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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 35-From Catching To Explaining

After a struggle which neither Cristiano nor Nuno were going to admit to Molly, the tree was not only brought into the house but also put standing in the living room. “Aww you boys must be drinking your milk” Molly joked as she entered the living room with Junior on her hip. “Them bones them bones need calcium” Nuno sang and they all laughed.

"Now I just have to do is decorate it" Mollly said as she gazed at the bare tree. "This room looks lovely Molly" Cristiano said has his eyes wandered around the room. "Well you'll be happy to know that I didn't go too overboard. I had thought about getting figures for the garden but then I thought that it would have just been for the kids so since they aren't going to be here there wasn't any point" Molly shrugged.

"Next year you can. I'm sure a blow up snowman would looked great in the garden" he said walking towards her. "Oh she's taken care of outside" Nuno said. "Don't spoil it Nuno. Now be a doll and get the small box that's in the office for me. It has everything I need for the tree. Please" Molly asked.

"What have you done outside?" Cristiano asked as Nuno disappeared. "You'll have to wait and see" she smirked. "Can I have my son please?" he asked. "As soon as you wash your hands" Molly said. "What?" Cristiano asked. "You just handled that thing" she said pointing to the tree. "Fine" he groaned.

"How the hell is this a small box?" Nuno asked as he struggled to carry the huge box in his arms. "You're the one who got the huge tree. She's going to need a lot to cover it" Cristiano said before he left Nuno and Molly talking about the difference between sizes of boxes and headed towards the stairs.

He smiled when he reached the stairs and saw the red bows on up along the stairs and the holly. It was lovely without being too much he thought. After a quick change since his clothes were covered in pines from the tree, Cristiano joined Molly in the living room. "How was Junior today?" Cristiano asked her as he bent down to pick his son out of his seat. "Really good. He got a bunch of cuddles from Ana this morning" Molly smiled as she continued to lift things from the box.

"So you had a nice time with Ana then?" Cristiano asked. "She just popped by to see how we were" Molly said. "That's nice" Cristiano replied. "Your mother watched him while I was setting all of this up. I think he missed you though" Molly smiled as Junior giggled as his father tickled him. "I missed him too" Cristiano said. "I found the ladder" Nuno said came into the room in different clothes to the ones he had on only moments ago. "She made me change" he muttered to Cristiano who smiled.

Molly moved to climb the ladder when Cristiano called her name. "What?" she asked him. "You are not climbing that ladder" he said. "How else am I going to get the lights up to the top?" she asked him. "Nuno can do it" Cristiano said. "You do it" Nuno said. "And have him fall and break a leg. Hell no. I am not listening to Jorge if that happens. Not to mind having to care for him" Molly said. "I bet you would look good in a nurses uniform Mols" Nuno smirked and she rolled her eyes.

"Nuno just put the lights around the tree" Cristiano snapped trying not to picture Molly dressed as a nurse. "The cookies better be worth all of my helping" Nuno mumbled as he climbed the ladder. "I told him that I would make him Christmas cookies. Seriously did you really think he was helping without getting something for him in the process?" Molly asked Cristiano. "You never know with him" Cristiano replied.

A while later and with both Nuno and Cristiano's help, Molly had completed decorating the tree. The red and gold babbles along with the tiny trinkets she had found online made the tree look wonderful Cristiano had thought. "Now all we have to do is switch the lights on" Molly smiled. "Oh Molly, the front looks gorgeous" Dolores exclaimed as she entered the room. "What did you to the front?" Cristiano asked. "You'll - find out soon" he finished for her.

"The tree looks wonderful" Dolores said as Nuno switched the lights on. "She forgot something" Cristiano said. "What did I forget?" Molly asked confused. "Something for the top of the tree" he said. "I didn't forget. I just don't know which star to choose" she asked. "No angel?" he asked. "Why do you usually put an angel on top?" she asked cursing herself for not picking an angel too. "Relax Mols, I was just messing with you. Since you're a star for doing all of this, I think the gold star is best" he said handing it to her. "I was waiting for the, oh there should be a star to go with the superstar in the house" Molly smirked. "Well that too" he winked at her and she laughed.

