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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 38- When Plans Are Changed

“Cris. Cris. Cristiano” Irina snapped and Cristiano’s eyes lifted from his plate and across the table to his girlfriend. “Sorry did you say something?” he asked moving his food around his plate. “Why are you even here if you can’t be bothered to listen to me?” she asked. “I’m sorry. I was just thinking” he said.

“If you say it was about Molly I swear I will use that steak knife that’s beside your plate” she glared. “You need to stop that” he said. “Stop what?” she asked. “Whatever your problem is with Molly” he said. “You mean the woman you moved in twice without telling me. The woman you never told me was the mother of your child” Irina snapped.

“Child. Don’t you usually call him a brat?” he asked dropping his fork. “Aww Molly running off telling tales” Irina said. “She didn’t tell me. Our relationship has nothing to do with her” he said. “Just to clarify. When you say our relationship you are talking about me and you” Irina said.

“Of course I am. You’re my girlfriend” Cristiano said. “Doesn’t feel like it most of the time” she said. “I’m sorry babe. I messed up I know that now” he said. “Why is the woman you slept with sleeping two doors away from you?” she asked. “You know why” he said. “Yes because of Junior. But he’s out of hospital now. Why doesn’t he move in with her?” Irina asked. “He’s my son” Cristiano said. “And she’s his mother unfortunately” Irina said. “Irina” Cristiano said moving to take her hand but she pulled it away.

“Parents who are together live in the same house Cristiano. You and she are not together. Why would she continue to live there?” she asked. “Babe” he said. “You don’t honestly expect that she will live with you full time? You really think we can all live together for the rest of our lives. Us and our kids with your first baby mama” Irina said and Cristiano who had being taking a drink from his glass began to cough and splutter at her words.

“Our kids?” he asked. “Of course. It’s not fair on any of us” Irina said. “Babe I haven’t even thought past this weekend not to mind the coming years. Junior needs both Molly and I. And as Molly said we need to be with him too right now. I should have told you that she was living here again and I’m sorry” he said. “You’ve done nothing but lie and hurt me these past few weeks” she said. “I didn’t know how to deal everything” he told her. “Deal with the mess you got yourself into you mean. How the hell did you even knock her up? Didn’t your agent warn you against women who are just out for sugar daddy?” Irina asked.

“Molly is not like that” Cristiano said. “There you go again. Always defending her” Irina said. “And I defend you when someone says anything untrue about you. She’s Junior’s mother Irina. Molly is going nowhere. So please try and get on with her. I’m not asking for the pair of you to be best friends” he said. “Oh what a relief you don’t expect that. I guess we won’t be having the conversation about how you are in bed then” she scoffed. “Babe” he sighed.

“Just remind her that I’m your girlfriend not her” Irina told him. “She knows that. Trust me. She’s always reminding me that you’re my girlfriend” he mumbled. “I can try I guess. But I won’t have her thinking that she’s better than me because she had your kid” Irina said. “She would never think that Irina” Cristiano said.

“Just promise me that she will move out in a few weeks” she said. “She will when we both feel it’s right” Cristiano said. “I’ll just ignore her existence until she’s gone then” Irina said. “Irina” he said. “Can we talk about something other than your son and your baby mama please? It’s putting me off my food” she said.

“What would you like to talk about?” he asked her. “I’ve being busy all day organising our Christmas plans” she smiled. “What plans?” he asked her. “Dubai of course” she said. “Sorry?” he asked. “We are spending Christmas in Dubai with my family” she told him. “Wait. When did we decide this? When did we discuss this?” he asked. “I mentioned it a while back babe. You said it was just what you needed. Babe you really need to start remembering things better” she smiled. “But I can’t…my’s Junior’s first Christmas” he told her.

“You spend all your time with your family. We have barely being together in months. And you haven’t seen my family either” she told him. “But” he said. “Junior won’t even notice that you aren’t there babe. It’s just one day” she told him. “But my family” he told her. “Will understand that you need some time with your girlfriend. Babe the two of us in the sun for your entire break will be heaven” she smiled reaching for his hand.

“Irina” he said. “You said you would make things up to me” she pouted. “And I will but” he said. “Well this can be a start. Show me how important I am to you” she pouted. “But Junior” he said. “Will be perfectly happy with your mother” she said. “I don’t know” he said.

“You are with them all the time. You promised you would make up for lying to me” she pouted. “I guess it’s only technically a day. And he won’t know that I’m not there anyway” he said. “Exactly. He’ll be asleep for most of it. We’ll have fun. You need a break babe” she smiled. “And Katia is meant to be staying in Lisbon anyway so I won’t be the only one not going to Madeira” he said.

“Well then no one can complain about you not going then” she said. “But we will have to go there for New Year. I can’t not go” Cristiano said. “Fine” she agreed already thinking of ways to stop him from going back. “Ok then” he said. “We’ll have so much fun babe” she smiled. “I’m sure we will. And Junior will be perfectly happy with Molly and Maé” he said. “She’s going to be with your family” Irina said. “Yes” he told her.

