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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 31-Home Sweet Home

“You ok?” Cristiano whispered to Molly. “Yeah” she mumbled looking out the car window and into the darkness. They had left the hospital in flashes from paps cameras. Somehow the press got a tip off that they were leaving and the entire back of the hospital had been surrounded by journalists and paps all shouting questions at Molly and Cristiano.

She knew there would be media interest now that the truth was out but she hadn’t expected it to be so crazy. And that was only them leaving the hospital. “I’m sorry” Cristiano said. “What are you sorry about now?” she asked looking at the city lights and he sighed. She shook her head and turned to face him. They were sat in the back of a people carrier with Junior between them and Jorge and Nuno in front with the driver and Rocco up front.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for how that sounded” she told him. “It’s ok” he said. “It’s not. It’s just….The press. They’ll write things and…” she stuttered. “But we’ll know the truth Mols. I’m sorry you have to put up with them. But I swear if one of them even looks at the wrong way I’ll kick there ass” he said and she laughed. “I’m serious” he said and she nodded. “I know” she laughed.

“What’s so funny?” he asked. “Just thinking that they probably would never get punched by a guy with such good moisturised fists before” she said and Nuno and Jorge burst out laughing in front of them. “I hate you all” Cristiano pouted which made Molly laugh even more.

“Aww come on I’m only joking. Quit pouting” she said after a couple of minutes. “I’m not pouting” he said pouting. “Be careful. You’ll get lines from all that pouting if you’re not careful” she joked. “You’re lucky you’re in a car” he told her. “Oh really. What would you do?” she asked. “You’ll just have to wait and see” he smirked at her.

“Hey I never said there was anything bad about your moisturised hands. In fact they come in handy for changing Junior’s nappies” Molly said as the car keep to a stop and they both realized they were parked in Cristiano’s driveway.

“Home sweet home” Jorge said. “I hope someone remember to cook cos I’m starving” Nuno said as he followed Jorge out of the car. “And he thinks I only think about food” Molly laughed. “You ready to go in?” Cristiano asked. “I guess so” she shrugged.

“Hey” he said lifting her chin with his fingers. “He’s home because the doctors know he is much better. Everything will be ok Mols” he told her. She nodded. “Let’s get inside before everyone comes out. You take him” she said. Moving to get out of the car.

“Mols” he said and she looked over her shoulder at him. “You should know of all people how talented my moisturised hands can be” he winked. Her cheeks pinked and he laughed before calls came from outside the car. “Ok little ma, let’s go see grandma” Cristiano said taking car seat in his arm. “I told them not to make a fuss but well they’ve all spent too much time with you so I’m going to guess that they won’t listen to me” Cristiano said. “Ha ha very funny” she said smacking him on the back of the head.

“Hey what was that for?” he asked. “You cursed in front of your son earlier. Can’t have Dolores getting all the fun giving out to you now” she smiled. “When you two are done acting like children, it’s getting late” Jorge said from the front door. “I’m coming” Molly said and Cristiano smirked. “Don’t even think about making a smart comment” she warned him. “Wouldn’t dream of it” he smirked. “What the hell have I let myself in for Junior?” she smiled at the baby in the car seat. “Come on” Cristiano said taking her hand in his and they walked towards the house.

“How over the top have they gone?” Molly asked Jorge as they stepped into the house. “I was expecting more actually” Jorge said. “Oh that’s good” Molly said as they walked to the living room. As they entered the room, a bang of streamers burst and cheers went up from around the room sending Junior into a fit of tears.

“Maé” Cristiano said placing the car seat onto the ground before picking his son out of it. “Sorry. Is he ok?” Dolores asked rushing towards her son. “He’s fine Dolores. Thank you for the welcome” Molly smiled at her. “I’m just so happy he’s home” Dolores said. “I thought you said they didn’t go over the top?” Molly asked Jorge as she looked around the room filled with balloons and at the welcome home banner hanging along the wall.

“I was expecting a brass band at the very least” Jorge joked. “We tried but couldn’t find one” Elma joked coming up to hug Molly. “It’s good to have you both home” she said. “I’m just glad to see the back of that hospital” Molly said. “Amen to that. Come sit” Dolores said ushering Molly to take a seat whilst Alicia and Hugo said hello to Junior.

