asked fixing the sheets around her.

“How close we came to losing him” he sighed. “That’s not thinking Cristiano. That’s torturing yourself” she said. “And?” he asked. “I thought we agreed not to do that to ourselves anymore” she said. “I guess” he sighed. “Are you ready for the match?” she asked trying to direct their conversation away from Junior’s hospitalization. “I’m always ready” he said. “The pressure is on now. They did so well without you. You’ll have to remind people that you exist” she joked.

“They’ll know I exist when I score you a goal” he said. “You sound so confident you’ll score” she said. “Want to make a bet on me scoring?” he asked. “I’ll pass thanks” she said. “Did Nuno get everything you needed yesterday?” Cristiano asked. “Ya I didn’t pack much so he didn’t have much to carry” she told him.

“Molly bring whatever you need” he told her. “I am. There’s no point in bringing everything anyway” she told him. “Why not?” he asked her. “Cos I won’t be back there for long” she said. “There’s no rush. So are you heading to the hospital soon?” he asked her. “In a little bit ya. Elma and Nuno are collecting me. I’ll sort everything with the doctors and be ready to leave when you come this evening” she told him.

“Maybe you should just bring him home without me” he said. “Why?” she asked sitting up a little in the bed. “The press won’t expect him to leave if I’m at the match” he said. “The press aren’t going to go away anytime soon Cristiano. No we are waiting for you” she told him. “We’re bringing him home” he said. “Yes” she said. “He’s actually coming home Mols” he said. “Thank God he is” she smiled. “Go get some more sleep. I’ll see you in a few hours” he told her. “See you later. Show them who’s worth 85 million” she smiled. “As you say Mols” he laughed and the line went dead.

Molly tried and failed to get any more so sleep so she decided to get up and ready for the day. She was just putting on her boots when she heard a knock on the door. She frowned wondering who could be coming to visit. The knock kept coming and coming and it was starting to annoy Molly. “Ok ok I’m coming” she yelled as she made her way towards the door of her apartment.

“Bout time. And Nuno said you’d be waiting for us by the door” Zé said as he slipped past Molly and into her apartment. “Ahm hello Zé” she said as her eyes followed the man as he walked down the hallway. “Hey Mols” she heard Nuno say and she turned to see him coming towards the front door. “What are you doing here?” she asked him. “Oh thanks. I feel so welcomed” he joked. “Good morning Nuno. It’s lovely to see you as always. Though you’re lucky I was already out of bed or I’d be kicking your ass for bringing Zé and letting him bang on my door” she said as Nuno shut the door after him.

“Oh sorry about him. Anyway I just thought you would like to head to the hospital that’s all” Nuno shrugged. “Thank you Nuno, but you know you don’t have to do everything your cousin asks you to do” Molly smiled. “Cris just thought you’d prefer to be with Junior than waiting around here on you own for half of the day. And I don’t do everything he says. But I don’t mind if it’s something for you” he smiled at her. “You’re the best” Molly said stopping to give him a hug. “I know” he smirked and she playfully slapped his shoulder.

“I thought you lot would be going to the match” Molly said as she took a seat next to Zé on the couch. “Nice place by the way. I came for peace. The women are fussing over Junior’s return home” Zé groaned. “Sorry about that. But their coming to the hospital later so you’ll have some peace then” Molly said. “I don’t mind since we are all happy the little guy is coming home. And they’re not going meeting you later” Zé said. “What do you mean? Dolores told me she would be there” Molly said confused.

“Ronnie thought it would be too much” Zé said. “Too much of what?” Molly asked. “He just thought it should be kept simple. The women mean well but you don’t need them crying and being all fussy when you two are trying to bring your son home. Plus their too busy setting things up at home” Nuno said. “Oh God what are they planning?” Molly asked. “Don’t worry it’s nothing big. I think they are trying to keep busy. Anyway are you ready to go?” Nuno asked. “I guess so” Molly said. “Great we can stop and get some food on the way” Zé said standing. “You read my mind Zé” Molly smiled and he held his hand out towards her and she took it and let him pull her off the couch.

“You excited about the match Ronnie?” Fabio asked his friend as they sat in the dressing room waiting to be called out for the match. “Huh” Cristiano said looking up from his phone. “Junior is getting released from the hospital later. His mind is elsewhere” Pepe said. “Can you blame me?” Cristiano asked. “No one could mate. You’ll have him home soon. Just concentrate on the game for now. Molly is with him so he’s ok” Pepe said. Cristiano handed him the phone that he had being staring at and Pepe smiled.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen a picture like this” Pepe smiled. “Mols was the one who always sent it. When she left…”Cristiano paused. “Well it’s nice of her to send one now” Pepe said handing the phone back to Cristiano. “Send one of what?” Sergio asked coming to stand next to the men. “Molly sent Ronnie a picture of Junior” Pepe said. “Show us” Sergio and took the phone Cristiano held out into his hand.

“Cute but remind me to buy the kid a better jersey though” Iker joked beside Sergio. “Well I’m sure the next pic you get will be even better since it won’t be taken in a hospital” Sergio said. “Spot on Ramos. Now let’s get out onto the pitch. Kick some ass so I can go take my family home” Cristiano said standing.

“I bet this a place you are looking forward to seeing the back of?” Nuno asked as they sat beside Junior’s cot. “I hope I never see the inside of a hospital ever again” she replied. “Yup I think we all feel that” he said noticing her looking at her watch. “The match is almost over Mols” he smiled. “I know. I just really want to take him out of here” she said. “You could have. I mean you are his mother legally and everything” he said.

