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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 33- Goes For You Too

“Tío Cris” Alicia and Rodrigo came shouting at him as he closed the front door of his house behind him. He got delayed with club stuff so it was almost four in the afternoon. “Hey kiddos” he smiled taking them in his arms sending them into a fit of giggles. “Have you both being good today?” he asked placing them back onto their feet. “Of course Tío Cris” Rodrigo smirked and Cristiano heard a small laugh and lifted his focus from his nephew and found Elma at the door of the office.

“They’ve being good. Molly let them each pick something for Maé’s house in Madeira” Elma said. “She’s planning on decorating that too?” Cristiano frowned. He didn’t want her doing too much. “They are missing out of the decorations here so Molly let them pick something for Maé’s house” Elma smiled. “That’s nice but I didn’t think she would go decorating Mae’s house too. She has enough to do” Cristiano told Elma as Rodrigo and Alicia ran off.

“She’s not. She was just trying to make the kids feel involved since they wouldn’t see this place. She even skyped Eleanor to ask her to pick something” Elma smiled at how delighted her own daughter had being. “Where is Molly now?” Cristiano asked. “Ah that’s what I came to speak to you about” Elma said and Cristiano started to panic. “Is Junior ok? Did something happen to Molly?” Cristiano asked. “Relax it’s all ok. Junior had a slight temperature after lunch. Molly’s with him up in her room. He’s fine. She phoned the doctor Cris. She’s just a little…” Elma paused. “Anxious. Ya I get it. I’ll go check on them now” Cristiano said.

He gently knocked on Molly’s bedroom door once he reached it. He pushed it open and found Molly laying on the bed. He moved closer and could see Junior laying beside her. “No praise for knocking on the door?” he asked and she looked up at him. “Hey what’s the matter?” he asked when he noticed her teary face and he quickly moved to the opposite side of the bed. “Junior” she whispered. “Elma told me that his temperature was high. But he’s ok now. Isn’t he?” he asked laying on the bed at the other side of Junior.

“It’s gone down” she mumbled. “Then why the tears?” he asked cupping her chin. “I was scared” she whispered. “Oh Mols” he said stroking her cheek with his finger. “I thought he was getting sick again. I should have be concentrating on him more instead of the stupid decorations. If he had gotten sick…” she trailed off. “Hey look at me” Cristiano said he said turning her chin upwards to look at him. “The doctors said it could happen. That Junior would be prone to a high temperature for a while. But that there’s nothing to worry about. I bet he told you this when you phoned him earlier today” he said.

“He did but” Molly said. “No buts Molly. It’s not your fault if Junior gets a temperature. And I bet Junior was with you the entire time you were organising the decorations” he said. “Ya well he was in my lap of course but I still should have…..” she said before Cristiano placed his finger over her lips. “You can’t do anymore for Junior than you already do Mols. It will get easier. He will get back to his normal self and this entire hospital hell will be in the past” Cristiano said.

“I hope so” Molly said looking down at Junior. “He seems happy right now” Cristiano smiled as his son played with his teddy. “His high temperature didn’t last that long” Molly said. “You should have phoned me Mols” he told her. “There was no point in telling you until you got back. The doctor calmed me down. Well mostly. Actually I could have probably done with you but I didn’t want to interrupt” she said.

“Molly I don’t care if I’m in the middle of the World Cup final. If Junior needs me, then I want you to tell me” Cristiano said. “I will. I’m sorry. I know I should have but with phoning Dr. Luiz and then giving him his medicine things just went a little crazy. But really his temperature was nearly gone by the time I actually had time to phone you” Molly explained.

“I understand and you don’t have to apologise to me. What I meant is that I wish you phoned me so I could tell you it would be alright. I just want you to share your worries with me Mols ok” he said. “I just wanted him to be better. If I thought it was serious then I would have screamed the house down until someone phoned you” Molly said.

“I know you would have. But he’s fine now so no more worrying” Cristiano said. “Ok” she sighed. “At least try anyway” he asked. “I’ll try” she replied. “So how was your day otherwise?” he asked rolling onto his side better to face her. “It was ok. Katia, Hugo and Zé were getting ready to leave so the kids were with me” Molly shrugged. “The kids had fun. They can’t wait to see their decorations up in Maé’s house” he told her.

“They were disappointed that they would see the decorations here so I just wanted them to feel better” Molly said. “And it was sweet of you. So go on then tell me how crazy you went with my credit card today” he asked. “I would never go crazy with your money” Molly said. “Molly relax I know I know. And I don’t care how much you spend. Even if it was something only for yourself” he said.

“I have my own money Ronaldo” she snapped and he sighed having not meant to annoy her. “I know you do. I just…you know what never mind…I’ll only end up saying the wrong thing and we’ll end up getting into a fight” he said. “I thought that’s what we do. Fight?” she asked. “But we always make up. Cos you can’t live without me” he joked and she rolled her eyes. “I think that’s the other way around” she laughed. Cristiano stared at her and smiled. “So how did the decoration shopping go?” he asked.

