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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 39- Big Mouth Russians

“Babe come back to bed” Irina pouted from his bed. “I have training” he told her as he clipped his watch into place around his wrist. “But not for ages yet” she smiled. “I want to spend time with Junior before I go” he said.

“But he’s probably asleep” she said. “He’s awake by now. Molly is probably giving him his breakfast. I meant to be up earlier” he sighed. “I guess I tired you out last night” she smirked. Or the fact that he could stop thinking about what Molly had said about her parents. About how she felt she meant nothing to her.

“What are you doing?” he asked suddenly one he noticed Irina was out of the bed. “Coming with you” she smiled as she found her black and short silk night gown. “There’s no need. You stay in bed” he told her. “I have a lot to do anyway. You know plan our Christmas” she smiled. “Well don’t say anything to them downstairs not yet. I’ll tell them after my match tomorrow” he told her. “You coming?” she asked opening the door and he nodded.

He could hear laughing as they neared the kitchen and found Nuno, his mother and Molly all sitting at the kitchen table. “What’s so funny?” Cristiano asked. “My cooking apparently” Nuno groaned as he wiped something from his hair. “Sorry?” Cristiano asked confused. “Your son put his bowl on my head” Nuno groaned and Molly laughed harder.

“Junior must prefer Molly’s mash banana for breakfast” Dolores said trying not to laugh. “Urgh I have to take another shower now” Nuno moaned. “Oh stop moaning its only banana. And that’s what you get for teasing him with his spoon anyway” Molly told Nuno. “Oh you should know not to mess with his food Nuno. He is Molly’s son after all” Cristiano smirked placing a kiss on his son’s cheek.

“Since your standing can you grab another banana please” Molly asked him. “Mana” he said. “Morning” she replied as he stood beside Junior’s high chair. “Someone should clean that up before someone falls” Irina said pointing to the bowl and mess on the floor. “Heads up Ronnie” Nuno yelled and the footballer caught the cloth his cousin threw. “Knock yourself out” Nuno smiled. “I think you missed some banana Nuno” Cristiano said and wiped the floor. “Urgh my hair is ruined” Nuno moaned.

“Jezz Nuno it’s only banana. Plus it’s not like you spend twenty minutes in front of the mirror like Cristiano does to style it” Molly smiled. “I do not spend twenty minutes on my hair” Cristiano scoffed. “Oh sorry that’s just on admiring your abs” Molly smirked. “Babe I’m hungry” Irina said. “There’s plenty of food so help yourself Irina. I’ll see you all later” Dolores said standing from the table with her plate. “Leave the plate Dolores. I’ll clean up. And enjoy your day” Molly told her. “Where are you going?” Cristiano asked. “Out” Dolores smiled at her son. “Have a good day everybody” Dolores said kissing her son’s cheek then her grandson.

“What is she up to to?” Cristiano asked Molly. “How would she know?” Irina asked. Cos she always knows what’s going on Cristiano thought. “She’s a grown woman Cristiano. Let her go about her own business without telling you everything. You don’t tell her everything” Molly told him. “Yes I do” Cristiano said. “Babe” Irina wined as Junior started to shout and Marcosa started to bark. “Seriously you are saying that when the prime example of you not telling her everything is currently screaming because you still haven’t gotten him his banana” Molly said as she tried to calm her son. “Ok I get your point” he said.

“Babe food” Irina pouted. “Fridge is full. Knock yourself out Irina. I’m going for a shower” Nuno said. “I’m starving. I worked up an appetite last night” Irina smiled at her boyfriend and Molly rolled her eyes. “Well Junior’s appetite is still waiting for that banana to fill him up” Molly said. “Oh ya sorry” Cristiano said and went to the pantry. “Sleep well Molly?” Irina asked as she took the seat which Dolores had vacated across the table from Molly. “I guess” Molly shrugged. “I wish I could say the same” Irina smiled. “Well you have all day to go back to bed” Molly said. “Oh I have so much to do. Christmas is only just around the corner. What are your Christmas plans?” Irina asked Molly.

“How many bananas does Junior eat? I swear I saw way more yesterday” Cristiano said coming back to the table. “He must be a little monkey then” Molly said tickling her son as Cristiano’s phone began to ring. “Here you go” Cristiano said handing Molly the banana. “Thanks. I’ll just…” Molly trailed off as Cristiano handed her a clean spoon and bowl and she smiled at him. “Babe your phone” Irina said and he moved to answer it. “Mana” he spoke into the phone. “Ya she’s right here. Wow I don’t know maybe because it’s early and she’s feeding her son. Jezz stop yelling at me” Cristiano said. “Swap” Molly said holding out the bowl and he quickly handed her the phone.

“Good morning Jorge” Molly said standing from the table. “I don’t what or how it happened but I can’t find….like it just disappeared. I just turned it on and it’s gone” Jorge rambled. “Jorge take a deep breath” Molly said rolling her eyes at Cristiano. “Can you feed him while I’ll deal with this big child?” Molly asked. “Gladly” Cristiano smiled. “Mind your hair” Molly joked as she walked out of the room.

