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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 40- You Mean A Lot To A Lot Of People

“Ronaldo please tell me she is mistaken” Dolores asked her son who had he’s eyes on Molly. Molly who was standing beside Dolores had her arms crossed and was looking at the ground. “Ronaldo” Dolores yelled and his attention snapped back towards his mother. “It’s not a big deal” Irina said. “I wasn’t talking to you” Dolores snapped.

“Maé” Cristiano said. “When were you planning on telling us? Or were you just not going to turn up?” Dolores asked angrily. She couldn’t believe she had heard what Irina had just said. “I had planned to speak to you about it after my match tomorrow” Cristiano said glaring at Irina. “I thought you had told them” Irina said. “You are going to miss your son’s first Christmas” Dolores said.

“He won’t even know that he’s missing” Irina said. “Irina just leave it” Cristiano told her. “No let her talk. I assume this is all her idea anyway. Although when it comes to you lately I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought of skipping a family Christmas since it has to be all about you” Dolores yelled.

“Maé it’s not like that” Cristiano told her. “He deserves a break. He works hard” Irina said. “And he’d have a break while enjoying family traditions in Madeira” Dolores told Irina. “He’ll give you your present before he leaves for Dubai” Irina said and Dolores scoffed.

“Somethings are more important than gifts Irina. Like memories and family. Though family is clearly not important to my son” Dolores said. “Maé you know that’s not true” Cristiano said hurt by his mother’s words. “You’re abandoning your son at Christmas” Dolores snapped.

“Dolores stop” Molly said and the older woman looked at her in surprise. “Molly” Cristiano said. “He’s not abandoning Junior. It’s just one day and he needs a break from football” Molly said bending down to pick Junior from his seat. “He needs a break?” Dolores asked. “There will be plenty in Madeira. And you’ll have one less person to cook for so look on the Brightside. I have a skype call in a few minutes so I’ll be in the office. You should go get ready for Andre” Molly told Dolores.

“Molly” Cristiano called out after her as she left the room. “Nuno’s making dinner” she called out not bothering to turn around and he sighed as she left the room. “I’m sure our break away will be better without you” Dolores said and quickly left the room. Cristiano took a seat on the couch and held his head in his hands. They weren’t meant to find out like that he thought.

“Babe” Irina said. “Why the hell did you say that?” he snapped. “I thought you had told them” she said. “You’ve just made it worst” he snapped. “They are making a bigger deal out of it than it is” she told him. “I just wanted to tell them myself. Explain” he told her. “You have nothing to explain. They don’t make your decisions babe. Your mother will understand” she told him.
What about Molly he thought.

Molly sat in front of the computer with a smiling Junior on her lap. She wasn’t in the mood for more fighting. She knew why Dolores was so upset about Cristiano’s new plans for Christmas. Dolores had wanted a big celebration. Especially since Katia and the boys had changed their original plans and were going to be in Madeira for more than just three days. Molly looked at Junior and smiled. At least he wasn’t going to be taking Junior with him to Dubai. Molly didn’t know what she would do if Junior was away from her right now.

“Well doesn’t that smile suit your pretty face” Molly heard a voice say and she looked at the computer screen. “I’m surprised you’re smiling giving how early it is in San Francisco right now” Molly replied. “I haven’t being to bed yet” Sarah winked and Molly laughed at her former roommate.

“Oh it’s nice to hear you laugh Mols. It’s nice to finally talk to you. It’s been weeks” Sarah told her. Even though they were on different continents both girls did try and keep in touch. Even if it was just a few texts here and there.

Sarah had been so jealous that Molly working for Cristiano as a nanny for his son. Now Molly knew that it was a certainty that Sarah knew the truth since the papers and media were still so focused on Cristiano’s baby drama. “I’ve been a little busy lately” Molly told her.

“He’s got your eyes” Sarah told her and Molly looked at Junior. “You think?” she asked. “Yes he does. If he has your heart he’ll grow up to be a wonderful man” Sarah said. “I’m just glad his heart is beating right now” Molly sighed. “Oh Mols I don’t know how you coped. I nearly got on a plane myself but well I didn’t want to intrude” Sarah said.

“You’re my friend. You could never intrude” Molly told her. “So then…” Sarah said. “You want to know how I ended up here?” Molly asked. “As much as I want to be really noisy and find out, it’s not important right now” Sarah said. “I lied to you. How isn’t that important?” Molly asked. “I’m sure you did what you thought was right Mols” Sarah said. “I had a baby I didn’t tell you. I didn’t tell anyone” Molly said with tears in her eyes. “Mols it’s ok” Sarah said. “No it’s not” Molly said. “Junior is ok?” Sarah asked. “Yes” Molly replied. “Then that’s all that matters” Sarah said.

