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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 4- Both Here

“I think you can let her up now” Luke said and Cristiano lifted his head to find the English man standing over him. Twenty minutes he had been sitting on the floor of a hospital waiting room. Twenty minutes he had held Molly close to him as she cried. Twenty minutes they had both sat on the floor afraid for what could happen. “Cristiano” Dolores said as he ran his hand down Molly’s back.

“Molly” Ana said crunching down beside Cristiano. Molly shifted her head so she was looking into Ana’s eyes. Her crying had subsided only ten minutes ago but her mind wouldn’t stop thinking. “I can’t lose him” she whispered and Ana gave her a sad smile. “You won’t. Come on. Let’s go sit down while we wait. You will get to see him soon” Ana smiled. Molly wiped her face with the back of her hand as she lifted her head from Cristiano’s chest. Her eyes wandered around the room and she saw everybody looking at her. “I want to see him” she whispered. “Soon I promise” Cristiano whispered stroking her hair.

She turned to look at him with the same sad lost eyes which he had seen one too many times. “Mols” he whispered. She shook her head as she began to remember her feelings a short time ago. Ana took Molly's hand and helped her to her feet as Cristiano stayed sitting on the floor. He ran a hand threw his hair trying not to think about the look on Molly's face before she slapped him. He thought back to the times he used to think that she hated him. Now remembering the look on her face and the lost look and worry in her eyes. He knew she hated him now.

"You should try and sleep" Luke said to Molly as she took a seat next to Dolores. Molly's arms were shaking as she thought about the words the doctor had spoken. "I can't lose him" she whispered. "You won't sweetie" Dolores said wrapping her arm around Molly's shoulder and pulled her towards her until Molly's head was resting on the elder woman's shoulder. "Maybe we should get the doctor to look at her. She's in shock" Ana said. "No" Cristiano said as Molly flinched at Ana's words and all eyes turned on Cristiano. "She'll be fine in a few moments Ana. There's no need for any doctor. The news about Junior is just a bit of a shock. But he's in the best place possible" Dolores said squeezing Molly's arm in comfort. The woman had remembered Molly's dislike for doctors and the reason why.

"Let's go for a walk Cris" Nuno said standing from the chair is was sitting on. "I'm not going anywhere" Cristiano said from the floor. "Not outside the hospital. Just a walk down the corridors. Come on mate" Nuno said holding his hand out to Cristiano. "Nah let's get some coffee and food for everyone. We'll all need our strength if it's going to be a long day" Jorge said. Cristiano looked at Molly who was still resting her head on his mother shoulder and completely zoned out of everything that was going on in the room.

"Fine" Cristiano said and took Nuno's hand in help to stand. "I'll take a non fat skinny latte" Irina said not looking up from her phone. "I'll see what I can do" Nuno said rolling his eyes. "I doubt the cafeteria does one of them, but I'm sure you could walk down the street to a coffee shop to get one. Better fix yourself up though. I bet the paps would love to see what your look like in the morning" Ana said to Irina. "I look better in the morning than you do anytime" Irina snapped. "I thought you lot were going for a walk. I'll get something later" Pepe said. He thought it was best not to leave Irina and Ana alone together. "Ya that's a good idea Pepe. Let's go" Jorge said as he and Nuno gently nudged Cristiano out of the room.

A subdued Cristiano followed Jorge and Nuno all little down the hall before Nuno noticed that he had stopped walking and was looking back at the door where they had just came through. "If the doctor comes back, your sister will tell us" Nuno said walking back to his cousin. "This shouldn't be happening" Cristiano mumbled. "I know mate" Nuno said. "He's only a baby" Cristiano said.
"Cris" Nuno said. "He's only a baby" Cristiano yelled before kicking a nearby empty trashcan.

"He will be ok Cris" Nuno said pulling the footballer back before he went to kick the bin once more. "You don't know that. The doctors don't even really know what's wrong with him. How do you know that he's going to be ok?" Cristiano asked before sliding down the nearby wall. "Because you've got to hope and believe that Junior will be ok" Jorge said as Nuno took a seat beside Cristiano. "You've got to act like you believe it even if you don't know it's going to happen Cristiano. I know this is extremely tough. I can't imagine what you are going through right now but you need to stay strong. There are many people who need you to be strong right now" Jorge said.

"She hates me" Cristiano mumbled and Jorge sighed. All three men knew who Cristiano was referring to. "She's in shock Cris. She's terrified" Jorge said. "She's right. It is all my fault" Cristiano said. "There's no point in fingering pointing. It's not going to make any difference about where we are right now. You both need to stick together right now" Nuno said.