"Maé can you take Junior please?" he asked Dolores who happily took her grandson. "Up you go" he said nodding to the ladder. "Why me?" she asked. "Youngest should always put the star on the top" he said. "Junior is the youngest" she reminded him. "But we both know you aren't going to let him anywhere up the ladder. Plus you act more childish than he does sometimes so it works" he smirked and she tapped his chest. "Says mister childish himself" she said as she prepared to climb the ladder.

"Oh now it's ok for her to climb the ladder" Nuno muttered. "Shut up Nuno" both Molly and Cristiano said and then laughed. "Be careful" Cristiano told her. "Don't let me fall then" she smirked over her shoulder as she climbed. "I'll catch you if you do" he winked at her. "Maybe you should get your captain over then. Goalkeeper hands might be safer" she joked. "I'll always catch you" he told her as the watch her place the star on top of the tree. "Perfect" Dolores smiled as Molly slowly climbed down the ladder stopping at the third last step. She turned and rested against the ladder.

"See didn't fall" she smirked as readjusted his foot on the bottom of the ladder. He held out his arms to her and she jumped off the ladder. She laughed as he got her and wrapped her legs around his waist. "See caught you" he smiled. "Always knew you would" she smiled. "Ok now the tree is done can we show him the outside?" Nuno asked. "Oh yes" Molly smiled and Cristiano regretfully let her down from his hold. "No more practicing whether or not you can catch her" Dolores said.

"Front or back?" Molly asked Nuno. "Front first I think" Nuno said. "What the hell have you done to my house?" Cristiano asked nervously. "You're about to find out" Molly smirked grabbing his wrist. He laced their fingers together as they all walked outside. By now it had turned dark and Molly couldn't wait to see their hard days works. "I was expecting a snow machine" Cristiano joked. "You haven't seen the back yet" she smirked at him and he raised an eyebrow at her. "You didn't?" he asked. "You'll find out soon. Now both of you look" Nuno said pointing up to the house. They all looked up and the lights sparkled along the roof of the house.

"Oh Molly it looks gorgeous" Dolores beamed. "Did you put them up there?" Cristiano asked. "God no. The deliver guys did. It was part of the price. I like Christmas lights but I aint climbing up there for anyone" Molly said. "It's lovely Molly" he smiled at her. "Really? You like it?" she asked. "It's perfect" Cristiano smiled. "It does look good if I say so myself. Oh let's see the back" Molly said suddenly and tugged at Cristiano's hand that was still in hers and he quickly followed her back into the house.

"Wait" Nuno said peeking behind the curtains that had been closed across the windows in the living room. "Wow" Nuno said. "What's wrong?" Molly asked worried. "It looks. Jezz Mols, you really are something aren't you" Nuno smiled and drew the curtains back. "Wow" Cristiano exclaimed beside Molly as his garden came into his view. Nuno opened the doors and Cristiano tugged her through the door. His eyes scanned the entire garden. The fairy lights all along the bounds of the garden glittered.

The trees had red bows and fairly lights around them. "Molly this is...." Cristiano said. "I know it might be a little too much but I couldn't help myself" Molly said. "Molly it's perfect. Really it's...." he looked at her. Junior began to squeal and Molly held her hands out to him and Dolores placed him in his mama's awaiting arms. "Look at all the lights Junior" Molly smiled at her son. Cristiano let go of Molly's hand and wrapped it his hand around her shoulder and pulled her closer to his side. His eyes wandered around the garden and back to Junior and Molly. "It's all perfect Mols" he said placing a kiss on her head.

“Turn it off. Turn it off” Cristiano groaned as a beeping sound filled the room. He moved his head and heard an ouch and opened his eyes. “Stupid beeping” Cristiano grumbled. “Let me go so and I’ll turn it off” Molly mumbled shaking his arms off her. “Why did you set the alarm?” he asked as she shifted out of his lap and crawled up the bed to hit the alarm clock off. “Well for one you have training and I’ve things to do” she said peeking into Junior’s cot who was still asleep. “What stuff?” he asked. “Stuff” she shrugged as she crossed her legs under her on the bed.