“I nearly lost him. I thought he was going to….” Molly paused. “Well he looks really happy and healthy right now” Sarah smiled as Junior cuddled up to Molly’s chest. “Thank God” Molly said kissing the top of Junior’s head. “Maybe I could see if he smiles around me sometime” Sarah said. “I’d like that Sarah. I could use a friend” Molly said.

“What’s wrong Molly?” Sarah asked. “Everything” Molly replied. “Mols” Sarah said. “I spent months with the boy I gave birth to knowing I would never be his mother and then he nearly dies and I could have lost him and now…” Molly said trying to fight the tears that were brimming. “Now you get to be his mother. Isn’t that good?” Sarah asked. “Of course it’s good. It’s more than good. So much has happened” Molly sighed. “You’re happy though? You always have loved living in Madrid. Of course it may have had to do with Junior but like everything is ok with well the footballer and his family” Sarah asked.

“You can say his name Sarah” Molly laughed. “Hey I was barely used to the idea that my friend knew and was living in the same house as a hot man like Cristiano Ronaldo now I have to get my head around the fact that Miss goody Molly did more than sit at the same dinner table as him” Sarah winked and Molly rolled her eyes. “That was a long time ago” Molly said. “But you and he are ok? Ana and the others were ok after the initial shock?” Sarah asked.

“The others were great. Really great when he was in hospital” Molly said. “And sex God Ronaldo?” Sarah asked. “Please don’t call him that” Molly groaned. “Sorry” Sarah laughed. “We are……doing what is best for our son” Molly said. “And that is?” Sarah asked. “Being his mother and father. It’s hard to explain. We are still getting used to all of this. Everyone knowing. Him calling me Junior’s mama” Molly said. “I’m sure all of it was hard on both of you” Sarah said.

“Like I want to strangle him most of the time” Molly said and Sarah laughed. “I’m serious. He drives me crazy. I know he has a wonderful heart but he forgets to use his head. And that’s just being when he hasn’t done something to piss me off. Like we have had fights. And I mean fights” Molly said. “But you are still friends?” Sarah asked. “His girlfriend hired a nanny to replace me. I thought that he knew. We fought. He said things about Luke and I and…..” Molly paused.

“So he isn’t a fan of the boyfriend?” Sarah asked. “Ex-boyfriend. Luke was the one who told the parents about my true relationship with Junior” Molly said. “Oh shit Mols. The asshole. I’m so sorry” Sarah said. “Well maybe Cristiano was right about Luke in the end but at the time he’s words just bothered me even more. I moved out and didn’t see Junior for days. Then Cristiano showed up at my new place. We sort of made a truce. Then the nanny didn’t take Junior to see the doctor like Cristiano had asked and he got really sick and well the well you know what happened next” Molly said.

“Sounds like things have been anything but boring over there lately” Sarah said. “I don’t know where Mam and Dad are” Molly told her. “You haven’t heard from them?” Sarah asked and Molly shook her head. “Nothing. I went to Manchester just before Junior got sick. Went to the house. Someone else was living there. Turns out they sold it” Molly said. “Oh Molly. Jezz they don’t know how lucky they are to have you as their daughter” Sarah said.

“You sound like Cristiano” Molly said. “You’ve spoken to him about this?” Sarah asked. “You’d be surprised when we don’t want to kill each other that we can actually get on really well. Most of the time anyway” Molly said. “What are you going to do about your parents?” Sarah asked. “What can I do?” Molly shrugged. “After everything that I have done for them. They don’t even care enough to send a lousy text to see how I am. To see how their own grandchild is” Molly said. “Have you thought about contacting the police maybe?” Sarah asked. “And tell them what? I have no idea where they have been for the last year. My Dad never said in any of his brief letters. Cristiano even offered to have someone find them but why should I bother. I mean nothing to them. To no one” Molly said.

“You mean a lot to a lot of people Molly especially that little boy in your arms” Sarah said. “He might be the only good thing that has come out of this entire mess” Molly sighed. “I’m sorry all of this has happened to you Mols” Sarah said. “I have Junior that’s all that matters” Molly said. “Ok I’ve being really good for like ten minutes” Sarah ginned. “I’m not talking about it Sarah” Molly said knowing what her friend wanted to talk about.

“Oh come on. You slept with a fucking hottie. You have to give me details” Sarah grinned. “Don’t curse in front of my son. And there’s no details to give” Molly said. “Ah shucks. So my dreams have being all wrong. He’s crap in bed” Sarah said. “Sarah” Molly said. “I always thought those footie guys would be amazing in bed” Sarah said. “Oh my God, how are we friends again?” Molly laughed. “You love me. Now you have to give me something” Sarah said.