“Why can’t she go stay with her own family? Why is she always hanging off yours?” Irina asked. “It’s complicated. Look I’d feel better that he’s with her if I’m not going to be there. Or we could bring him with us?” he asked. “It might be too hot for him” she said. “You might be right” he said. “Oh I can’t wait for you to see what I have planned” she grinned.

“Neither can I. Just leave me tell Maé and the others that I’m going to be in Dubai for Christmas ok” he told her. “It’s not a big deal Cris” she told him. “I know. I just think it would be best if it came from me ok” he told her. “Whatever you think is best babe” she smiled.

Later that night, Cristiano carefully closed his bedroom door behind him and made his way towards the stairs. He knew he had to make up to Irina for what he had put her through lately but he had no idea how he was going to tell his mother that he wouldn’t be with her for Christmas. And then there was Molly he sighed as he walked into the living room.

“Stupid stupid stupid” he heard and saw Molly throw her phone onto the couch. “What’s happened?” he asked her and she jumped. “Stop sneaking up on me” she snapped. “You looked too busy to hear me anyway” he told her. “What are you doing up?” she asked him. “What are you doing up?” he retorted. “I just am” she replied. “So am I” he smirked and she rolled her eyes. “I could really do without you being an annoying ass right now Ronaldo” she said.

“Then why don’t you tell me what has you so upset” he said walking towards the couch. “Nothing” she told him. “So you just throw your phone for no reason” he said taking her phone in his hand. “It’s nothing ok” she told him as she stood with her arms crossed behind the couch. “Why don’t I be the judge of that” he told her. “Just go back to bed Ronaldo” she told him.

“Look at it this way Mols. The sooner you tell me what is bothering you then sooner I stop annoying you” he smirked. “You never stop annoying me” she mumbled. “Come on what has you throwing your phone at one in the morning” he asked. “Elma phoned me earlier” she said. “And?” he asked. “It got me thinking” she told him. “About what? Come one Mols just tell me” he said. “I looked through my phone. After Luke sold his story and everyone knew my phone blew up with calls and messages. Some from people I haven’t even talked to in months” she told him.

“They are just being nosy” he told her. “I know that. But then it got me thinking about who hadn’t got in contact. Like how people who barely know me took the two minutes it takes to write a text message and my own flesh and blood couldn’t even bother” she snapped. “Oh” he said realising that she was talking about her parents. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But of course these are the same people who sold my childhood home and never told me. The same people who didn’t even bother to tell me where they are living now” she snapped.

“Come here” he said holding his arm out over the back of the couch. “I shouldn’t even be surprised. I’m so stupid. I clearly mean nothing to them when they can’t even be bothered to get in touch about their own grandchild” she said. He tugged at her arm and she relented and walked around to sit on the couch. “Firstly you are not stupid and secondly they may not even know Molly” he told her. “And what about their silence for the last few months Ronaldo? They know how to contact me. My father used to send letters to Jorge’s office. And Jorge would have told me if anything came for me. Wouldn’t he?” she asked Cristiano.

“Yes he would have. I’m sure they are just trying to sort their lives out for you Molly” he told her. “You always say that. Do you know something I don’t? Are they dead and you don’t think I can handle knowing?” she asked him. “What? Molly of course not” he said. “I don’t care anymore. I clearly mean nothing to them and that’s fine. I have Junior and that’s all that matters” she said.

“You don’t just have Junior. You have me” he told her and she turned to face him. “And you have Maé and the rest of my crazy bunch. Plus my teammates and everyone else. You’re not on your own Mols” he told her. “I’m just going to give them as much thought as they do about me. I should try and get some sleep” she said standing. “They might surprise you Molly” he said. “I couldn’t care anymore. I’m just going to concentrate on Junior. On his first Christmas” she smiled. “You know that I could arrange for someone to find them if that is something you would like?” he asked.

“You’re already down €100,000 because of them Ronaldo. No point in wasting anymore money” she told him. “I wouldn’t call the €100,000 a waste Molly” he told her. “Of course not. You got Junior at the end of the day” she said. “And you away from Tony” he told her. “Can I have my phone please?” she asked holding her hand out.

“Just say the word Mols and I’ll have someone find them” he said handing her the phone. “They know where I am Cristiano. They haven’t wanted anything to do with in months. What’s the point” she said. “Molly” he said. “Junior is healthy and out of hospital. I’m just going to enjoy our quite drama free Christmas with our son and you and the others” she smiled and he nodded. “Noite” she said.

“Sweet dreams Mols” he whispered as she left the room. He rested his head against the back of the couch and sighed.

How the hell was he meant to tell her that he wasn’t going to be spending Christmas with his family and with her he thought.
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Irina is playing games. Will she push Molly out? How will Cristiano tell his family about his Christmas plans? What did you think of Molly’s reaction towards her parents? Has she giving up on them for good?

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