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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 36-Not A Big Deal?

Cristiano watched as Molly walked out of the room with his son. The last person he had expected to arrive at his house this morning was Irina he thought. He looked at his girlfriend and tried to think of what to say. He hadn't really gotten the chance to tell her about Molly living back at the house as it never really came up when they spoke.

Ok so he may have avoided bringing it up but that was because he had being trying to figure out how to tell Irina without getting her upset. And Molly had only being living in the house for less than three days and he hadn't really spoken that much to Irina so really it's not his fault that he hadn't exactly told Irina, he thought.

"Are you just going to stand there and not even answer me?" Irina asked and Cristiano blinked a couple of times coming out of his own world. "Sorry" he said. "Oh for heaven sake. I asked did she say that she was living here or did I take it up incorrectly?" Irina asked. "No you heard her correctly" Cristiano eventually said. "What? She moved out. She has her own place. Why is she living back here?" Irina asked.

"Junior's just out of hospital" Cristiano said. "So. He's out and not sick anymore. Why the hell is she living with you again?" Irina asked. "Junior still needs care. And she's his mother" Cristiano said and Irina threw her hands in the hair and turned her back to him. "Then hire a new nanny. I'll find one for you" Irina said. "No" Cristiano snapped and she turned around to face him. "No nanny's. Not yet. Look Irina, Junior has just gotten out of hospital. Neither of us want to be apart from him right now. Not after what we went through" Cristiano said.

"How long is she here for?" Irina asked. "I don't know. It doesn't really matter" Cristiano shrugged. "Then why the hell didn't you tell me?" Irina asked. "It never came up and it's not a big deal that's she's living here" Cristiano said. "Not a big deal that you moved your baby mama back into your house without even consulting me. You've made me look like enough of a fool Cristiano now you do this" Irina said sniffling.

"Babe" Cristiano said moving towards her. "I'm trying to do what is best" he said. "You lied to me" she sniffled. "I'm sorry. I should have told you sooner. It just all happened really quickly" he said. "I just would have liked to know. Like your sleeping down the hall from a girl you've slept with and you didn't tell me. How do you expect me to feel?" she asked. "She's Junior's mother and my friend babe" Cristiano told her.

"Then stop doing or lying about things that would make me think otherwise" Irina said. "I'm sorry. These last few weeks haven't being easy for me" Cristiano said. "And what about me? I can't go anywhere without people asking me about her. Asking if I knew the truth" Irina pouted. "The press will get bored eventually babe. I'll make it up to you I promise" Cristiano told her. "Oh you will make it all up to me" Irina smiled.

Cristiano looked at his watch and sighed. "I have to get to training. If I had known that you were coming I would have arranged something special for you to do while I was at training" he said. "The next flight wasn't until later tonight. And I wanted to see you" she said.

"Well I'm happy you are here" he said kissing her cheek. "Don't worry about me being on my own. I have plenty to do until you come back. I could even give Molly a break and watch Junior for her. She looked like she needed a rest" Irina smiled and Cristiano's eyes widened when he remembered that him leaving for training would leave Irina with Molly. Not that was a problem he thought.

It was just that he knew Irina wasn't extremely happy that Molly was back living at his house. And Irina could say something to Molly that would not go down well. Like getting a new nanny for starters he thought. "That's a lovely thought babe. But I'd leave her too it. She's still trying to settle him back into a routine here. Plus you should relax. I won't be too long" he said kissing her. "I guess I could start planning our Christmas. I see you have gotten into the Christmas spirit" she said looking at the tree in the living room. Cristiano smiled as he followed Irina's gaze to the tree.

"Ya Molly did everything. You should see the outside at night. It's beautiful. The place looks great doesn't it?" he smiled. "It's ok" Irina shrugged. Cristiano looked at his watch again and she groaned. "I'm sorry if I'm keeping you" she said. "I'm sorry to rush out on you but I have to go babe. I'll be back soon" he said. "Ronaldo" Molly called out and Irina wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s neck and pulled him into a kiss. "Ronaldo" Molly called out as she stepped into the living room. Cristiano pulled back from Irina and coughed a little as the model smiled.

"Sorry Molly were you calling him? We got a little distracted" Irina smiled and Molly rolled her eyes. "I'm leaving now Mols" Cristiano said. "Stay or go. I'm not the one who will get fined. I just thought you would like to have your phone. Just in case there's something with Junior or..." Molly trailed off. Cristiano lifted Irina's hands off him and walked towards Molly. "Thank you. And there'll be nothing wrong with Junior for you to phone me about" he smiled at her as he took the phone from her hand.

"Babe you'll be late" Irina smiled at him. "I'll be back soon" he said. "You've said that already. Now go. We'll be perfectly happy while you away. Although I'm sure I can make you more than happy when you get back" Irina winked at him. "Amm. I wanted to see Maé before I left" Cristiano said. "She's fussing over Junior. I told her that I'd make her some breakfast. She'll be fine Cristiano. It's just a check up" Molly told him knowing that the last thing after Junior's health scare was to have his mother having a doctor's appointment.

"When I tell you that exact thing when Junior has his doctor's appointment later in the week you're going to tell me to shut up so I don't think it's just a check up will work Mols" Cristiano said. "First of all, look at you remembering appointments on your own" she smirked at him and he shook his head at her and "secondly I'd be worrying what you coach will be yelling at you today rather about what I'll be telling you in a few days" Molly said.

"Shit. Ok ok I'm going" he said rushing to the kitchen to find his keys. "By the toaster" Molly called out as she walked towards the fridge. "Got them" he said finding his keys and looked between Irina and Molly. "You know that you actually have to use them to get to the place you want to go Ronaldo" Molly said finding the eggs she had been looking for.

"Are you making an omelette?" Cristiano asked her. "Yes" she smiled. "Why didn't I get up early?" he groaned. "You were complaining about getting woken up not so long ago" she smiled at him. "Well I'd love to try one of them Molly. I've heard there amazing" Irina said taking a seat on a stool in front of the kitchen island.

"You can have one if your boyfriend ever gets out of the kitchen" Molly said. "I'm going" he said and pulled at Molly’s ponytail. “Muppet” she called out after him as he headed out of the kitchen not even looking behind him. He needed to get to training. He'd deal with everything when he got home he thought.
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So Irina took finding out that Molly is living at Cristiano's house very well. Or did she?

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