“So he told you about the documents?” Molly asked. “He mentioned it in passing” Nuno said. “In passing?” Molly asked. “He was rattling on about a lot of things and he just kind of slipped it in during his ramblings” Nuno said. “And?” Molly asked. “And nothing. I figured if he wanted to talk about it he would when he wants to” Nuno said. “Did you know?” Molly asked. “How could I have known? Even Cristiano didn’t know” he said. “I meant about Ana knowing the truth” Molly said and she sighed when she saw his face. “I’m sorry Mols. I would have told you but well I didn’t think you should know” he said.

“It’s my life” Molly said. “But I didn’t want you to go” he mumbled and she laughed. “You look like Rodrigo does when I tell him he has to waiting until after dinner for a cookie” Molly said and he laughed. “So I guess since you’re moving back, I’ll have to step up my cooking game. Can’t have you stealing my crown as best chef” he smiled. “I think Dolores already has that crown Nuno. But you can make me as much as you like if you want to take that crown off her” Molly smirked. “It’s going to be good having you back Mols” he smiled. “Well don’t get used to it. I won’t be there for long” she said.

“Depends” he said. “On what?” she asked. “On whether my cousin actually wakes up” Nuno said. “I’m pretty sure he’s awake Nuno. He’s playing a match right now” Molly said. “Ok how about doesn’t do anything to mess it up” Nuno said shaking his head. “We’ll see” Molly shrugged. “But still you could have taken Junior home. Maybe skip the media circus that’s going to be outside when the know Cris is here” Nuno said. “He should be here. After everything he should be here when he’s finally leaving this place” Molly said.

“You know once Junior is all healthy and back to his old self, you and I are going to do something” Nuno said. “Do what?” Molly asked. “Oh I could make such a good innuendo right now” he winked. “Ya you and me would never happen Nuno” she smiled. “Oh don’t worry I only see you as my annoying little sister. Not that I don’t think you’re not hot or anything cos you are” he stuttered.

“Nuno shut up and get to the point already” she said rolling her eyes. “Plus Ronnie would kill me. But anyway I meant just something. Anything. We both need a Molly and Nuno day” he said. “I look forward to it Nuno. And I’m not annoying” she said and he stuck his tongue out at her but quick stuck it back in when a nurse walked by and eyed him which made them both laugh.

“You ready?” Jorge asked Cristiano as the two men walked to the Children’s ward. “I’m just glad it’s not a coffin we are taking him home in” Cristiano said and Jorge grabbed him by the arm and brought him to a stop. “Your son is perfectly fine. What happened happened. Forget about it as best you can and move on. Just be with your son” Jorge said. “Ok” Cristiano said. “And for the love of God don’t say anything about coffins around Molly. She finally has a smile on her face” Jorge said.

“Sorry I won’t” Cristiano said. “Let’s go get your son” Jorge smiled at him. “Hey congrats on the match” Nuno said as Cristiano came towards him. “Thanks man. Where’s Mols?” Cristiano asked. “In the waiting room” Nuno said. “What why? Is everything ok? Junior is still coming home?” Cristiano asked. “As far as I know he is. She’s entertaining in the waiting room” Nuno said.

“Who the hell is here? I told Maé I just wanted it to be me and Mols” Cristiano said as he went in search of Molly. He found the door opened and he stepped into the room before stopping dead in his tracks. “Hey you’re back” Molly beamed up at him from where she sat on the couch. His focus left her smile and went to the giggling baby in her lap.

“Earth to Cristiano. Is he ok?” Molly asked Nuno who was standing behind Cristiano. “Think he’s just happy at the sight in front of him” Nuno said slapping Cristiano on the back. “Huh oh ya.Ah, what are you doing in here?” Cristiano asked and went to sit beside her. “Well he is all signed out and ready to go. Thought it was better to wait here than in there. He doesn’t need to spend any more time in there if he doesn’t have to” she said. “You’re right” Cristiano said.

“Though when am I not?” she smirked. “You ready so?” he asked. “I’ve being ready for hours” she smiled at him. “Ya she’s said thank you to every nurse in the place at least twice while we waited for you” Nuno said. “Well they are amazing people. Plus you weren’t keeping me entertained enough” she smirked at Nuno. “You sure she should come live at the house? I’m starting to remember how annoying she is” Nuno said to Cristiano. “I’m sure” Cristiano smiled at Molly. “Ok well the car is waiting out back. I don’t think the press are expecting us to leave so quickly so we should get going now” Jorge said.

“Maybe we should go separately” Molly said. “No we are going together” Cristiano said. “They are anxious to get a picture of you with Molly. Not to mind the three of you together” Jorge said. “Fuck them. We are leaving together. Now let’s get this little man into his car seat and head home” Cristiano said taking Junior from Molly. “Right then Rocky is waiting at the door” Jorge said. “Now all safely buckled in” Cristiano said lifting Junior’s car seat. “Perfect. Let’s head to the door” Nuno said. “Let’s get the hell out of this place” Cristiano said standing from the couch.

“They did a great job making sure our son would get better” Molly said following the men towards the door. “That they did. And I will forever be grateful” Cristiano said as they walked. “So will the cheque arrive before the end of the year or will you wait until January to make a donation?” she smiled and he laughed. “I handed to Dr. Luiz myself yesterday morning smarty pants” he said tapping a finger off her nose before linking their arms.

Before they knew it, they were all standing at the back exit of the hospital. “You two ready?” Jorge asked. “Yup” Cristiano said smiling down at Molly who was covering the car seat with a blanket. She looked up at him and he smiled once more. “Let’s get you two back home” he said.
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