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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 37-You Haven't Seen Trouble

"Anything you wouldn't like?" Molly asked Irina after a few uncomfortable minutes of silence. "I can think of a few things I wouldn't like" Irina snapped and Molly looked up from the pan in front of her. "And what would they be?" Molly asked. "I know it's you and all but surely you aren't dumb enough to know what I wouldn't like" Irina snapped.

"You may have to elaborate" Molly said as she cracked the eggs into a bowl. "Oh quit the little miss innocent act with me" Irina snapped. "What act?" Molly asked. "I don't know what game you are playing but it stops right now" Irina yelled. "Excuse me?" Molly asked in shock. "You may think your made for life by having my boyfriend's little brat but your wrong. Asking to move back in here to live of his money. He'll see through your act eventually" Irina snapped and Molly banged the bowl off the countertop.

"Don't you ever call my son a brat" Molly snapped. "I guess I should have said bastard" Irina smirked and Molly's patience began to wear thin. "Unlike you I'm not acting. But since Cristiano has the tendency to be thick most of the time, it's probably going to take him a while to see through your act but everyone else does. And when the day comes that he does too, then we'll all be there to enjoy it. Cos like I've told you already. I'm here for my son Irina" Molly yelled. "Then keep away from my man" Irina yelled.

"For the hundredth time, I don't want him. It's not my fault that he would rather be around me than you. Though considering the fact that you're a two faced bitch it shouldn't be a surprise at all" Molly yelled. "You bitch" Irina yelled. "No that would be what you see when you look in a mirror. Shut it I'm not done" Molly said holding her hand when Irina began to reply.

"I'm here for my son Irina. The one who I gave birth to. Who shares half of his blood with me and the other half with his father. His father may be your boyfriend but that is unluck. I don't care if you are having problems with Cristiano but keep me and my son out of it" Molly yelled.

"You and that brat are the problem" Irina yelled. "Well we are a problem who are not leaving any time soon so get used to us" Molly snapped. "We'll see" Irina smirked. "We how about this. You stay the hell away from my son and I won't add to any of your problems. So you just smile and pout and pull the wool over Cristiano's eyes while I rare his child" Molly said walking around the kitchen table.

"Then take the brat back to your own place" Irina yelled. "Well since your boyfriend was the one who asked sorry insisted oh no sorry begged for me to move back in here, it wouldn't feel right just moving out now cos his over hyped model girlfriend is feeling unsafe in her relationship with him" Molly smiled at a gobsmacked Irina.

"And if I was you I would be more worried why Cristiano not only didn't trust you enough to tell you about Junior at first or that I was living here again then worrying about your boyfriend not being able to control himself around me" Molly said.

"You could never compete with me Molly. I'm way more beautiful than you. Cris must have being desperate to sleep with you in the first place. But I satisfy all his needs" Irina said and Molly rolled her eyes. "Everything ok ladies?" Nuno asked as he entered the living room. "Irina and I were just catching up. Could you finish making some omelettes please? I told Katia that I would ring her by now and I need to get Dolores to relax before her appointment" Molly said to Nuno. "Sure no problem" Nuno replied looking between the two women.

“Ronaldo” Pepe yelled but the ball hit Cristiano on the head. He shook his head and sighed as Pepe came towards him. “What the hell is with you today? You were barely present at the meeting this morning and now you can bare kick a ball” Pepe asked. “Irina is in Madrid” Cristiano said. “Here. As in at your house?” Pepe asked. “She arrived this morning. I left her and Molly alone in the kitchen” Cristiano said and Pepe laughed.

“You left the two of them alone together. In a room filled with knives” Pepe laughed. “It’s not funny” Cristiano groaned. “Why did you leave them? Molly might be way too nice at times but even she can’t be all nice to Irina after everything” Pepe said. “Irina is nice” Cristiano said. “She’s the one who brought in the nanny. And we all know how that ended” Pepe said.

“You’re not helping” Cristiano said. “What am I meant to say? Come on mate you haven’t exactly put yourself into a wonderful position. But Molly is Junior’s mama whether Irina likes it or not. She just has to learn to be a little more sensitive to situations” Pepe said.

