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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 34- What Awaits?

A tug of his ear had Cristiano’s eyes jumping open. There he found Nuno standing beside him. “Unless you want to be late for training then I would suggest you get you but in gear right now” Nuno whispered. “What time is it?” Cristiano asked. “Time that your alarm has already gone off in your room” Nuno said emphasing the your. Cristiano groaned at the thought of getting up. “You might want to move her slowly if you don’t want her to wake” Nuno said and Cristiano turned his head to find Molly’s nose inches from his mouth.

“Move Marcosa from the bed” Cristiano told Nuno as he carefully lifted his legs from where he had them stretched out on the bed. “He looks comfy” Nuno said noticing how the dog was laying on his back with his feet in the air. “Lucky him. Now move him” Cristiano said as he carefully moved his hands under Molly’s legs and stood up before placing her on the now empty bed. “She’s usually up before you. I’m surprised she’s not awake” Nuno said as Cristiano placed the cover over her.

“She’s tired more than she lets on” Cristiano said. “Could probably do with sleeping somewhere other than in a rocking chair then” Nuno said as he followed Cristiano out of Molly’s room. “We fell asleep talking. She’s afraid something will happen to him while she sleeps” Cristiano said. “Well I’m pretty sure if your girlfriend saw her asleep in your lap just now, then it would be you who would be afraid of something happening to him during sleep” Nuno said. “We fell asleep” Cristiano said. “Hey I’m just glad Molly is talking to you about stuff that’s bothering her. But I’m just saying” Nuno said.
“I need to get ready for training” Cristiano said heading to his bedroom.

“He’s so adorable” Ana said holding a giggly Junior in her lap. “I know” Molly said proudly as she placed two mugs onto the coffee table. “So how is it been back living here?” Ana asked passing Junior in his mother’s arms. “I still haven’t been able to walk into his nursey but I think having him sleeping in with me is making it easier to forget little by little what happened that night” Molly replied. “I’m sure it will get easier. Junior seems very happy” Ana said.

“He’s settled back in at home really well. It’s Cristiano and I that are having a bit of a hard time adjusting” Molly sighed. “What’s he done now?” Ana asked rather annoyed as she had expected Cristiano to be better this time around. “Nothing. Why do you always think the worst of him?” Molly asked annoyed. “Cos of his history for one” Ana said.

“Well he hasn’t done anything. He’s being great. He was the one who suggested Junior sleep in my room. Had it all organised before Junior came home. And he’s being trying to convince me that there’s no need to worry anymore” Molly said. “There is no need to worry Molly” Ana said. “I’ll eventually get that but it’s going to take time. But got more sleep last night than the previous night so that’s a start” Molly said.

“So apart from worrying over Junior. How has everything else been here?” Ana asked. “Good. I’ve been preoccupied with Junior. And Katia and the others leaving. Plus planning on the decorations for this place. It’s being good” Molly said. “Good? Seriously that’s all I’m going to get?” Ana asked. “I don’t know what you were expecting” Molly said confused. “You’re back living here” Ana said. “And? I’ve lived here before Ana” Molly said. “Yes but now you are Junior’s mama to the entire World” Ana said. “And?” Molly asked. “You’re back living with Cris” Ana said. “And Nuno and Dolores and who ever else comes to stay. I don’t understand what you want me to say. We haven’t fought. But well it’s only been two days” Molly joked.

“So everyone is happy that you are back living here then?” Ana asked. “You’d have to ask them” Molly said. “And Irina?” Ana asked. “I haven’t heard her name being mentioned in a while so I don’t know” Molly shrugged. “I can’t believe that she’s happy you are living here again” Ana said. “I’m willing to bet that she doesn’t know” Molly said. “Excuse me?” Ana asked. “I said that I’m willing to bet that she doesn’t know. And that’s got nothing to do with me. That’s between her and her boyfriend” Molly said.

“But she has to have seen the pics of you and Cris leaving the hospital with Junior” Ana said. “I just left with him. Doesn’t mean I stayed here. Look it’s not my business” Molly said. “It is when she acts like a bitch to you when she finds out” Ana said. “I’m here for Junior” Molly said. “And staying alone with her boyfriend. Who I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want you around. What if she does something to make you leave?” Ana asked.

“Ana come on. I’m here for a short time. She’ll understand that I’m here for my son” Molly said. “Fine but if you think things with Cristiano will stay good when she finds out then think again Mols. I don’t trust her” Ana said. “You and I both but she happens to be dating the father of my son. So I’ve got to put up with her” Molly said. “Just come get me if she’s a bitch and I’ll sort her out” Ana smirked and Molly laughed. “That’s lovely. But if she says or does anything that affects my son, then I’ll sort her out” Molly said.

“Can I watch? Actually I’m pretty sure you could sell tickets to that show down” Ana joked. “There will be no show down. I’m Junior’s mother. She may be dating his father but anything to do with Junior is strictly between Cristiano and I. Which is something I’m going to have to discuss with him now that you brought her up” Molly said. “I don’t know what he is doing with her” Ana said shaking her head. “That’s his business” Molly shrugged.

“Like you would think with the way she spoke to you at the hospital and the way she acted the entire time she was there, that he would have dumped the witch. Like did she not see that he didn’t even want her there?” Ana asked. “Ana, she did find out that her boyfriend lied to her” Molly said. “You cannot be defending her Mols. Please I know you are nice and all but she is..urgh…I can’t even narrow down what she is” Ana said.