"She looks so broken in there and I can't do anything about it" Cristiano said. "You can concentrate on Junior and let everything else work out in its own time" Jorge said. "If anything happens to Junior" Cristiano said. "Stop thinking the worst. Come on let's see if the cafeteria is open. I don't fancy trying to get through the vulchers outside for a coffee anytime soon" Jorge said.

"You'd think they would have something better to do then stake out a hospital because a footballer's son is sick" Nuno said. "I released a statement that said Junior was taken here during the night and is been looked after and no more details will be released" Jorge said. "I wish they would get lost" Cristiano said. "Not going to happen buddy. Now get up on the floor and let's go" Nuno said.

"Ya we better see if they have any ice or peas too before there's a bruise of his cheek" Jorge said. "Man Molly knows how to pack a punch. He looked hard" Nuno said. "She was just angry and terrified" Jorge said. "And she hates me" Cristiano whispered as they three men walked down the corridor.

Twenty minutes later, the three men entered the waiting room. "Ok so who wants coffee?" Nuno asked as the men placed their purchases on the coffee tables in the room. "Oh me. I feel like death" Irina groaned as Nuno handed her a coffee. Pepe gave Jorge a nod to the door and as Nuno handed Katia a coffee they slipped out of the room. Cristiano placed what was in his hands on the table and looked to where his mother sat.

Molly was now resting her head on Luke's shoulder. The English man held one of her hands as he looked at Cristiano. Cristiano picked up one of the coffees and water bottle and took a deep breathe before making his way over to where Molly sat. "Nuno brought some milk if you want some" Cristiano said holding the coffee out to Luke. "Black will do. Thanks" Luke said in surprise. "She should drink something" he said handing Luke the water bottle. "She doesn't want anything" Luke replied. "She is sitting right here" Molly snapped lifting her head.

"Mols" Cristiano said. "I don't want your stupid water. I don't want anything from you" Molly snapped. "Molly you should try and eat something" Dolores said as Cristiano sighed and made his way to sit next to Irina. Jorge and Pepe stepped back into the room and Pepe moved to pick his jacket up. "I'm going to head out for a bit but I'll be back in a little while" he told Cristiano. "Thanks man" Cristiano replied. "We should go too. My sister’s flight gets in soon and we need to pick her up from the airport.

"We?" Cristiano asked. "I don't want her to get hounded by the press" Irina said. "Why the hell would the hound your sister? It's his son that is sick" Ana said. "You don't understand the media since you’re not famous" Irina smirked at Ana. "Ana can I see you outside for a moment?" Pepe asked. "I'm staying here" Ana said. "I know that and I wasn't asking, I was telling" Pepe said taking her by the hand and ushering her out of the room. "I should go back and change before we head to the airport" Irina said standing. "I'm staying here" Cristiano said. "But my sister" Irina said.

"His son is sick" Ana said as she re-entered the room with Pepe. "He wants to be close to him. Or are you too stu" Ana paused when Pepe looked at her. "Surely you see that it is best that Cristiano stays here" Ana said not happy she couldn't shut the Russian up for good and that her boyfriend had just told her to stop picking fights with the model and Cristiano as it wasn't helping.

"I'll take you Irina. There's a few things that need to be taken care off anyway" Nuno said. "I have to take care of a few things too. I won't be long. Can I get you anything Molly?" Luke asked. "No thanks. And you don't have to rush back. There's no point in everyone just sitting here waiting" Molly said. "I don't mind" Luke said placing a kiss on her cheek. "I need to fix my make up. I'll meet you outside the bathrooms" Irina told Nuno and Katia shook her head. "I'll be back soon babe" she told Cristiano. "There's no rush" Cristiano said his eyes focused on the woman across the room.

Luke, Nuno, Pepe and Irina left the room and Cristiano sank back against the couch as the door clicked shut. "Is she for real?" Katia asked. "It's not worth it Katia. Do you want some fruit?" Ana asked holding an apple. The hours passed and there was still no news about Junior. Katia and Ana had come and gone from the room, whilst Molly had sat in the same spot looking at her hands trying not to think the worst. Jorge had been on his phone sorting out some stuff.

"I would ask how you are but it would be a silly question to ask" Dolores said taking a seat next to her and in turn making him jump. He had been so focused on Molly and thinking about Junior that he hadn't seen his mother come near him. "I'm fine" he said. "I know you are scared but the doctors will take good care of him" Dolores said taking her son's hand in hers. "And what if..." he paused not able to finish the sentence.

"None of that thinking" Dolores said. "I won't be able to deal with it if.....none of us will" he said turning his eyes back on Molly. "Let's take one day at the time son" she said patting his hand. "She just needs to see him" Dolores said after a few silent minutes. "Huh" he said looking at his mother.

