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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 32- Sleep Well?

The sun began to shine through a tiny gap in the blind and Cristiano’s eyes began to flutter open. He groaned when he saw the room was a little brighter than the last time he had seen it. It had only felt like he had fallen asleep. He turned his head to the right slowly and blinked a couple of times when he saw the sleeping brunette laying her head on his shoulder.

Then he remembered where he was. He remembered coming into to Molly’s room to find her watching Junior as he slept. He had pulled her into his lap and they had just sat watching their son. Then they must have both fallen asleep he thought. He stared at Molly whose arm was wrapped tightly around his waist under the cover he had pulled from her bed. She looked so peaceful he thought.

He let out a peaceful sigh and closed his eyes before settling his head just inches from Molly’s. Molly’s right leg bent more in his lap and Cristiano hand which had been resting on her leg under the cover moved with her leg. Her pyjama bottoms had moved above her knees and his hand connected with her skin. His fingers automatically caressed the skin under them and Molly snuggled closer to his warm body. His fingers moved under the pyjama bottom up her thigh and Molly suddenly jumped awake in his lap and lifted her head unexpectedly whacking their heads together.

“What the..” Molly groaned as they both lifted their hands to their heads. “Mana” Cristiano smiled as her eyes adjusted to the morning. “Why did your big head also have to be hard?” she groaned as she shifted to a more comfortable position in his lap. He bit his lip as he tried not to think about something else that was hard at the moment and hoped she didn’t notice.

“Ahm we fell asleep” he mumbled as her eyes began to close once more. “I guess we did” she muttered followed by a yawn. He moved his hand to the side of her face and brushed her hair behind her ear. “You have a lot of sleep to catch up on” he muttered. “At least he’s home now” she mumbled and her eyes flipped open. “Junior” she said and sat up in his lap and looked towards the cot. “He’s ok. He’s ok. See he’s still out for the count” Cristiano reassured her and he noticed she began to untense at his words.

“Mana” she mumbled brushing her hand through her hair. He laughed and she glared at him. “What?” she asked. “Nothing” he smiled at how adorable she was right then. “You’re a strange man at times” she said. “I’ll take at times” he smiled. “Urgh what time is it?” she asked. “Early” he replied. “Way too early” she said and Junior made them both aware that he was no longer asleep. “Someone is awake” she smiled looking at the cot.

“He probably wants a cuddle from his mama” Cristiano said and she looked at him. “I can’t believe he’s actually here after everything” Molly said. “Well he is. So enough thinking about the last couple of weeks. Now why don’t you” he said pulling the cover off them before lifting his feet off the end of the bed and placing them on the ground. He moved his arms so he could carry her and stood.

“Cristiano” Molly gasped as he moved to lay her down on the bed. “Why don’t you stay in bed a bit longer. I’ve got him” he said as he moved to pick up the cover on the ground. “But” she said and he held his hand up. “No buts” he said and she giggled when he pulled the cover up to her neck and tucked the cover around her body. “Sleep. I’ve got him. We haven’t had one of our morning papa/son time in ages” Cristiano as he picked a smiling Junior out of his cot. Molly looked up from the bed and smiled at the sight of Junior in his father’s arms. “Sleep” Cristiano said not waiting for her response as he made his way to the door.

He carefully shut the door after him and made towards his bedroom when he heard his name being called. He turned to find Dolores and Katia staring at him. “Mana” he said. “He’s awake early” Katia said. “Ya. I’ll get him something to eat. Molly is gone back to sleep” he said. “She needs the rest. I’ll go start breakfast” Dolores said walking to the stairs. “I’ll come with you Maé” Cristiano said avoiding the smirk on his sister’s face. “I think you should start on putting on some clothes first my dear boy” Dolores smiled and he looked down at himself and remembered he only had his boxers on.

“I’ll just get dressed” Cristiano said and Dolores headed down the stairs. “Sleep well?” Katia asked. “Junior did anyway” Cristiano said. “I’m sure you did too. After all you’re lucky Molly is so light little bro” Katia winked before following her mother down stairs. Cristiano rested the back of his head against the wall and looked at his son who was gazing up at his father. “We just fell asleep” he mumbled and then shook his head and went in search of clothes.

“What time is he meant to get his medicine?” Cristiano asked Dolores as he lifted a spoon towards Junior’s mouth a short time later. “Molly has it sorted son. No need to worry” Dolores smiled picking up her juice. “I don’t want her having do everything” Cristiano said as Junior refused to eat. “First time for everything then” Nuno remarked as he walked past Cristiano.