“Her boyfriend did wait until his son was nearly born to tell her that he was coming. Then moved his child’s mother into the house without telling her the entire truth. All I’m saying is I can understand why that would upset her. But she’s Cristiano’s girlfriend. And while I don’t practically care for her, I don’t control Cristiano’s life. And if he’s happy then Junior is happy and that’s all I want, is for my son to be happy” Molly said.

“Cris is happy Mols. And it’s got nothing to do with Irina” Ana said. “Junior is home. That’s all that matters” Molly said. “Well I hope I’m right in thinking that Cristiano will actually make sure to put you and Junior before that witch” Ana said. “I swear your opinion of Cristiano changes more often than he scores goals” Molly mused. “Maybe I’m starting to listen when it comes to you telling me how good of a person he is but I still want to kill him for all this mess” Ana said and Molly laughed.

“Good I don’t think he’d be able to cope if you started liking him fully” Molly joked. “Ok joking aside though Mols. If she tries to cause problems when she eventually makes an appearance then at least tell Cristiano ok. Again I’m hoping he actually sees that she was horrible to you” Ana said. “Can we stop talking about her now please?” Molly asked. “Sure. So how Christmassy are you going to make this place?” Ana asked. “Well….”Molly smiled.

Cristiano was singing (badly) along to the radio as he neared the front gate to his house. Apart from the club’s media people wanting him to speak about Junior and everything with Molly which Cristiano had refused, he was just happy to be nearly home. He turned the radio down when he reached the gate. He shook his head as he waited for the gate to open. The big huge red bow dividing into two as the gates opened.

“What the hell awaits me behind these gates” he mumbled out loud as he drove towards the house. His phone began to ring as he switched the car off. He looked at his phone and his finger hovered over the answer button. He knew he should answer it. He hadn’t spoken to Irina in nearly three days only over text. And even that she hadn’t replied to the few texts he had sent. In fact when he texted her to say that Junior was home, she had only replied great and told him about her modelling gig she was.

“Hello” he said into the phone. “You sound as if you don’t know who you are speaking to Cris. Remember I’m your girlfriend” Irina snapped down the phone. “Hi babe. I didn’t realise it was you. How is everything?” he asked as he opened the car door. “Great. Just about to go shopping” she replied. “Getting my Christmas present?” he asked. “I’m not sure if you deserve one” she said. “I promise I will make everything up to you babe” he said. He knew he had lied to her but she wasn’t even trying to understand why he did. Though to be fair she didn’t know the entire truth.

“I’m already making lists of how you will be making it up to me” she said. “Well I hope somewhere on that list is me buying some very sexy lingerie for my sexy girlfriend to wear so I can enjoy it as much as she does” he said. “Maybe” she said and he heard the sound of a car pulling in behind him. “What the..” he said as he noticed a huge tree on top of Nuno’s car. “Cris” Irina yelled down the phone. “Babe I’m going to have to call you back. There’s a gigantic tree in my driveway” he said. “What?” she asked. “Something to do with Molly I’m guessing. Enjoy shopping. Talk to you later” he said. “Urgh Molly” he heard curse as he hung the phone up.

“Care to explain?” he asked Nuno as his cousin exited his car. “I was sent to get the tree” Nuno said. “And couldn’t find a smaller one?” Cristiano asked as he wondered how in the hell the tree was meant to fit in his living room. “She told me get the biggest one I could find” Nuno shrugged. “You know you don’t actually have to do everything Mols wants you to do” Cristiano pointed out. “I wanted to. Plus she may have kicked me out of the house” Nuno mumbled. Cristiano looked at his cousin and started to laugh.

“What the hell did you do to make her kick you out?” Cristiano asked still laughing. “Knocked a bunch of ornaments that I had just put along the fireplace” Molly said and both men turned around to find her standing behind them. “I said sorry. And you did tell me to fix the tinsel so if you think about it—
Cristiano held his hand in front of Nuno’s mouth. “I really wouldn’t dig yourself into a deeper hole” Cristiano said. “Ya you should listen to your cousin Nuno. After all he gets an A for digging holes himself” Molly smiled at Cristiano. “I see you are having a lovely day” Cristiano said to her. “I’ll be having a better day once you boys get that tree into the house. Chop chop boys” Molly said clapping her hands twice before turning on her heels and heading towards the door.

“Wait you expect us to carry it in?” Cristiano asked. Molly looked back over her shoulder at him. “Well if you don’t think you are strong enough I’m sure I could find some people who are. Oh I know we could see who are strong. The Spanish or the Portuguese” Molly smirked. “We’ll show you strong. Cris grab the back” Nuno scoffed as Molly laughed and re-entered the house. “You know she was only saying that to get us to do it” Cristiano said as he walked back to the car. “Come on, I’m tired and you know she’s going to get us to decorate this thing with her” Nuno said.

“How over the top has she gone inside?” Cristiano asked nervously. “It looked pretty good the last time I saw it. Though there’s a few surprises you will have to wait to see until it gets dark” Nuno smirked. “I hate surprises” Cristiano groaned.
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As always I kind of went a bit too long in my original chapter so had to half it so apologies for this boring chapter. Ana is hoping Cristiano will stand up for Molly when Irina arrives but will she be found out to right or wrong? Will there be surprises that Cristiano will hate or love?

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