"She needs to see him with her own eyes before she can totally comprehend what is happening" Dolores said. "What if she can't cope with what she sees? I don't think I could cope with Junior being ill and Molly..." he paused. "We'll deal with that when and if the times comes son" Dolores said. The elder woman knew that Molly had been through a lot since she had met her. They were all worried about her before but now with Junior being sick. Any worry for Molly had increased tremendously.

Shortly after lunch time, Dr. Luiz came into the room. "How is Junior?" Cristiano asked. "Can we see him?" Molly asked practically jumping up for her seat. "I'm sorry for your wait. We had to run more tests. We moved Junior to a room on his own to minimise the risk of infection both for him and others. He's still on the ventilator but I just came from him and he's improving a little. But he's still very sick" Dr. Luiz said. "But he's improving?" Molly asked. "Yes a little each time which is a good sign. As I said the next few hours will be critical and we will know more" Dr. Luiz said. "Thank you" Cristiano said. "I wish I was able to tell you more. But I can tell you that you can see him" Dr. Luiz said.

"We can see him" Cristiano said smiling. "Only two at a time and maybe just the two of you for now but yes you can see him" Dr. Luiz said. "Now?" Cristiano asked. "Yes one of the nurses can take you to him now if that's what you would like" the doctor said. "Yes now please" Cristiano said. "I'll get one of the nurses for you. Try not to worry. Junior is making slight improvements. This is what we want and expected" he said to Molly who stood with her arms crossed. "Finally we get to see him" Cristiano said smiling with relief. There was a knock on the door and a young nurse step into the room. "I can take you down" she said. "Thank you" Cristiano said moving towards the door.

"Molly" he said turning when she didn't move. "Mols we can see him" Cristiano said walking back to her. "Mols" he said lifting her chin with his finger when she didn't respond. Molly had been waiting for hours to see Junior but now the time had come to see him and she was too frightened. Frightened about what she was going to see. "Mols" Cristiano said again and she took a step back when she realised his hand was on her chin.

"Can you come?" Molly asked Dolores. "I'm afraid only two people are allowed" the nurse said. "But I'll come to the room and wait outside. It's ok Molly" Dolores said linking their arms together. The four of them left the room and headed towards ICU. Molly's heart rate started to increase when she saw the words about the doors. She knew how seriously ill Junior was if he was here.

"Now I'm sure the doctor has already told you that we moved Junior in here on his own just to stop any infection occurring. You will both have to wear these" the nurse said picking up gloves, masks and apron. "Try and remember that the wires and machines are helping. It won't be a nice experience for either of you to see him like this but remember that he's making good process" she said.

Dolores helped Molly with the apron and mask before giving her shoulders a squeeze in reassurance. "Are you both ready?" the nurse asked. Molly gave a slight nod and followed the nurse to the door. Molly stopped and looked back at Dolores. "She'll be right here Molly. Just say the word and I'll get her" Cristiano said behind her.

Molly wanted to tell him that she wanted her now but Junior was his son. He needed to see him as much as she did. "Right this way" the nurse said ushering them into the room. A cot was at one side of the room and there were small sounds coming from the machines around it. Molly froze at the sight of the cot. "It's ok Molly" Cristiano said placing a hand on her shoulder. "Don't touch me" she snapped shaking it off before her shaking legs walked closer to the cot.

Junior was on his back in the cot with the tube in his mouth with the ventilator attached. "Oh God" Molly said bringing her hand to her mouth. "I know it's a shock but he needs it right now. Try not to worry" the nurse told her. "Can we touch him?" Cristiano asked once he had gotten over the shock at seen his son. "You can't hold him but you can touch his fingers" the nurse smiled and Cristiano nodded. He walked around the other side of the cot and looked up at Molly. Her body was shaking but her eyes were locked on Junior.

"Hello buddy. You don't know how happy we are to see you" Cristiano smiled reaching out to touch Junior's left hand with his. "Molly you heard what the nurse said. You can touch his hand" Cristiano said when he noticed Molly hadn't moved. "It's ok. You won't hurt him" the nurse said looking up from her paper work.

"See" Cristiano said stroking Junior's hand. Molly's shaking hand reached down to Junior's right hand and hoovered over it. "You want Molly to hold your hand ya son" Cristiano said hoping she wasn't about to run out of the room.

Molly lowered her hand to Junior and Cristiano saw her take a long deep breath before she took his hand in hers. "See Junior. We are both here. So if you can hurry up and get better we would all really love that" Cristiano said wishing it would be sooner rather than later that his son would recover fully.
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