“Molly” he said. “It’s like two weeks until Christmas Cristiano. There is plenty that I have to do” she said running a hand through her hair. “Like maybe getting my present?” he asked with a smile. “Like finding a present for your nephews and niece and the others” she said. “But after you get mine though” he smirked. “Well I’m sure Santa will bring you a present if you’re not on the naughty list that is” she said. “I’m always a good boy Mols. You should know that” he winked and she coughed.

“Ahm you should be getting ready for training” she said. “Ya I should” he sighed. “He certainly likes his sleep” Cristiano said nodding towards Junior. “Ya he does. I hope he doesn’t find today too boring for him” Molly smiled at the cot.

“Mols if you go shopping” Cristiano said. “I’m not going shopping Cristiano. I’m not taking him out of the house. Not with the paps and people staring. And….I’m not leaving the house” Molly said. “Ok maybe not yet then” Cristiano said. “He’s just out of hospital” Molly said. “I know but you used to take him places before Mols. He can’t stay here all the time. Neither can you. Look when you’re ready then you can go out. Just promise me when you do that you will take Rocco with you. Just to keep the paps away Mols. I don’t want them upsetting Junior. Or you” he said.

“They don’t want me” Molly said. “As much as we both hate it Mols, you and well how you and I ended up with Junior is big news and people want to know more. So there’s going to an interest in you. I’m sorry” he said. “Well there’s nothing interesting about me so they’ll get bored eventually. Now go get ready for training” she told him.

“So just out of curiosity” Molly heard a voice say as she was about to walk down the stairs. “Jezz are you trying to make me fall” she said turning to find Cristiano coming towards her. “Sorry” he said. “Hey little man” he said stroking Junior’s cheek as Molly held him in her arms. “What are you curious about?” Molly asked him as he followed her down the stairs. “What are you planning on getting me for Christmas?” he asked. “I never actually said that I was getting you something Cristiano” Molly smiled and he frowned. “But you are?” he asked. “There are plenty of people who will be buying you presents Cristiano” Molly said.

“Molly you’re up” Nuno said as he met the two of them at the bottom of the stairs. “Good morning Nuno. And yes I am up. And now I’m going to make my son some breakfast” Molly said. “I’ll bring it up to you. You have a lie in” Nuno said as Molly tried to move past him. “She has stuff to do apparently” Cristiano mumbled.

“Well I think that stuff can wait and she should go back to bed” Nuno said to Cristiano. “Nuno did you fall off the ladder yesterday?” Molly asked readjusting Junior on her hip. “What?” Nuno asked confused. “Well I’m just wondering what other reason you have for losing your mind and not letting me pass” Molly said. “Ya let her pass Nuno. You know what this one is like when she doesn’t get fed” Cristiano joked.

“And I said I’ll make her something” Nuno insisted. “Oh Nuno even your cooking isn’t getting me back to bed. I have things to do. Now move” Molly said and Nuno stepped aside to allow her pass. “Why do I even bother to help you?” Nuno said to Cristiano. “Huh?” Cristiano asked confused. “I’d get following Molly if I were you. You don’t want to miss the Russian bomb that’s about to go off in your kitchen” Nuno snapped and Cristiano’s eyes widened and he rushed after Molly.

Cristiano rushed into the living room before he came to an abrupt stop. “Irina” he said as he watched his girlfriend rise from the couch. “Surprise” she said. “What are you doing here?” he asked as his eyes wandered around the room.

“Your baby mama is in the pantry” Irina said. “Huh” he said as he looked at his girlfriend. “You know the woman who had your child and that you failed to tell me about” Irina said. “Look Irina” he started to say but she held her hand up. “What is she doing here so early? And why is she only in her dressing gown?” Irina asked.
“Junior has just come out of hospital” Cristiano said. “And he’s better. Now answer my question” she said. “You asked two questions” Cristiano said and Irina’s nostrils flared.

“I’m wearing my dressing grown cos I was getting Junior his breakfast before I got dressed. And I’m here this early because I live here Irina” Molly said coming towards the footballer and model.

“You have to be in early this morning remember” Molly said throwing a bottle of his protein shake at an unsuspecting Cristiano. “I’ll let you both talk” Molly said walking out of the room.
Irina has arrived and she doesn’t sound too happy.
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Will the Christmas cheer or all cheer leave the house now Irina has arrived? Was Molly right to blurt out that she was living at the house again? How will Irina react?

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