“Who needs to be more sensitive?” Sergio asked as he and Fabio came up beside Pepe and Cristiano. “Irina. She made a surprise visit to Madrid this morning. And Ronnie here left her with Molly. Alone. In the kitchen” Pepe said. “With knives. Are you mad?” Fabio joked.

“Come on we know nothing will happen. For starters Molly wouldn’t want to mess up her kitchen” Sergio said sending Fabio and Pepe into a fit of laughter. “There is nothing to joke about. They get on” Cristiano said. “Note how you didn’t say friends” Fabio said.

“Can you be friends with someone your boyfriend has slept with? I don’t know how girls minds work at times” Sergio said. “Try most of the time. But Ronnie is the same as you” Pepe said. “Hey” Cristiano said. “Ok then if you’re not worried about there being a blood bath awaiting for you when you get back from training then what is the problem?” Pepe asked. “I never said there was a problem” Cristiano said. “But something is on your mind” Pepe said.

“Maé has a doctor’s appointment for starters. This is our last match before the winter break and we need to win. My son is still recovering. Molly is still anxious and worried. And I never told Irina that Molly was living with me again” Cristiano said fast. “Wait who told Irina then?” Sergio asked. “Molly. This morning when Irina asked why she was wearing a dressing gown. I know Irina needs to watch what she says ok. And I’ve told her” Cristiano said.

“She told Molly that she was overreacting about Junior being ill mate” Pepe said. “I just want things to be simple” Cristiano said. “When it comes to you, it’s going to be anything but” Pepe said patting him on the shoulder.

“You sure you want to go in there?” Nuno asked Cristiano as he neared his front door. Cristiano jumped and turned to his left to find Nuno sitting on the ledge of a window. “What are you doing out here?” Cristiano asked. “Well for starters it’s warmer out here than it is in there” Nuno said. “Fuck” Cristiano cursed. “Relax I’m just kidding. Sort of anyway” Nuno said.

“What happened after I left?” Cristiano asked as he moved to sit by Nuno on the ledge. “Well apparently they enjoyed some catching up time. And seriously why didn’t you get that I didn’t want Molly going into the kitchen this morning” Nuno said. “How was I to know? And what do you mean catching up?” Cristiano asked.

“That’s just what Molly said when I went back into the kitchen after you left. Which by the way were you nuts? Do you know the amount of possible weapons that could have being used by the two of them? Though I don’t know how Molly didn’t use one today” Nuno said.

“What the hell happened?” Cristiano asked standing from the window. “I didn’t hear it all. But apparently Irina satisfies all your needs” Nuno said. “Wait what” Cristiano said. “Like I said I didn’t hear it all but I’m pretty sure the entire conversation revolved around Irina’s opinion that Molly should keep away from you and Molly’s opinion that Irina should keep away from Junior. Oh and Molly only wants Junior not you. And Irina knows that you asked Molly to move back in” Nuno said. “Didn’t hear it all” Cristiano scoffed shaking his head. “I did hear both of them raising their voices” Nuno said.

“Shit. I don’t see what their problems are” Cristiano said. “Please tell me you hit your head today” Nuno said. “I did actually but yes I know that was dumb. I know the problem. I just wish there could be no more drama” Cristiano. “But then your life would be so boring” Nuno smirked. “Boring sounds good right now” Cristiano sighed. “Just make Irina see that Molly is going nowhere” Nuno said.

“I thought I did. I just have to make up for lying to her. And what about Molly?” Cristiano asked his cousin. “Mols will be fine so long as Junior is ok and Irina doesn’t push her buttons. Which by the sound of this morning, your girlfriend is very very close to pushing your baby mama’s buttons” Nuno said.

“Great just great” Cristiano said. “Just watch which brunette you piss off otherwise your life may at be risk. Ana, your sisters, Jorge. I could go on would all kill you if you mess up with Molly again” Nuno warned. “I need to sleep” Cristiano groaned. “May have to wait for that. You can’t stay out here forever you know” Nuno said. “Who says I can’t?” Cristiano asked.