“Molly” Rodrigo said rushing to sit beside her. “Give a hug” Molly said and he snuggles against her. “Mama made a cake” he said. “Really?” Molly asked. “But it doesn’t look right” Rodrigo smiled. “That’s cos your mama can’t bake” Zé said taking a seat next to his son. “But it was still nice of her to bake one” Molly said. “You might not be saying that when you taste it” Zé smiled at her. “I can see why you wanted some peace” Molly whispered to Zé.

“I always want peace” he smirked. “Good luck getting that in this house. Here’s a slice of cake Mols” Nuno said from behind the couch. “Oh thanks Nuno. You guys didn’t have to go to so much trouble” Molly said taking the plate from Nuno. “We are celebrating” Dolores said as Cristiano handed Junior over to her.

“She nearly had the whole team over but we thought it should just be family tonight” Katia said taking a seat next to Zé. “Well it’s really all nice” Molly said. “Jezz Mols I thought you’d be on slice two by now. Get eating the cake” Nuno called out from the kitchen. “I made it” Katia smiled at Molly. “So Rodrigo was telling me. You didn’t have to go to the trouble Katia” Molly said. “Nonsense. Now get eating. You must be hungry” Katia said.

“Hello I’m the one who just played a match. How come no one is forcing food on me?” Cristiano asked. “You take this one and I’ll get another piece” Molly said holding the plate out to him. “Oh I couldn’t take your plate Mols” he smirked. “Well go on have taste it” Katia said. Molly took a small piece of the cake between her fingers and didn’t miss the smirks on Zé and Cristiano’s faces. Molly had heard stories about Katia’s baking and she hoped this time it would be better. Molly brought the cake to her lips and paused. “Molly” Rodrigo smiled next to her. She took the cake in one bite and the salt hit her the back of her throat. “Mmm” Molly said. “See I told you it would be good this time” Katia said standing.

“Do I need to take you back to the hospital?” Cristiano asked. “Shut up and hand me a napkin” Molly muttered. “That bad?” Cristiano laughed as she took the napkin from his hand. “I think it’s time to put Junior to bed” Molly said. “Ah avoiding Katia after she tastes it herself” Cristiano said. “If you’re not careful I’ll shove a piece into your mouth” Molly warned. “I’ll get him from Maé” he said. “I’ll get him” she told him standing. “Don’t eat too much sugar Rodrigo” she said. “Ok” he smiled. “You’re cute even when I know you aren’t going to listen to me” she smiled placing a kiss on the top of his head.

Cristiano’s eyes followed Molly as she went to the kitchen where Dolores. His attention was snapped back when Rodrigo leapt into his lap. “Wow buddy” Cristiano laughed. “You got Molly back” he said hugging his uncle. “You’re the best” the little boy said. “I don’t know how long she’s going to be here though bud” Cristiano sighed. “You’ll get her to stay forever” Rodrigo smiled.

“Hey your sister is about to taste the cake. Can we go now please?” Molly asked coming closer to the couch before she stopped and smiled at the sight in front of her. “Sure” Cristiano said patting Rodrigo’s back. “Alicia” Rodrigo yelled jumping off his uncle’s lap. “I was thinking maybe we could give him a bath” Cristiano said. “I was thinking the same thing” Molly smiled.

Molly walked ahead of Cristiano as laughter filled the kitchen which indicated Katia had tasted her baking and Molly giggled. When she came to the stairs she paused. She looked up the steps and back at Junior in her arms. The last time she was on those steps…..he was…”Mols” Cristiano said and she jumped slightly. “I know. I know what you are remembering. I’m even thinking about buying a different house so I don’t think about that night every time I climb the stairs” Cristiano said beside her.

“But I love this house you can’t move” she told him and he smiled. “I won’t then” he smiled. “Plus you wouldn’t be able to live without Pepe being so close” she smirked at him. “Let’s get this little guy ready for bed” Cristiano laughed. He placed his hand on her lower back and her shoulders relaxed. They took each step slowly and Cristiano kept muttering about how Junior couldn’t wait for his bath. He kept talking to keep her mind and his off the last time the three of them were together on the stairs.

Once they reached the top, Molly moved towards Junior’s room but Cristiano’s arm came around her waist. “Wait” he said. “What’s wrong?” she asked turning to face him. “Ahm” he said. “Just spit it out Ronaldo” she told him. “

How about I show you instead” he said nudging her towards her old room. He opened the door and she stepped in. She took in the room and slowly turned to face him. “I thought maybe it was best if he stayed in here with you for a while” Cristiano said putting his hands in his pockets. “Why?” she asked looking back at the cot next to her old bed. “It just made sense. You know you still have to give him medicine and you know….” he stuttered. “You’re not ready to put him back into that room. I’m not either” Molly said.