“Good I think. I didn’t buy that much cos I got Zé and Hugo to get some things that were in the attic. And I put Nuno in charge of getting the tree” she said. “I doubt he’ll mess that one up Mols. He’ll be too scared you’ll make him dress up as a snowman and leave him on the lawn” Cristiano joked and she giggled. “Now that is a good idea” she laughed. “You know I could always get someone to put them up when they arrive Molly. That way you don’t have to worry about Junior and doing everything” he said. “But you said I could do it” she said. “Then you do it then” he said and she smiled.

“Good. They’ll all be here tomorrow. And why would I need someone to do it when I have you and Nuno to help me” she smirked and he rolled his eyes. “You know we’ll help” he said. “Plus if you aren’t strong enough I can just call a couple of Spaniards in to help me” she winked. “You are so lucky our son is between us right now” he groaned. “Or you would do what?” she asked tilting her head to the side. “I’ll save it for another time” he mumbled. “I should go help your siblings get ready to leave” Molly said. “Or you just lay here” he said smiling down at Junior.

“You spend time with him” Molly said placing a kiss on Junior’s forehead before rolling off the bed.
“How bad do I look?” she asked turning around to face Cristiano. “You look beautiful Molly” he smiled. “Stacking some flattery in the basket for later huh” she said laughing. “Just the truth” he shrugged. “I’ll call you when everyone is leaving” she said moving towards the door. “Oh the peace and quiet” he said. “You’ll miss them and you know it” she said opening the door. “Mols” Cristiano called out. “Ya” she said. “You know it goes for you too” he said. “Of course I’ll miss them. Though a little bit of peace is something I’m not going to complain about” she winked and he laughed.

“I’m sure they all can’t wait to get out of here and back to their normal lives anyway. But I meant about what I said about Junior” he said. “What was that?” she asked confused. “About not caring if I’m in the middle of the World Cup final and Junior needing me. It goes for you too” he said concentrating on his son and not on her. “Ok” she mumbled watching him. “But” she said. “But what?” he asked finally looking up at her. “Hopefully him…and I… don’t have a reason to need you urgently during a final. Though you and your teammates would want to get to one soon” she smirked and he sent a pillow flying through the air and landing at her feet.

“Ha you missed” she said sticking her tongue out at him before leaving the room. Junior let out a giggle and Cristiano looked at his happy son. “Your mama is so annoying” he told his son and his son giggled again. “Still’s still pretty great though buddy” Cristiano sighed.

“Maé why aren’t you eating?” Cristiano asked later that evening as he, Dolores, Nuno and Molly sat around the kitchen table with Junior in his high chair beside Molly. “There is nothing wrong with that pasta” Nuno said and Molly laughed as she picked up Junior’s spoon. “It’s very nice actually Nuno. Not as good as mine though” Dolores replied. “Or mine” Molly muttered and Cristiano gave her shoulder a squeeze.

“This is nice that’s all. Sitting here like this” Dolores said. Cristiano to his right where Molly sat and smiled as he watched her feed Junior. “Ya it is” he said. “So Mols are you planning on turning this place into the North Pole tomorrow or what?” Nuno asked. “You’re the one who thinks I shouldn’t do anything” Molly pointed out. “Well ya but it’s a nice idea I guess. But well if you’re going to do then you might as well go big” Nuno smiled.

“So a talking Santa on the roof isn’t too much then?” Molly asked and Cristiano dropped the fork in his hand and looked at her. “Come again?” Cristiano asked. “Gottcha ya” Molly laughed. “But you did say I could do whatever I wanted” Molly said. “She could do a lot then if you said that Ronnie boy” Nuno said.

“Don’t be giving her ideas Nuno” Cristiano groaned. “You’ll just have to wait and see tomorrow” Molly said. “Ha he doesn’t have great patience Mols” Nuno said. “I put up with both of you don’t I” Cristiano said. “And we put up with you which can easily change by the way” Molly reminded him as she feed Junior. “But we’ll both keep you around for now. Won’t we Mols?” Nuno asked when Cristiano frowned at her words. “I guess. Like who would annoy you if he wasn’t around” Molly grinned at Cristiano. “Very funny” Cristiano said pulling her towards him.

“So what exactly have you instore for this place tomorrow?” Cristiano asked as Molly resettled into her chair with Cristiano’s arm resting on her shoulders. “You’ll see tomorrow” she told him. “Some things are worth the wait son. Could even make you appreciate having it” Dolores said looking directly at her son. “Well I’m not sure Christmas decorations are worth the wait but he’s just going to have to wait” Molly said. “And to distract his mind he can do the wash up” Nuno said standing from the table.