“She’s his mama. It’s naturally for her to want to do everything when it comes to your children” Dolores gave a small smile to her son. “Well at least she can actually be his mama now” Nuno said. “What’s your problem?” Cristiano asked his cousin. He thought Nuno and he were ok. “Nothing. I just didn’t sleep too well. I’m sorry. Just ignore me ok. I know you never meant for everything to happen the way they did” Nuno said. “Where is everyone? I thought they would all be up” Dolores said changing the subject. “Katia was gathering up her three men before I came down. Hugo is still flat out” Nuno said. “Junior” Cristiano wined as he struggled to get his son to eat.

“And here I was thinking he took after Molly when it came to food” Nuno joked. “He’s just trying to annoy me” Cristiano mumbled. “Something he gets from Mols no doubt” Nuno joked as the woman in question came into view. “Gets what from me?” Molly asked as she came closer to the table. “Annoying Cris” Nuno quipped. “That’s my boy” Molly smiled leaning down to kiss the top of her son’s head.

“He won’t eat for me” Cristiano sighed. “Relax he will. Hello he’s my son. He’s not going to refuse food now is he” Molly said and they all laughed. “I thought you were sleeping in” Cristiano asked. “Two little munchkins came in to see me” Molly smiled. “Oh I never thought about them” Cristiano frowned. “It’s fine. I wasn’t really able to go back to sleep anyway. Shouldn’t you be getting ready for training?” she asked him. “As soon as Junior finishes his breakfast. Although it would seem that he has decided to also take after you in the stubbornness department also” Cristiano said.

“Eat your breakfast for papa Junior” Molly said looking at her son. “And you be careful. Molly can be a lot more annoying than Junior when she puts her mind to it” she reminded him. “Oh I know. I don’t mind though” he smiled. “So looks like everyone is heading back to their normal lives today” Nuno said. “I know. Shame though” Molly said heading to the fridge. “I love them all. But come on, the peace will be nice” Nuno said. “Kind of got used to them being around” Molly shrugged. “They’ll be back soon Mols” Cristiano said. “I know” she said pouring a glass of orange juice.

“So what have you got planned today?” Nuno asked Molly. “Get everyone off safely and well just get Junior settled back I guess” Molly shrugged. “I should really rearrange that woman to decorate the house for Christmas sometime during the week” Dolores said. “What woman?” Molly asked. “Is there any point if none of us will be here in Madrid for Christmas though?” Nuno asked. “Ahm hello I asked her a question first” Molly said. “Maé was planning on having someone decorate the house for Christmas. She did it last year too” Cristiano said. “But why? Putting up decorations is fun” Molly said.

“It takes too long and Cris has football and the others won’t be here so there’s no point” Dolores said. “I’ll do it” Molly said. “There’s no need Molly” Dolores told her. “But I want to” Molly said. “You have enough to do with settling Junior back into a routine” Dolores said. “I guess” Molly frowned. “She would be able to get it all done though Maé” Cristiano said and Molly’s head popped up to look at the table. “But” Dolores said. “Really Dolores I don’t mind. It will be fun. I can order most of the stuff online and anything else I can get your son and nephew to help me with” Molly said. “If you wouldn’t mind doing it” Dolores said. “I don’t mind” Molly smiled. “I guess I’ll leave it in your capable hands then. I’ll go get Hugo up. He has a flight soon” Dolores said standing from the table. “No one will be here for Christmas Molly. I don’t see the point in decorating the place” Nuno said. “But the house will have people in it until then so why not” Molly smiled.

“If she wants to do it, then just leave her Nuno” Cristiano said as Junior finally finished his breakfast. “I won’t go too overboard” Molly said walking towards Cristiano. “Go full on Christmas in here. I don’t care. This place needs some cheer. Go as crazy as you like. My card is well you know where in the office” Cristiano said. “Really?” Molly asked and he laughed. “Yes but do climb any ladders or lift anything heavy by yourself Molly. I mean it” he warned.

“Ok ok I won’t. Oh I better get dressed and I start planning. There’s so much to buy” she smiled clapping her hands together and he laughed again. “You won’t be laughing when she has the two of us running around with decorations for her” Nuno said. “Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. I better head to training now this little rascal has finished his breakfast” Cristiano grinned at Junior in his highchair.

“Have a good day. See you later. Come one Junior let’s go get Mama dressed so we can do some online shopping” Molly said lifting Junior out of the highchair. “Just remember that we don’t actually spend the Christmas holidays here so don’t go too over the top Mols or it will go to waste” Cristiano reminded her. She tilted her head in thought and nodded. “Ok” she said. “Why are you letting her put so much effort in?” Nuno asked when Molly had left the room. “Cos there’s been nothing but doom and gloom in this house for weeks. Get into the Christmas spirit Nuno” Cristiano joked. “But still” Nuno said.