“I couldn’t even walk in there earlier. I don’t……..I don’t think I could ever comprehend what you went through that night Mols” he said. “Then don’t. We just have to focus on having him here with us now not that night” she said. “Ok” Cristiano said pushing a lock of hair behind her ear. “Now let’s get this little fella bathed” she smiled.

Junior giggled in the bath as Molly carefully poured water over his head. “I thought he would be struggling to stay awake by now” Cristiano said beside Molly on his knees. “Like you” she smirked at him as he yawned. “Hey I did play an entire football match today” he said. “Which you loved doing” she pointed out. “Good point. Although I would have rather being with you at the hospital today” he said. “It doesn’t really matter when he was brought home Cristiano. The mean thing is that Junior is here with us now” Molly said.

“Ya you’re right” Cristiano smiled at her. “Of course I’m right. When am I ever wrong?” she smirked and he nudged her shoulder with his and she started laughing. “Well Maé can relax now” Katia said and Cristiano and Molly both looked over their shoulders to find Katia standing at the door as she placed her phone back into her pocket.

“Hey Katia” Cristiano said as Molly focused her attention back on Junior. “Maé was expecting another water fight I guess” Katia smiled and Molly laughed. “Not today Katia” she smiled lifting Junior out of his small bath which was in the main bathtub and into an awaiting towel in his father’s arms.

“Can we help you with anything else sis?” Cristiano asked as Molly grinned at her son in his arms as she dried him. “No no no. I’ll just leave you brother” Katia smiled. “Happy?” Cristiano asked Molly. “I think he is” Molly smiled. “He’s not the only one” he said as she stroked Junior’s cheek. “Come on let’s get him to bed” she said standing.

“I guess although I just want to keep him in my arms” Cristiano said following her to his feet. “I know the feeling. I’ll go get his clothes and we’ll put him down for the night. And then you can get some shut eye. After all” she said moving towards the door.

“You did have a pretty big day. I guess scoring a hatrick would do that to a guy” she smiled. “Told you I would score you a goal” he smirked as Junior rested against his chest. “You certainly reminded people who you were” she replied.

“I’m not that forgettable Mols” he grinned at her. “Oh really?” she asked. “Ya. Even you couldn’t forget all my good points” he smirked. Molly let out a cough and nervously ran a hand threw her hair. “I’ll just go…get his clothes” she stuttered.

“Shouldn’t you be asleep?” Cristiano asked quietly as he stood just inside Molly’s bedroom a few hours later. Molly jumped a little at the sound of his voice. She had spent the last few hours sitting up in the bed just staring at Junior in his cot.

“I could ask you the same question” she whispered. He took more steps into the room until he stopped at the chair which used to be in the nursery. “He’s fine Molly” he said. “I know that” she replied. “Then why are you watching him when you should be asleep?” he asked. “I just…I’m scared when I wake up he’ll…” she paused. “He’s perfectly fine now Molly” he said.

“Why are you up?” she asked him and he sighed. “Ok I’m the same as you but I know it’s all in my head” he said taking a seat in the chair. “I did this after he was born” she mumbled. “Did what?” he asked lifting his attention away from Junior and back to her. “Well not straight after he was born of course” she muttered. “Did what Mols?” Cristiano asked as she shuffled in the bed.

“I sat up watching him all night. The night he left the hospital after he was born” she said. “The night I asked you to come back and mind him” he said. “I just sat watching him in the little basinet beside the bed. Of course he woke for his feeds but after I just watched him sleep. Watched his chest rise and fall. I didn’t ever think that I would ever get the chance to do that” she said and he could see her wiping her cheek even though the light from the bathroom only gave a small light into the main bedroom.

“Mols” Cristiano said. “I can’t help think how close I came to losing him” she said. “Come here. I can barely see you” he said and she shuffled out from under the covers and moved to the end of the bed. Once she was close, he grabbed her by the legs and pulled her unexpectly into his lap. “Ronaldo” she said. “Ssh you’ll wake him” he said as he grabbed the end of the cover of her bed and covered them both with it.

“He’s home. That’s the most important thing” he said running his fingers softly through her hair. She settled into his arms and rested her head onto his shoulder and stared at the cot.

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high” Molly started to sing quietly. “Like a diamond in the sky” Cristiano continued and she looked up at him. “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are” the both sang as the watched their son sleep.

Watch him sleep in the knowledge that he was safe and happy at home with them.
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