“Come on I’ll be your back up” Nuno said pulling at Cristiano’s elbow. “Ha you know they both could take you down without trying” Cristiano said as he walked to the door. “I just have to remember to stay out of Molly’s leg reach. Apparently she has a hard kick” Nuno said. “She has a hard slap too” Cristiano mumbled as he followed Nuno into the quite house.

The door to the garden opened as both men walked into the living room and Andre appeared. “Good afternoon” Andre smiled. “Hi. Where is everyone? How did Maé get on at the doctors?” Cristiano asked. “She’s perfectly healthy Cristiano” Andre said and Cristiano smiled at the news. “That is the best news I’ve heard all day” he said. “She’s upstairs with Junior and I think Molly. I was just phoning Elma. Irina is here somewhere I think” Andre said. “Ok thanks. I’ll go see Maé” Cristiano said. “Babe” Irina smiled as she ran down the stairs.

“Hey” he replied as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Easy or we’ll both fall” he said readjusting his balance. “Let’s go out. It’s so boring here” she wined. “Sure let’s go out for dinner later” he said. “No let’s go now” she pouted and he sighed. “Why don’t I meet you downstairs in ten minutes. I just want to say hello to Maé and Junior” he smiled at her. “Fine” she pouted. “But I’m counting” she said kissing his cheek before moving past him and down the stairs.

Cristiano continued to climb the stairs and began to walk towards his mother’s room when he paused outside Molly’s closed bedroom door. He turned the door knob and peeked in. He pushed the door further open when he saw Molly sat on the floor with her back to the door.

“Finally decided to stop hiding” Molly said as she folded one of Junior’s Babygro’s. “I wasn’t hiding. And how did you know it was me?” Cristiano asked stepping further into the room. “I could smell the mix of your cologne and her cheap perfume a mile off” she said placing the Babygro onto a pile beside her. “And I heard you pull into the drive ages ago” Molly said. “I wasn’t hiding. I was talking to Nuno outside” he said. “Well as you can see everyone is alive and in one piece. Just about” she snapped.

“Molly” he said. “Junior is with Dolores in her room. Her doctor’s appointment went really well” Molly said. “That’s really good to hear” he said walking to stand in front of her. “Molly” he said. “Just go see your mother and son Ronaldo” Molly said moving to stand and he took her arm in his to help her up before she pulled it away. “Irina being here doesn’t change anything Mols. You are here to be with him and nothing changes that” Cristiano said.

“Oh I know that. Cos whatever problems your girlfriend has is not my problem. I’m here for my son. And only for the fact that he needs and we both need to be around him after his hospital stay, I wouldn’t be here. And neither would he. Cos if you think I’m going to let him stay in the same house as someone who not only calls him a brat but a bastard. Not to mind hired the irresponsible bitch who didn’t take your son to see a doctor when you asked her to and which lead to our son and us suffering days of agony. Then think again” Molly yelled.

“Molly” Cristiano said shocked at her words. “I just want to be with my son Cristiano. I don’t want to be in the middle of your relationship drama. And I know she was lied to. You know what no I’m not defending her. She’s not the first woman to have her boyfriend lie to her. And she’s not the first person you’ve lied to” Molly said. “I’ll talk to her” Cristiano said.

“Do what you want Ronaldo. I just don’t want anything to affect Junior” Molly said. “Neither do I” Cristiano told her. “Well then I’m happy we agree on that” she said. “I’m taking Irina out for dinner so I won’t be here to out Junior to bed with you” he told her. “That’s fine. Enjoy your dinner” she told him as she moved towards her dresser. “We all just need get used to how things are now Mols. But I promise nothing or no one will ever stop you being Junior’s mother” he said. She looked up from the dresser and into the mirror and at him.

“You know how you always say that I’m nothing but trouble since you’ve met me” Molly said. “You know I didn’t mean that when I said it Mols” he told her. “You haven’t seen trouble Ronaldo if anyone gets in my way of being with my son. And that’s a promise” she told him.
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