“Mols loves it” Cristiano shrugged. “I guess she deserves something good to focus on after the last few weeks” Nuno said. “Exactly. I’ll talk to you later. Make sure she eats something. She never had any breakfast” Cristiano said. “Sure” Nuno replied and Marcosa and Alicia came rushing into the room.

“Tío Cris” Alicia yelled running towards her uncle. “Mind the dog doesn’t knock you” Cristiano said as he lifted her into his arms. “We are going home today” the little girl frowned. “But we will all be in Madeira for Christmas soon” Cristiano told her. “Molly said I could help pick out decorations while papa is…getting is act together” the little girl said and Nuno and Cristiano laughed. “You’ve certainly being talking to Molly” Cristiano smiled. “Alicia” Molly called out. “Coming” she yelled back.

“Hey you have to tidy your room and pack your clothes before we can look at decorations” Molly said coming into the kitchen. “I’ll do it now. I’ll do it now” Alicia said as she wiggled in Cristiano’s hold and he let her back onto her feet. “Are you really blackmailing my niece to clean her room?” Cristiano asked. “Nooooo” Molly smiled. “Rodrigo will want to help too you know” Cristiano said. “He’s almost packed his things.

Katia is trying to figure out how I can get Zé to buck up” Molly laughed. “Hence why your still in you pjs then” Cristiano grinned at her. “I thought you were going to training” Molly said placing her hands on her hips. “I’m going now. Have a fun day” Cristiano told her. “We will. Oh do you think a snow machine would be too much?” she asked him as he made his way from the kitchen. “Molly” he groaned and she laughed.

“He didn’t actually say no” Molly winked at Nuno. “I’ve got a few things to do this morning but I’ll be around to help in the afternoon” Nuno told her. “Aww I haven’t even got any decoration up and you’re already getting into the Christmas spirit Nuno. Man I’m good” she grinned. “Well I guess my cousin isn’t the only person you can get around by having a smile on your face” Nuno said. “It’s Junior’s first Christmas. I want everything to be perfect” Molly said. “Molly” Katia called out from upstairs. “That’s my queue” Molly smiled making her way back out of the room.

“Jorge” Cristiano said answering his phone as he switched off his car. “How are things?” Jorge asked. “Great but why do I think that’s going to change when you tell me why you are phoning” Cristiano sighed. “I was just phoning to say goodbye and that I’m about to head back to Lisbon” Jorge said. “Oh” Cristiano said. “But” Jorge said. “Knew it was too good” Cristiano groaned.

“Just the press reactions from yesterday. Nothing too crazy. Just a few pics of you and Molly leaving the hospital with Junior. You can’t see him. Interesting headlines. Ronaldo, Baby Mama and Son was one. A few wondering about yours and Molly’s history. They know she was known to you in Manchester and that she works for me. They have a lot of questions” Jorge said. “And the answers are none of their business” Cristiano snapped.

“Cris” Jorge said. “Just keep an eye on what they are writing about Molly ok. I don’t need them upsetting her with lies about her. I better go. See you soon” Cristiano said hanging up the phone. He rested his head against the steering wheel and sighed. He looked at his phone at the picture of Junior in Molly’s arms a few months ago and smiled. “My son is home that is all that matters” he mumbled.

Cristiano was greeted by Pepe as he walked into training. “Hey man” Pepe said. “Good morning” Cristiano smiled. “Someone is in a good mood” Pepe mused. “My son is healthy and at home. My house is about to get back to normal and I’m back playing football. Yup I’m in a good mood” Cristiano smiled. “So everything went ok? Molly moving back in” Pepe asked. “Just like old times” Cristiano grinned. “That’s good” Pepe said as Sergio and Iker came towards them. “Junior home?” Iker asked Cristiano.

“We brought him home straight after the match. It’s so good to have him home” Cristiano replied to his Captain. “We? So it is true Molly is back living at your” Sergio said. “Just for a short while. Right Ronnie?” Pepe asked and Cristiano shrugged. “She’s trying to settle Junior at home” Cristiano said. “It will be great to have her back on the street” Sergio smiled and Cristiano frowned. “Ya well all her focus is on Junior so…” Cristiano trailed off. “Let’s get into training” Pepe said and the Spaniards walked in front of Pepe and Cristiano.

Pepe pulled Cristiano back by the elbow. “You like things being like the old times at home then think before you act Ronaldo. You’ve had enough drama” Pepe warned. “There’s going to be no more drama” Cristiano insisted. “I hope you are right” Pepe said having noticed Cristiano’s reaction to Sergio’s words moments ago.
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Morning moments between Cristiano and Molly. Why is Katia smirking at him? Christmas is coming to Madrid. Will it be perfect for Junior and Molly? Will Cristiano be right? Will there be no more drama? Guess you all will have to wait and see. Will Cristiano listen to Pepe and think before he acts?

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