“There’s nothing to tell. It was…he was…..” Molly blushed and looked away from the screen. “You’re blushing. My oh my Molly that is a blush I see on your face. So it was good then?” Sarah asked. “Sarah seriously. I am not talking about this. It was a long time ago” Molly said. “Damn how haven’t you being sneaking into his bed at night. I wouldn’t mind him keeping me warm at night” Sarah laughed. “He has a girlfriend and we are just friends. I won’t be repeating it ever. No matter how amazing it was” Molly insisted.

“So it was amazing then” Sarah smirked. “I was going to tell you to book a flight to Madrid as soon as you could but I may have to plan ways to keep you away from Cristiano first before you come. I doubt Irina would happy to know what you think about her boyfriend” Molly said. “I’ll book a flight soon. And how are things with the model. The last time I was talking to you she was being a bitch” Sarah said. “Well that hasn’t changed. After everything with the nanny she hired she’s lucky I haven’t killed her. As long as she stays away from my son I don’t care about her. Though if she accuses me of wanting her boyfriend once more I may just snap” Molly said. “You and him are close” Sarah said. “We are friends. I think. Anyway Junior is the most important” Molly said.

“So how crazy have you gone over Christmas?” Sarah asked deciding a subject might be best. “Cristiano let me decorate his house. I didn’t go too over board” Molly smiled. “Aww that’s nice. I bet you can’t wait” Sarah said. “Dolores has been reminding me about all her plans for when we get to Madeira next week. I think she’s afraid I won’t go like last year” Molly said. “I can’t believe you spent Christmas on your own last year. I could have killed you when you told me” Sarah said. “I was too sick to be in the mood anyway. I was pregnant at the time” Molly told her.

“I suppose. But at least you will have a big family Christmas this year” Sarah. “It’s not my family though” Molly said and she heard a creak at the door. “What the hell are you doing in here?” she asked Cristiano who was leaning against the doorframe. “Who’s there?” Sarah asked as she noticed her friend looking more and more angry.

“The ass who I unfortunately have a son with” Molly glared at Cristiano. “Shit. I look like crap. He can’t see me like this” Sarah said pulling the blanket on her couch up around her. “He is getting the hell out of this room right now” Molly yelled. “Mols” Cristiano said walking closer to her. “I said get out Ronaldo” Molly yelled. “No fighting in front of the child you two” Sarah said and Cristiano leaned over Molly’s head and waved at the computer.

“Hello” he said. “Amm hi” Sarah squeaked all shy. “I didn’t mean to interrupt” he told Sarah. “No he wanted to eavesdrop” Molly snapped. “I just wanted to talk to you Mols. I didn’t know you were talking to your friend. I’m sorry” Cristiano said. “It’s ok ahm Cristiano. I have to get ready for work anyway. I’ll talk to you soon Mols” Sarah said. “Thanks for well being so understanding that I lied to you” Molly told her. “Who cares” Sarah shrugged.

“See you can stop feeling guilty for lying to people then” Cristiano told Molly. “Well unlike you I actually feel bad for lying to people” Molly snapped at Cristiano who frowned. “See you soon Sarah” Molly said back to the screen. “I’ll visit soon. I’ll start making a list of the cute footballers I need you to introduce me to” Sarah winked and Cristiano laughed. “I think I could introduce to couple of them” Cristiano told her. “Mmm I might actually like you Rolando. Though it depends if you take care of my friend or not” Sarah told him.

“I’ll take care of her” Cristiano told Sarah. “I don’t need taking care of. And certainly not by him” Molly said. “Nice to meet you sort of Cristiano. Laters Mols. Oh by the way, you two make a pretty adorable kid” Sarah said before the screen went black. “She seems nice. And she is right. We did make an adorable kid” Cristiano smiled at Molly.

“How long were you invading my privacy?” Molly asked him as she stood. “I just arrived before you yelled at me. Look Mols I just wanted to say…about Christmas” he stammered. “What you do is not my business Ronaldo” she told him. “Junior has you Mols. He doesn’t really even need me” Cristiano told her. “You’re his father. He will always need you. And your mother will calm down eventually. She’ll realise how happy she is that Junior is not going with you too” Molly said.

“I didn’t want to take him away from you. I know you’re not ready to be away from him yet” Cristiano told her. “Plus your girlfriend doesn’t want your son interrupting her tan” Molly said. “Molly” he sighed but she was already out of the office.

He took a seat at the desk and looked at the picture of him and Junior that was sitting in a frame on the desk next to a couple of other pictures. He knew Molly would be angry if she knew that he had lied to her. But he wasn’t going to tell her that he had heard most of her conversation with Sarah. He had heard so much but the only thing he could think about was what Molly has said before she had spotted him at the door. “It’s not my family” he muttered.
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