“Hey” Cristiano said as Molly laughed. “And then you can put Junior to bed” Molly said. “Will you help me?” Cristiano asked. “You wash and I dry” Molly smiled. “I meant with Junior but thanks for volunteering to help with the dishes Mols” he smirked and she rolled her eyes at him. “No water fights” Dolores warned and they both smiled. “Of course not Maé. Why don’t you spend time with Junior whilst we tidy up here?” Cristiano suggested. “Come on Junior let’s leave Mama and Papa tidy up” Dolores said standing and taking Junior out of the high chair.

“He’s just with Maé Mols” Cristiano reminded her when he noticed her eyes following his mother and son out of the room. “I know” she muttered still looking towards the direction where they had exited. “Stop worrying” he whispered and she turned to look at him. “I can’t help it” she mumbled and he pulled her closer to his chair.

“You’ll drive yourself crazy worrying all the time Mols” he said as she leaned her head onto his shoulder. “I know” she replied. “You’re already crazy as it is. We don’t need you anymore crazy” Cristiano joked. “You’re so funny” she said sacristly. “I try” he said placing a kiss on the top of her head. “We should tidy up” Molly said. “In a minute” he said as he held her. She moved her hand to the fingers that were currently running softly up and down her arm and link their fingers together. “I guess there’s no rush” she whispered as they sat alone in silence at the kitchen table.

It was almost midnight and Cristiano pushed the covers of the bed off him. He pulled on a sweatshirt that was laying nearby and headed towards the door. When he reached the hallway he noticed the quietness of the house and smiled. Everything was so peaceful he thought as he passed the door to Junior’s nursey and stopped outside the next door. His hand hovered over the door knob. He’d just peak in and see they were both asleep he told himself before he finally turned the door knob. He slowly and quietly pushed the door in and peaked his head around it.

The light from the bathroom gave a low light throughout the room and he could see Marcosa at the bottom of the bed by Molly’s feet. The dog noticed Cristiano and lifted his head which made Molly sit up in the bed when the dog hopped off the bed and ran towards Cristiano. “Stop Marcosa” Cristiano mumbled as the dog tried to get Cristiano to rub him. “You made him move from his comfortable position the least you could do would be to rub him” Molly said and Cristiano looked to the bed having not seen that she was awake.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you. I was just…” he paused. “I wasn’t asleep” she said. “You should be” he said. “So should you” she replied. “I was looking for my dog” Cristiano said bending down to rub Marcosa. “Sure you were. Well as you can see he was very happy on my bed” Molly said. “Lucky dog” Cristiano mumbled. “Huh?” Molly asked.

“Until he saw me that is” Cristiano said quickly. “It’s weird how he’s sleeping so well in that cot after everything” Molly said. “We can get another if you would like? Katia did think he was best to get a different bed set” Cristiano said as he closed the door behind him. “I’m glad she did. Although he’ll have to go back into that room at some point” Molly said. “But there’s no rush” Cristiano said taking a seat in the rocking chair at the end of the bed.

“He can’t stay sleeping in the same room as his mother forever Cristiano” Molly said as she bent her knees up to her chin under the covers. “I’m not sure his future wife would like you sleeping in the same room as him on his wedding night so you’re probably right” Cristiano joked. “His wedding. According to your own mother, her grandson will be down the aisle before you” Molly said. “I only intend to get married once. Don’t want to rush into a decision I’ll regret” he replied.

“Do you think you rushed into the decision to have Junior?” Molly asked. “Do you think we did?” he countered. “Your mother says you should leave regrets in the past and not think about them” Molly replied. “She’s a very smart lady my mother” Cristiano smiled. “Yes she is” Molly said. Cristiano leaned forward and took the end of the cover of the bed into his hand and tugged at it.

“Hey” Molly said when the cover started to move. “I’m cold” he pouted. “So” Molly replied. “It’s nice to share Mols” he said tugging at the cover. “Hey” she said as the cover slipped out of her grip. Cristiano pulled the cover around him and smirked at her before he let out a laugh when Marcosa jumped onto the bed. “Ssh” Molly said pointing to Junior. “Give me back the blanket” she said. “Come get it back” he said. What started out as banter was beginning to really annoy Molly now and she crawled on her knees to the bottom edge of the bed.

“Give me back my cover” she damned with her hands on each hip. “Ok fine” he relented holding part of the cover out to her. Molly reached for the cover and Cristiano grabbed her hand and pulled her off the bed and into his lap. She let out a screech. “Ssh. You’ll wake Junior” he told her as he rearranged the cover around them both. “I kind of like my bed Ronaldo” Molly said resting her head on his shoulder. “Ssh and go to sleep” he said wrapping his arm around her waist. “Muppet” she yawned. “Ya I am a muppet. I’m your big annoying muppet” he said placing a kiss on the top of her head.
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