“I’ll get my own breakfast then” Irina said as Cristiano began to peel the banana. “I should feed him before he gets cranky. Trust me when it comes to food he’s- Just like his mother. Yes so you have said. Many times” Irina snapped standing from the table.

Ten minutes later and Molly returned to the kitchen to find Cristiano at the sink with Junior in his arms. “You know you don’t have to clean up” Molly said and he turned around. “Just putting them in the sink. But if you take him I’ll wash them if you like” Cristiano said. “What I would like is for you head to training before you are late. But thanks for the offer” Molly smiled at him. “Did you calm Jorge down?” he asked. “He was lucky I had a copy of the document he suddenly lost. Sometimes I wonder how he ever got to being the world’s best agent” Molly laughed.

“Well he does- Have the world’s best player. Yes I know” she finished with a laugh. “Are you feeling better? You know about what we talked about last night” he asked. “I’m fine. Now give me him and go to training” she told him. “What are your plans for the day?” he asked. “Anderia is coming over with Victoria” Molly told him as her son settle into her arms. “You should go over to hers” Cristiano said. “Why? Afraid your girlfriend will insult you mates’ wife again?” Molly asked and he sighed. “No. I just thought you should get out of the house. You or him haven’t being out of here since he came home” Cristiano said. “I don’t want to risk him getting a cold or…” she paused…”I will in a few days ok. Well maybe when we get to Madeira” Molly said.

“Wrapping him up in cotton wool isn’t good for him or you Molly” Cristiano told her. “He’s not being home for a week yet Cristiano. I will take him out of the house. Eventually” she mumbled. “So I shouldn’t ask if you are bringing him to my game tomorrow then?” he asked. “Cristiano” she said. “I’d like it” he said. “Please” she said. “I like knowing you are both there” he said. “We’ll be watching from here” she told him. “Not the same” he shrugged. “It’s not just Junior. The press would have a field day if I was there. Not to mind sitting in the same box as your girlfriend. I’m just not ready for all of that yet ok” she told him honestly. “Ok” he said.

“Ok. That’s it?” she asked surprised that he hadn’t tried harder to convince her to go. “If that’s how you feel. I’m just glad you told me the truth” he said. “I always did tell you things I normally wouldn’t” she muttered. “Cos I’m good at listening” he smiled. “Now we both know that aint true. Now shoo and we’ll see you later” she smiled at him. “Be good for mama Junior” he said kissing his son’s cheek before he smiled down at Molly.

“What are you smiling at?” she asked him as she walked towards the table. “Never get tired of saying that word. Mama” he told her. “Hmm never get tired of hearing it either” she smiled. “Laters Mols” he grinned. “Cristiano” he heard Irina call out as he reached the front door. “Babe were you leaving without saying goodbye?” she asked. “I thought you were still in the bath” he told her. “It would have being nicer if you had joined me” she smiled.

“I was feeding Junior. Plus I have training” he told her. “I have a meeting today but I’ll be back in time for you to take me to dinner tonight” she smiled and he sighed. “I have a match tomorrow. I need to stay in Irina” he said and she pouted at him. “Have a great meeting and I’ll see you later ok” he said placing a kiss on her cheek.

Irina walked back into the kitchen and found Molly singing Jingle Bells to Junior as she finished putting away the breakfast ware. “It’s a bit early for singing. Isn’t it?” Irina said and Molly turned to face the model. “Just getting my son into the Christmas spirit” Molly smiled. “Aww how cute. Little miss Molly loves Christmas huh” Irina smirked. “Your boyfriend does too. Have a nice day Irina. Mind you don’t walk into a wall while your admiring yourself in a mirror” Molly said as she carried Junior out of the room and as far away as she could get from the Russian model.

Irina closed the front door of Cristiano’s house behind her as she finally arrived back from her long day of meetings. She couldn’t wait for Cristiano to finish with football so they could get the hell out of Madrid and away from his family. She slowly walked towards the living room and could hear mutters of voices. “But you can’t skip it” she heard Dolores say. “Maé” Cristiano spoke and Irina paused to listen in.

“It’s just not possible Maé” Cristiano said. “But you were looking forward to it Cristiano” Molly spoke and Irina frowned at the other woman’s voice. “Molly” she head Cristiano say. “Ronaldo you can’t skip it. This is important” Dolores said. “Maé there’s nothing I can do” Cristiano said. “But so many people will be upset” Dolores said. “She’s right Cristiano. It’s important” Molly spoke and Irina decided to enter the room before Molly started the water works and Cristiano changed his mind.

“Babe” Irina smiled as she walked towards the couch. “You need to do something about it Cristiano” Dolores said. “It’s just a silly holiday. Junior won’t even know he’s not in Madeira” Irina said and Cristiano’s eyes widened at Irina’s words.

“What do you mean not notice? What is she talking about Ronaldo?” Dolores asked her son. “We were talking about me visiting the children’s hospital Irina not about Christmas” Cristiano glared at his girlfriend. “Oh babe I just assumed that’s what you were talking about” Irina said.

“What about Christmas Ronaldo?” Dolores asked. “Maé” he said. “He’s spending Christmas with me and my family in Dubai instead of Madeira” Irina said.
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Some family time with Junior but how will everyone react to Irina letting the cat out of the bag about Christmas?

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